I had been canvassing Palm Springs all morning passing out free

samples, but now with the sun high in the sky it was becoming dangerously

hot. But just acoss the street was a large apartment complex where I could

get rid of a lot samples and I pressed on. As I was wrapping the plastic

container of cereal around the doornob of the first apartment, the door

opened and a young slim black man appeared. He was naked except for thin

grey sweatpants and my eyes became riveted on a huge bulge at his crotch.

Surprised and flustered I stammered I was passing out free cereal samples

and handed him a package. He smiled showing perfectly even white teeth and

said, If I accept this generous offer, you must reciprocate with one of my

ice cold Margaritas.

He noticed my eyes locked on his groin and casually

stroked himself. Its really hot out, you look thirsty, come on in and wait

for the sun to go down some before you continue. I hesitated, looked up at

the blistering sun, then looked at his swelling crotch and as my heart

began to pound in fear and anticipation, I stepped inside.

Sensing my nervousness he told me to take a shower while he prepared

the drinks; he said he would wash and dry my clothes and promised to relax

me with a massage. The warm water felt soothing and when I left the shower

I did feel refreshed from the heat. I walked back out in the living room,

where he handed me a drink and said, You look even better in a towel than

you do in a tee shirt and jeans, but I bet youd look even better without

the towel.

He laughed as I blushed and drained my drink. Then he said, Im

in training for the hurdles and normally dont drink but this looks like

its going to be a very special occasion. The drink and his charming way

loosened me up and I laughed. I kept staring at the swelling in his sweats

which had become so pronounced it pushed the elastic away from his trimly

tapered waist I think I need another drink, I told him and he laughed.

Sure he said pouring me another which again I put quickly away. He put

his hand on my white hairless chest and I flinched. Relax he said, Im

about to give you a totally relaxing massage and he led me to his bedroom as my head spun from the drinks. We paused before a full length mirror.

Thats quite the contrast!, he said and it was. Two slender physically fit young men, one very dark, one very light.

Lie down on your stomach he said softly and from his night table he

took a bottle of baby oil. He sat on my ass and I could feel the heat from

his loins through his sweats as he slowly applied the baby oil to my


His fingertips danced and pinched lightly. As they moved slowly

down my back, I sighed in contentment even as he rolled his loins

rythmically on my ass. Thats it, relax he whispered softly in my ear, and

then he moved his loins slowly down my legs to my calfs. He slowly untied

the knot of my towel. exposing my buttocks. Whew! he exclaimed softly,

smearing his palms with baby oil, and slowly began kneading my buns. Over

and over, more and more insistently he rubbed, and then he spread my

cheeks and bent down and started running his tongue ever so slowly down my

crack. When he got to my anus his tongue drew ever smaller circles. I let

out a loud Oh! and raised my ass up to meet his tongue. His right hand

went from my hip and slowly worked its way to my crotch. He lightly ran

his fingertips along the tip of my cock, and it avidly rose to meet his

fingers. At the same time he tried to pry open my anus with his tongue.


slowly tickling the head of my swollen cock with his fingers, he was

slowly able to get his tongue past my sphincter. I was now groaning

loudly, but he suddenly stopped, disengaged, and pulled me to my feet.

This is going to be incredible, he said staring lustily into my eyes,

I have some dynamite pot that should completely lower your inhibitions.

Theres only a couple of hits left but if we pass the smoke back and forth

between us, it should get us ready for anything,and he once again stroked

the crack of my ass. He fired up the bong, deeply inhaled, put his mouth

over mine, and exhaled slowly, all the while caressing the tip of my

tongue with his. I felt a real rush to my brain. I was already very high

and I sent back the smoke taking care not to lose contact with his tongue.

After several more hits we both had a warm glow, and he put his arms

around me to keep me from falling and also to once again explore my anus

with his finger.

That feels so good. Im sooo high , I panted. Good! , he excaimed,

Now I can tell you my name. Im Captain Kirk and Im about to go boldly

where no man has gone before! We laughed and I pushed back at that ever

insistent finger probing my ass. Heres my first order. Ever since I saw

your slim blond bony body across the street , Ive had this severe swelling

between my legs, can you try to fix it? He let go my ass and started

rubbing my nipple and kissed me deeply. I looked down and once again saw

the incredible bulge in his sweats. I looked at him and he kissed me

softly, then I slowly slid down to my knees. I reached out and touched

the pulsing head through the sweats. How big it was! How warm it was! I

hooked my hands in the waistband of his sweats and slowly pulled them


His dick sprang out and up ramrod straight. I gasped. It must have

been 12 inches and over 2 inches across. I flinched in fear. I felt this

hand stroking my hair and he said, Pretend your in a hot desert and very

thirsty, there is a large black faucet and if you can open it, you will

quench your thirst. He then pulled my head gently forward till my mouth

was right at the tip of his cock. I began to lick the very tip of his cock

and some clear liquid came out of his slit. I licked it up slowly. The

salty taste and his low groans emboldened me, and I licked the whole head

while running my fingers along his broad long shaft much like I was

playing a flute. I put one ball in each hand playfully stroking and

squeezing. This caused the head to swell and throb.

I ran the tip of my

tongue down the underside of his cock

until I pushed it between his balls all the while caressing and squeezing

his balls with my hands. I looked down to see my own cock was now rock

hard and knew that I had passed an important threshold. I was aroused and

excited about what I was doing to this massive cock. I retraced my tongue

along the underside of his cock until I got to the head and once again was

rewarded with another taste of salty fluid. I then pursed my lips into an

O and pushed them against the head of his cock.

I rocked back and forth

over his head all the while licking his underside and stroking his balls.

