Nobody even knew that Nate and Stacie had even gone to Jamaica, not until we got the call to pick them up from the airport. That's just the way that those two operate. It wasn't unusual for them to disappear from the earth's radius for weeks at a time. They are both total recluses, and they have the sex drives of rabbits on Viagra, so my lover, Montez, and I thought nothing of their absence.

They also aren't our favorite couple to hang with. As mentioned before, they have extremely uncontrolled libidos. Especially Stacie. Every since they talked us into a four-way, Stacie announces his lust for me every time we meet, even in front of Montez, which makes it hell for me. When Stacie is around, Montez crowds me, despite my hatred for public displays: holding my hand, following me to the bathroom, putting his arm around my shoulders, all just to tell Stacie what he already knows, that I'm off limits.

I would take Montez's advice and ditch them as friends, but Nate has had my back for over twenty years, and sad, but true, friends always outlast lovers.

One Saturday morning, Montez was still fast asleep. His tight, navy blue briefs had rode high in his slumber, and one of his almond brown cheeks was exposed. I gave it a kiss, and brushed the hair down with my fingertips. His back arched on impulse, pushing two muscular globes towards me. I contemplated inserting a finger in the exposed rosebud, but I was working on a tight schedule.

'Get up,' I demanded, kissing him around the neck. I breathed in the musty scent of last night's sweat and Cool Water cologne.

'What?' he whined, turning over, 'Come on, Brian, we just finished an hour ago, baby. Just let me get thirty minutes of sleep.'

He was so cute with his dark brown hair still a mess from its fight with the pillows. Though he is really a biracial mix of African-American and Latino, he looked Asian with the sun hitting his golden, brown skin, and his eyes barely opened, enticing me to join him in the bed.

'That's not what I want from you, right now. In fact, what I want requires you putting your pants back on. I need for you to come with me somewhere.' I threw him the jeans and watched as he struggled to cram his piss-hardened cock into them, finally deciding to push it down the left leg of the pants.

'I'm not driving!' he insisted. '...Wherever it is you want to go.'

'Nate and Stacie need us to pick them up.'

'What do you mean, 'pick them up'?' he yawned, rubbing crust from his light brown eyes.

'They're at the airport, honey. They need us to come and get them.'

'Is this what you woke me up for?' he pouted, making his already thick top lip appear to touch his slender nose. 'I haven't even had...' he paused to check the clock. It read seven-thirty. 'Three hours of sleep.'

'Come on, I wouldn't have even gotten out of bed myself, but they say that they brought us something.'

'Weed?' he yawned, thinking along the same line as I had.

'One can only hope,' I smiled, helping him into his shirt. Again, the smell of his sweat made my penis twitch, and, again, I ignored it, telling myself that whatever waited for us at the airport was the first priority. Montez would always be there.

Nate met us in his usual attire, a pink beach shirt, with the sleeves cut away, a white t-shirt under it, cargo pants with the crotch and ass cut out, no under wear, and pink, thong sandals. His curly, bleach blonde hair had grown, and he was now sporting a beard. His skin was almost as dark as the muscular black man who was holding Stacie's hand.

Hold on. A muscular black man holding Stacie's hand?

Stacie and the stranger walked towards us, and Nate blew them kisses, putting to rest my fears that Jamaican dick had come between their decade-long relationship.

Stacie looked angelic, with his tattooed arms and chest showing through his wife-beater, a pair of nylon gym shorts, and NIKE sandals. His full, pink lips glistened with the usual fruit flavored gloss. The wind blew his short, black tresses to and fro, giving him the 'I don't give a fuck how I look' type of appeal that I have always found attractive in guys. The Jamaican sun had baked him almost three skin tones darker than Montez's golden brown color.

'Montez, Brian, this is Ian,' Stacie pushed the beautiful, wide-smiling young man towards us. He stood, shame-faced, with his arms folded. We walked around in circles, appraising him. If Ian had been standing on a block of wood, a passerby could have easily mistaken the scene for a slave auction.

