“Blinded By Sex”

By: Sex in the Dark

This is the story of my very first sexual experience after I lost my sight. The setting where it took place probably won’t sound very erotic at first but it was the most erotic sexual experience I ever had whether it was due to my weakened state, the loss of my sight or the young hot guy that gave me the sexual experience. But it is one hot experience I will never forget.

But before I start my story I need to give you a little detail about how I lost my sight and what happened to me during the previous 18 months of my life. I hope you can handle a little boredom because it will help you understand what this is all leading to and why I have decided to write of my experiences as a blind gay man.

If everyone has read my profile you know I am 52 and I lost my sight at age 32. I developed diabetes at the age of 12 and it was very hard to control all my life no matter what doctors and I did to manage it. In June 1994 as I was heading to work in my car I passed out driving down the highway traveling at 65 MPH and hit a tree head on. I was not wearing a seatbelt so my head crashed into the windshield, the steering wheel wrapped around my rib cage and then I was thrown back into my seat. The tree broke and came crashing down on top the roof of the car.

I was unconscious but extricated from the car.

I was taken to a local hospital and because I died twice due to injuries and brought back to life I was flown by helicopter to a trauma center where a short time later my family was told I would not live through the day because of my head injuries.

To everyone’s surprise I woke up 2 ½ days later felt absolutely fantastic and went home a day and a half later.

Due to all the diabetes problems it was decided by doctors and me that a pancreas transplant would be my best option for me since everything we had tried could not control my diabetes. So I saw a transplant doctor at a hospital that did pancreas transplants about 7 hours from my home. I went through a two week workup and definitely qualified and I was put on the waiting list for an organ. That is a sad thing if you think about it because though it is great to know that one day I would feel great once I am rid of the diabetes but it is sad that someone has to die for me to get their pancreas so I can have their organ to feel better.

March 1995 I got the call and I had my transplant and almost immediately the transplanted pancreas started working and once I woke from the anesthesia felt amazing and hungry. My blood sugars were perfectly normal and I hated that I had to spend a month in the hospital to make sure things were going to keep working properly.

October 1995, I began to notice that in the evenings as dusk set in I was not able to see things as well. At first I thought it was just because I was tired because I had become such an active person because I felt so great without diabetes. But over a couple of weeks it got worse and worse. So a trip to the Ophthalmologist and tragedy hit. I was told I was losing my sight.

So it was a trip back to that same hospital to see the transplant doctor and a special Ophthalmologist there. Seems I had developed some type of infection that is common in everyone’s body but due to my anti-rejection medications for the transplant something odd happened and this infection attacked my optic nerves and was destroying them. We found out later there was only a 1 in 1 million chance of this happening, so I guess I was the lucky winner.:-(

The only chance of possibly trying to save even a little of my sight was to stop all anti-rejection drugs but that would also mean the loss of the pancreas transplant and being a diabetic again. But at that point I did not want to be blind so I agreed to stop the anti-rejection drugs.

My sight kept failing and unfortunately the infection also moved into my lungs. Right after Christmas 1995 I got a bad respiratory infection and was on home IV’s and different pills to hopefully get me back to health.

January 21, 1996, I was taken to the local hospital emergency room. The lung infection had gotten so bad and I could no longer stand and could hardly breathe and I barely had any sight at all unless it was a super bright light like a dentist uses.

The doctor told my family they were going to transfer me to a larger trauma center about 70 miles away where transplants were also done because of the infection because they would know how to handle things better. I had seen this doctor in the emergency room before so he was familiar with me and he rested his hand on my shoulder as he spoke to me and my family and me and said that he had to be honest with all of us for as sick as I was right now he honestly didn’t know if I would be able to recover from this infection. I knew what he was saying and I had suspected this for the past several days so I was not surprised.

So as we waited for the ambulance to arrive for the transfer the doctor brought the bright light very close so I could see faces and could say goodbye to each family member separately. It was the hardest thing I ever did.

There was a terrible snowstorm happening outside during all of this so the drive to the trauma center should have taken about 65 minutes but it took the ambulance about an hour and 45 minutes to go the 70 miles. I was on oxygen with very shallow breathing and don’t remember much of the trip at all.

When the ambulance arrived at the Trauma Center I was taken to the transplant unit and put into a private room and made comfortable and attached to machines to monitor heart and breathing and all that stuff along with oxygen again. I asked for a bright light to be left on so I could at least see a little. I was also given something by injection to make me sleep.

