Bleak Berlin

Berlin was bleak. The Spree, frozen solid and the sub zero temperature chilled me to my core. As soon as I walked out of the airport terminal I skidded on some ice narrowly avoiding ending up flat on my back.

I took the bus towards Mitte in what used to be the heart of old East Berlin. The bus was more like a fridge on wheels. So cold, my breath instantly steamed up the windows. Staring out shivering I saw a city entrenched in snow and ice. The locals appeared to take it all in their stride. Parents pulled their children along on sleds whilst elderly ladies tottered around in their fur coats and hats.

By the time I got to my hotel I could barely feel my feet and my fingers appeared to have froze to the handle of my suitcase. As I was checking in I asked the cute concierge how people in this town stopped their blood from freezing in their veins. He looked up from his screen with a friendly smile and suggested a spa just a few stops away on the U-Bahn. The opportunity to thaw myself out seemed to good to resist.

As he offered my key card I reached out to take it only to find he didn't let go straight away. Looking at him slightly puzzled, I noticed he had a seductive glint. He glanced around and leaned over the desk.

"If you really want to feel some heat I can recommend The Laboratory" and with that he let go of the key card and vanished into the back office.

The Laboratory? Was this a spa? Club? Whatever it was I decided to go for the first recommendation. I dumped my case, put another pair of socks in an attempt to hold off the frostbite and headed for the metro station.

I eventually found the place along some non-descript residential street. Upon entering I was offered towels, a bathrobe and a wristband I could use purchase drinks. I headed through the minimalist concrete corridors and through the frosted glass doors into the changing room.

I emerged wrapped in my soft bathrobe into at atmosphere of pure tranquility. I wandered around the glass and concrete complex passing the odd couple canoodling in matching bathrobes on sun loungers. There were a couple of women in swimsuits sat drinking at the bar but on the whole the joint was pretty much deserted. I pushed open one of the large wooden doors and entered into a dark cavernous space, at its center a large circular pool of dark water.

I slipped off my robe and lowered myself into the warm water. I sunk beneath the surface to hear the sound of whales. The pool had been fitted with underwater speakers and although I never really understood the whole hippy whale thing I just closed my eyes and listened contently. As I resurfaced I looked up to be amazed by the concrete dome overhead. It was like being in some nuclear bunker. I floated on my back for what seemed an age, disconnected from the outside world. Suddenly the tranquil atmosphere was shattered by the arrival of a gaggle of teenagers who jumped into the pool. Shouting and splashing this was not what I needed so made a speedy exit to one of the sauna cabins. As I opened the door as stern voice shouted

"keine Badebekleidung!"

I turned around and was faced by a tall handsome albeit irate looking man. I thought my German was pretty good but my mind went blank. My puzzled look only agitated him further as he reached for the waistband of my speedo and tugged at it shaking his head. It was then I noticed the sign behind him showing a symbol alluring to the fact that saunas were a clothing free zone. As the penny dropped, so did my speedo much to his apparent delight. As I picked up my bathing suit I felt his eyes surveyed every inch of my naked body. I began to feel slightly uncomfortable as his eyes became fixated on my groin, so I retreated into the intense heat of the sauna.

Inside I felt as if my soul had began to thaw. The sweat trickled down my body as the humidity enveloped me. After a while my head began to spin making me feel dizzy and nauseous. I was cooked through and in need of revival. I left the heat behind and stepped outside into the icy air onto a snow-covered deck and hopped into the outdoor pool. Once again the peace was short lived as the hoard of teenagers appeared again. As I looked up I was taken aback at the sight of six naked youths bounding towards me all of whom I noticed were quite well endowed. They all jumped into the pool surrounding me. Laughing and joking around me I closed my eyes and tried to ignore them as best as I could but my mind kept wandering. Here I was in this hot soup of naked youthful testosterone, my arousal was difficult to contain. I opened my eyes to find the group taking it in turns to see how long they could hold their breaths under the steaming water. The turn came for the toned blonde who with a big gulp of air plunged under the surface. He remained below for about a minute before slowly rising up. As he did his eyes were fixed upon me. He remained there, the bottom half of his face remained under the water like a hippo. Despite not being able to see his mouth I could sense the cheeky smile. Below the simmering water I was rock hard. He winked knowingly and sank back down to take another look. I reached down and slowly stroked my cock. The sexually charged situation was interrupted by two hefty frauelines who dumped themselves into the pool. Within a matter of seconds the boys bailed out, dashing bare assed back into the spa laughing. As much as I would have liked to follow in pursuit I wasn't prepared to give everyone an eyeful.