Damn. Ian had flawless, charcoal skin that was as smooth as silk. And dimples! They decorated either side of the man-child's brilliant smile (I made up in my mind that man-child would be his new nickname, if we hit it off). He had a boyish face and mannerisms, but his body belonged to a full-grown man. He had no tattoos, no piercing, and no shirt. His stomach was one flat, continuous maze of muscle. His tiny bit of hair clung to his head, forming a natural pattern of waves. His baggy, denim shorts dangled below his firm, skinny ass, making the divide in his cheeks visible through the sweat stains in his briefs. He was dripping sweat from head to toe. It must have been a long plane ride, or maybe we were making him nervous. Still, his first impression was a very good one.

'Isn't he just fuckin' marvelous?' Nate grinned.

'You should see what he's working with too,' Stacie volunteered, 'He actually made me bleed the first time I took it on.'

'You guys didn't manage to bring us any, um...' Montez cleared his throat and looked around before saying, 'weed?'

'Do you think we could get Ian to come without it?' Nate chuckled.

'We have some catching up to do then, don't we?' Montez offered, taking Nate's oversized duffle bag. Always helpful whenever weed is involved.

Ian sat between Stacie and Nate on the ride back. His short legs rested on the hump in the back of the 1979 Monte Carlo. His shorts were extra baggy, and so short that his limp penis bounced around freely, teasing me in the rearview mirror. His hands played beneath the waistband of Stacie's shorts, and Nate ran his hands over Ian's rippled stomach and chest.

'Where's the bud?' Montez asked, rudely, after having to endure forty-five minutes of Nate's stories about how Black Water, Jamaica was just 'too gorgeous to put into words' on the ride home. He still managed to try: 'The flowers and plants are gorgeous, and the scene is just majestic, but I found the fishermen the most tantalizing,' he giggled, rummaging through his man-bag for the weed. 'Have I told you guys the story about the crocodile that ran off with my camera bag?'

'Yes,' we answered simultaneously, both deciding that his question had pretty much already told us all we needed to know about the story: a crocodile ran off with one of his many brightly colored bags.

'Two days of film completely gone. Now I know how those people on the news feel, the ones who live in trailers-tin fuckin' boxes, then have the nerve to act all shocked when a storm comes and blows the matchbox down like the big bad wolf. They all say the same thing though: 'It's the little things, like the pictures that we miss the most, memories that you can't get back.' I now feel their stupid, redneck pain.' He dabbed mock tears from his face. 'These, thank god, did survive the trip. I took proper care to ensure that they would, even if I didn't. Pay attention; there just might be a quiz afterwards,' he joked, turning on the projector that he had hooked up to my computer.

There were a few narcissistic pages, giving Nate credit for editing, filming, and doing everything else, besides walking on water. Then there was an actual title page, 'Black River, Jamaica's Scenery,' which translated to crotch and ass shots of the local beach men. Some wore swimming trunks, some slapped around freely, usually too busy with whatever activity they were engaging in to have noticed a camera aimed at their genitals or ass.

After the fifth crotch, as delightful as it was, I grew bored of the display. Maybe if the background were different in any of them it may have held my attention, but Nate, obviously, had spent the bulk of his time in the one area he was sure to see naked ass or dick. He's perverted that way.

Stacie and Ian were busy fondling and breathing heavily on the sofa beside us. I looked over to find that Montez was watching them go at it with their clothes on, and he was sporting a boner that threatened to tear through the hole in his right pocket.

'They do enjoy each other,' Nate beamed, passing the glass bowl of weed to me.

Montez moved over closer to me so that he could put his hand down the back of my baggy, khaki cutoffs. I choked on smoke at the feel of him jabbing at my hole with a dry finger. I looked at him, and he gave me apologetic eyes, dark penetrating circles of sorrow, summoning me to the bedroom.