When I awoke a few hours later my parents and wife were there but I honestly don’t remember much at all but I do remember asking what time it was and my dad told me it was 2 am. I drifted in and out of sleep and my family finally went to the lounge to try and get some rest. I knew because around 5am the nurse told me that the doctor had told them to go rest since it was going to be many hours before they would be allowed to come see me again.

I had fallen back asleep and don’t know how long I had slept but when I woke up I could feel the sunlight hitting my left arm and the warmth felt good on my arm. So I opened my eyes and turned my head towards the window because sunlight I could see still. But when I turned my head towards the window it was still completely dark. I felt total panic and I closed my eyes tightly and reopened them again and still darkness.

I looked around the room several times and kept looking at the window and still darkness. Then it hit me, I was totally BLIND!! Somehow I let out a blood curdling scream that must have brought doctors and nurses running but I did not stop screaming.

To save time for the next couple of weeks I was severely depressed and said nothing to anyone. I was assigned a male nurse who stayed with me constantly and though my respiratory infection was clearing up nicely I was not dealing with the blindness good at all. I only spoke a few words when asked questions and would not carry a conversation at all.

Now about my male nurse that was assigned to me. His name was Kyle. He was a new nurse and had only graduated from nursing school about a year ago and been working at the trauma hospital for about the same amount of time. He was 26, he was 5’ 11” tall and weighed 185 pounds, wore a 35” waist, a large shirt and a size 12 shoe. He had dark brown wavy hair and hazel eyes. He told me about his brothers and sister and parents and growing up in Madison and the Midwest. I learned a lot about him even though I never asked him anything because he would tell me all about himself hoping I would ask him something and get involved in a conversation with him.

But I was in my own world in the beginning but about the tenth day Kyle was starting to melt my hardened heart and break through to my emotions.

“Oh come on David, I know you can talk, you lost your sight and I know it is hard as hell for you but you can’t close down on us. It is just you and me in here now but the doctor and head nurse will be in here shortly and they will bombard you with questions so talk to me a little now and have some water so you are prepared.”

When he said this to me I could almost hear a small smile in his face and I turned towards him and a small grin appeared on my face.

“I knew I would see a little smile come to your face Dave. Now how about some water? It is on the tray right in front of you.”

I started to reach for it and then hesitated and let my hand drop back down to my lap and looked at Kyle.

“No, Dave I am not going to give it to you, you know where the table is now just reach for the table top and travel slowly across it until you find the glass. There is a straw in the glass of water so use your other hand to grasp the straw and lift the glass and bring it to your mouth. I will be here to give you a little direction and you will be fine. If you spill it no big deal you will just have a wet bed.”

So I slowly lifted my hand again and reached for the table, found the glass and the straw and slowly brought both to my mouth and drank the water. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was until suddenly the glass was completely drained.

Kyle just laughed and said he would be right back because he was going to go and bring back a pitcher of water for me. But before he left I spoke to him.

“Wait, Thank you”, I said as a tear fell from my eye, “I appreciate you staying with me Kyle and putting up with me but I just don’t know how to deal with everything.”, Then I burst into tears.

Kyle walked to the side of the bed and placed his hand on my shoulder and gently rubbed my shoulder and told me to just let it out as he placed some Kleenex into one of my hands. I wiped my eyes and I felt so safe with Kyle there for some reason I just sat up and wrapped my arms around Kyle and pushed my face in his chest and sobbed.

Kyle knew this was definitely against protocol but he just wrapped his arms around my back and softly stroked my back and just softly told me to just let it out and just held onto me until my crying stopped.

After probably 15 minutes I composed myself enough that I leaned back on the bed and apologized to Kyle for being such a baby and probably soaking his scrub shirt and making him uncomfortable. He told me not to worry about it at all.

“I just hope you don’t get into trouble for comforting me like that Kyle.”

“Kyle bent down and whispered in my ear, “I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone says, you needed a friend and I am your friend.”

I just laughed at what he said then Kyle said since his shirt was soaked he was going to go and change shirts and bring a pitcher of water for me and a wash cloth for me to wash my face. I told him thank you and he was out the door.

The rest of the day with Kyle went very good. Kyle informed the head nurse that I was now talking and she informed my doctor. As soon as the nurse knew I was talking she came in and had questions which I did answer but I was not as enthused to talk to her as I was to talk to Kyle. Then the doctor came in asking the same questions. I looked right at the doctor, or at least I think I was looking at him and said:

“Do you have to ask the same damn questions the nurse just asked me 5 minutes ago? If both of you want the same information then share your notes or come in together because I am not going to answer the same questions over and over.”

