My cock was hard as a rock. I just got off the phone with Billy Payne. He invited me back to his place for dinner and a movie. But, we both know what will happen. Before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you all how this all started.

I can remember my first male to male contact like it was only yesterday. It was the end of summer before I headed off to college. There was a big beer blast party before many of my former classmates prepared to go many separate directions to continue our education at various colleges. The party was fun, but all good things must come to an end. It was nearly 2:00 in the morning and I was getting ready to leave. On the front porch, I stumbled into one of our school's most popular students, Billy Payne. He was a scholar/athlete who was destined to become someone to reckon with. At 6' 3' with almost 180 pounds of solid muscle and quite handsome features, Billy's image inspired many of my nightly jack off sessions.

'Yo, Ben, can I catch a ride with you?' Billy asked. 'Darius left me hanging to get up with Jenny,' he explained.

Darius was his closest friend and Jenny was, well, one of the girls who was known to 'put out.' I agreed to give him a lift, but he insisted on driving as I was a little inebriated and Billy never drank. We talked all the way back to my house. After pulling up the long drive, Billy turned off the ignition and we continued chatting. He mentioned that he was really horny and I could see his bulging crotch was a testament to that feeling. One thing led to another and I ended up giving Billy a wild blow job right there in the front seat of my car. He then got out and walked home while I went upstairs and jerked myself off to a phenomenal orgasm. Two days later it was off to college.

Seven years later, with my degree in journalism, I lucked into a job at a major newspaper in southern Florida. The job was great, the weather was better, and the hot male scenery was the best. I had some hot sex with a few guys, but was not seriously involved with anyone. I often spent my free time at the beach. There were a lot of hot studs strutting their stuff for all to see. In the late afternoon one Saturday, I was packing up my car and preparing to head out for something to eat. Suddenly I heard a vaguely familiar voice call out my name from across the parking lot. Looking up I was shocked to see Billy Payne ambling across the lot in my direction. He looked even better than I remembered. He had grown another inch or so and put on another few pounds. Dressed in a bright yellow midriff tank top and some box cut trunks, he was a sight to behold. His chest and two protruding nipples pressed out firmly against the thin fabric of his shirt that was cut short revealing a fine set of six pack abs. Those trunks also showed off a nice bulging package.

'Yo, Ben,' he exclaimed again as he approached. 'What the hell are you doing here?'

Before I could answer, he wrapped his strong arms around me pulling me into a tight bear hug. Patting my back, he released his hold, and looked me square in the eyes. His handsome face, beaming smile, and those clear brown eyes were also a sight to behold. I told him about my job and he told me he had just moved here with a new job, too. We chatted for almost an hour catching up on things. All the while I kept soaking him in and remembering our brief encounter years before.

'Ben, you remember our last contact?' Billy finally asked.

'Like it was yesterday,' I immediately replied feeling that familiar itch in my loins.

'I live in the Colorado right done the street there,' he said indicating the Colorado condominiums. 'What's say we head back to my place and continue where we left off?' Billy suggested.

'Thought you'd never ask,' I readily answered.

I knew his building well as I had checked it out when I first moved here, but those condos were way out of my price range. As we entered his condo, Billy pulled me in his arms and our mouths met in a heated, passionate kiss. Our tongues danced together as my hands roamed his back, arms, butt, and chest. Feeling his firm, taut, muscular body gave me an instant hard on.

Billy broke off our kiss, led me to the master bedroom and we quickly shed our clothes. Billy then pulled me into bed on top of him and our mouths and hands went to work again. The sensations of hot flesh meeting and intertwined with flesh drove me wild. I could feel Billy's cock begin to swell as it pressed into my stomach, side by side with my also growing cock. It wasn't long before we moved into a 69 position. I began to feverishly slobber over and suck in Billy's cock while he was equally doing wonders on mine. We were both soon moaning and groaning in pleasure. As I had a mouthful of his cock, Billy pulled mine from his mouth and began to lick and suck on my balls. Seconds later his tongue worked its way beneath my scrotum and was soon heading toward my rosebud.

'Aahhh...yeah...' I moaned as his tongue flicked at my puckered hole.

'Why don't you get on your back?' Billy suggested.