I wanted to ask our company to leave, but the show I was getting was too good. Ian's cock was now rock-solid, and completely exposed through the baggy leg of his shorts. The mushroom head was a purplish brown. Precome dripped, streaking the dark black base, and making it shine like leather.

Up until then, my Spanish eyes had only seen a black cock in porn. Montez wasn't even aware of my fantasies about being taken by a black man, a one hundred percent black man, and not a mulatto, like him. Those fantasies were all rushing through my mind as I watched Stacie jerk Ian's eleven-inch pipe. I wondered how it would feel in my mouth. I imagined the weight of it in my hands, and the pressure of him slapping my jaw with it. I noticed that I, too, was making precome at the thought of his strong rod pushing its way into my ass.

Stacie knelt before Ian, and began to swallow the object of my attention down to the base. Ian's hands crumpled Stacie's curly nest of hair in delight, and his hips jabbed upward, pushing more of his dick into the Latin boy's throat than he was accustomed too. Spit flew as Stacie snatched away to catch some air.

'Well, we didn't bring him all the way here just to be stingy with him,' Nate motioned for Montez and I to join them.

I sat hesitant for a while, but when I saw Montez dive to take Ian's cock out of Stacie's custody, I didn't feel the need to hold back anymore. I squatted behind Montez, who had stripped completely naked, and I started grinding my pulsing erection into his ass, and letting him feel the precome ooze between his cheeks. My head craned past his broad, brown shoulders, and I licked the parts of Ian's cock that Montez' hungry mouth wasn't devouring.

Stacie came up behind me, and forced his tongue into my asshole. I moaned from the uncomfortable fullness, as Stacie's tongue is so long and thick that it can be overwhelming at times. He kept it in me, deep, and forced my cheeks apart with his stubby fingers. I tensed, knowing that one of those hammer headed fingers would be forcing its way towards my colon soon.

Even though I cant stand Stacie's cocky persona, I have to admit there is something in his touch that makes me want to just melt around his cock and stay there. He has a very sensual essence about him. Even the kinkiest of acts is performed with the same careful intensity that he puts into making love. The Spanish have that way, which would explain our forbidden attraction to one another.

Nate sat across from us, finishing up the bowl of weed, and taking in the scene. His shorts were unzipped, and his hard dick pulsed, but he didn't touch it, not even when precome began to slide down the shaft and streak his bull-sized balls.

Montez stood, offering his veiny eight inches to Ian's hungry mouth, but was pushed away.

'He doesn't do that!' Stacie explained, looking up from my rim job.

'You do though,' Montez smiled, and pushed his cock towards Stacie's face. It was accepted.

I didn't move from my position between Ian's legs until he seized me by my shoulders, and forced us into a standing position. His breathe was a combination of spearmint and marijuana as he breathed the words, 'I want to fuck,' into my ear, his perfect English laced with traces of a thick, Jamaican accent.

I reached around his slinky waist and rumbled in the drawer beside the couch for lube and a condom (We keep a supply of both in every room of the house, just in case the mood overtakes us at any moment).

He bit through the wrapper with straight, white teeth, and threw it behind his back. We all watched in amazement as he struggled to pull the Magnum XL over his erection. It only made it halfway.

I was ordered to lie back on the couch and hold my legs up. I did, and Ian's face replaced Stacie's between my cheeks. Unlike Stacie's in and out method of eating ass, Ian's circular pulse was inviting. Just when I got used to it, I felt the head of his greasy dick press into me.

'Whoa, easy boy!' I pleaded as I felt it dig its way deeper and deeper.

I couldn't get my body to relax enough, but he still pushed more and more into me, ignoring the fact that I was straining it out quicker than he could poke it in.

He kissed me, and told me to relax and trust him. His strong arms fastened around my waist, pulling my hips up towards his crotch. He let out a warrior's shriek, and then stabbed one hard time. He was in.

My fingernails were digging into the velvet cushions of the couch. He had my body folded so that my ass was at an odd angle above my head. My cock was aimed towards my face. He sat on the back of the couch, his legs holding mine in place to prevent my escape from the painful position. He began to plunge in and out of me with so much pressure that it felt like I was being punched in the lower stomach every time he stroked inward.