I think the doctor was a little shocked because he didn’t say anything for a few seconds and then as he started towards the door he said he would see me tomorrow. I spoke up and told him to close the door on his way out.

When I heard the door close Kyle sat in the chair beside the bed and he was doing everything he could do not to burst out laughing. So I started snickering at the same time and soon we were both giggling like two school girls.

The rest of the day Kyle and talked about many things and he asked about my family and I told him about my sisters, my parents and my sons but very little about my wife.

After dinner he asked a little more about my wife and he could tell I was not real enthused about talking about her. But I thought what the hell I was going to be honest. I told him the only reason I was married was because of the kids and that I wanted out of the marriage and that I was actually involved with someone else and that person made me very happy.

Kyle asked how long I had been involved with the other person and I told him for almost 8 years and that our spouses played on a softball team together.

Kyle was quiet for a couple of minutes before he continued and then asked the big question.

“So Dave, are you Bisexual? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. But when you said your spouse’s play softball together I didn’t think there were coed softball teams.”

“No Kyle I am Gay. I have just been hiding the fact all my life and am now trying to figure out how to get out of a lousy marriage so I can be happy for once in my life.”

Kyle didn’t say a word and I got worried he was going to walk out the door and inform the head nurse he didn’t want to take care of me any longer or inform them I was gay or just tell me I was disgusting and though he would stay my nurse and treat me differently. I could feel tears begin to well up in my eyes at this point.

I knew Kyle was sitting in the chair next to the bed and I heard it slide on the floor so I knew he was getting up to walk out so I lowered my head and the tears began to flow. Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my thigh through the bedcover. It was warm and big. It startled me at first and then I heard Kyle’s voice.

“Dave, don’t cry, there is no need to cry. You are who you are and no one can hold that against you and I sure as hell don’t since I am gay also.”

I raised my head and I am sure my eyes opened wide as a shocked person eyes would do because I was shocked at what Kyle said.

I felt the side of the bed sink a little as Kyle sat down on it next to me down near my lower leg and his hand was still on my thigh as he continued to speak to me.

“I didn’t tell you I was gay because I didn’t know how you would feel about it since you were married and had kids. I am not one to broadcast it because I feel what someone does in their private life is their business and no one’s business at all.”

To say the least I was really shocked at Kyle’s news. But at the same time it felt good to have someone who I would be able to talk freely about my feelings during all the other crap I would be dealing with during this rough time. But at the same time my thoughts were running a little crazy and I wished I could see Kyle because I knew from the description he had given me of himself he really sounded attractive but seeing him would have been better and now knowing he was gay would have been hot. Damn, I better stop thinking like that though because for the first time in months my cock was actually twitching a little and I sure didn’t need an erection right now.

“Are you OK Dave?” Kyle asked me.

“Huh, oh yeah yeah I am just a little surprised at what you told me and I was sure you would walk away when I told you I was gay.”

Kyle squeezed my thigh a little and said: “Don’t worry buddy, I’m not going anywhere.”

I was feeling such relief knowing Kyle was comfortable about my confession about being gay and the feeling of his warm hand on my thigh felt great. It was something I had not felt in a very long time. I took my hand and rested it on top of Kyle’s hand not knowing how he would react. At first he did nothing for a few seconds then he flipped his hand over and held my hand in his. I could feel a smile come on my face and I knew there was a smile on Kyle’s face also. We just sat there for a few minutes not saying anything at all just holding hands and I was just enjoying every second of this.

Then I took my other hand and rested it on Kyle’s forearm lightly and then began to softly stroke it. I don’t know what made me do this because I wasn’t actually thinking of anything sexual but I just needed to feel the closeness of a man. Kyle didn’t pull away and just sat there and let me continue doing what I was doing.

After about 5 minutes I stopped and leaned back against my pillows but did not release Kyle’s hand and asked Kyle a couple of questions.

“So since now I am eating and drinking better now and my breathing is good when do I get this damn IV out of my arm and when can I get out of this bed to use a real bathroom and get a real shower?”

Kyle busted out laughing and said, “Boy Dave you admitting who you really are today has really freed you and now you want to do everything you can all of a sudden”.

“Your damn right I do”, I said as I laughed.

“Well I tell you what, I heard the doctor and nurse talking out at the desk earlier and they actually plan to take your IV out tonight as long as you get up yet tonight and go to the bathroom and take a piss without passing out on the way there.”