I left the spa and headed out into the brisk icy evening. My brief encounter with the boys left me wanting to seek out and experience whatever the city could offer to satisfy my raging libido. When I had told my friends I was coming to Berlin they all said I had to experience the Berghain. What they failed to mention was that it didn't open its doors until well after midnight. After making my way across the city and wandering around an industrial estate for some time, I stood before the imposing, dilapidated power station. There wasn't a person in sight. The place was silent. The sky, clear and black. There was no chance in hell I was going to linger waiting for the steel doors to open.

As I was about to turn and head back to my hotel I noticed a small plaque. It read "Laboratory" I had a momentary flash back to what the concierge had mentioned. Real heat? Before I knew it I was stood at a hefty industrial looking door. I pressed the buzzer and waited shivering. I glanced behind me and noticed a small queue had materialized from nowhere. The door opened and we were ushered inside after being given a once up and down by a stocky skinhead dressed head to toe in leather. After handing over some cash a black bin liner was shoved into my hand. I looked around and found myself in a crowded dark corridor filled with men of all types in various stages on undress. A guy brushed past me wearing nothing but a cock ring and biker boots. To my left was an older gentleman wearing a manky old pair of white y-fronts, to my right a twink in a jock and trainers. There appeared to be no dress code. I heard an American guy behind me asking if he had to strip?

"up to you" his acquaintance shrugged. He pulled off his sweater and began to unbutton his jeans when he clocked me checking out his smooth muscular abs. He hastily did them back up and coyly said

"The sweaters far enough" and vanished into the crowd. The question for me was how far was I prepared to go? I didn't really no what I was letting myself in for but I thought fuck it, when in Rome? I whipped off my top and dropped my jeans. I bundled everything into the bin bag. There I stood wearing only a black bike jockstrap and my old military boots. My cock was already bulging. I considered loosing the jock but thought I was naked enough for the time being. As I handed in my bin bag to the cloakroom the attendant wrote the number 72 on my shoulder with a marker pen. I turned and headed through the chain curtain towards the sound of industrial techno and the smell of sex.

What l encountered was a scene that can only be described as a cross between Mad Max and Sodom and Gomorrah. I stood inside a large industrious cavern in the bowls of the old power plant. Crumbling concrete walls, red lighting, chains, old sofas strewn with naked men. Some were talking, others had their hands all over each other, kissing, sucking, even fingering. The situation was pure debauchery. I stepped back stumbling on a guy wearing nothing but a gimp mask being dragged on a leash by a member of the village people. If there was ever a time I needed a stiff drink then that was it. I approached the bar to be greeted by a ruggedly handsome bar man in the tiniest pair of red speedos.


"Whiskey" I managed to blurt out, noticeably mesmerized by the incredibly hot man before me. He handed me two. I wasn't going to question it so I necked one, smiled and wandered off into the crowd. As I pushed myself through the hoards of men, I felt hands grab and stroke my bare ass, tweak my nipples and twang the elasticated straps of my jock. I found myself lost in a maze of men and walls. In each room there we guys in various predicaments. In one a guy was being fisted in a sling, in another a skinny man lay on the floor wanking furiously whilst two others in leather chaps and harnesses urinated over his writhing body. The intense stench of sweat, piss and cum was becoming overwhelming.

I pushed on through the crowds and managed to trace my steps back through to the bar. Two more whiskeys were swiftly ordered before I managed to find an empty sofa in a secluded corner of the club where I could catch my breath. As I sat sipping I watched a guy repeatedly take cock after cock on a leather mattress opposite. He just lay there. Face buried into the black leather whilst offering his ass to anyone wanting a go. It was intriguing. One after another they mounted and fucked him to within an inch of his life. Never once did he look up to see whose hard cock was driving deep into him.

Behind the sofa hung a heavy chain curtain. I peered though to see a leather sling hanging in the center of a dark room lit only by a single red bulb. I stepped through and walked about the leather sling that was suspended by heavy metal chains from the ceiling. With the whiskey flowing, the pounding music, the touch of the cold leather, I got carried away by the situation. The next thing I knew I had hoisted myself into the sling. My legs hitched up opening up my ass to anyone who would stumble upon me. After a while I heard the clink of the chain curtain. I looked up to see a skinny guy in an old pair of white 80's style Adidas nylon shorts that were tented by his erection. Without saying a word he knelt down and buried his face between my spread cheeks. He spread them further whist rimming my hole, thrusting his tongue into my hole. I closed my eyes and allowed him to eat me out. My breathing got deeper and deeper and my own erection stretched my jock to breaking point. A second guy soon joined us. Stark bollock naked, he was hard, cut and enhanced further by a shiny steel cock ring. As I lay with my eyes closed I felt his thick cock pass over my lips moistening them with his pre-cum. The taste was sweet and salty. As he came around for a second pass I licked his helmet and took him fully into my mouth and down my throat.