In the position that Ian had placed me, I could only see his ass and balls and my own dick, hard as stone, leaking clear juices down unto my face with each brutal thrust he gave. I was sure that I would be swallowing a mouth full of my own cum soon, if he didn't ease up on my prostate.

I heard slurping noises coming from Stacie and Montez' corner. Nate still sat in the center chair, enjoying both shows. I could hear his greasy fist, pounding his meat as he cheered us on. He wouldn't be joining any time soon. He never joins in. Nate is the cleanup boy, the guy who licks the mess away after every sack has been drained. That's where he finds his pleasure. It's a shame, because Nate has a huge, Italian, ten- inches, which I have been dying to wrap my lips around since I saw it in seventh grade gym, almost twenty years ago. As far as I have ever gotten is mutual masturbation. Then, he explained to me that he doesn't enjoy sex. He is a voyeur, and enjoys watching it. The actual act is a turnoff to him.

Just the thought of his dick sent my come spewing into my face, some landing in my open mouth. Ian snatched himself from my gaping tunnel, and smacked my cheeks so hard that I let out a yelp. He laughed, and helped me flip over into a proper sitting position.

By the time my dizziness had subsided Ian was behind Montez, whom had Stacie bent over the large ottoman in the center of the floor. Stacie's fingers gripped the sides of the stool so tight that his fingertips turned bright red. Ian forced Montez to stop fucking Stacie long enough for him to insert his dick, which was still covered with the same rubber he used on me, into Montez' pouting hole.

Montez cried out like a wounded dog, but with a moment's rest, he was back at his task of stretching Stacie. Ian plunged in and out of Montez, mimicking his movements inside of Stacie. The only difference was that half of Ian's enormous dick still rested outside of Montez. Montez was so deep in Stacie that his balls rested on Stacie's cheeks.

'Give it to me!' Stacie cried out, muffled by the two brawny bodies on top of him, 'Yeah! Fuck me good! MMMHMMM!'

'This shit feels good!' Montez declared, 'Giving it and getting it at the same time is sooo hot!! Yeah, fuck me Ian, take this ass like you're mad at me!'

Ian did just that. He began to dive in and out of Montez with so much drive that the ottoman wobbled and walked across the carpeted floor.

'Don't stop going, Montez,' Stacie demanded, but his request was to no avail. Ian was slamming in and out of Montez so hard that Montez could no longer keep up his task of digging into Stacie. His dick remained inside of Stacie, as deep as the last thrust, not losing its erection, only temporarily immobile.

'Christ on a goddamn cracker!' Montez screamed out, gripping Stacey's shoulder to help himself endure the pain. 'Jesus, this guy's cock has to be at least a foot long!'

Ian continued to ravage Montez, showing no signs of tiring. Sweat skipped from muscle to muscle on his expansive back and chest. It dripped down his slender waist and was followed, by my eyes, to the divide between his two perfect, muscular, charcoal black cheeks.

My tongue longed to join the droplets, but I thought of his refusal to suck Montez' cock, and figured that he definitely wouldn't want me playing about his ass. Besides, guys who truly are total tops are rare. I wouldn't spoil this one.

'Fuck me! Fuck me!' Montez panted over and over, not because what Ian was doing to him was pleasurable, but because, like the bottoms in our collection of porn, he was in too much pain to think of anything better to say.

Ian removed himself from Montez' gap, leaving the recycled condom behind. His cock was so slick and wet that it shone under the single fluorescent bulb that dangled overhead.

'Now is for you!' Ian exhaled deeply, walking around to insert his dick into Stacie's waiting mouth, 'Get it nice and wet, so that me don't have no troubles getting it in.'

Unpleased with Stacie's attempt to follow his command, Ian grabbed the sides of the boy's face, and proceeded to fuck his throat, ignoring the gasping and choking noises.

