The day I turned eighteen was the same day I posted my craigslist ad. I didn't want to have anal or anything like that, but I did want to give a blowjob because I was so curious how a cock tasted. The guys in porno made it look delicious and worth every slurp, so I wanted to see for myself. On the add, I wrote "bi-curious latino chub, 230 lb, just turned 18, wants to give a blowjob. Nothing else. I can't travel or host. Other latino guys and muscular/fit guys a plus, but I'm not picky." I approved and waited anxiously, staring at my monitor. It was 2am when I put the post and I had received several replies almost immediately, just to be shot down for problems with traveling and sobriety. I went to sleep and then checked my email. One stood out of all.

Ronaldo sent me an email saying he was interested. He sent me a picture of his face after I sent him one of myself. He gave me his number and then let me know what the plan was gonna be. We made our arrangements and I waited in fear and an adrenaline rush. I looked at his photo and I immediately assumed him to be a metrosexual. He was "discrete" as well, so he possibly didn't do it often. I also concluded that he didn't speak too much English, his texts weren't grammatically correct, and I don't mean that he was using text lingo, his sentences weren't too understanding and often not legible. I didn't care, after all, I was just gonna give him head. He text me on my way and asked if I was a bottom or top. I replied, saying I just wanted to give head and he agreed. I went outside and saw a car pull up suspiciously. I then saw the window lower and a guy in sunglasses smile and nod at me. I nodded back and he parked in front of my house. He was wearing a stylish gray and black collar shirt with running shorts and tennis shoes and runners socks. He was fit, but also short. He was probably 5'7". He had a perfect tan all over his body and his smile was glowing. He took off his glasses and revealed sharp but affectionate eyes, with cleaned eyebrows to match. He shakes my hand firmly, but also tension and I shake it back. I let him in and lock the door and tell him to sit on my couch.

"So, um, hi. I'm Michael." I said nervously.

"Hello, I'm Ronaldo." with a thick accent.

"This is my first time, so I'm sorry if I mess up." I said with a huge exhale. He smiles and nervously darts around with his eyes.

"I don't do this often, either. So, what do you want to do?" He said with a bit of a tremble. He flashed a grin and grabbed my leg, rubbing my crotch area as it stirred from every stroke of his hand.

"Just sit back and let me do the work, I guess." I said with a grin. I did the same and grabbed for his cock. It was already hard, like if he was getting it ready. He chuckles and nods. I got on my knees and slowly took off his running shorts and underneath revealed his orange underwear. 'Definitely a runner.' I though as I saw the brand on his underwear band. He had a bulge in his underwear, and as he moved the waistband down his length, his cock flung out and throbbed in my face.

The temptation quickly took over as I instinctively reached for his uncut cock with my mouth. I quickly swallowed the whole length in one dive, which seemed to make him moan in ecstasy. I stuck his throbbing six inch length down my throat into my esophagus. I wouldn't let go, but I did swallow and use the muscles in my throat to massage his hard cock. This seemed to make him lose control as I felt precum lubricate my throat. I was pretty damned proud that I could swallow six inches on my first try! And his loud grunts complimented me even more. I released his cock and breathed for air. I went back to his cock, working on the head first. I flicked my tongue on the head, then on the underside of the crown, one of the most sensitive spots on the cock. As I licked his cock head, he moaned in ecstasy and would roll his head in the air as I felt his cock with my tongue.

"Oh, fuck that feels so good. Mmmph, you're so hot, man." He'd moan and grunt as I swallowed his length, bit by bit. I went all the way down, once again, but this time, I buried my nose into his shaved pubes. I remember feeling the bristles itching my nose and smelling his crotch full of testosterone. This only got me even more excited and I spat out his cock as I started to aim for his nuts.

I had always seen this on porn, but never really tried it. I lifted his balls and swallowed one, making him wince with pleasure.

"Uh! Oh shit, that feels amazing!" He whispered excitedly as his cock throbbed in the air. I sucked on his nut and gently massaged it with my lips and tickled the sack with my tongue. I took both nuts into my mouth and that seemed to have thrown him off the edge.

"Oh fuck! Mmm fuck yeah!" He moaned. I then started to pump his cock with my hand as I kissed the head of his cock. During all of this, he'd be playing with my nipples and pinching them.

"Stand up." He said. I followed his order and stood as he sat there. He grabbed my ass and shoved his mouth on my crotch, sniffing my nuts and nibbling on my cock through my pants. He loosened my pants, my cut cock head still flaccid. He took my cock in his mouth, and I immediately quivered and rolled my eyes into my head. I hung my mouth open as he sucked my cock and nibbled on the crown. I grabbed his head and slowly guided him up and down my cock.

