My black lover has an ashy-looking, grey film streaked

and splotched on his body. So when we get together for

sex I smooth baby oil all over his body - on his face,

neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, legs, the front

and back of them, on his back, firm buttocks, in his

crack. I wipe it down with a soft hand towel. Then he

sheens, his black skin glistening, big cock up hard,

leaking lots of pre-cum.

Since he is so ready he wastes little time with me. He

wants me to kiss, lick, suck his nipples; kiss down his

chest onto his abs, tongue his navel; kiss, lick, mouth

his ball sack; kiss, lick his butt cheeks, lick his

crack and rim his puckered hole; come back up and kiss,

lick, suck his cock, take it in my mouth.

Once he has his cock in my mouth he fucks my face. He

holds me gently by the back of my head, on my neck, and

pushes his cock slowly, slowly, deep into my throat. He

can sense when he has cut off my air and I am about to

gag, choke on the big head of his thick meat. He can

even see it bulging in my neck. He eases it back across

my tongue, lips, and slides it back into my throat

again, again, again. Over and over he fucks my mouth.

His slimy, tasty pre-cum, slick juice mixes with my

saliva to lube his big, long, thick cock. I drool onto

his cock, wiry pubic hairs, over his ball sack.

Some times when he is really horny, has not cum for a

while, he shoots his thick, creamy, hot, white bolts of

cum into my mouth. I gulp it down, swallowing. Hold

some on my tongue, show it to him, smiling - both of us

- and swallow, then show him my empty mouth. I clean

his cock with my lips and tongue, get it hard again.

Then he pushes me onto my back, opens my legs, spreads

them wide and puts his big knob end at my crinkled

hole. Or he rolls me over onto my knees, ass up high,

chest down, face sideways, mouth still tasting his pre-

cum or it and his load of cum.

Either way he forces his big cock into my puckered

ring, ovals it, and slides it slowly up into my tight

hole. He keeps pushing until it is seated all the way,

his balls pressed against me. He pulls back slowly, oh

so slowly flaring the flesh of my hole stretched around

his big fuck tool until just the head is still in me.

Then, grinning at me as I smile back at him in ecstatic

pleasure, or leaning over me and kissing, nibbling at

the back of my neck, on my shoulders, he pushes his

long, thick cock back into me.

He is aggressive with me. In just a few strokes he is

pummeling my ass, pounding his cock into me. My little

prick in comparison with his cock is bouncing up and

down slinging my pre-cum then a steady stream of cum on

me and him. As I shoot bolts of cum on my belly and

chest if I am on my back, or onto whatever surface is

beneath us when I am on my knees, my ass-pussy clutches

at his cock, releases, clutches, releases, clutches

again with each shot of my cum.

He loves that. He pushes his cock deep in me and holds

it there feeling my man-cunt flex on his stiff rod.

Sometimes he fills me right away then with his large

load of creamy cum, his cock growing even larger,

throbbing, jerking and spurting his jism into me. Other

times he rides out the flexing of my ass-twat on his

big member. Then he fucks me more, slow, speeding up

until he is slamming into me again and eventually

filling my insides with his hot jizz.

He stays hard for quite a while then and fucks his cock

into me in his own cum, forcing it out of my hole with

sloppy, squishy sounds. I feel it burbling out of me,

spraying around and sliding down the crack of my ass

and onto my thighs.

When his cock-head starts tingling as he has told me it

does, he pulls it out of my with a juicy plop and

positions me as he wants me to kiss, lick and suck his

cock clean. He swipes my cum up on his fingers and

feeds it to me, making sure I show it to him and

swallow it.

He stays about half hard. Gets even harder, then fucks

me again. He usually takes my ass three or four times

every time we are together. I can never get enough of

his cock. Knowing that, he offers me to a friend of

his, sometimes two, three or four of them.

After his first fuck in my hole it is gaping wide and

reluctant to close. Seeing it in that condition, he

shoves his cock in me, pulls it all the way out, puts

it in again, and repeats that as I squeal in delight at

each entry. His buddy, or buddies when he invites them

to fuck me either do the same, or simply stick their

cocks in me, get down tight against me and in me, and

fuck me like the cock-whore that I am.

He always fucks me again after his buddy, or more of

them have done me. Then he swabs the cum out of my hole

and has me lick and suck it off his fingers. Sometimes

he lets me lay most of the night with a man-cunt full

of cum. We sleep, the cum oozing out of my hole. Then

he mounts me again, his cock in my mouth, or he shoves

it right up my ass and gives me another load before we

have to go to work.

The weekends are best. From Friday night until Sunday

he uses me with his cock or shares me with his buddies.

By Sunday evening I am exhausted. I douche my hole,

shower and dress for work sometimes wearing a pad so

the cum shot way up in me doesn't leak out of me into

my underwear.

I know since he really loves fucking me we will be

together again soon, me cleaning the ashy, grey streaks

and splotches off of his ebony body with the baby oil,

wiping him down with the soft hand towel and him giving

me his big cock so erect and oozing pre-cum by the time

we finish that ritual.

I love it, and he does too.



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