After both had finished, I managed to get out of the swing feeling somewhat weak at the knees. I made my way through the sweaty meat market in search of the bathroom. I entered to find a group a guys peeing into a bath which as I passed I noticed a guy happily bathing in the golden shower. Each to their own I thought as I walked into the urinals. The room was full of guys hanging about, some squatted by each urinal which slightly unnerved me. As I pulled my cock out from my jock and began to relieve myself a young guy swooped in and took me into his mouth. I flinched and tried to pull away but his lips were tight around my shaft. He just gulped down every last drop. I managed to pull away to see him with a look of utter satisfaction in his eyes. I made a hasty retreat towards the bar. I wasn't drunk enough for this shit.

By now I was necking the whiskey like water and my inhibitions had been long forgotten. I realized that whilst pushing my way through the hoards of entangled men I had lost my jock. I lent back on the bar swilling back my drink, naked except for my boots and took in the scene of sheer depravity before me. Guys were being fucked, fisted and blown left right and center. The room was spinning. The heady atmosphere of cum, sweat and pounding pounding techno music intoxicated me. I was beginning to feel exhausted by the intensity of the situation.

I staggered through the club to try and find an enclave to regain some composure. I collapsed onto one of the black leather mattress and closed my eyes for a second. As I lay on my back with my legs hitched up I felt a breath on my face. I opened my eyes slowly to be face to face with a dark, Slavic stranger. His dark stubble scratched my face as her kissed me roughly. He lay between my legs. His body, heavy and hairy on top of mine. I felt his hard cock pushing against my hole. He raised my legs higher and plunged his thick girth deep into me. My body was paralyzed momentarily with the sudden pain but it soon gave into pleasure as his rhythm picked up. I looked up at the guy pounding me to see a second blonde guy kissing him furiously. They both looked down at me for a second a grinned. With that the Slav pushed my legs over my head whilst he fucked me squatting over me plunging up and down. Deeper and deeper he fucked me. I felt something else pressing against my raw hole. The second guy was attempting to penetrate me as well. I tried to catch my breath and almost past out as he managed to force himself into my anal passage. It felt as if both cocks were competing for space until both guys managed to synchronize their rhythm. I was gasping for breath when a third thick cock was shoved into my mouth from a hung Arabic looking guy hovering over me. I could hardly breath. All I could do was try and breath through my ears.

The intensity of being fucked by three guys at once was indescribable. Almost simultaneously, the three strangers breathing deepened as their bodies began to tense up. With a loud moan

"oh fuck yeah" they each shot their loads into my ass. The Arab's cock spurted cum endlessly into my mouth. I couldn't swallow it all and I tried my hardest not to choke. He withdrew whilst the other two fell on top of me. Their spent semi hard cocks still in me.

They abandoned me as I lay there, dripping in sweat, delirious and drunk on cum.

I came round fully aware of my throbbing erection. It oozed pre-cum and my balls felt as if they would explode. I needed to blow my load and fast. I peeled myself from the sticky black leather. I had to hold onto the wall for support after being fucked senseless.

Across the darkness of the room I noticed a familiar face. It was the concierge from my hotel. He acknowledged my presence with a smile and a wink before climbing onto one of the black mattresses. He buried his faced into the leather and pulled his ass cheeks open offering himself to the world. My blood pressure was through the roof and I needed immediate relief. I mounted him and pressed my solid erection through his tight hole and without a single thrust emptied myself deep into him. My head was spinning as stream and stream of cum filled his ass. I had to hold onto his muscular hips to stop myself falling over. He groaned, the sound muffled by the leather as I slid out and fell panting next to him. We didn't speak. As I got up the concierge was being mounted by the American guy I'd checked out earlier. He'd defiantly lost more than the sweater at that point.

I fell out into the cold night air. The wind was cutting and it was beginning to snow. I had no idea what time it was. I made my way back through the icy streets of Berlin to the hotel reliving each encounter over and over again in my head to distract myself from the freezing temperature.

I stood under the steaming shower in an attempt to thaw my frost bitten toes, cleanse my soul and the sense of depravity when I heard a knock at the door. I grabbed what must have been the smallest towel in the world and opened the door. It was the concierge. He looked me up and down as I hid what I could behind the tiny towel, dripping wet. Without a word I stood to one side and allowed him in. He turned, pulled off his sweater and dropped his trousers. We stood there for a moment just looking at each other; me with just my towel and him sporting a pair of tight white briefs. I dropped my towel and headed back into the shower...


S. Starling


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