"You like how that feels?" He said, muffled with my cock in his mouth. I just uttered and groaned in pleasure as his lips wrapped around my raging, hard cock. He pulled out and grabs my ass and tells me to turn around. He kisses my back and I feel his two day shaved face on my back, scratching down into my crack. I immediately stop him and grin.

"Let's do this in the bed." I said seductively. He takes off all his clothes and dashes over to the master bedroom excitedly. I run over to my room to grab a bottle of lube that heats up and increases ejaculation. I enter and take off my shirt and socks and before I jump on the bed, I kiss him and tongue him a little. He feels me up as we kissed and guides me to the bed. As I lay beneath him, he looks me dead in the eye and smiles once again. He leans in for another kiss and I softly bite his lower lip. He breaks off and I then kiss his neck and nibble on his ear. I feel his shave once again on my cheek and then, he starts to nibble on my chest. I lay there under his control and feel his body while he gives me hickies. I felt his strong biceps and groped his ass while he kissed my chest.

He stops kissing me and raises my legs. He stares at me while he grabs his spit lubbed cock and aims it at my tight hole. He puts the head right on the pucker of my ass, and slowly pushes it in, but not all the way. He goes back down and starts kissing me again as his pelvis pushes forward on mine, his cock slowly and painfully entering mine. He was so careful, reminding me every second.

"Tell me if it hurts." I secretly wanted it to hurt, I wanted to cry and beg for mercy, but this felt good to. His cock just entered my asshole and I winced in pain. He hesitated, but I begged for him to go on. He looked at me puzzled and I just winked. He went on and shoved his cock up my ass. It felt as if a thick broom was being shoved in my ass, but it felt so good too. I winced and screamed in pleasure, smiling and begging him not to stop. He fucked me slowly and I closed my eyes in pleasure. He stopped and pulled out. I grabbed the lube and put it on his cock and massaged it. I put some on my asshole and then he grabbed a condom and put it on. I wanted bareback, but I guess it was fine for now.

"Are you ready?" He asked as he had his cock aimed at my hole once again with my legs lifted in the air. I nodded and he slammed into me almost immediately. I screamed in pain and then as if it were only a split second, was overwhelmed with immense ecstasy and lust. He fucked me in a moderate momentum.

"How do you want it? Fast and hard or slow and smooth?"

"Fuck me rough!" I begged. With that, he started banging my ass like no tomorrow. I swore that my ass would tear from his thick length, but I was so distracted by his fast pumping that I didn't even care. He stared down at me and as I winced, that seemed to have even pleased him more. 'A macho guy, huh?' I thought.

"Oh, Ronaldo, fuck my tight ass, please! Make me your slut, Ronaldo. Mmmph, fuck me hard!" I screamed in bliss. He quickly replied with a loud grunt and a huge grin on his face.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna tear your ass open! Te voy a romper tu culo! Asi quieres mi verga en tu culo, puto?!" He forcefully said. This just turned me on even more. He pumped his cock faster and further into me and then he abruptly started. He turned me over and then he laid on top of me. This new position made me cry tears of bliss. He was directly on top of me, just humping me in doggy position. I felt him biting my back and then I felt his shave on my ear as he whispered loudly.

"You're so hot, man. I'm gonna fuck your ass like no tomorrow. You're hole is gonna be so sore."

With that, I screamed and begged him.

"Cum in my asshole, please!" He flipped me over and grabbed my cock and pumped his hand while he fucked me hard. I came all over his hand, making him very excited and emasculated him.

"You wanna get full with my cum, bitch?" He said. He pumped faster and faster, each one getting deeper and deeper inside. His eyes rolled into his head as he moaned loudly and screamed with pleasure. This lasted for thirty seconds, the best thirty seconds of my life. He finally blurted out as I lay exhausted and soaked in cum.

"I'm gonna cum!" He whispered as he banged me three times immensely. He grunted and banged me one last time, the most painful and pleasurable of them all. He collapsed onto my chest and lay there, panting and sweating. We both laid on the bed as I kissed his forehead and cheek. I felt his body one more time, his back and arms drenched in sweat. I pulled him in closer as his cock still throbbed in my ass. I flexed my ass, milking his cock for every drop of cum. We laid there for about two minutes, relaxing, before he stood up and got off the bed.

I quickly followed and he asked for which way to the restroom. I pointed him to where, but then I stopped him.

"I want to taste your cum." I said as I got on my knees again and sucked his still hard cock and swallowed whatever was left of cum. I made one last slurp sound and wiped my mouth of any cum. He got ready and as we left, he kissed me passionately one last time and slapped my ass.

"It's mine, now." He grinned as he put on his glasses and walked away. I grinned and saw him drive off and then continued to go to the fair. What a great birthday.


Michael Morales

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