Sir, Boss, Master, ALPHA, GOD.... They are just words. Billy is all of these things; 6'4", muscle, ripped, tattooed, pure power, the man, the top of the food chain.

He Texts:

6pm, worship me. Billy.

I'm ready for him.

Around 6:00 I hear the keycard open the door of the hotel room. I stand to greet him as the door opens and the room fills with his presence. Billy is fresh from the gym; his body is shining with sweat, his veins thick beneath his skin and pulsing with raw power. The vest he has worked out in hangs from broad shoulders, clinging to his chest and wet with sweat. My nose fills with Billy's scent – sweat from a brutal workout, testosterone and raw animal aggression. It makes my head swim and my mouth fills with saliva, lubricating my throat ready to take him. My heart starts to race and blood swells my 9 inch dick; I'm big, but not compared to Billy. I drop to my knees in front of him, ready to serve.

I am at eye level with his shorts; the outline of his dick is clear, running down the length of his shorts and quickly getting bigger. Billy is stood over me, no words are needed, and he just stands, emanating his power as I drink it in. We stay like this for some time, all the while his shorts struggle to contain him but Billy isn't anywhere near hard yet. I can't resist and lean into his crotch, feel the heat from his massive dick close to my face. I am drunk on him and nothing matters but his pleasure.

A few moments more pass and Billy lets out a deep breath as he tips his head back, allowing the energy in his body to build, his muscles twitch as he stands solid and strong above me. Billy looks down over me, smiles and nods; he is ready to be worshipped.

I reach up and touch Billy's crotch. A surge rushes through him and he shivers. His hands clench as he struggles to control the demon inside – Hold him back as he fights to be released. The aggression is boiling, and will soon enough overwhelm him and explode.

I reach into his shorts and pull out his dick. Billy is the Alpha Male, and the heavy dick in my hands is testament. Not yet full, but filling my hands and heavy it is hot and ready to be worshipped. I release his dick and it hangs in front of his shorts, inches from my face. I move my hands behind my back look into Billy's eyes and open my mouth.

Billy needs to piss; he grabs his dick in one hand and places the other on my head to steady himself, as he would place his hand on the wall at a urinal. He releases his piss into me, I drink. As he is emptying his bladder he slowly moves forward and his semi hard cock slips into my mouth and then my throat, he is still pissing but now it is flowing straight into my stomach. My eyes are staring at his hard stomach as Billy takes what he needs from me. I can't breathe, but that doesn't matter. As he finishes I begin to struggle, I need air, my hands move to his thighs, instinctively trying to pull away. He is ready and his hand moves from the top of my head to the back, I'm held in place, there is no choice. I know that.

As the world goes black for me, Billy pulls from my throat. I collapse and take a deep lungful of air. Billy smiles and walks away, I follow.

The bathroom is well lit, tiled floor to ceiling with a huge mirror. Billy stands in the middle of the room in front of the mirror, proud and strong. I remove his vest, his trainers, and his shorts. He is stood naked, legs shoulder width apart, arms to his side, slightly away from his torso, bent at the elbows and fists clenched, and he looks ready to fight.

I am in the room with him, but he does not see me, he only sees himself in the mirror, he admires his work, he is everything. I work fast; using a sponge I wipe his body clean. I pour warm water on Billy's head and it runs down his face, across his strong jaw and thick neck, over deep hard pecs and down each individual abdominal muscle. I allow myself to taste the sweat from under his arm and take a deep lungful of his scent. His power fills my nose. I clean his body to the waist and kneel behind him. Billy allows me to taste the sweat from his ass; I devour him hard, tasting more of him.

His legs are cleaned but I miss his dick, its scent is too good to wash away. Billy's body is clean, shining with moisture and his dick is still growing, from a soft 8 inches, he is now nearly hard, and close to his full 11 inches. He will be there soon, but when Billy is with me, he is harder than usual, his weapon is white hot, the veins are close to tearing through his skin, and there is no give in it, solid as steel, thicker than my forearm. Created to hurt everyone he fucks; 11 inches of raging weapon.

I open a bottle of oil and pour it into my hands. Billy stands strong, breathing deeply, eyes focused on his reflection. I work the oil into his skin, pulling my hands down his arms to the tips of his fingers. Working from his shoulders and down into the small of his back. Pushing my hands into his chest as he stands firm. Wiping down his stomach. Kneading each leg from his thighs to his toes.

Billy is stood, head to toe in oil, shining, hard, and powerful.

Billy's dick is pouring pre cum. The demon is rising. His eyes are dark and focused. His breathing deep and heavy. He is stood before me, hungry.

Billy's right hand moves, fast. He grabs me by the throat and pulls me towards him, turning my body so I am stood facing the mirror with Billy behind me. I look into the mirror and into Billy's eyes. They are wide; I can see the demon inside him. His left hand moves to my waist, he is positioning me.

We both breathe deeply, never breaking eye contact, his meat is lining up at my ass. I read his eyes; he is ready to take what he needs. I stand strong, ready. Billy breathes in sharply and drives his dick into me; my ass is forced open as he powers himself into his fuckhole. Every inch is driven into my guts, forcing my legs to part and my ass to give in to it. Billy's hands hold me in place as he continues pushing himself into me. I can feel him inside me, stretching my guts beyond what they can take but still there is more to come. Billy has reached deep inside me and I am full. He holds himself there for a few seconds as he enjoys his dick wrapped in warm flesh. He slowly pivots his hard ass and his massive dick withdraws from me, before driving back in until his stomach hits my ass. His dick pushes into my ass ignoring any internal resistance from my body, mechanically driving deep into me.

Billy walks me to the wall, all the time pumping my ass with unconscious movements. I hit the wall and I am pressed hard to it. Billy moves his right hand from my throat to the back of my head and pushes my face to the wall. I am pinned by my head, with my body hanging below being abused.

Billy isn't here anymore, he has lost control, the red mist that clouds over his eyes has enveloped him and now the demons are in charge. The fucking gathers pace, harder, deeper, faster. Billy is slamming into me, pulling all 11 inches out of my ass before using his entire body to force it back in. My ass is ripped open, I can't move, I am pinned to the wall and my ass is being pounded with a massive dick. My guts are pulverised and Billy is slam fucking me, His breathing is ragged on my neck and specked with saliva as the animal in him takes over.

Billy grinds into me deeper and harder as he gets close. I hang from the wall as he takes what he wants for his pleasure. That's how it works, Alphas take what they want, if you present yourself to them, you give your body for their pleasure.

As every muscle in Billy's body is driving his massive dick into me harder and deeper, he is getting close to exploding. The air is full of aggression and power, Billy is smashing the fuckhole in front of him into the wall. He starts to growl, rising from deep in his gut, short grunts at first, quickly building to a deep roaring growl as Billy dumps his cum into my guts, my feet leave the floor and my head is dragged up the wall as billy fucks his cum up into my guts, hard.

Time freezes as he stands unloading into me, and Billy relaxes and we drop to a standing position. Billy holds on as he regains composure. His massive meat is still inside me as our breathing returns to normal.

Billy steps away and his dick rips out of me. I am empty. I follow Billy to the bed and he falls onto it. I move alongside him and suck him into my throat I can taste his cum. It won't be long before he gets hard again....



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