Montez, still inside of Stacie, leaned forward, wanting to wrap his mouth around the cock that had permanently separated his cheeks. Ian took it out of Stacie's mouth and inserted it into Montez' begging lips, where it was swallowed down, and then spit out, wetter and shinier than we had seen before.

Ian liked it. He rocked in and out, tightening and releasing the muscles of his perfect ass with each slurp he forced Montez to take.

I thought to myself that my new art project would be erecting an anatomically correct statue of Ian for my bedroom. His body was a perfect ten, slim, but with tight, wiry muscles, the kind that you get from working construction, farming, or tending fields, more subtle than the overrated gym bodies that most gays find so attractive. It takes more than thirty minutes a day to get a body like his; it's built over a lifetime. Ian was lucky to have such a body, and I was damn lucky to be able to touch it and feel it against me, if only once.

'No, you stay there!' Ian ordered Montez, whom was preparing to withdraw from Stacie to allow Ian's entry.

I watched in a combination of excitement and disgust, as Ian dug the twice-used condom from Montez' twitching hole with two fingers. With traces of Montez' shit still at the tip, he pulled it back on his dick, and aimed it towards Stacie's hole, which still contained Montez' cock. He tried to jam in, but Montez blocked his path.

'I know what,' Montez sighed, pulling Stacie into a standing position, his hard dick still stretching the boy's nineteen year old ass. He turned them around, so that he was now at the bottom, and Stacie was riding his dick like a proper cowgirl.

'That is good,' Ian appraised, and aimed his dick towards Stacey's already occupied hole once more. This time, he got in with no trouble at all.

'You like these two big dicks in your ass, don't you?' Montez asked, slapping Stacie's exposed cheeks, 'These dicks feel good sword-fighting inside that little hole, boy?'

'Hell yeah it feels good!' Stacie moaned, 'Give me all of that black dick! Oh yeah!' he screamed, grabbing Montez shoulders for leverage, 'Fuck me harder!'

Ian didn't leave his request void of reply. He began to force himself in and out of Stacie with so much vigor that even Montez, whose penis was rubbing against his, began to moan in discomfort.

'Yeah, it feels good!' Stacie whimpered, though it sounded like he was seconds away from bursting into tears.

'You want this dick?' Montez taunted, jabbing upward into Stacie's stretched sphincter.

Ian had slowed down to synchronize their strokes. He was now on an outward stroke whenever Montez stroked in. The new method had Stacie gnashing his head from side to side and contorting his body like a man possessed.

Nate finally stirred from his seat to get his digital camera. With his cock dangling from his zipper, he walked around the boys on the ottoman, leaving a circle of precome as he tried to capture their every progress.

It turned out that Nate had perfect timing. Montez began to tremble and announce that he was shooting off right inside of Stacie. Ian sped his thrusts, whipping Montez' voided babies into a thick creamy substance, which was licked away from his shaft by Nate.

The ferocious fuck went on for about thirty more minutes. Montez had even regained his girth and was now rampaging Stacie's bowels again. It seemed that the end would never come for Ian.

I sat, silently in the corner, happy that my hole wouldn't withstand any more punishment that night.

' I would hate to be that dumb kid tomorrow,' I can't remember whether I thought that aloud or not, only that I thought it, just before Ian snatched free from Stacie and announced, 'It is time!'

Nate kneeled before him, opening his mouth to receive the plentiful bounty. He stretched his young lover's cheeks apart just in case the first target wasn't appeasing. He could still have the pleasure of lapping the libations from the boy's pucker.

'MMMMM HMMMM OOOOOH OOOOH! OH! FUCK!' Ian trembled, sending his hot mix out all over both targets, but hitting neither dead on. Ian had to settle for the stripes on his forehead and lick as much as he could from the side of his left jaw. There was also a gracious amount running down his lover's firm, brown cheeks, dripping down the crack, and mingling with my lover's sperm. Some even dripped from Montez' sweaty balls.

