So it would seem like Billy and I were set for life and all would be simple from then on. Well for one thing despite Billy being five years younger than me and having such a sexy youthful body, I was not in full control of things. In crude terms you couldn't have said I was Top and Billy was Bottom!

Apart from that Billy still had to get back to his home area and college which were several hundred miles away. So this arrangement with his uncle and aunt was really just for a few days, or I should say nights because we did a minimum of farm work and spent a lot of time in bed together. We didn't really get too much sleep at nights either and much of the time we were not even in bed but chasing each other around in the nude.

My room was quite spacious with two single beds. The first night we were together like this we had gone up and stripped off before even making food.

'You have to get your physiotherapy before a meal you know!' I said wagging a finger at him. 'And there is lots of unfinished work to be done isn't there Billy?' He had that impish challenging look on his face. 'Come on get you pants off cos I'm getting straight to work on you where you really need it!' I said as I dropped my pants.

'Hey Carl! What's up with your equipment? Do you call that a hard on?!' Billy said pointing derisively at my cock. 'What about this then!!' he said tossing his pants away and pulling up his T shirt in case I couldn't see all of his almost vertical dick..

I calmly took off his shirt but there was something about Billy's body, he was really smooth but at the same time he had this youthful manliness. I wanted to live out my fantasies with him and fuck his beautiful young bottom but in reality I was somehow overwhelmed by his presence.

'A seconds hesitation is a year lost' they say. Well Billy wasted no time wrestling me to my bed. He had grabbed my arms and pulled me across his outstretched naked thigh so I lost my balance. The feeling of contact with his smooth tight muscles had made me forget everything else.

We were soon in 69s licking and kissing each others genitals but Billy was already investigating my bum slit. While he started fingering my ass, I was fondling Billy's smooth strong thighs and I couldn't resist kissing them all over everywhere. The insides of his thighs were really smooth and tender so I licked and kissed him right up where his testicles hung from his tight scrotum.

We had started on our sides facing each other but Billy had pulled me on my back so he could get my legs up more. He was engrossed in my bottom, licking my ass cunt and working his tongue in side me. So being on top of me with his knees beside my head, his thighs and genitals were nicely accessible.

But I was having to raise my head awkwardly to get at his dick. I was desperate to suck him. It looked so purposeful but sensitive so we rolled on our sides again. I started sucking him while clasping my thighs about his head. He was continuing his explorations of my bum hole and I was getting so excited by his cock that I was pulled him towards me by grabbing his fulsome buttocks.

Billy's nude body was all over me and it was the only thing I could see or think of. I loved him so much I just sucked him as much as I could. I didn't notice what else I was doing in fact it was Billy who told me afterwards. It was this untanned part of him, it was like it was so private and intimate; I was feeling his balls and groping his bum, then I must have been quite intrusive with his cherry, anyway something happened and Billy just lost control. He lovely long dick starting jerking suddenly as he pumped what seemed like gallons of his delicious boy cum into my mouth. He just seemed to go on spurting his luscious liquid till I could hardly take any more without swallowing.

I knew what I had to do and wasted no time. 'Hey! What are you..' Billy started, then he giggled as I got him on his back. I was afraid he would get the better of me again but I had a good mouthful of his slimy cum now and I was going to put it to good purpose! 'You won't make it you know! You haven't got what it takes!' Billy giggled but he let me push his legs back.

I was so excited I tried to penetrate him at once but then when I saw how he winced at my first attempt I went down to give his ass cunt a good licking and lubing. Oh how I loved that boy! His tight cherry was the most inviting and sexiest thing I have ever touched. Those tight pink folds were so hot and smooth and the way they came together at his tight hole made me go wild. As I licked him he began to open just a tiny bit at first but then the more I licked his boy cherry the more seemed to open up for me. I was blowing his cum from my mouth into his bum and working it into his sphincter with my tongue. Billy's cunt was getting really sticky now and starting to dilate so much I knew I was going to be able to get up him. This was it!

I pinned his arms down by holding his biceps but Billy wasn't trying too hard to resist. 'You're taking your time aren't you! How much longer do I have to wait?' This was another of Billy's ways of trying to get the upper hand. But my cock was raging now and Billy's boy cunt was gaping all slimy and ready.

