It was my eighteenth birthday and I had been sucking the neighbors cock for almost a year.

Every day after school I would stop by Chucks house. He would take me to his room where I would strip and lay on his bed stroking my own cock while Chuck would feed me his. We almost always would finish the same way - his hard six incher releasing wave after wave of hot sticky cum down my throat and me shooting my own load all over my stomach and chest. Chuck would always clean me up afterwards, consuming every drop of my boy juice. He rarely sucked my cock and never fucked me, though I had offered many times. More than anything I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted him to be my first.

Chuck worked from home, was in his early forties, attractive and fit. His wife, Ursula - an immigrant from Germany - was only a few years older than me. She was very attractive. Dark hair and eyes and a great ass. I had often fantasized about having sex with both of them. I would imagine her helping me suck Chuck's cock to completion, or her watching while Chuck fucked me.

As soon as my birthday party was over, I headed out to the back yard with the intention of jumping the fence into Chuck's yard. Ursula was usually not home so early in the afternoon and I was looking forward to a mouthful of hot, fresh, sticky cum.

As I approached the fence I could hear muffled voices coming from over the wall.

I looked over the wall and saw Ursula standing in the patio area, her back was to me. She was naked and stood in front of two attractive, strongly built, black men. They were nude as well and she was stroking both of their cocks. I couldn't believe that she was doing this to Chuck, but my disbelief lasted only a moment.

Ursula soon went to her knees and proceeded to slowly suck one of the guys off. His cock was huge, easily nine inches and thick as well. She could barely fit it in her mouth. As she continued to suck, the other black gentleman bent down to finger her asshole. As he bent down, I could see Chuck behind him, sitting in a lounge chair, watching his wife behaving like a whore.

I was stunned. Chuck was into this. His cock was in his hand.

Ursula soon turned her attention to the other black cock waving in her face. This one was huge as well, easily as thick as the other, but slightly longer. She shoved his entire cock down her throat and made a loud humming sound. The other guy got down on the ground behind Ursula and started eating her pussy and ass.

'Where do you want my cock, bitch,' he asked her when he was done feasting on her dripping pussy and ass.

Ursula removed the cock from her throat; long, thick strands of spit hung from her mouth and connected to the dripping black cock. She looked back at the man and then looked at Chuck.

'Where should he fuck me, baby,' she asked Chuck.

Chuck looked at her and the two men, 'Does it matter?'

'No, not really. I'm sure either hole will do. Fuck my ass!' she said and then proceeded to suck the cock dangling in front of her face as the large black man behind her began to sink his long, thick cock into her tight, pink asshole.

Both men filled her up with their cocks, fucking both sides of her like mad men. Chuck looked heart broken. At one point she pulled the cock out her mouth and told Chuck that she wished he would fuck her like this. She wished that she had married a real man who could fill her up with cock and cum.

As much as I felt bad for Chuck, I couldn't help but be extremely turned on by what was happening. Ursula was hot as hell, and fucked like a well trained whore. And those cocks were so big. I was completely jealous.

They fucked her for at least half an hour, alternating positions in front and behind. After a while the man in front began moaning and pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot long, thick streams of white cum all over her face. Seeing this the other man began moaning, saying he was going to cum. Ursula commanded him to cum in her ass.

Once they were both done, they moved away and Ursula waved Chuck over to her.

'Clean me up,' she told him. 'With your tongue.'

Chuck was hesitant at first, but moved over to her and started to lick the cum off her face, consuming every drop. He definitely was a well experienced cum eater, as I well knew. From my vantage point I could see cum dripping out of her wide open, well used asshole.

The two black men pointed and laughed at Chuck while he cleaned Ursula's face. They told him he was a sissy, and a 'white boy bitch' and was lucky to get to eat their cum.

'No,' Ursula said. 'He's a pussy, faggot.'

Both men laughed again.

When Ursula's face was clean, Chuck started to lick and clean her asshole.

'There's so much cum,' he said. 'I can't get it all. Its in deep.'