Montez eased out of Stacie's throbbing channel, and wiped Ian's sperm from the shaft of his dick. He joined me on the couch. He took my cock into his hands and kissed me deeply.

'Thank you for waiting for me to finish you off, Brian, ' he whispered to me sincerely.

Even though we enjoy sharing from time to time, Montez has a big jealous streak, but that wasn't what had made me wait for him to finish me. Nobody else's touch had come close to his that night. Sure, Ian, and even Stacie, had made me feel good, but there touch didn't have the love behind it that Montez' does.

'I love you,' I said as he took my dick into his mouth. My eyes closed, mixing images of Stacie's stretched anal lips and Ian's flexing globes with the sounds of Nate's perpetual slurping of Stacie's sloppy hole.

'Eat this ass, Daddy!' I heard Stacie moan out, and I heard Ian cheering his new friends on. He was in the opposite corner of the room now, just watching, but I could hear the sounds of his thick cock slapping his greasy palm. He was hard again, after the fuck he had just put down on the three of us.

My lover dug two fingers towards my prostate, matching his strokes and sucks so that I was in bliss, thinking about how good it might feel to be between Ian's manly cheeks. The mere thought sent my juices exploding out into the back of Montez' throat. He swallowed every drop, and spit my dick out, only to lick the last drop from my tip.

'See how I take care of my baby?' he smiled, coming up to kiss my lips. 'Aren't you glad you waited for me?'

'I'll always wait for you,' I promised, deciding not to tell him that it was the fantasy of me fucking Ian, and not the reality of him sucking my dick, that had made me spasm.

Stacie had strained the last ounce of sperm from his ass and unto Nate's eager tongue. The boy was now turned to face his daddy, jacking with all his might, summoning the force to release a load deserving of his partner's gentle tongue.

'Come and get it now!' Ian screamed, pinching off his orgasm long enough for Nate to abandon Stacie and scamper towards the waiting eleven inches in Ian's hands, his mouth still open and waiting.

With a loud scream, Ian sent a load, even bigger than the first one, unto Nate's face, still missing his mouth. This time, it oozed down his eyes, forcing him to keep them closed until the glob had made its way towards his longing tongue.

'I got some for you, too, Daddy!' Stacie screamed, bolting across the room. He stopped just before Nate, who was still blindly turning his head in every direction besides the one Stacie stood in, beating his dick feverishly.

'Give Daddy that sweet milk, Baby!' Nate demanded, finally aiming his head the right way. He reached up and took the boys sack in his forefingers and rolled them back and forth in his hands like they were oriental stress balls.

'Fuuuuuuuck!' the boy yelped, shaking all over, his face a bright red. 'Here it goes, you fucking pig! Catch every fucking drop!' He crammed his dick in the back of his lover's throat as he delivered the dialogue. Nate responded by shooting a load halfway the room.

We took turns in the shower, going two by two: first Montez and I, then Stacie and Nate, who found the idea of sex in a strange shower too hard to resist. Ian was stretched on the loveseat, still completely naked, a half smoked bowl of weed still in his hands. His eyes were nailed shut. Either the multiple orgasms or the crucial weed had finally put the gentle giant down.

'Look at how peaceful he is,' I lamented as we listened to Nate bark demands to Stacie about what to do to himself next. 'He looks so tired, and those nymphomaniacs are going to keep him up all night. Maybe we should just cover him with a blanket and let him stay, you know?'

'I'm sure Nate and Stacie will have something to say about that.'

He was right. Stacie woke Ian up, and they hightailed it out. Nate promised to bring us more slides of Black Water the next day, and brochures to sell us on vacationing there in the fall.

We wouldn't need any more convincing, not after the session that Ian had just given. The mere promise of more of the same was enough to send me upstairs to pack, six months in advance, for our vacation in Black Water.

That night, as I slept, ideas for postcards came to me. Montez and I, tangled in passion among the island natives, big, red words atop saying, 'I know you wish you were here.'



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