"Dad??? What are you doing her so early???"

"Shut up Anthony. Turns out you and Leter started off without me. Basement... NOW!"

When we were down on the basement my dad put on for me my usual collar that reads "daddy's boy" and he got kne for Peter that reads "slut"

Hey daddy's boy come here. 

"Yes master."

"get on the fucking machine and put it on full power while me and Peter watch." 

I plugged in the fucking machine and inserted the dildo in my ass. I turned it to full speed. 

"Ohh fuck!!! Dad this hurts!" 

"Really? You want pain? Let's make it worse for you. Peter give me the paddle." 

"Oh no dad not the paddle." 

While I was being fucked in the ass by a fucking machine my dad is beating me with the paddle that leaves a mark of words that reads BITCH. The last time my dad used it on me it was there for a month. But I got to admit it does make me horny. 


i moaned furiously. "Is that all you got old man? Come on beat me!!!"


the sound was so loud you can hear it throughout the house. 

"Thats's more like it!" 


" Oh daddy Im gonna cum!"

"Now now daddy's boy. Don't come yet until I tell you to."

"Oh my god yes! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! Crank up the power more!" 

My dad hooked it up to his own generator and it fucked me so hard like never before. 

"AAAAAAHHHHH! Dad I can't hold it!"

"okay son you can cum now."

I shot my come so hard it flew a couple of feet in front of me. And of corse like a gallon of cum came out. I don't know why I come so much. 

"Since you love eating cum so much. You lick that clean while I take care of your friend Peter."

I ran towards my cum and started licking it clean like of I haven't eating in weeks. 

"you get home now Peter." 


Anthony V.

[email protected]


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