I'm clawing at the sheets, and muffling my moans, with my lips pressed against the inside of my arm. Joe's tongue is penetrating me deep. His left hand is pulling at my left cheek, and his right hand is pulling at my balls. He's slowly licking along the hole, and then pushing his tongue inside of me. I'm whimpering loudly, and he stops, and taps under my ass cheeks. I raise my ass up more, and I feel his hard shaft slide across my hole. I'm clenching and opening for him. He slowly slides his dick along my heavily lubricated ass. "Baby, come inside...please" He slaps my ass playfully, "You naughty boy, I know you want this dick." I hump back, and push at his dick head, feeling it poke in for a moment. I can't bare it. I move my head up for air, and. Purrr his name. He moans softly, as he pushes his dick in. "Oh Godddddd, fuck me Joe..." He pulls back, and slowly pushes in again. I feel him twitch a few times, making his dick jump against my prostate..."Mmmm baby, give it to me." He gives me a few quick thrusts, tapping my prostate again and again, "Oh Godddd, you feel so good inside me Joe..." He hunches over me, rubbing his stubbley face against my shoulder blades, making me cringe, and moan. He kisses down my spine, and I feel him pull out. He straightens up, and pushes his dick in again. He rocks harder and a little faster, "You're so big Joe, Goddd, I love you inside me." He grunts and moans a little "Fuck baby, keep talkin like that, Daddy's gonna blow." "Give it to me Daddy, it's all yours." "Who's ass is it?" "Yours Joe, it's all yours baby..." "Oh Fuck, oh fuck, Godddd I'm gonna blow!" "Blow it baby, make it rain!" He pushes all the way inside, pressing hard against my prostate, and I feel a rush of arousal flood from inside me, as I cum handsfree while Joe fills me up inside. "Uuuhhh, yeahhh..Mmmm" He's throbbing and pulsing vigorously inside of me, and I'm shaking on all fours, feeling pulse after pulse of cum shooting up against my stomach, from my bouncing dick.

I collapse on the sheets, burying my face in the pillows, feeling Joe collaps over me. He wraps his body around me, engulging me with his arms and legs. I feel him hold onto me, his dick still throbbing inside. His heavy breathing against my neck, and face. I pull my arms in, and spread my legs a little, allowing him to adjust comfortably in between my ass. He's giving me little dick jumps inside, which tickle a little. I giggle, while he slides his hands up and down my sides. "Mmmm baby, I love being inside you." "And I love you being inside me. I'm always yours Joe." He moves slightly, and then moves up, and pulls out, sliding his still hard dick, in between my cheeks, I feel some wetness ooze onto me, "Marked my territory," as he laughs and lays next to me. He's rubbing my back, and looking into my eyes. It's the night before my 24th birthday, and Joe has a party planned for me. This was exactly what I wanted though. I'm amazed by this man.

Joe washes me gently. I've noticed how he likes to take care of me. I stand under the warm stream of water, and I feel his hands, gently wiping a washcloth over my body. I turn around, as he slowly wipes my face, and then behind my ears. I lean close to him, while he washes the back of my neck. I study the scar at his collar bone, where he crashed his motorcycle when he was 18. I see the top of his Taurus tattoo behind his shoulder. I close my eyes as he washes down my back. I feel the softness of his wet body hair against my smooth skin. After the shower we towel off, and Joe wraps us in the oversized towel.

I'm standing in front of the full length mirror next to the closet doors. I'm wearing D&G velvet blazer and slim trousers, with Louboutin Daddy flats. I see Joe walk around the corner, and I catch my breath. He walks behind me, and kisses my neck. "Hey handsome" as I wink at his reflection. "Hey cutie, ready to go?" We wait for the Range, and Joe rubs my back. "When I was your age, I never would've thought I'd be in this place with you, at 34. You have made me a happy man." "And you've made me a happy man, I love you." His hand drops as the Range pulls up. Joe opens the door for me, and I get in.