“You mean you have let me sit in this bed all this time without telling me this when I could have went and took a piss and gotten this miserable IV out hours ago, you asshole?”

Kyle Laughed. “You better be nice mister or I will go to the desk and tell nurse Ratchet you refuse to get out of that bed and the IV will stay in longer.”

My mouth dropped opened wide but at the same time I sat up, through the covers off me and dangled my legs over the side of the bed and started to try and stand. Kyle came to me immediately and got real serious and told me to take it slow because he had to unplug the IV and wanted me to go slowly because I had not walked around at all for over 3 weeks. So once he had everything unhooked I stood slowly and then he had me take his right elbow and we walked slowly to the bathroom. I was glad we went slowly because I was a little lightheaded and my legs were a little shaky after being in bed for so long but at the same time it felt good to be out of that bed.

When we got to the bathroom Kyle lead me to the toilet and I released his arm so I could turn to sit on the toilet. Once I was situated Kyle stepped out to give me a little privacy and told me to just call out when I finished.

When I finished I just sat there a couple of minutes just looking around the darkness trying to figure out how I would ever get used to be in total darkness the rest of my life.

I finally stood up and flushed the toilet and I heard Kyle ask if I was ready and I said yes but asked if he would just watch me but stay near because I wanted to try making it a little on my own. He agreed but said all I had to do was reach out and his hand would be right there if I need it.

I made it back to the bed though very slowly and I told Kyle that I thought my room must be huge because it seemed like it took forever to get from one end to the other but he told me it was just a regular hospital room. Kyle went and got the nurse and she came in a few minutes later and removed my IV and it was such a great relief.

While the IV was being removed and the nurse was doing my nightly vitals Kyle went for a well deserved break.

The nurse that had come in to take the vitals after nurse Ratchet had removed the IV was a younger nurse and very pleasant. She was chatty and said how happy she was to see me smile and more talkative. I told her all the credit goes to Kyle. He got me to open up and realize my life was not over and I could be happy again no matter what. She agreed that Kyle was a great guy and that she was happy he was working with me. I then told her I was really looking forward to getting a shower tomorrow.

She told me that if I wanted to I could do it yet tonight if I wasn’t to tired and if Kyle didn’t mind or I could wait until tomorrow, but it was totally up to me. I told her I would think about it and thanks.

She left the room and I just leaned back on the bed and relaxed and thought about all that happened today. I know my eyes were closed and I think I was actually drifting off a little when Kyle walked into the room. He came in very quietly and I heard him set something on my bedside tray and then sit down in the chair trying to stay very quiet. Once he was settled in the chair I spoke.

“You don’t have to sneak around like a church mouse Kyle.”

“Oh, I thought maybe you were sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“No, I was just thinking about today and how you brought me out of my shell and how great you made me feel.”

“I didn’t really do anything Dave, You just told me what you were feeling and got things off your chest.”

“That may be true but you didn’t judge me or walk away from me. Gee, if you can make me feel that good by just listening I wonder how else you can make me feel good??”, then I blushed and I felt my face go bright red.

Kyle cleared his throat and chuckled and I heard him squirm in his chair a little.

“I’m sorry Kyle, that was so wrong of me, I shouldn’t have said that. I have a perverted mind and you were the first guy I have touched in almost a year and my mind just went to the gutter. Please forgive me, I didn’t really mean it.”

“What do you mean you didn’t mean it, what am I to young for you, am I not the color, not nice enough or what?”

I think my mouth hit the floor and my eyes went wide and then Kyle started laughing. He got up out of the bed and took my hand and pulled me up out of the bed so we were standing facing one another and wrapped his arms around me and I wrapped my arms around him We just held one another tightly in a caring way and it felt so wonderful. I couldn’t help myself and I began running my hands up and down his back and up through his hair and over his shoulders, back down his back and finally over his ass until I rested my palms on his lower back. Kyle just held me.

We both leaned our heads back at the same time then slowly we moved back and our lips met softly in a soft gentle kiss. This lasted for about 20 seconds and then we broke apart and we both sat on the edge of the bed side by side with our thighs touching Kyle had his right arm around my back and my left hand was on his right thigh softly rubbing along it but neither of us was saying anything. My hand kept creeping further and further up his thigh and I knew in my head that I should stop but my animal instinct had taken over and my body and mind were going crazy.

