In my childhood a friend and I had a game that we called the dare game. It started so innocently where we would smell each other’s penis or bum. As we grew the game changed where we would give each other a dare or there was a penalty. The penalty was what we called a suck till it works. We both thought this was the ultimate punishment and it deterred as refusing simple dares. Minor punishments included smacking the other party. We wanked each other for short periods of time and we even sucked the tip of each other’s penis. My friend became a proud owner of a big prick and secretly I enjoyed being the reason it grew hard and erect. At least that is how I saw it. More likely it was hormones and youthful lust at being pleasured by other one. So my secret lusts grew inside me and I enjoyed the feeling of having his erect penis in my mouth and sucking it. I became curious as to what the ultimate punishment would feel like so I determined to fall foul of the laws and be sentenced to my fate. So one day we played the game and he gave me a dare. I can’t remember what it was but I said I refused to do it. He looked at me and smiled and said that means you have to suck me till it works. I lowered my head and nodded. So he unfastened his fly and pulled out his expanding prick. Proudly announcing the command.

“Suck it till it works.”

I lowered myself onto his penis and sucked it into my mouth taking it in up to the back of my mouth. With my lips over my teeth I moved up and down the foreskin of his warm pulsing prick. I could feel myself becoming stiff myself. I bobbed up and down and sucked this pole of pleasure. Sometimes the lust in me would make it hard for me to move and I rubbed myself against something to ease my own erection.

“No stopping you have to go all the way.”

I knew that and although it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t jerk myself off I continued to slide it in and out of my mouth bringing my friend to climax. He didn’t give me any warning but I felt the muscles twitching and knew something was about to happen. He exploded inside my mouth with such a force it must have gone straight down my throat but some of it hit the back of my throat and make be cough and splutter but not a drop was split. I never did it again and we grew apart after some silly argument. A pity as I eventually wanted to repeat the process.

I grew up with an interest in receiving pain and bought and made a variety of objects which I used to hit myself and punish myself. I made a whip from some leather laces and it was the best whip I came across better than some I had bought ‘ready made’. I could punish myself and leave red marks on my back. I read about the BDSM scene but just never managed to find my kindred spirit that complimented my tastes. I was fascinated by events I read about and so I guess that is why I learned I wanted to be a submissive. A slave might be too far especially now but never say never.




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