He let the food wake me up. Waffles and bacon and fried eggs tugged me out of my dream gently. It wasn't a bad way to wake up; hungry with what was sure to be a feast waiting for me. I crawled out of bed only wearing my boxer-briefs and padded down the hallway toward the kitchen. When he saw me, he turned and smiled brightly.

"Happy birthday, baby!"

He gave me a deep kiss and, as our tongues teased each other, he got me seated at the table. When we parted, I saw that there was massive breakfast before me. The waffles and bacon and eggs that had woken me and also an array of fruit and muffins and a cup of coffee made just the way I like it.

"Dig in, babe. I got plans for us today."

He was close enough for me to put my hands in his hair and I did, tugging gently to bring his mouth close to mine again. Just waking up and his kiss combined had gotten me intensely horny.

"Do some of those big plans involve some of this food?" I asked, devilishly. You can do a lot with syrup and strawberries and we had a lot of syrup and strawberries.

He gave me a quick kiss and shook his head. "No, they do not. You better behave yourself or you won't get your big birthday gift."

He sat in the chair next to me and I made the breakfast romantic and steamy anyway. More food than I want to admit got spilled on the floor as I tried to seduce him into fucking me right there. He was too good at resisting me and nothing particularly exciting happened despite my pouting. He did stick a candle in a muffin and have me blow it out, again wishing me a happy birthday.

When I'd had my fill of the breakfast he'd made for me, he excitedly announced phase two. His tone got me excited too. I hoped he was going to please me in the dirtiest way possible. It was barely ten in the morning and I was already begging for an intense birthday fucking.

Phase two was another strictly romantic gesture. I was set up on the couch with my favorite movie and a cup of tea to calm me down.

"I'm going to clean up the kitchen and then I'm going to wash off the mess you made of me, then I'll come join you." He winked at me and turned to leave. He quickly turned back to me and warned me to stay put.

I followed his order and let myself get comfortable. He made surprisingly quick work of the kitchen - excited to join me. When he left the kitchen, he was already taking off his shirt in preparation for his shower. I swallowed and followed the sight of tattooed neck and torso until he disappeared down the hall out of view. A moment later the shower was on I had to force myself not to follow him into it. He'd asked me to stay put and he was putting so much effort into my birthday that I felt it was only right to do as he asked.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when the shower turned off. Possibility after possibility came into my head. If I was really lucky, he'd come out naked and have me in the same state within seconds. I wasn't normally so desperate - not this early in the morning at least - but it was my first birthday with him and who doesn't love birthday sex?

It felt like he was taking forever to come back to me when I heard his voice.

"You wanna come here, babe? I need your help."

It took everything in me not to be too eager. I paused my film and had to prevent myself from sprinting down the hall. A quick peek told me he wasn't in the bathroom anymore so I continued to our bedroom. As I approached, I noticed it was unnaturally dark. It was only eleven in the morning. When I'd woken up, I'd been bathed in a square of light on the bed.

When I got in the room, it was almost completely pitch black. I could barely make out the industrial trash bags completely covering both windows. The only light was from low-burning candles and the hall. Then the bedroom door closed loudly and I was basically blind.

When the door closed, I jumped and almost immediately he was pressed up behind me sliding a hand over my mouth. I couldn't see anything, but I could feel and he was naked, his hard cock pressing into the small of my back. I swallowed and started to say something, but he spoke before me.

His voice was low in my ear and so sexy. "No talking. You talk, I stop, I turn on the lights, blow out the candles, birthday sex is over. If you understand, nod. I don't even want you moaning. You're going to be totally silent."

The seriousness in his tone told me to nod. If this was what I thought it was going to be, I didn't want him to stop until he was done. I'd been asking for this for months. I wanted to be dominated. For months, he'd be driving me crazy with waiting. I nodded and hoped to god in my mind that this was it. That he was finally, finally, finally going to tie me up, and control me and then fuck me until I couldn't breathe.

I thought I heard him smile. "Good," he said in a low, husky voice. "I'm going to let you go now. Get naked and get on the bed."

I was still only wearing my boxers, but they were off in a second. It was less than a second. It was a nanosecond. I sat on my knees in the center of our king-sized bed and was already breathing hard, sporting the hardest wood I've ever wielded. I'm sure that if I could have seen it properly, it would have been purple.

He stood at the end of the bed and teased me by just staring. God, oh, god what was he going to do to me. He could have blinked at me the wrong way and I would have shot through the walls. I could barely see him in the crappy light from the candles, but he still looked good. Tattoos all over his torso and arms and it drove me nuts. He stared at me forever and I stared right back.

He smiled at me and I basically turned into a puddle of nothing. Satisfied with his show, he turned and went into our closet. He came out with a small black bag. I had no idea what it was and it scared and excited me. He set it on the corner of the bed and pulled out some things. Rope, two pairs of handcuffs, and a paddle. My dick got harder. He was going to spank me and I was really, really, excited.

"There are rules."

I gulped.

"Do you want to know what they are?"

I nodded like crazy.

He smiled at me again and I almost couldn't breathe.