I felt Kyle’s hand that was around me pull me a little closer to him and I turned my head towards him and when I did his lips met mine. I was thinking here I am kissing a 26 year old feeling his firm thigh through his scrubs while sitting on my bed and in the hospital and who knows when the door will open and someone will walk in the door. It was scarey but at the same time it was exciting. I was sure glad I was no longer hooked up to a heart monitor because my heart was racing for sure.

My hand slid from the top of Kyle’s upper thigh to his inner thigh but kept moving upwards. Kyle took in a deep breath and I felt him remove his arm from around me and my hand stopped moving on his thigh and I was about to pull it away. But before I could remove my hand he placed his left hand softly on mine as he spread his legs apart and leaned back slightly and slowly guided my hand to the lump between his legs.

Kyle was not hard but the warmth and that bulge felt so wonderful and my hand I instinctly cupped the package that was covered by his scrubs and underwear. I gently rubbed and softly squeezed that warm bulge and enjoyed the feeling of it in my hand and my cock became fully erect. Kyle was moaning softly as I did my manipulation. But after a couple of minutes I slowly released him when I began to feel him getting hard. I didn’t want to stop but I knew once I got him hard I would not be able to stop myself from trying to do more and I was really getting nervous that someone may walk in the door.

So when I released Kyles bulge I ran my hand up his torso as he sat up and his arm went back around me. He kissed me softly on the lips again and I felt a smile come across each of our faces.

“Thank you Kyle, I know I should not have done that but I could not control myself. But I think you enjoyed it as much as I did unless you were just trying to make me feel better?”

“Oh hell no, That was amazing Dave. I enjoyed it just as much as you did. If we were not in this hospital room I think it would have definitely went much further than it did.”

“Even though I am so much older than you?”

“You are only 6 years older than me and age doesn’t make a difference at all to me so don’t worry about it.”

Then to my surprise Kyle reached across my leg and gripped my hard on that was poking against my hospital gown and slowly stroked it several times and I moaned softly.

“You better not do that to much or I am liable to shoot a load in my gown because you gotta remember I have not shot a load in almost3 months.”

“Well maybe after lights out tonight I should help you out with that.”

“Are you kidding, aren’t you afraid we will get caught?”

“You just let me worry about that. You have had a wonderful day and I am going to make sure your night ends amazing. Now another thing I have to tell you which I dread telling you but I wanted to be the one to tell you and I hope you understand so listen carefully and let me finish before you say anything. Since you are doing so much better I will not be your 24 hour nurse after tonight. Now get that sad look off your face because I will be here everyday during the second and third shifts depending which day it is so you will see me everyday. You will be working with Orientation and Mobility trainers during the day so you will be kept very busy and that means when I am here you and I will be able to go on walks all around the hospital and if the O&M trainer gives permission we may even be able to go on some outings. You still have about 3 weeks here for training before you go home so don’t worry.”

Hearing what Kyle said really crushed me and tears were running down my face so when he finished talking I was silent for a couple of minutes and couldn’t look at him. So he just sat in the chair and didn’t say anything. I sat there for about 5 minutes and thought about things and then spoke to Kyle.

“I do understand Kyle, it is time I start becoming independent and it is because of you that I have gotten to the point I am. So even though I will miss you being here 24 hours a day I know you have given up a great deal of your life to be here with me and I greatly appreciate it. Even though I am anxious about the Orientation and Mobility training I am a little nervous but it will be something that we will be able to talk about and something you will be around to practice with me when you are here. So as long as I know I am going to still see you I am ok with it all as long as… you are gonna take care of my big problem before bed tonight”. I said as I pulled my gown and grabbed my still hard cock.

Kyle just laughed got out of the chair and told me to cover that big boy up and he would go get us a snackfor the night and be back shortly. I told him to bring me a washcloth and towel so I could use the bathroom to clean up a bit before anything later also. He just laughed as he went out the door.

Kyle returned a few minutes later and I heard what sounded like a cart being rolled into the room. I asked him what he had with him. He told me the nursewould be coming in in a couple of minutes to do the final vitals for the night and then he would explain and no matter what she asked just agree with her. I felt a little confused and must have looked it and Kyle saw this and said to just trust him.

A couple of minutes later the nurse came in and said she was the night nurse and was here to do the final vitals and after that they would not bother me the rest of the night unless I pushed my call button. Then she remarked that of course with Kyle being in here with me she was sure I wouldn’t need anything at all but just reminded me we shouldn’t sit up talking all night because the O&M trainer was coming late morning tomorrow to start training with me. I promised her I would get some sleep. So she finished her vitals, said good night and walked out and closed the door behind her.

