I am 22, a graduate student in Plant Biology. I am working as a

lab assistant to Prof. Martin Weidercoff. Dr. Weidercoff is a strange

duck. Like many brilliant men, he is forgetful and interested in his

work exclusively. He has, however, developed some very valuable herbal

remedies. The most recent one seems to be very effective against

allergies. If he had retained his rights, he could have become very rich

indeed but all he asked for was a modest sum to continue his work.

When the summer vacation was close, I obtained permission to

travel in Europe for two months. The day before I left, I stopped by the

lab to say my farewells. I found him absorbed in some test concoctions.

It smelled delicious, no kidding. He caught sight of me. 'Ah Jeff, I'm

glad you're here, we have to run a few tests on this elixir.' I reminded

him that I was leaving tomorrow. 'Oh yes, I do recall that. Well

suppose you talk a bottle of this with you and test it out. All the

ingredients are safe. Just keep good notes.'

'What will it do?' I asked. 'What does what do?' he asked me.

He had already forgotten my testing. 'Oh yes. It is sort of a

pick-me-up for mild depression. It contains a mixture of Chinese herbs

that will increase energy, while at the same time, calm and produce a

happy feeling. Oh, also there might be a slight increase in libido. Er,

you know my boy, combinations of herbs are sometimes unpredictable.'

'You mean this is like roofies, or Spanish Fly?'

'No, No, nothing like that. It is so mild that likely the person

taking it will barely notice a difference....perhaps just a confident

feeling about life.'

Well I packed the bottle carefully, inside my jockey shorts (kind

of symbolic, yes?). I flew to Hamburg, Germany. There I bought a

Euro-rail pass. I got a nice double compartment. I stretched out on the

bench (it had not yet been made up for sleeping) when a conductor knocked

on the door. He had a young guy with him and explained that I only paid

for half of the compartment so that half was available for this other

passenger. There was nothing I could do but accept. The kid was young,

maybe 18, he looked like those posters for Hitler youth. Pale skinned,

blue-eyed and blond. He was a strong-looking with smooth, pale muscled

legs showing below his short leather pants. He eyed me suspiciously,

threw his backpack up on the rack and sat down. He scowled at me and

said: 'Before any further,' in a slightly British/German accent, 'You

are not one of those American fags, are you? Because I don't want to be

bothered in the middle of the night and have to beat you up.'

I am 22, as I said. I am somewhat willowy I admit but I am not a

flamer. I have had a few experiences but mostly I am serious about my

work and am no slut. I assured him that I would not attack him. He

sniffed disdainfully. He was extremely handsome and had a killer body by

his manner of thrusting out his lower lip belligerently and frowning

certainly detracted from his looks.

We sat silently. 'Are you sightseeing?,' he asked in a mocking

voice as though that would stamp me as a fruit. 'You probably like

churches and art galleries,' he snorted in derision. 'I am going

mountain climbing in Austria.'

Pretty soon it got dark. The porter came in and made up the

benches into beds. Hans, my fellow passenger was careful to stay

dressed. I got down to my undershorts and lay on top of the bed. It was

very hot in the compartment. Just before I turned out the light I asked

Hans if he would like a nightcap. 'Yah, would help me sleep I think.' I

handed the bottle to him. I suddenly remembered that it was marked

'Bliss'. 'What ist this 'Bliss'?' he asked. I explained to him that it was a new

sweet wine that the American kids were crazy about. I uncocked it and

handed it over. He looked at it suspiciously, shrugged and tilted it up

to his lips. 'Quite delicious,' he said.

'Should I turn out the light?' I asked.

'No leave it on. I can see you better in the light.'

I wasn't sure he was saying this because he thought I was going

to rape him but no if was something else. He sat up on the edge of his

bed. He looked different. His face was relaxed, his eyes slightly

glazed and his lips partly open. He looked like a boy. He was breathing

a little heavy and his pink cheeks seemed to redden. 'I hadn't noticed

before what a good looking chap you are. May I sit with you on your


This was an amazing change. Swiftly he took off his clothes,

leaving on a pair of blue bikini underpants. The crotch was ballooning

with his Teutonic sausage. He was a very pretty boy. He was muscular

and his skin was smooth, almost polished. He had no hair on his body and

very little under his arms. He smiled coyly at me. 'May I touch you?'

he asked. 'OK,' I said nervously. He put one large, warm hands on my

shoulder and stared into my eyes. I was beginning to feel a little

turned on. He moved his face closer. I could see his puffy, pink lips

puckering and he moved toward my mouth. Suddenly he was pressing on my

lips, kissing me gently, his pink tongue seeking entry. At last I gave

into the voluptuous feeling of surrender. and I opened my lips. He

slipped inside. It was probably the greatest and most exciting kiss I

had ever experienced. I was dizzy with lust. I felt his hand on my

chest, flicking over my nubs, back and forth. He moved down on put a

warm hand on the bulge in my undershorts. He pulled my hard cock out and passed his

thumb over my cock head. 'You are ready, Jah?' I was speechless. He

moved down and put his mouth over my dick. He licked and suckled,

wetting me and dripping saliva. 'Suck me please.' I groaned loudly.

