I lay in bed with Winston after a nice gentle love making session. He is a very athletic black guy with the nicest cock i have ever had. As we chatted we got round to discussing fantasies, or rather our dirtiest fantasies. I told him i wanted to be gang fucked and have all the guys cum over me and when told me his, he shocked me!! He told me about his sister and how open they are. They had discussed things with each other in the past (she was the only one in his family who knew he was into guys) and had always been there for him. He told me his dirty fantasy was for his sister to watch him suck another mans cock and watch another man suck him off. I was shocked but so turned on. I had met his sister a few times and she was hot. She was a bit of a body builder and had the most amazing muscles. She was flat chested and i had always been attracted to muscle women so the site of her arms turned me on. It turned out they had discussed fantasies in the past and she put the idea into his head by saying how she watned to watch two guys get it on. Over the next few weeks this came up in conversation and we were both getting hornier by the thought of it so in the end we decided to try and get it arranged. One afternoon he called me at work to say he had spoken to Maxine and, amazingly she was keen to do it too. He came over to my house that night and we were so horny we started to get a bit hot. We stripped off and he started sucking my cock on the sofa. He was going and and had a couple fingers sliding in and out of my ass. I was moaning and really getting into it when the doorbell rang. 'Stay right there and i'll get rid of whoever it is' he told and headed for the door totally naked and sporting a big hard on! I lay on the sofa playing with my balls desperate for Winnie to get back to me when the lounge door opened and he came walking in followed by his sis, Maxine. I jumped up startled but she came over and kissed me on the cheek making no reaction to the fact that i was naked and hard. She turned and started to take off her coat revealing the smallest top and shortest skirt i had ever seen her in. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples poked out. Winnie walked over to me and kissed me full on whilst pushing me back onto the sofa. I lay back and he kissed down my chest and stomach towards my cock. Maxine came and sat on the sofa by the side and watched as her brother took my cock into his mouth and started working his magic on me. He was getting me close and i watched her as she watched us. I could see she was getting hot by what she was seeing and she was getting a bit restless. 'Why don't you take that top off sis and get comfy' My god Winnie was teeling his own sister to get naked. This was one of the biggest turn ons i ever experienced. She stood there topless with the sexiest body i have seen on a woman, then she started taking off her skirt and panties to reveal a shaved pussy. At this point i couldn't hold out any longer and shot my load into Winnie's mouth. He kept sucking as spunk dripped down his chin. I could hear Maxine moan as she played with her pussy. Winnie got up, leaned over and kissed me on the lips covering my lips in my own spunk then he kissed Maxine also on the lips and i could see my spunk on her lips and chin. Maxine lay back on the sofa and o got Winnie to stand side on to her so i could kneel in front of her and suck her brother off. I took his cock and gently wanked it then started licking up and down the shaft all the way to his balls. I sucked at his balls then licked back up the shaft and slid his cock into my mouth, at the same time i looked his sister in the eye and smiled as she started to get herself close to orgasm. I went as deep as i could on his big cock as i watched her fingers slide in and out of her cunt. I could feel Winnie getting close and went in for the kill. I went deep and hard then took his cock out of my mouth and wanked it hard and fast right in front of my face. Suddenly his hot spunk hit me in the face. I kept wanking him then slid my mouth onto his cock again and sucked him til he could take no more. Maxine was now making some loud noises as she bought herself to a shuddering orgasm. We all sat on the sofa with me in the middle. I had my hands on their thighs as we chilled out. We sat there for a good half hour naked. She eventually got up leaned over and kissed me full on thanking me for the show then leaned over kissed her brother the same. That site alone started to get me hard again then we all stood in the lounge and had a group hug. Maxine got dressed and left so Winnie and i fooled around for a bit then slept. Since that night we have discussed other things we might try together and having spoken to Maxine on the phone she is keen to listen to suggestions.... It's always nice to hear comments so let me know what you think; [email protected]




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