When she left Kyle sat on the bed and explained that he had asked permission to stay in my room tonight because I had so many things I wanted to talk about O&M, schools for the blind, seeing eye dogs and so many other things. Since Kyle had training with blind people he thought he would be a great one to talk with me especially since he had been with me this whole time. The nurse had called my doctor and he said it was fine. So Kyle had brought a rollaway bed into my room. He had also told them that I had been begging for a shower and didn’t want to wait until tomorrow. So he had brought towels for that also. I got a big grin on my face and looked towards him.

“What’s that grin about mister?”

“Well the nurse said they would not be back unless I pushed the call button right? Is the shower big enough for two?”

Kyle laughed softly, “Well that is what I was wondering myself to be perfectly honest”.

“Glad our minds think alike.”

So we had our snacks and Kyle set up his rollaway bed while I went into the bathroom and did my business in there. While in the bathroom I stepped into the shower and realized it was wheelchair accessable so the two of us should be able to fit even if it was a little tight. So what if we would just have to be close together.:-)

Kyle came into the bathroom and discovered me standing in the shower and laughed when he realized what I was doing and agreed we should both fit just fine. He had brought the towels in with him and was hanging them on the towel bar and I placed the washcloths on the bar in the shower. I could feel my animal instincts taking over so I reached back and untied my gown and let it slide down my arms and reached into the shower, found the knob to start the water and adjusted the temperature and then my fear started to sink in.

Kyle came up behind me shirtless and leaned against me lightly and rubbed my arms.

“Just take your time. Reach in and take ahold of one of the safety bars along the back edge and you will be fine. I will hold onto your other hand if you want me to.”

He released my arms and I reached for the safety bar and once I had ahold of it I stepped into the shower slowly and the feeling of the water hitting my chest was amazing. My hand had slid to the bar around the back of the shower so I was facing the shower head fully now and I was enjoying it. Kyle told me where the bottle of liquid soap was and that is when I froze because I would have to turn around to get the soap. For some reason this really scared me and I couldn’t move. Kyle tried to talk to me but all I could do was shake my head no. Kyle kept coaxing me but I wouldn’t move and he must have been getting frustrated.

“Well you were worried about us having sex because you were older, but if you are not going to shower and clean yourself then I guess you don’t want your treat tonight.”

What he said sunk into my head more than anything else he had said to help me and slowly I turned around and got the soap and though I was slow I took my first shower. As I was getting close to being finished except for my back I suddenly felt a warm body against my back and arms wrap around me. I jumped but then leaned back against Kyle.

Leaning against him I could tell he had a light dusting of hair on his chest and trimmed pubes. I could also tell his cock was semi hard. I went to turn around to face him but he told me before I turned around to give him the soap and washcloth so he could do my back.

He washed my back so tenderly and moved down across my ass and crack using his hands and when his fingers slid across my opening I felt it twitch like crazy. He kept coming back to my opening and he asked if I liked that and I just moaned softly because I din’t want anyone to hear us. He understood and finally pushed his middle finger into me very slowly to the first knuckle. It felt amazing and I felt myself lean forward and push back on his finger until I had it all the way into me.

Kyle fingered me for about a minute and then pulled out. Then I felt his hard cock sliding up and down my crack and I moaned again. I wasn’t sure if he was a top or bottom and if he was trying to find my opening so I went for broke and reached behind me and guided him to my hole. When his cock was at my hole I pushed back a little and he got the message and pushed slowly until the head broke through my opening. I tensed up because it had been almost a year since I had had a man in my ass but I was determined to have Kyle in me to fuck me as long as he was willing. When the pain let up I slowly pushed back and he slid deeper and deeper into me until he was all the way in and I could feel his pubes against my ass. Then he started moving in and out and the pleasure was amazing.

It had been so long since I had felt another guy fuck me and my mind and body was whirling in total pleasure. Kyle was caressing me along the sides from my hips up to my shoulders to my neck and face but his strokes in and out of me never stopped. He did not ram into me but just kept a nice steady motion going and I finally leaned back against him and raised my arms slightly to feel his biceps as he continued to slide into me and he began to caress my chest and nipples.

I told him how wonderful he felt and said I hoped he was enjoying my ass as much as I was enjoying him inside my ass. He whispered he was enjoying it more than I would ever know but unfortunately he was getting close to reaching his orgasm and was afraid he was going to cum really soon.

