I fucked a guy named Travis a couple summers ago. We met at a Lady Gaga concert, and although he was flamboyantly gay, he had this fucking amazing smile. Literally lit up his whole face when he smiled. He was smaller than I was, so it seemed naturally I'd be topping the fuck out of his boy pussy.

He was there with his cousin, who was a costume designer for The Gaga, and had free backstage access. I'd gotten in for free, cause of another fuck I had, who gave me the ticket for my bday. I say ticket, because we went together, although we weren't together. I made eyes with Travis in between sets, and costume changes, and put his number in my phone.

So we're leaving the venue, people everywhere as fuck, I can't see where I'm going, so I dip into the men's room. It's full of boys, girls, drag queens, whatever. I call Travis and he told me the gate to meet him at. When I show up, he's with his cousin, who, surprisingly looked almost identical, but he was much more masculine, and even the feather choker he was wearing, didn't make him half as fuckin feminine as Travis. I'll call him Princess to keep him private.

So we hangout for a bit, and he shows us the dressing area, but almost everything was packed up by now. There were some hunky stage hands moving props and lighting fixtures, and Travis and Princess told me they were going out. I tag along, and the night was pretty lit. 

We go back to the OUT, which is where some of the other staff were staying, and Princess has a pretty great spread. We dance a little, make out a little, and before I know it we're all pretty naked. Princess is packin, and he keeps his body hair pretty trim and neat. Travis actually had some chest hair, and a thick bush of pubes around his little dick. His nipples were pierced, and he had a fuckin butterfly tattooed around his belly button.

He was grinding on me pretty hard, and my dick was up in no time. I took the lead, and dug out a condom from my pocket, but we couldn't find lube, so I ate him out. He kept his ass pretty neat and clean. It was really tight, and warm, pink around the hole, and no hair in site. I had him slicked up in no time. Princess was watching the whole fuckin time, just strokin his big dick, watching me eat his cousin's ass out. I swear to fuck, they had to be 2nd or 3rd, cause who could fuckin get off watchin someone that close in their family tree, know what I mean?

So I'm fuckin the shit out of Travis. He's whimpering, and moaning, callin me all sorts of dirty names. He's on his hands and knees, then he's on his back. I fucked him sideways, pulling one of his legs up my chest. He had some stinky ass feet which almost made my dick go soft, but I dropped his leg back down real quick.

Princess was getting closer and closer, and pretty soon we were full on makin out, with my dick up his cousin's ass. Almost a three way, except I'd like to ride him like a pony, with that sexy fuckin dick of his. 

I was getting so close, and Princess was feeling my stomach and chest up and down. His hand would occasionally work its way down, cupping my balls, while I fucked his cousin. He tasted like licorice and lemonade, and his hands were so fuckin soft. He got up and put his dick in my mouth. I worked my lips over his pole, in rhythm with my thrusting.

He  was pulling my hair, I was fucking his cousin. This was getting pretty intense. The music stopped, and he pulled out, to go figure out his playlist. I kept fucking Travis, who was still whimpering and playing with his nipple piercings. I heard music start playing again, and Travis said he was going to cum. I pushed all the way in, working my dick up and down a little, feeling his prostate contracting and flexing. 

He jerked off quickly, shooting his thick, white cum all up his skinny ass body, and neck. He was quivering and moaning, and I started fucking him again, building up my own cum. Princess came behind me, and squatted down, rubbing his hard dick up my back and moaning in my ear about how he wanted to fuck me. 

I pulled out of Travis, and turned around, making out with Princess. His trimmed chest was like a fuckin scratch pad against my smooth skin. I didn't fuckin care. Fuck he tasted so good. He pushed me back, and I spread my legs. He'd put on a condom while changing the playlist, and had a bottle of something in his hand. 

He squirted whatever he had in his hand, and worked my asshole over real good. He was finger fucking the shit out of me, rubbing his other hand up and down my stomach, occasionally bumping my dick head, and sending shivers up my spine.

He worked his dick in me, and I pulled the condom off my own dick, jerkin like a motherfucker. He was speed fucking me, and I caught a glimpse of Travis watching from the bed. He was wiping himself off, watching his cousin fuck me. I came quickly, jerking out a clear coating of cum across my body. 

Princess was huffing and puffing, and pulled out, peeling off the condom, and knelt over my legs, jerkin his big dick til he shot his load. He came thick and hard, spraying across my body and face. I had to close my eyes, although some got in my left eye, which burned like a bitch. I waited til he was done, and wiped across my eyes, opening them carefully. 

"Fuck, that felt great." "You nasty fuck, I can't even see." Travis was giggling from the bed, and Princess was helping me up off the floor, leading me to the bathroom. He wet a wash cloth, and wiped my face off, laughing the whole time. "Fuck, I gave you a good facial." "You're lucky I liked it." "Yeah?" He kissed my lips, and pulled on my dick. "Maybe next time you can fuck me with this disco stick."

We showered off, and I helped them clean up a little before I left. Travis kissed me goodbye, and Princess followed me out to the elevator. "Will you be back?" "I don't know, maybe." He smiled. "It was fun while it lasted." I kissed him hard. The elevator dinged and I got in, smiling at him while the doors closed. Fuck he had a great dick.

I'm Jagger, and I'm a sex addict.




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