I have never told you about Daniel.  There is a reason for that.  Daniel is a sweet little twenty year old who I have been sucking for a couple of years. I met him through a friend. Daniel had gotten into some serious trouble with the law at the age of eighteen.  He is on probation.  Daniel and I hit it off well.  He's a very handsome, naive young man who likes to act older and more worldly than he is.  In reality, Daniel is not very bright and tends to use and treat people like shit.  He thinks he is a thug, acts like a player, but just doesn't have it all together.  That's okay with me.  A baby player is still all good.  I have tried to shelter and assist Daniel for the last couple of years and be the best friend I can to him.  I've come to care about him like he's a younger brother...a younger brother with a seven inch dick, that is.

Let me describe Daniel.  He's a little black guy, probably about five feet, eight inches tall.  He has braids, big eyes, a killer smile, and he's pretty nicely built â€" about 140 pounds of lean meat.  He's really cute if you don't mind fairly short guys.  His skin is very dark and his cock his equally dark.

I've sucked Daniel in a number of places.  Last week I sucked him in a mini-van behind a fast foot restaurant at 3:00 in the morning.  A couple of years ago I sucked him in my car in my employer's parking lot.  One time I even gave him a ride from work back to the halfway house (where the guys are thirsty because they get no pussy).  That night I sucked him in the car on a back road and we damn near hit a deer with my truck.  It seems our encounters are always furtive and fraught with some risk.  Things haven't changed any.  Daniel now has a distrusting girlfriend who won't let him out of his sight, except for work.  That was a challenge I could not let slide by.

I spoke with Daniel this morning.  He wanted his dick sucked and said I do it better than anyone else does.  Daniel works as a housekeeper at a local hotel.  He told me the only way he could meet me would be at the hotel while he was working.  I suggested I try to act as if I am his lawyer and am there for business reasons.  That way I could meet him while he is cleaning a room.  It worked.

I felt like shit and looked like crap from having been up late last night drinking, watching fuck movies, and jacking off.  I cleaned myself up, shaved, and put on a nice set of "business causal" looking clothes.  There was an old, dusty portfolio on my desk with a couple of resumes.  I replaced them with some pictures I tore out from magazines.  After all, Daniel might want to see some cocksucking and blowjob pictures.

On the way to the hotel, I thought about how I was going to my trick's employer pretending to be someone I'm not and was going to have sex in a room and hopefully not get caught. At the same time, I noticed that I was not really scared or nervous.  I have been lying and sneaking around for so long to get black dick that I seemed to fall into the role naturally!

I walked into the hotel and the young woman at the front desk greeted me.
"Good morning, Chelsea," I read, glancing at her nametag.  "May I please speak with Daniel"?

"He is cleaning rooms right now," she relied.  I wondered what to do next.

"I am his attorney," I calmly replied, holding my portfolio. "I was wondering if I could have a quick minute or two with him.  It is kind of important, if it would be okay."

Thankfully, Chelsea said that it would be no problem at all. She had one of the other staff members locate him.  A few minutes later, the young Hispanic staff member told me that Daniel was in room 304 if I would like to meet him there.  I thanked both Chelsea and the young man.  I wished I could have sucked his Mexican dick, too!

Confidently striding toward the elevator, I knew my plan had succeeded. I went up to room 304 and, sure enough, Daniel was there.  I greeted him and shook hands with him and said that I was here to talk about him with his case. Across the hall was a middle-aged Hispanic cleaning woman and I thought I should put on a good show.  Daniel closed the door.

Immediately, my hand went to the front of Daniel's pants. I rubbed the bulge of his big black thug cock.  It was already hard and throbbing.  He took a seat in the upright chair near the hotel's obligatory round table.

"Suck my cock," he demanded, waving his black fuckstick in the air.  I showed him the dirty pictures and he said, "Now that is the shit."

I sank to my knees and before I could even get his dick in my mouth, I was greeted with the pungent smell of an uncut black cock slightly in needed of being washed.  I didn't care.  Burning with lust, I plunged my mouth over his cock, greedily taking it into my throat.
"Yeah, man... Suck that big dick," he moaned.  "Go fast."  Daniel's cock isn' t all that long, probably about seven inches.  It's not all that thick either. But it is very dark, very hard, and he loves a good blowjob.   I sped up a little.

"Yeah, that's it.  Suck that motherfucker. Suck it good.  Use a lot of spit,"  he panted.  I slowed down and Daniel kind of squirmed on the seat.  He was enjoying the head and every time I slowed down or changed something he protested because of the oral torture.
Finally, I started speeding up to match his thrusts.  You could smell his musky crotch smell.  It was a combination of a youthful aroma and the sweat of the hard work of the hotel.  I rubbed his balls and he started to shiver.

"Yeah, that's it.  Man, suck mah dick.  Here it cum!  Here it cum!  FUCK!" Daniel was practically shouting as I sucked hard on his dick.  Shot after shot of cum spewed out of his cock and into my greedy mouth.  I hungrily swallowed it all, rubbing on his balls to see if any more seed would erupt.

"I'm done now," he said.  "You can stop."  My mouth was possessed.  It wouldn't stop.  I sped up a little.  Daniel tried to protest and my tongue hit that spot where the head and the shaft connect.

"Fuck," he yelped, slumping back into the chair.  "I can't do it again."  I sucked harder, let more spit bathe his cock, and sped up the pace.  His protests became moans.

"You nasty motherfucker.  You like that dick.  Fucking faggot.  Suck that dick you fuckin' bitch."  Every time he called me a name, I sucked or licked his rock hard flesh.  Daniel was looking at the pictures and saying shit like he would tear her pussy up, knock that bitch up, etc.  I twisted my head as I bobbed and his cock swelled even harder.  Daniel moaned louder and louder as I sped up.  I could feel his whole body quaking and he shouted my name out loud and grunted as he came a second time.  The second load wasn't as big as the first but he seemed to enjoy it even more.

Daniel slumped in the chair, trying to catch his breath.  "Damn, that was good, nigga," he complimented me.

After I had completely drained him, Daniel pulled up his pants.  I slipped him a few bills to help him out.  What a lucky bastard... He gets his dick sucked by a pro and then a little pocket change, too!

As I stood up and straightened myself up, I noticed that there was a little semen drizzled on my shirt.  I took a rag, wet it, and wiped the jizz off my shirt.  Then it dawned on me that I could not go back downstairs in front of the hotel clerk looking that way.  The wet spot on my green shirt was quite noticeable!  I said good-bye to Daniel and walked out of the room.

As I walked out, the Hispanic housekeeper stepped into the hallway.  I don't know if she heard anything or not.  Daniel had been moaning and swearing very loudly when he came.  But I see her eyes look right toward the wet spot on my shirt.  I said hi to her and she smiled, almost a motherly, knowing kind of smile.  It made me wonder if she suspected what had just gone on.  Oh well, who gives a fuck?  There's enough she could (and should) let that nigga tear her pussy up.

I took the elevator back down to the first floor, thanked Chelsea (while hugging the portfolio to my chest), and walked out to my old car.  All the way home, I laughed and thought how it would be fun to share another of the crazy experiences with the readers.



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