I giggled softly and told him that it was fine and that since he was close and I was loving the way he had been so gentle with his fuck but now I was going to bend over and grab the safety bar in front of me and I wanted him to really pound my ass until he shot his big load inside of me.

Kyle laughed and pulled my face towards his and kissed me and asked if I was sure? When I nodded my head yes he told me to bend over and hold on tight because I was in for one hell of a ride.

I turned my head away from him and started leaning forward and reaching for the safety bar. Once I had ahold of it he gently pushed on my upper back to push me forward and downwards. Once in position he took ahold of my hips and began to increase the speed of his strokes in and out of me until he was really ramming in hard but it was so pleasurable.

Both of us were breathing hard now and I could feel Kyle was getting close when he gripped my shoulders and moaned pretty damn loud. I could feel his cock swelling up and I felt him shove as deep into me as he could and then he moaned with a guttural moan and I felt his hot load of cum shoot into my hole.

Both of us went weak in the knees and Kyle leaned back against the shower wall and I stayed bent over. His cock softened and he slid out of me but neither of us were moving. Finally he reached around me and turned the water temperature down so the water was more room temperature to try and cool us both down.

I stood up and turned to face Kyle and then we turned so the water was hitting in our sides and we moved closer to the shower head so it sprayed in between the two of us.

The two of us finally recovered enough and turned off the water and stepped out of the shower and Kyle handed me a towel so I could dry myself while he dried himself off. We walked back in to the room and I just collapsed on my bed and Kyle slid his scrubs on and collapsed into the chair. I hadn’t bothered to put my hospital gown on yet and I didn’t care, I had just had amazing sex with a fantastic guy and I didn’t care if the world ended right this minute because I was the happiest man alive.

A few minutes passed and Kyle asked if I wanted something to drink and I said that would be great and he said he would get us something. I was worried about him leaving the room since he had been in the shower with me and I knew he had wet hair and was worried if maybe the nursing staff may have heard anything while we fucked in the shower. Kyle assured me that my room was towards the far end of the hall and the rooms on each side of my room were empty and the one across the hall was empty also so there was no worries.

I sat up and was working on sliding on the hospital gown and Kyle helped me tie it and then kissed me on the cheek.

“Oh, don’t you forget I still have that big tool of yours to satisfy tonight before we go to sleep”, then he chuckled.

I just sighed. “Oh Kyle you don’t have to do that if you don’t feel like it. What you did to me was more than I ever expected.”

“Oh no, You got my cock where and how you wanted so I am getting yours where I want it. So don’t even try arguing with me.” Then he walked out the door.

Since the head of the bed was elevated to a sitting position I put my legs up and just leaned back and thought more about what had just happened with Kyle and me in the shower. Actually I was thinking about the past few weeks and everything that happened and how Kyle had helped me so much even when I was pushing him away. Then when the iceberg broke from my heart and brain broke today and Kyle finally got through to me things had been amazing.

So basically in about 16 or 17 hours it was like my life had turned around completely. Then the past hour and that amazing sex with Kyle, man it was out of this world. I had actually been afraid that sex would no longer be enjoyable and I would not have the pleasure that I had once had because I was now blind. But I guess what they say is true, if you lose one sense the others get stronger. I know my touch senses had picked up greatly and for sex that is fantastic.

Kyle walked back into the room and sat a bottle of something to drink on my tray and then laughed.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Well whatever you were thinking about, I see that tool of yours is standing up at full attention again.”

I smiled, “I am sure you know what I am thinking about you sexy guy”.

Kyle didn’t say a word but I heard him set whatever he got himself to drink down on the tray also and he told me to sit on the edge of the bed. As I did what he told me to do I heard him pull the chair around and I realized he was now sitting in front of me on the chair and he was raising my gown and telling me to scoot right to the edge of the bed as close as I could.

I did as he asked and stopped when he placed his hand on my lower abdomen. Then he lifted my legs and I think he saw a little fear in my face but he told me not to worry he wouldn’t let me fall off the bed so just relax and enjoy. He placed my legs on the arms of the chair, which lucky for me had padded arms, and then reached out and started rubbing my thighs all over working towards my balls and hard cock.

Kyle shifted in his chair or got on his knees because the next thing I knew he was licking my balls while he held my cock firmly in his gentle fist and stroked it lightly. I moaned softly while he did this and he just kept lapping and sucking on one then the other ball then took both of them in his mouth and let them rool around together in his hot wet mouth.

