Where to begin? I guess I'll take you right back. Back before I realised that the one I love was with me all along. My names Dan. I'm a blond hair, blue eyed horny teenager with a circumcised, above average cock. I met my soul mate a year ago, this is the story of how it happened.

Monday morning as usual school starts. This wasn't a particularly different day from any of the other schooldays but it was going to turn out to be. Around nine o'clock I had strolled into my first class of the week. Nothing different at first, some teacher blabbing on about History and how henry VIII had so and so many wives. Anyway, around quarter past nine a knock came amongst the door. A call out later and the deputy head was asking me to introduce this new guy around the school. So I figured if it means I can jump History-no problem-o. On that note I was left alone with the new boy. First thoughts, what a drag. A pain in the ass trotting around the school with a new boy. Until I realised he was blind.

I found out he was born blind. Instantly my heart melted. Let me tell ya a little about Josh. The boy is hot. And I mean hot! About 5'9 high, has short black hair, a well defined body, a nice bulge in his trousers and the cutest butt you'll ever see. Nevertheless, this poor boy never even knew what he looked like. I introduced myself within seconds and helped the boy find his bearings around his new school. It appears that Josh's parents had split, his mum moving out leaving Josh and his dad to cope. After a year or so, the two of them moved closer to the city, and hence here they are today.

So, Josh wasn't that bad of a guy. Turns out he likes the same sports, and is just a normal person. Ok, nature intended that he couldn't see a thing, but he was still able to live normally like the rest of us. Josh still attended gym, still studied hard, still went to the movies etc. Over a few months Josh and I became good friends. He would come over to mine and hang out. We'd laugh and joke about school, and talk about girls as boys did. We'd eat out and stay over at each others houses. Josh's dad was proud his son was able to live life to the fullest.

Then it started. It was a Friday night, and Josh was staying at mine as he usually did ever since we met. We listened to the latest 'Muse' album and laid side be side on my single bed discussing what we would do after school. Josh was adamant he was going to college to study Psychology, I wanted to forget the school life and get a job, start earning my own money. Anyway, laughing into the night we got talking about girls, describing who we'd ever been out with and how far we'd gone. I described to Josh a couple of the girls I had slept with when he let slip he was a virgin. I had figured so, but not to be nasty never mentioned anything. Must be difficult dating when you were blind. I consoled my friend and figured my chance was now to delve further. Josh had told me he had never even masturbated before. I told him he was a handsome guy but he never believed. He explained that unable to see porn or even himself he wasn't sure how to masturbate. (We all must of seen it to try it). It was then my heart stopped beating, my mouth dried as Josh asked me to show him.

I stood up and got a little more serious as I said I would, he was my best friend. I understood him. I whispered into his ear 'do you trust me?' and he replied 'I do with my life'. I sat Josh up on my bed and wedged a pole against my door to avoid anyone entering. I asked him to raise his arms and slowly removed his T-shirt. The beautiful chest this boy had. I mean, I had never really thought about men, and this was the first time I had been with a half naked man but wow was my cock stirring. Josh dropped his arms to his sides as I unbuckled his jeans. I then untied his trainers, removed them and placed them to one side. A deep breath later and I had his jeans sliding down his perfect thighs. A little hair but not too much. My bone was irritating me like hell. There sitting in front of me was my best friend in just his boxers. He asked if I was Ok, at which I replied 'yeah, sorry man' before removing his underwear. And there was his cock. Hard as rock standing at a little over six inches. Unlike myself he had foreskin and a little pre-cum oozing from his cock head. 'Sorry I'm so ready' he began, 'no-ones ever undressed me like that before and sitting here naked in front of you is kind of erotic'. I told me friend it was no problem and explained how to toss off. He took his right hand and gripped his cock in the palm of it. Slowly he moved his hand up and down his throbbing cock and as I watched my circumcised member began to strain in my jeans. Josh's hand got faster and his breathing got deeper. I was watching my hot best friend enjoying his first ever wank right in front of my eyes. I watched as he fell back against my bed covers and stroked faster than he had been. I couldn't take anymore, this was turning me on so bad. Taking advantage of my friends blindness I unbuckled my own jeans and quickly stripped down to my birthday suit. My large cock head sprung out and I began to masturbate my seven inches of man meat. The noises got louder and I tossed to my best friends moans. Both sweating, Josh began panting and I knew he was close. 'It feels like I need to pee' he shouted. 'Don't panic', I replied, 'It's your cum, let it flow'. And flow it did. Wow, I guess it was all stored up. Waves of hot thick semen shot out of his cock over his chest, spurts on Josh's face. His minimal pubes were covered in the spunk and boy did it send me over the edge. I shot my load just left of my best friend so he didn't feel it. I didn't want him knowing I just wanked to his hot show. I collapsed beside Josh and he managed to lean over to me. With one hand on my shoulder Josh whispered 'Thanks Dan, I owe ya one.'



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