I willingly followed his directions as Billy shoved a pillow under my backside. He lifted my legs, nearly bending them back into me. I grabbed the crook of my knees as Billy's hands were prying open my ass cheeks. He dove in and was soon licking and tonguing my ass. For several seconds he lapped at my rosebud, then, with fingers from both hands he fully exposed my anxious fuck hole. I then felt the tip of his tongue jab at and inside my ass. Waves of pleasure racked my body.

'Mmmm, you like?' Billy smiled up at me.

'Yes. Yes. I like. I like!' I responded.

After thoroughly slobbering over and jabbing into my hole, Billy pulled his mouth away and began to flick at my puckered hole with his finger. After rubbing over it a few times, he punched his finger inside.

'Oooh, shit!' I exclaimed.

Billy began to royally finger fuck me. Another finger joined in as he began to loosen me up good. He spit into my ass hole several times while doing so. As several spasms of pleasure shot up my spine, I began to jerk my cock.

'Damn, you got one tight ass, Ben,' Billy said as he continued to finger fuck me. 'I gotta get me some of this baby,' he added. 'You ever been fucked in the ass before?' he then asked.

'Oooh, yeah,' I answered, 'and I need a good fucking. You think you can deliver, big boy?' I teased.

'Damn straight!' Billy quickly replied. 'My big black cock is gonna show your pretty white ass who's boss,' he added with an air of authority.

He reached for and grabbed a bottle of lubricant from the nightstand. I watched as Billy poured then massaged the lube over his thick manhood. He reached down with one hand and continued to finger my hole, lubing it as well. With his other hand Billy kept stroking himself. He had to be packing a good ten to eleven inches. I gazed in awe as his cock seemed to grow before my eyes. It stiffened some and looked to be about another inch or so longer. He inserted yet another finger in my ass, driving me even crazier. The feel of his fingers opening me up and the sight of that muscular black stud with that huge fuck pole got me hot and horny in no time. I was ready for some serious dick!

'Damn, Billy, you gonna fuck me or what?' I pleaded.

'Ask and you shall receive, mother fucker,' Billy chuckled.

With that he withdrew his fingers and scooted in closer. He slapped the head of that python cock against my ass cheeks several times before rubbing the tip of his cock up and down my ass crack. When he finally zeroed in on my tight rosebud, a shiver ran up my spine.

'You ready for this?' he asked looking me square in the eyes.

'Yes. Yes. Give it to me,' I pleaded once more.

His eyes never left mine as I felt that thick cock head enter me, prying me open and pressing hard against my sphincter. With an almost audible plopping sound, the flange of his cock head pushed inside. I grit my teeth and tears rolled from the corner of my eyes.

'Yeah, I'm gonna give it to you, Ben. I'm gonna fuck this ass good,' Billy said, still glaring into my eyes. 'Damn its so fucking tight,' he then added. 'This is gonna be fucking great. Come on now. Open that sweet ass up. Relax. Relax.'

I reached up and grabbed onto his strong biceps as Billy continued entering my aching ass. He continued staring into my eyes as if to study my face to judge when to shove himself in even further.

'Yeah, that's the way. Open that ass up,' he repeated. 'Feel my big black cock inside of you, Ben. Feel it filling you up.'

'Oooh, yeah. Oh shit. Damn. Ooooh, aaaahhh...' I continually grunted as Billy slowly, deliberately pushed into me even deeper.

When his cock head massaged over my prostate, I quivered and my now hard cock jerked in reaction.

'Yeah, this is what you want, isn't it Ben? This is what your pretty little white ass needs,' Billy said.

'Oh, yeah, give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck my ass,' I found myself begging.

'Oooh, yeah, this is one tight ass,' Billy sighed, still looking down into my eyes.

Within a minute or so, I felt Billy's hand graze up against my upturned ass. He pulled it away and propped himself up with a hand on either side of me. Billy then pushed and wiggled his hips, driving his huge cock even deeper. I closed my eyes and squirmed below him, relaxing as best I could as Billy dug his cock up inside of me. When I felt his pubic hair scratch against me, I opened my eyes to find Billy's face directly above mine. His forehead touched mine and his eyes seemed to be boring into me.

'Yeah, you got it all now. How does that feel? You like having a big black cock buried up your tight white ass?' Billy asked.

'Yeah. Oh shit, yeah!' I practically screamed.