His pulsing head swelled ever larger as it slowly pushed into my mouth. I

thought I was going to suffocate but I eagerly sucked, and sucked, and


He groaned and slowly disengaged my head from his cock. He raised me

up to his face and kissed me fully. I was really aroused, and kissed back

fully all the while running my hands possessively along his throbbing

prize. Were going to have to try something else, he said with a smile, The

swelling just isnt going down. He lit the bong and we both had another

incredible rush. I swooned and quickly knelt down and licked the tip of

his dick and was again rewarded with a salty drink of fluid.

He raised me

up and said Are you ready for something new?. I was so high and so horny

I moaned, Oh anything, anything! He moved around behind me and reached

under my ass and tickled my balls. Spread your legs a little he whispered

as he caressed my buns with his other hand. I then felt him press his cock

against the crack in my ass and slowly rub it up and down till he got to

my anus. He felt me tense and said, Relax, Im going to fuck you the way

you were sucking me, slowly and carefully, but deeply and thoroughly. He

then reached over to his bureau and got a gob of vaseline with his index

finger. He pushed this finger against my anus rubbing the edges until it

was slippery. He then slowly pushed his finger in to the first knuckle,

but my sphincter locked on him. This is going to be heaven, he exclaimed

and reached under my ass with his other hand and tickled my balls. He

then kissed me passionately and implored me to let myself go.

He slowly

inserted a second well lubricated finger, waited till I had accepted it,

and then started wagging them back and forth all the while pushing in.

They got past my sphincter and then he began to twist them back and forth

like a washing machine. As he tried to pull them out, My sphincter

tightened, and he slowly pushed them in and out till finally the sphincter

relaxed.When my ass began to eagerly move against those vibrating fingers

he bade me to rub vaseline all over his cock in an aroused urgent voice.

It was great holding that throbbing cock once again and I began twisting

his engorged head as he was twisting his fingers inside my ass. He pulled

his fingers out and placed his cock against my anus. Push against it, he

said huskily and he put one hand on my cock and the other rubbed my

nipple. Slowly, slowly I felt my anus being stretched open as he pushed

back and forth against it, urgently pleading with me to let myself go as

he tweaked my nipple and brushed my cock with his fingertips. As his

cockhead became engorged, he grabbed me with both hands on my hips and

pushed in. I cried out in pain; bathed in sweat I begged him to let me go.

Oh! what a tight ass he moaned. But he stopped and began to slowly massage

my cock. Look in the mirror he exclaimed. A strange thrill went through

me when I saw this massive black cock poised to plunder my ass. He was

going to have his way with me and there was nothing I could do about it.

My vulnerability made me shudder in anticipation..

Oh this feels so good, youve tightening down so hard on my dick, but Im

going to fill your ass with my cock., he shouted.

He was becoming more

excited, and he made me bend over, and he started rolling his hips around

a little faster. He started kneading my buns firmly pushing them against

his shaft all the while probing further and further and exhorting me to

push back. Then he let out a low whistle as he firmly grasped my hips and

started to thrust in and out faster and faster in short strokes. Look in

the mirror he yelled only 2 more inches before your beautiful tight ass is

mine. Get down on your hands and knees, I,m going to ride it home.


that he wrapped his arms tightly around my chest for his final push. Push

back! Give me it all! he yelled as he pushed down on me. and then he


For several minutes he slowly caressed and kissed my back. I felt no

pain, but enormous pressure in my ass. I couldnt believe I felt his balls

against my ass. I had absorbed his whole cock. He then reached up and

brought down a little bottle and unscrewed the cap. This is amyl nitrate,

inhale it. It will completely relax you. he whispered. I took a deep

whiff and my head expoded. He embraced me with both arms tightly around my

chest, and said, here we go. He slowly started pulling his cock out and it

felt like my guts were being pulled out with it. He then pushed slowly

back in all the way and ground his hips around.

He pulled further out,

and then pushed back in harder. Out and in; out and in. I picked up his

rhythm and pushed my ass back to greet his plunges. Thats it! take

another hit of amyl. he said. Once more my head exploded but now the only

thing I cared about was his hot cock fucking and fucking me. He pulled out

to the edge of my ass and when Id

push my ass back to keep him from pulling out, he would drive his cock

back up my ass to the hilt. Again and again, he delivered those long hard


My continuous loud moaning seemed to really turn him on.

He started to

yell, give me that ass and then he would grunt like a wild beast while he

thrust in as deep as he could.

He then stopped and pulled completely out. A loud plopping noise

and my loud groan reinforced in him his complete mastery over me and he

pulled me to my feet. Id have liked to stay in there forever . he said as

he pinched my buttock, but Ive got practice. However Ive got such a load

of pudding that even in this heat youll never be thirsty again With his

massive cock standing straight out, he reached for the bong. As he watched

me stare at his cock in disbelief, he smiled and said, Its all ready, and

its all yours.

We passed the smoke between our mouths, and I sank to my

knees. There it was. The swollen head an inch from my lips and the veins

protruding along the shaft. I flicked my tongue at the tip of his slit and

his cock jumped. My hands cupped his balls. They were so big and hard and

full; he began to moan loudly as I stroked and pinched them. I was so

turned on. My own cock began throbbing, and I began to stroke myself

feverishly as I nipped and licked the head of his cock.

I opened my mouth

wide, the head was so engorged that it barely fit. As I slowly sucked and

licked the head, his

cock began to throb uncontrollably, and I redoubled the effort on my own

cock. His legs started to shake spasmodically, and he started to groan

louder and louder. My own seed shot into the air just as a torrent of

cream filled my mouth. I swallowed again and again until at last it

subsided. I licked the tip of his cock one last time. That black faucet

worked fine and my thirst was slaked, but a different kind of thirst had

replaced it.



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