Hi! My name's Kory and I'm 19 years old. I graduated school last year and I'm currently living in an apartment by myself. I have short black hair, a bit chubby/muscular too. 

But the "biggest" thing about me was my big black ass. My ass was huge. Eerything I wore, my big ass would always be visible. My ass is bigger than any girls ass I ever seen. Mine was big, round, and very jiggly. When I wear joggers, my big fat ass jiggles NONSTOP.

I didn't even play sports, I was naturally born with my big ass. And I enjoyed having my big ass, It gave me a lot if attention. Oh! And my friend too. My friends name is Trey and he had the same big, bubbly, round, jiggly, black ass as I did. We both had the biggest asses we could ever dream for. 

So one day me and Trey were both at my crib chilling. We were eating food, drinking, smoking, you know, just chilling. Until Trey and I went to sleep. Trey wanted to sleep over since it was too late for him to go home, so I let him stay.

He wanted to sleep in my bed and without even thinking I let him. We slept in the same bed that night, but I couldnt help myself. Trey slept with his boxers on and I could see his big ass eat up those boxers. I could see the line for his ass crack which made me horny a bit.

I couldnt sleep, since his big ass hyptonised me. I slowly got closer to him as I felt his ass near my hand. I then turned to face him and slowly placed my hand on his bubbly black ass cheek. I slowly stroked it, trying not to wake him up. Without making noice, I slowly lowered his boxers, seeing one of his big ass cheeks bare. I got a slight erection.

Just then, Trey woke up and pulled his boxers back up before going back to sleep. "Trey" I whispered softly. Trey groaned and woke up. "What?" He said in a tired and grumpy voice. I slapped Trey's ass to give him a hint, but he just laughed and rolled his eyes. Then, Trey took off his boxers and looked at me. "Go on, have fun" Trey said softly, with a slight smirk. 

I smirked back and grabbes both of his black juicy cheeks in my hands. Trey moaned which made me hard. I slapped his cheeks, watching them jiggle. I slowly lowered my boxers and pulled out my erected penis. I put two fingers in my mouth and slowly fingered Trey. Trey moaned in delight "Fuck me" He said, eager for my cock up his big black ass. 

With that said, I inserted my cock deep inside his big ass. My cock dissapearing in his big ass. I slowly kept thrusting, hearing his soft moans. Fuck he felt good I thought to myself as I fucked his big ass. As I fucked him, I couldnt help but slap his big ass cheeks. His big ass was jiggling everytime I thrusted my cock inside me.

"FUCK!" Trey and J moaned loudly as I blew a huge load deep inside Trey's ass. "Alright,  that's it" Trey said as I finished blowing my huge load deep in his black ass. I pulled my cock out and sighed in relief after that amazing fucking. And without realizing, Trey had went right back to sleep with cum dripping from his ass. I slapped his big ass one more time, before going back to sleep



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