He was completely blissed out. He was breathing like a steam

engine. He got up, tore off his blue bikini, exposing his thick, smooth,

ivory-white cock. He knelt on the floor in front of me. He licked the

head and moaned. He held it in his hand and stared. 'I have never done

this before but you are so desirable. If this means I am a fag, then I

accept it.' Then he began an up and down motion with his hot lips.

Inside his thick, smooth tongue was busy, up and down and around. I

began to feel that familiar sensation. My body began to tense up. I

grabbed at his blond hair. I think I am going to come Hans.' He nodded

over my prick, not stopping. He hummed and sucked. I looked down, he

was stroking his large penis and thrusting into his own hand. Suddenly

the inevitable had me in its grip. I turned rigid and began spewing

copious amounts of white cream into his pursed lips. I looked ;down and

saw his cock shooting as well.

We both fought to regain our breath. 'I think I will sleep now,'

he said and crashed on his bed and began snoring deeply. I fell back

against my pillow and was out in a moment.

Morning light flooded the compartment. We were at the station at

Innsbruck. Hans was gone, his backpack as well. My bottle of 'Bliss'

was still uncorked on the night table. I corked it, wrapped it in my

undershorts and dressed.

I chose a modest hotel. At the check-in desk was an adorable lad

of maybe sixteen or so. He was very serious about his job and no amount

of joking seemed to shake him up. He rang for a porter but there was no

response. 'I take you myself up then,' he said with a cute word order.

I followed his cute ass in his tight maroon uniform. He opened my door

and showed me the features of the room. I tipped him and told him I was

going to shower,. and asked if he would bring up a sandwich and a strong


I had just finished the shower, wrapped a towel around my waist

when there was a tap at the door. It was the same cute reception clerk.

I guessed he did everything in the small hotel. I went back to the

bathroom and resumed drying myself. When I came out, I grabbed the demi

tasse and finished it in one gulp. 'I took the liberty of putting a

little of your cordial into this coffee,' but he told me this after I

drank it. 'I knew it must be your favorite.' He stared at me. 'Is

something wrong?'

Believe I felt that nothing was wrong. I felt good, handsome,

sexy and desirable. My body was warm and feeling nicely oiled.. 'What's

your name.' I asked, moving closer. 'Fritz,' and he moved slightly

back. 'Fritz, dear Fritz, do your fuck?' He put his hands on my

shoulders. Yes it is true, I am a homosexual, but I only like one

thing: to be fucked. Do you want to fuck me?' 'Oh yeah,' I crowed.

He slipped out of his uniform quickly. He had a narrow chest

with a small amount of hair in the middle. But his ass was a work of

art, dimpled on each cheek, the crack lightly haired with the anus bare.

He leaned over the desk, he was huffing and puffing in anticipation. As

I leaned over him I could smell a slight body odor but it was

intoxicating. I was harder than I ever remembered. I realized that he

had secretly greased himself so that the head of my cock slipped in

inside. He let out a grunt of surprise and pain. I stroked and slapped

his ass, 'Relax Fritzy, I coming through. ' I lodged my dirigible into

his hanger. He cried out. 'Too much honey? Shall I pull out?'

'No-o-o!' he groaned, 'Fuck me hard you fucking American.' And fuck him

I did. He was crying and shouting. He loved it. I was out of my mind

with lust. I had never given in to my animal self and it was a

transcendent thrill. 'Do you want me to cum in your ass,' I shouted into

his ear. 'Yes sir, do it now.' I roared as I turned to stone and my

cock seemed the only thing alive of my body. We both blew our loads. I

could feel him vibrating around my cock head and flooding the sheets. as

I pelted his insides with shot after shot of heavy cum.

I don't even remember his leaving. I woke up next morning

feeling a bit drained (in all ways.) but I was generally happy. I

recounted in my mind the crazy exciting night of sex and I got a bit

hard. 'No, No,' I said to my friend prick. 'Lay down and we will rise

another day.'

I finished my grand tour. I had several great sexual adventure

but none aided by 'Bliss'. That stuff was just too powerful and perhaps

unpredictable. But it wasn't the last time 'Bliss' entered my life. A

few days after I arrived back and gave my notes to the Professor, he

asked that I return the bottle to him. 'I think I shall destroy it.

It's possibly unlawful and dangerous.' I went back to my room and found

about ten of my fellow students having a party. 'We spiked the punch

with your bottle of wine: 'Bliss'. It's good stuff. Take off your

clothes and screw around like the rest of us.' I looked at the bottle.

It was almost empty.

Around me most of the guys were naked. Some was sucking and some

were fucking.

I poured the remaining 'Bliss' into a glass and downed it. I got

naked and plowed into the crown, my cock rising to the occasion.



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