One of the black men laughed at this, and walked over to the patio table and pulled a straw out of a glass. He walked over to Chuck and handed it to him.

'Use this to suck it out of her,' he said. The other man began laughing. 'Feltch her, bitch!'

Chuck put the straw in his wife's asshole and began to suck the cum out of her. While he did this, Ursula began playing with her pussy - inserting two fingers in and out in rapid motion - panting like a bitch in heat.

By the time Chuck was finished sucking up all the cum in her ass, Ursula was once again sucking cock. This time both men's cocks at the same time. I'm unsure how she did it, their cocks were huge, but obviously she was a master cock sucker. After a few minutes of this, she stood and told Chuck that she was taking the party into their room, but he was not invited.

'I haven't came yet,' she said to Chuck, 'And these boys have loads of cum in them still, but the rest is all mine.'

Ursula took the two men by their cocks, and led them into the house. Chuck stood there for a few minutes looking towards the house. He sat down and started to cry.

I went back into the house and soon went to bed. I felt really bad for Chuck, but at the same time was very turned on by what I had seen. There were not too many women that I would want to fuck, but Ursula certainly was now one of them. Such a hot slutty wife. I shortly fell asleep after masturbating to thoughts of Ursula and big black cock.

The next day, I stayed home from school. It was close to the end of my senior year in high school and I was doing well in all of my classes, so it was no big deal to miss one day.

As soon as my parents left for work, I went next store to Chuck's house. Ursula's car was gone, so I knew it was safe to go inside. I did not know if I was going to say anything to Chuck about what I saw. I didn't want to upset him. And, I really wanted to swallow his cock, and treat him the way a man should be treated.

I opened the front door and went inside. Chuck was at his usual place, in front of his computer. He was working on whatever it was that he worked on. I cleared my throat and he looked up and saw me. He smiled and waved me over to him.

'How you doing, kid,' he asked.

'Good.' I said. 'How are you?'

'Super fucking horny, kid,' he replied as he put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him. Chuck began to rub my cock through my jeans.

I smiled and said, 'I bet.'

'What do you mean by that,' Chuck asked. He looked a bit worried. His hand stopped gently massaging my now erect cock.

'Nothing. Nothing at all.'

I started to remove my clothes. My heart was pounding. Maybe after what Chuck had been through he would fuck me.

'That's probably not a good idea. You should put your clothes back on,' he said to me.

I was now completely naked.

'It is a good idea, Chuck. I want you, I want you to fuck me,' I said. I turned around so my ass was towards him and then got down on all fours. I raised my ass up a bit, and slowly inserted on of my fingers inside my silky asshole.

Someone began laughing, and it was not Chuck.

'Fuck,' Chuck said.

I looked up and not one, but both of the black men who had sodomized Ursula the previous day were standing there. Both were in their boxers looking at me. One of them was grabbing his cock through his boxers. They both had very noticeable hard-ons.

'You guys need to leave this kid alone,' Chuck said. He looked at me, 'Go home, kid.'

'What if he doesn't want to go home,' said the black man stroking his cock, which was now out. All ten, thick black inches of it. 'Is this why you can't fuck your wife like a man? Because you are fucking some slutty, little boy'

Chuck did not say anything. The other black man came over to me, and forced me to stand up. 'I saw you watching us yesterday,' he said.

He grabbed me by the chin, and forced my head up so I would look him in the eyes. 'Do you like sucking cock?'

I did not say anything.

He looked at Chuck. 'Does he like sucking cock?'

Chuck looked at me. 'Yeah, he likes to suck cock. My cock.' Chuck put his head down. The other black guy, the one stroking himself, came over and stood behind me. He placed the tip of his cock in between my ass cheeks. The head was touching my asshole. It was slick with his pre-cum.

'Ah, I see,' said the guy holding my chin up. 'I bet he likes to fuck you, too,' he said to me. He ran his hands across my chest, slightly pinching my nipples before grabbing my now hard cock.