"Rule number one: no noise from you at all. Rule number two: no touching yourself; you'll get off when I let you get off. Rule number three: you do exactly as I say. I know the things that will make you uncomfortable and you know I won't do them. Rule number four: you get five penalties. Penalties include talking, making noise, and coming without my permission. Understand?"

I nodded. They were easy rules and I wanted this more than anything. He smiled that sexy smile again.

"Turn around."

So it began.

I turned around on my knees and almost immediately there was his weight on the bed. He fisted my hair and shoved my head down to the pillows. It was just rough enough. One of my wrists was handcuffed to one side of the headboard. The same with the other wrist. It prevented me from raising my head so I tried to look down between my legs instead.

"Keep your ass in the air." My ass was definitely not going anywhere.

I could barely see him, but I felt him. Then his hand was on my ass, rubbing it, smoothing it over. It went away for a second and before I had a chance to desperately want it back, his hand was back smacking. I bit my lip and held back a moan. I was instantly going nuts. He started slow at first. The first hard slap started a steady stream of pre-come dripping from my cock.

I had to remind myself not to say anything when he stopped. My bottom was delightfully warm and I wanted more. He put his hand back on my ass and it took me a second to realize it wasn't his hand. It was the leather of the paddle. I wished I could see what he was doing. I wanted to watch.

Again, he started slow. Rubbing my red bottom with the paddle in between smacks. Then he hit me hard.

I couldn't help making noise. I groaned. "Aw, shit, fuck."

The only thing he said was "One."

I tried to compose myself, but the next hit got me again.

"Christ, fuck, oh my god."


I was desperately trying. My ass felt hot now and I didn't know if it was the pleasure or pain making me call out.

Again with the paddle. This third time I was much better and only whimpered, biting it back as best I could.

He sighed. "Three. I really hope you shut up because I'm enjoying this."

I took a silent deep breath and steeled myself. I took the hits better after that. Enjoying the intense feeling I got when he gave me a break from the paddle and tortured my red ass with his teeth. It felt like the sweetest torture ever went on forever, not that I was complaining. There was a pool of pre-come beneath me.

Eventually he stopped and he uncuffed my wrists. He knelt behind me, leaning over me to uncuff me. His erection pressed into my back again. He pulled me up on my knees and the cool air hit me. My face was red too. He turned my head and rewarded me with a kiss, palming my ass with one hand.

"You did so good, baby, and that was so hot."

I was only granted a short break. Soon I was on my back with my wrists roped to headboard. My ankles were tied as well, but not secured to anything. He smiled at me all tied up and then straddled my chest. I only got a quick look at his fabulous erection before it was teasing my mouth. I looked up at his face as his cock played with my lips and couldn't tell who was more turned on. He had me give him a blowjob just the way he liked it.

I was instructed to start off by sucking the head. Of all the things I could ever do to his dick, sucking the head, and only the head, tops his list of favorite things. He gasped and his mouth formed an O shape to mirror mine. Slowly he started easing more of himself into my mouth until he hit the back of my throat. One hand gripped the headboard and the other cradled the back of my head. He lifted my head just a little and I was able to take him deeper, and he groaned.

He pulled his cock out slowly and I knew he wanted to drive it back in. He face fucked me as long as he pleased, telling me to do this and that with my tongue. Pushing himself in as deep as he would go. He told me how good I was and shifted himself down, kissing me as he went. He hooked a finger into the rope around my ankles and lifted my legs. He pressed my knees to my chest and my ass was exposed.

He dove right in, rimming me for all I was worth. Of all the things he could ever do to my ass, driving his tongue into my hole topped the list of favorite things. I was able to keep myself quite somehow, but all my squirming made him grab the paddle and punish me whenever I moved too much.

I was on the verge of coming when he stopped and shifted back up towards me. He kissed me and loosened the rope on my wrists just enough so that he could turn me on my knees. I didn't have a second to think before he was thrusting inside me hard. I tried to concentrate on enjoying being fucked and not rope-burning my wrist and not making noise all at the same time.

He made it eight thousand times more difficult. He bit my neck and my shoulders and my back and pulled my hair just roughly enough as he fucked me and I could just barely stand it.

He moved me whichever way he wanted. He pulled out and turned me on my back and fucked me harder, holding my legs up in the air. I had to add breathing to the list of things I had to concentrate on. He buried his face in my neck and whispered sweet, dirty things to me that made me all the hotter.

Finally, he pulled out and gave me a minutes rest as he untied my ankles and maneuvered me into straddling him. He grabbed my hips and thrust me back onto his cock and commanded me to ride him. As I did, he grabbed the paddle again and reddened my ass more. All I wanted to do was come and come hard.

He read my mind. "I'm going to tell you to come, but when you do, I want you to be totally silent. Not one word or it all stops."

I closed my eyes tightly and waited and waited and waited until he said it an eternity later.


I came so hard (and everywhere) that I passed out. He told me later that it was for a full five minutes. When I came to, I was still tied up and he was still inside of me and as soon as I opened my eyes, we were fucking again. I squeezed him with my ass until he came, setting me off again like a geyser.

He finally let me collapse into him, untying my wrists and kissing my sweating neck until my breathing returned to normal.

"Happy birthday, baby."



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