Billy pressed his lips to mine. I immediately opened wide as his tongue dove inside. As our tongues darted in and out, tasting the warm wetness of each other, Billy's strong, muscular body pressed down into me. I was now pinned down into the mattress by his hot, hard body and that burrowing python cock. I wrapped my legs around his lower back and reached my hands and arms around his broad shoulders. Finally, Billy began to slowly withdraw about halfway before pushing his thick manhood back in balls deep. Billy then broke off our kiss.

'Damn, I should have fucked this baby that night after you gave me that blow job,' Billy said, once again staring directly into my eyes.

'Well, you've got it now,' I sighed looking up into his eyes.

'Yes I do,' Billy simply stated.

As those words left his lips, Billy began to increase his tempo. He wormed his hands under my lower back and slipped his face down beside mine. I could feel the heat of his breath on my cheek and neck as Billy began to pump and thrust into me like some wild animal. I did my best to meet each hard driving thrust as we both were soon grunting and groaning in emphatic delight.

'Yeah! Yeah! Take my cock. Take it all up your hot ass,' Billy yelped.

I squirmed beneath him in delirium holding onto him tightly as his pelvic thrust reached a heightened crescendo. I was so caught up in the heat of the moment I suddenly realized my hands had moved down to grab onto Billy's taut, flexing ass cheeks. Suddenly, Billy pounded down into me and I pulled him in hard feeling that mighty cock almost digging into my guts. Billy then propped himself up and wiggled his hips again. The sensation of the huge, thick manhood grinding deep inside of me made me insanely horny. I grabbed my raging hard on and began to jerk it wildly. As I did, Billy began to pump my ass again, but at a slow, steady pace this time. His long, deep strokes soon had me on the brink.

'Come on, Ben, I wanna see you nut!' Billy demanded.

He need not ask twice. As he continued those slow excruciatingly pleasurable strokes in and out of my ass, my balls tightened up. Seconds later several gobs of cum spurted free and splashed up on my stomach and chest. I grunted and groaned as my orgasm hit.

'Oh, shit! Damn. Aaah! Aaaah! Aaah!' I gasped.

Just as the last cum volley smattered onto me, Billy grabbed my left leg, hoisted it up and twisted it and him around until I was on my back. Without once removing his thick cock from my burning ass, he then pulled me up onto my knees and began to fuck me doggie style. He pushed himself in tightly, totally embedding his cock deep inside of me. His hands then grabbed my hips, pulling me back into him.

'Yeah, time for me to nut, baby. I'm gonna fill this pretty white ass with my cum, Ben. I'm gonna breed your hot little man pussy,' Billy told me.

Within seconds, Billy was again pounding away at my ass. This time it seemed to be even more forceful and hard driving. I could hear the constant slapping of his body against mine as he viciously assaulted my willing hole. My head was now pressed up into the headboard of his bed. I simply gasped and grunted in time to each mind blowing, gut wrenching thrust. For his part, Billy was also grunting and groaning his pleasure. I reached up and grabbed onto the headboard with my hands.

'Yeah, arch that back. Gimme that ass, baby. Give it to me good!' Billy demanded. 'I'm gonna nut. I'm gonna nut!'

Billy then reached both his arms around me and pulled me back into him.

'Oooh, shit, yeah. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Aaaaaaaahhhhh....' he wailed.

His cock was fully jammed into me as Billy pulled me back tightly into his hard body. I could feel his hot breath in the nape of my neck as I felt his cock jerk and tremble up my fully crammed ass. Billy's strong harms held me tight as I placed my hands over his. My body was in total surrender. My ass fully impaled by his quaking cock. Both of our heaving, sweaty bodies were pressed together, forged into one heated unit of hot flesh. When the last of his powerful orgasm finally subsided we both simply fell into the bed exhausted and sated. I then noticed that the room had grown darker. Judging by the fading light from his bedroom window it had to be almost sunset. I attempted to try to discern what time it must be, how long we had been there, but simply stopped all such thoughts when I heard Billy sigh and reach over to pull me to him. Our lips met once again in a heated, sensuous kiss.

'You wanna spend the night,' Billy asked as his eyes were once again looking into mine.

Again, I didn't have to be asked twice. By the time morning hit and Billy fixed me a great breakfast, he had fucked me thoroughly two more times. By the time I left that morning I was sure it would take a full week to recover. We exchanged phone numbers. By mid week, Billy called and invited me over for dinner and some rented movies and now we're back at the beginning again. But that's the start of another story.


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