My heart was pounding in my chest. I wanted these men to fuck me. To use me. I wanted them to fill me up with their cum. Just like they did to Ursula.

'He doesn't fuck me,' I said. 'I'm a virgin.'

'Mmmm. A tight, virgin, white boy ass. That sound like a perfect way to start the day.' said the other black man. The head of his cock was twitching against my asshole. I could not help myself, and backed up on it a bit. I moaned as the first inch or so of his cock moved into my asshole.

'My name is Michael,' he said. 'And my friend's name is Ty.' He leaned over and whispered into my ear. 'We are going to fuck the shit out of you, little white boy. And Chucky here is going to clean you up just like he does Ursula.'

Chuck began to cry.

Ty, who was now stroking my cock, got down on his knees and placed my cock in his mouth. Sucking my shaft all the way in while licking my balls. Michael dropped to his knees as well and forced me to bend over a bit. He spread my ass cheeks apart and started to tongue my asshole. Just around the edges at first, but soon he was shoving his thick tongue into me. It felt wonderful, and I knew he was lubricating my ass so that he could fuck me.

Suddenly I came in Ty's mouth. He stood up, slapped me hard on the face, and spit my own cum all over my face. 'I did not say you could come, you little whore.' My face stung. I felt embarresed and at completely turned on at the same time

'Get over here and clean your bitch up,' Ty said to Chuck.

Chuck got up, walked over and started to lick the remaining cum out of my cock. Once it was all cleaned up, he kissed me, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I could taste my cum on him.

'I'm sorry,' Chuck whispered and moved away from me.

Michael picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder and began to spank my ass as we walked into Chuck and Ursula's bedroom. Chuck followed, but Ty stayed behind. I could hear him talking. It sounded like he was on the phone.

Michael threw me on the bed, and then straddled my face, sinking his cock into my mouth. I sucked him off. Slurping on his huge cock, pulling it out to lick the shaft and his balls before placing it back in. After a few moments of this, he began to fuck my mouth, hard and fast. Soon, he pulled out and shot his load all over my face and lips. A bit got in my mouth. His taste was much different that Chucks. It was a strong taste, almost overpowering. I began to lick some of it off, but he stopped me. Slapping my face just like Ty did.

'That's not yours,' he said. 'That's only for Chucky.'

Chuck came over and once again cleaned the cum off my face. He was naked now, his own cock very hard.

Michael sat me up and made me suck him again. He was soft in my mouth at first, but very quickly became hard again. He held my head and began to push his cock deep into my mouth. Eventually his cock was in my throat. When he had fucked my mouth only a few minutes ago, he had been somewhat gentle, but now I was feeling the full ten inches of his cock. I gagged, and was coughing spit up all over his very hard tool. This went on for a good ten minutes. He would let me come up for air every few minutes and then shove hist beast of a cock back into my mouth.

Once his cock was nice and hard, and throbbing again, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, and moved down my body, licking me all the way down to my cock. He licked the tip for a few seconds and them moved right down to my ass, lifting my hips up with his strong black hands for better access to my tight asshole. Michael began licking around my asshole and dipping the tip of his tongue inside me.

'Ok, Chuck,' Michael said, 'Suck this little sluts cock while I fuck him.'

Chuck hesitated, and Michael slapped him hard. Chuck's face was red, and he looked angry, but he did what he was told. Chuck bent down and as he put his warm mouth around my cock, Michael shoved his black rod between my cheeks and began thrusting.

I had never been fucked. And Michael was not gentle. His long, hard thrusts hurt. I struggled against him but he just laughed.

'Take it white boy. This is nothing compared to what Ty is going to do to your sweet ass'.

After a few moments the pain of Michael's cock penetrating my virgin ass turned into pleasure. I was lost in the ecstasy of a thick, black cock pumping me while the man I loved sucked me off.

I has forgotten all about Ty, and was just about to cum in Chuck's mouth when I realized Ursula was in the room, watching us. I pulled away from the two men who were ravishing me.