The sensation was so amazing and since I had been hard pretty much all the time for over an hour and had had my ass fucked amazingly I knew I would not last long once Kyle started to suck my cock. Kyle finally released my balls and he ran his tongue up the underside of my cock to the very top. As he did this I felt precum oozing out of my cock. It was almost like his tongue was a spatula and it was pushing the precum out. When Kyle saw the precum he took the entire head in his mouth and ran his tongue all over it making sure he didn’t miss any and then just sucked on the head but his tongue never stopped moving around.

I had my cock sucked many times but this time it was totally amazing and maybe was because Kyle was just the most talented cock sucker I had ever been with or my sense of touch and feeling had really increased. Kyle began sliding his mouth up and down my hard cock and his tongue was constantly moving all around it at the same time. He was able to deep throat me right off the bat and when he did this and just held it there but his tongue kept working it was driving me out of my mind. He would slide up and down really hard and fast and then go slow and gentle.

He kept changing techniques. This went on for about 5 or 6 minutes and I knew I could take no more and I had to cum.

“Kyle, I love what you are doing. But I can’t hold back any longer. I am about to shoot my load. So if you don’t want a hot thick load of cum down your throat and in your mouth you better pull off quick.”

Kyle didn’t say a word at all but just started to increase his sucking until he had a real good grip on my cock with his lips but his tongue was soft and gentle as it slid up and down my cock. I was starting to explode and I reached over and grabbed the pillow on my bed and pushed my face deep into it and started to scream as I pushed my hips forward as my cock got harder and swelled thicker and shot after shot of hot thick cum exited my cock and shot into Kyles mouth and throat.

When my orgasm ended I fell back on the bed but Kyle did not release my cock until it went completely soft. Then he carefully raised my legs off the chair arms and swung them around and helped me get repositioned on the bed and my gown back into place. Then he handed me my bottle of drink, grabbed his drink and sat in the chair.

We both opened our bottles and took big drinks and neither said anything for a couple of minutes.

K: “So how are you feeling now, do you think you will sleep good tonight since you have had a good day?”

“I am going to sleep amazing. How about yourself?”

“I am going to sleep great myself especially after what the two of us have been doing the past hour and a half. My body is saying it is time to crash.”

“I agree completely. I think I will put Conan on tv or whatever I can find that we can watch, have you set the tv timer and call it a night.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Kyle I do have something I do want to say to you though. Can you come over here for a minute please and sit here on the edge of the bed?”

Kyle walked over and sat down and didn’t say anything at all but I could tell he seemed a little nervous.

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I know I have already thanked you several times tonight for what you did for me today and it is greatly appreciated. But I also want to thank you for the last hour and a half. I know from being around you for the past few weeks you are not the type that sleeps around with patients or everyone you meet but what you did for me helped me realize I can have a normal sex life along with a normal life even though I am blind. I won’t ask why you did what you did with me, maybe you hadn’t had any in awhile like me, maybe it was pity sex or maybe you felt like we had some kind of connection. I don’t want you to tell me the answer because, well lets just say I don’t want how I feel to be ruined. I know it will not happen again and I do not expect it to. You are going back to your regular work tomorrow and we will still see each other but I will be going home soon myself and our paths will probably never cross again. But I want you to know that I think you are an amazing man and have a real future in nursing and someday I pray you will find that special man to share your life that will make you happy forever.”

By the time I finished what I had said tears were running down my cheeks and Kyle was crying also. Kyle handed me a couple of Kleenex and we wiped our eyes and faces. Kyle then stood up and took my hand and asked me if I could stand up and I did. We wrapped our arms around each other resting our cheeks against each others. Then we quickly had a soft kiss on the lips and pulled away. Kyle went to make up the rollaway and I turned on the tv to find something we could listen to while we fell asleep.

I asked Kyle to set the timer while I went and used the bathroom and brush my teeth and then came back to bed and climbed into my bed and laid down. I heard Kyle go and use the bathroom and then he climbed into bed. We said goodnight and I don’t think it took him more than ten minutes to fall asleep.

The last thought I had as I fell asleep was that during the entire sexual experience I never thought about being blind. My mind was so wrapped up in my pleasure and what was happening that the fact I was blind never crossed my mind. This made me wonder that as I learned more and more how to cope with the blindness and learn to do things in a new but productive way if the blindness will just become a fact of life and it won’t bother me and I won’t even think about it everyday or every minute like I do now.


Sex In The Dark

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