The party is at a residence in Brooklyn. One of Joe's friends, while he was in active duty, who knew. There were a couple people from his company, and eve a couple of the guys and girls I worked with. I was touched he had put so much effort into this! We had an adult themed pinata, and an actual Yankees bat to hit it with! (Side note, I'm in love with the Yankees, and I don't even know anything about baseball. I just think they're so great.) Joe introduced me to his assistant, whom I had never met. She was hot. Long blonde hair, blunt bangs, in Miss Sixty jeans, and Valentino chiffon blouse, with some killer Brian Atwood peeptoes. She air kisses me, and winks, "Joe is in love with you. Everyday he gives me the play by play of how your mornings are." I blush slightly at the idea of Joe telling her about us fucking every morning, but it doesn't seem to bother her. The night flies by, and I have so many cards, with vouchers, well wishes, and even a Yankee Stadium tour pass, with a note that reads "in case you ever decide to actually see a game, you'll need to know where the locker room is!" I laugh out loud as I read. Joe got me a Louis Vuitton ipad case, and some Tom Ford sunglasses. I also open a card with a 3 page letter from Joe. I tear up reading the first line. "To the Love of my life, on your birthday..." I smile at him, and continue to read. I'm oblivious to the crowded sitting room, or the distance beat of a club mix of Nicki Minaj "Marilyn Monroe." I read every word of every line, going through the ups and down we've experienced over the past 3 years, and how he's so grateful for every opportunity with me." The end of the letter has a contact card for a surrogate service. He hand wrote "whenever you like" on the back. I can't stop the tears, and I hug him tightly. Everyone starts "awww"ing, and I laugh. "I'm such a crybaby." Joe leans in "You're my crybaby," and I laugh and nod. The party flies by, and I get quite buzzed off of Appletinis and a shot of Grey Goose. Joe helps me to the Range, and I doze off, only to wake up in front of our building, I stumble out, and Joe quickly guides me through the lobby, to the elevator. My hands are all over him in the elevator, and my lips nibble at his chin and lower lip, biting at him playfully. He gives me a couple pecks, and grabs my shoulderss, turning to pin me in the corner of the elevator. I hear the ding of arrival, and the doors slide open. My hands are all over him on the way to our apartment, and I even manage to pull off his jacket. He opens the door, and drops the keys and our phones on the table by the door. He goes to put my gift bags in the closet, as I fling my jacket across the chair in the hall. I undo my trousers while I slide out of my Louboutins. My trousers fall down, revealing my contoured D&G bikinis with the center stitching down the back, which perfectly accent my ass cheeks. I pull my shirt over my head, letting it fall to the floor. "Damn," as I turn around, I see Joe standing in the closet doorway, white dresshirt unbuttoned halfway down, revealing the patch of chest hair between his pecs, and polkadot boxers, and his knee high dress socks. "I was going to put a show on for You, but seeing as you're showing me up..." He walks out and puts his arms around me. I tilt my head back, letting his lips caress my neck and chin. My arms instinctively go around his neck, and he pushes me toward the bed, dragging my feet between his. He lowers me onto the bed, and passionately kisses me. I feel him hard against my quickly hardening dick. He slides his hands under the waistband of my briefs and slides them down. He pushes my thighs open, and his boxers down, nestling his hard dick under my balls, between my cheeks. I pull my legs up, and press my ass against his dick, as he moans loudly. He reaches for the bedside table, and grabs the lube. He erotically rubs it into my ass, and then I feel him moving around as he lubes himself up. I feel him slowly enter me, and I wrap my legs around his waist. His lips stay on mine for almost the full 40 minutes of passionate sweet sex he has with me. Tonight is different that it's been in a long time. I feel his soft movements, and the love in his eyes. He cums softly, and tenderly inside me. I can feel the throbbing of his dick, but the motions have meaning and passion. We fall asleep in each others arms, with him deep inside me.

The next morning I wake up, in Joe's arms. He's snoring softly, and hard as a rock. I study the curly pubic hair that surrounds his dick, the way it spreads to his thighs, and out towards his hips, tapering off at his tanline. The hair thins out above his naval, and leads to little light hairs under his pecs, and then a dark patch in between his pecs. He also has little patches of curly hairs around each dark nipple. I study the veins in his shaft, the way he starts with a rounded dick head, and a little bit of foreskin, that thickens down to the thick pubes. His balls are shaved, and I see little goosebumps. I slowly slide my hand over his shaft, and I feel him shift slightly and snort. I start to jerk him off, slowly, and he shifts lightly every few moments, but never stirrs to awaken. I feel his dick start to pulse harder, and pretty soon a fountain of cum is erupting out of his dick. It splashes against my face and I move quickly away, while I continue to jerk him off. The cum sprays all over the tails of his twisted up dresshirt, and up his abs, dripping cum all throughout his pubic hair and all over my hand. He's still dribbling little amounts of cum out of his dick when he tilts his head up suddenly "What the fuuuuccc....oh Godddd baby..." He lays back down and starts humping my hand. After a couple more strokes he moans loudly and sends out a few more shots of cum, arching his back. They don't shoot as high this time, but it's still thick and white, pouring over my hand. I watch the whole time in amazement. "Baby I could've put that all in you," as he rubs my stomach. "I wanted to see how much goes in. You make a lot of baby juice Joe." He laughed and tousled my hair. "All that baby juice is for you." I forget about his cum on my face, as he wipes at my cheeks with his hands. I smile and. Lean down to kiss him. "No. No, no. Not til after we clean up, silly." He grabs my cum covered hand, and we head toward the bathroom. Joe's dripping cum along the way, and I laugh to myself. The most perfect birthday, ever...



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