'Urusla...', I said.

Chuck looked up and saw his wife. She was standing next to Ty, who was nude and fully erect. Her hand was on his cock.

That's what Ty had been doing. He had called Urusla and told her what was going on.

Chuck got off the bed and moved towards his wife.

'Ursula,' he stammered, 'They made me...I'm sorry'

Urusla slapped his face, even harder than Michael had. Ty laughed.

'This is what you do when I am away from home,' Ursula asked in her thick german accent. 'Do you enjoy sucking off little boys?'

'No, Ursula,' Chuck said, moving closer to his wife. 'It's not what you think!'

'Oh, what is it then,' Ursula asked and then kick Chuck in the balls viciously. Chuck double over and fell onto the floor in a fetal position, his hands holding his stomach and his injured manhood.

'Chuck, you are such a pussy faggot' Ursula said and then spit on him.

Ursula looked at me and then asked me my name.

'It's Jaime,' I said.

'Well Jaime, do you like having Michael's cock in your ass while a pussy, faggot like my husband sucks you?'

I didn't know what to say. I just looked at her.

'You better answer her if you know what is good for you, boy,' Ty said.

'Umm...I guess.' I said.

Ursula smiled and lifted up her skirt, revealing her shaved pussy. She moved over to the bed and sat down, spreading her legs. Ursula's pussy was right in front of my face.

'Do you know what to do with one of these,' she asked as she slipped an finger into her wet cunt hole.

'I've never been with a girl before,' I replied.

'That's so hot. I want to eat me, while Michael fucks you.'

I moved my face closer to Ursula's pussy. It was easy to tell that she was very aroused. Her cunt was dripping with her juices. I could smell her strong, musky scent. I began to lick her pink pussy, and as I did, I felt Michael begin to push his black rod into me again.

As I ate Ursula out, she began to moan. Michael spanked my ass and pumped me from behind. Each thrust slamming into my ass and driving my tongue deeper inside Ursula. After a few moments Ursula's soft moans of pleasure became muffled. I looked up and saw her lips around Ty's huge cock.

When Ursula noticed that my cunt lapping had stopped, she pushed me off of her. Michael pulled his cock out of my ass.

Ursula stood up, and removed her clothing. She was beautiful; tight round ass, long legs and small, pert breasts. Her nipples were the same shade of pink as her pussy, each one hard and erect.

Ty moved onto the bed and lay down on his back. His cock sticking up hard and straight. Michael did the same.

Ursula got on top of Ty and mounted him. His ten inch black rod sinking deep into her dripping wet cunt. She moaned and began rocking back and forth on his cock. It was an amazing sight watching Ty's beautiful cock be swallowed by Ursula's hungry pussy.

Michael grabbed me and pulled me towards him. As he did, I noticed Chuck sitting on the floor. He was no longer doubled over, but was watching us as he played with his cock.

Michael held me close, his hands on my face and he began to kiss me. His lips were soft and wet. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and he returned the favor. I began to suck his tongue and rubbed myself all over his strong body. My cock was tight against his stomach. I reach down and grasped his cock and moved it towards my well used ass. Michael entered me and I moved to a sitting position identical to Ursula's and began to ride his cock.

I watched as Ursula fucked Ty, and she watched me. She pulled on her nipples as she rode him. We soon began to kiss and suck each other's tongues.

Ursula began panting and moaning hard. Her body tightened. She screamed as she came on Ty's cock. As I continued to fuck Michael, she rolled off of Ty and began stroking his cock.

She looked up at Ty and said, 'Jaime looks like a good fuck, I want to watch you fuck him too.'

Ty smiled and got up. I began to pull off of Michael, knowing it was now Ty's turn to impale me.

'No, Jaime,' Ursula said, a devilish grin on her face. 'I want to watch you take both of their cocks inside you.'

This scarred me. I could barely handle Michaels cock, Ty was even bigger.

'I can't,' I said. 'They will tear me apart.' But it was too late. Ty was already behind me. He grabbed me by my neck, slightly chocking me and started to push his cock in me.