I never thought it would be that thrilling!! Billy was clasping his sphincter as I thrust my tip of my hard penis into him. I can't say I was careful, I was on fire! I was fucking mad to do him! Then his ass yielded to me and Oh shit! The feeling as I went into him!!! Oh Fuck I wanted to stuff him!!! He was so tight, his asshole was squeezing me. I felt near to exploding as I thrust In deeper. I was in a fever of excitement on realising I was now right up inside this beautiful boy, I was deep inside his bottom. Billy's chest was heaving as he threw his head from side to side. I had only just started working my dick so he was getting regular thrusts. The trouble was I couldn't keep my cool. As I kissed him around his neck and under the curls of his hair by his ears I felt myself tightening in my groin. I just had to fertilise this beautiful boy's bum, his whole naked body needed my nourishment! I was frantically kissing his chest and his pectorals that I had seen swelling as he lifted the hay bales. Then my own sex organs took over.

'Oh Billy I'm gonna fuck you!! Billy!! Billy!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!!.' Sperm was spurting through my cock. I felt my spunk shooting though my knob. I thrust as far as I could inside him. I wanted to fertilise him deep inside his rectum. I felt like I wanted to gush gallons and fill up his bottom!!

I just lay on top of him looking down on his freshly fucked body. I got such a sense of satisfaction and achievement. 'You'd better charge that to the Health Service!' Billy giggled then. 'Right what about some food!' As we both had a shower together I noticed Billy's cock starting to swell again. 'Anyway' he said 'let's grab some food I'm hungry'

We hardly put on any clothes when we did have food at last and later that evening Billy got the better of me back in the bedroom. I mean he fucked my up my ass and gave my such a hell of an orgasm while he was doing me that I began to wonder about his innocence. That night we must have fucked each other's bums about four times but I really lost count. I remember we had to wash my bed sheets the next day as so much cum had split on them. We had each spurted all over each others nude bodies and sperm was oozing between our buttocks. There was little relief from this intensity over those next few days but there were still some practical matters to deal with.

'I'm not going back to that fucking college, I don't care I just want to be here!' Billy had declared with typical teenager impetuousness.

In fact the problem was solved more easily than I expected when I found that a local college was running the very same course and had a spare place for him. I was quite severe with Billy when I spoke to him about keeping going with it but he didn't try to argue. I think he was quite relieved and I felt responsible for this young lad.

So off he would go five days a week to the college, so at least I got some work done during the days and Billy would bring back the shopping. He kept saying how much better this college was than the one he was at previously. What really impressed him were the sports facilities.

I guessed something was fishy when Billy started explaining in a hesitant way about the swimming classes you could take. I knew Billy was keen on swimming and his smooth strong body was ideal. 'We well you see I'm with a whole lot of other guys and well anyway we've got like this .. um... coach you see' Billy paused a bit and flushed. 'I mean he's really good at it you know, he's got huge like experience and all that, I mean he's been to America and all sorts of places' I could see there was more to this and I was starting to get very jealous of this guy especially when Billy started going on about his fabulous physique.

But it didn't seem to be having the slightest effect on our sex life together which was nearly as intense as it was the first night. I was learning to fuck Billy more successfully; what I mean is when I was up him I learned how to probe his gland and give him really hard orgasms. If I got exactly in the right place I could even prevent him from ejaculating. That meant I could give him repeated orgasms like a woman but then he was still able to penetrate me straight after and give me a good fucking, even though I was spent! Billy's ass cunt was easier now to penetrate but he was still nice and tight and very good at squeezing me both with his buttocks and his anus.

We had this sheep drenching gun we used to give each other enemas. It was good hygienically and safe as it had a stainless steel curved delivery pipe with a nice smooth rounded nozzle. It was easy to push it up your bum and by working it around you get really flush the other guys rectum. We both had this fetish about looking right inside each others bums too. Billy had got hold of a speculum so we would take it in turns to give each other rectal examinations especially just after we had just fucked each other. Billy liked to boast about how much cum he could see inside my bottom!

Even after all this you still couldn't have said which of us was on top. But then things changed quite suddenly as they often do.

'Um!' Billy began pensively. 'I mean I was just wondering if I might ask Bruno over, I mean if it would be OK with you, of course, I mean....'

'Yes Billy of course' I interrupted him but couldn't suppress a renewed feeling of anxiety. He hadn't mentioned this Bruno, his swimming coach, for some time.

'I mean we..I mean I just thought it would be good for you to meet up you know he's a really nice guy actually and well er....' I was beginning to find this intriguing.

So came that fateful day! Bruno had driven Billy back in his sports car and when I went out to greet them I knew immediately nothing would be the same again. I mean Bruno was dark, immensely fit, big and handsome. In his presence any thought I had of rivalry got totally eclipsed.

'Shall we go straight up to our room?' Billy asked glancing not at me but at Bruno.

'Yes I think we had better!' he replied looking me up and down in an admiring way.



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