The pain was intense. Two cocks in my ass. Two, huge black cocks, and strong black hands around my throat.

Ty and Michael both pounded me, stretching my ass. It was amazing and wonderful and agonizing at the same time. Never had I thought that I would be fucked by two black men at the same time. I could feel both their cocks rubbing against one another as they throttled my asshole.

Chuck jumped on the bed, his cock in his hand and shoved it into my mouth. It was hard and throbbing and slick with his own spit. He grabbed my head and throat fucked me. I felt like a bitch in heat, completely air tight.

Chuck's cock began to twitch and he shot a huge, hot load down my throat. The taste of his cum made me even hornier. I began to push against both the cocks in my ass.

Chuck pulled his cock out of my mouth.

'Fuck me harder.' I screamed. And Ty and Michael did just that. I was panting, and moaning and grinding on their stiff cocks.

I reached out to Chuck's cock. It was still hard. I squeezed it and licked at the hot sperm that leaked out.

Ursula was watching this and playing with herself, shoving two fingers into her wet cunt.

Ty began to moan.

'I'm cumming,' he screamed as he pulled out of my ass and moved around to face me. His cock began to shoot long, hot string of the whitest cum I'd ever seen all over my face. Michael began pumping my ass even harder from underneath, each thrust somehow deeper than the last.

I grabbed Ty's cock and shoved it in my mouth, sucking the last of his cum out of his dripping dick. His cock tasted like Ursula's cunt and my ass and I savored every last drop off his pearly white cum.

My face was hot and sticky with Ty's cum as he removed my cock from his mouth. Ursula leaned over and began to lick the still hot cum from my face. Chuck did the same. And Michael shoved his cock as far as he could into my ass and unleashed a torrent of hot man juice deep inside me.

I lay their panting for a few moments. Michael's cock still deep in my ass, twitching every few seconds. I pulled his cock out of me and moved down his body and began to clean his cock. My ass was in the air like a dog and I could feel his cum dripping out of me as I sucked his cock clean.

Ursula moved behind me and began to lick the dripping cum from my ass. She moved her hand onto my cock and began stroking me.

'I want you to fuck me, Jaime.' Ursula said. And then she moved to the top of the bed, put her face down in the pillows and her ass in the air.

I got up from Michael's cock and moved over to Ursula. Her wide open cunt and pink asshole faced me.

'Fuck her good,' Ty said.

I slipped my eighteen year old cock into her cunt and began to thrust. Michael and Ty cheered me on and told Ursula what a dirty whore she was. She loved it, moaning and writhing on my hard little cock.

Chuck looked at me while I fucked his wife, moved over to me and began to kiss me and tell me how much he loved watching me fuck his wife.

After the hard fucking I had taken, I couldn't last. With Chuck's tongue in my mouth I pulled out of Ursula and shot my load all over her back and asshole.

Chuck and I consumed every last drop of my cum. Chuck focused on her back, and I took her asshole.

After Ursula was clean, she commanded Chuck to leave the room.

For the rest of the afternoon, Michael and Ty took turns fucking me and Ursula. They were stallions, and seemed to have an endless supply of cum.

Once Michael and Ty were fully spent, they left and I went home as well. Later that night I was surprised when Ursula called me and asked I would come over. I snuck out of the house and went next door. Ursula greeted me with a kiss and asked if I would spend the night with her. We slept in her and Chucks bed that night and quietly made love while Chuck slept on the floor.

It's now been about six months since I first fucked Michael, Ty and Ursula. Ursula and I have become very good friends. She likes to dress me up as a girl and have her male friends (not just Ty and Michael) come over and fuck me. Chuck is always there for those encounters, cock in hand and red faced from being slapped around. Ursula loves to degrade him, and he really is quite good at lapping up cum.

Chuck and I no longer have our secret cock sucking sessions. I still love him; but like Ursula says; he really is a 'pussy fagot' and there is no way I'll ever let him fuck me.



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