I was in rural Tennessee when I ran out of gas. It was very rural, even backwoodsy; a place where you probably didn't want to be stranded after dark. It was high noon and hot. I'd turned off the highway at a truck stop and headed into the hill country and I'd misjudged the distance. My truck coughed and rolled to a stop almost before I got it off the road. I still didn't know how far I was from the truck stop or the town but I grabbed my camera and started walking in that direction.

I was barely a mile down the narrow gravel road when an old pickup pulled up beside me.

"That your truck back there?" I heard the voice before I saw the head out the window.

"Yes, I ran out of gas."

"Hop in."

I climbed in the truck, trying to keep my eyes from raking over the youth's body.

"We need to go back and push it off the road some more," he said as he swerved into a lane and turned around.

Back at my truck we both got out and he told me guide the truck while he pushed it. I thought I would guide it from the road but he proved to quite capable of pushing it by himself. When he was satisfied it was off the road enough we got back in his truck. He did some expert maneuvering to get his pickup turned around in the road and we headed back towards the town.

"My name's Billie Bob," he said, putting out a strong hand.

"Eric Keating," I said. He had a good grip. He had a good everything, much of which was beautifully displayed in a pair of old, worn denim cutoffs. Little wonder, I thought, that he was able to push the truck by himself. He had legs that could move a tank. The rest of him was equally muscular. The muscles in his right room bulged and danced as he steered the truck, and I caught glimpses of his thick chest muscles rippling. His stomach sloped down beautifully, the muscles stacked like smooth bricks.

I tried not to look so it'd be noticed but the kid was gorgeous and about the hottest I'd seen in a long time. I tried to focus on the scenery but for some reason the scenery on his side of the road was better, because it took in his awesome, mostly-bare body. There was a framed picture of a girl attached to the dashboard and I focused on that.

"That's my girlfriend," he said with a sly grin.

"She's very pretty," I said. And she was in a rural sort of way. She had on a halter top that looked strained to contain her tits and I noticed it was held together in front by a tied bow.

"She's even prettier in the picture in the back," he said. He reached over and took the frame out of the bracket and handed it to me. "There's a picture in back of that one. Slip it out and have a look."

My eyes bugged out when I removed the picture. The other picture was a bust shot; in this one she was stunningly naked.


"Yeah, she's sumpin' ain't she," he said proudly. "She's shaved, see?" he said, pointing to the picture.

"Yes, I noticed."

"She did that for me. Cause I like to eat her out and I was all the time picking hair from my mouth."

"That was considerate of her," I said.

"Yeah, now I can find her clit easier. She loves it when I lick her clit."

I would've been uncomfortable hearing such intimate details but Billie was so casual and matter of fact, it was warming.

"My Mom don't like her. Tells me to stay away from her; says she's a slut. She may be, but she's my slut. And I ain't staying away from her. She was my first piece of ass, and I figure if she's willing to take my cherry, then I sort of owe her."

His backwoods logic amused me.

"I know she's fucked other guys, but not all that many. And she always comes back to me, she says because I'm the best."

"Well, I'm sure the way you're built has something to do with that," I said.

"She likes my body, for sure."

"Can I ask how old you are?"

"Sure. I'm nineteen. I figure that's plenty old enough to decide things for myself. You'd think my Mom would get over it, since I've been fucking Sheryl for three years now. I think she's afraid I'm gonna marry her. And I might. We haven't talked about it and I'm not hankering to get married any time soon but I just might one of these days." He glanced over at me and I knew by his look that he'd caught me looking at him, which I was doing while he talked. "How about you?" he asked. "Your license plates are Michigan. What're you doing down here in hill country? Got something to do with that fancy camera you're carrying?"

"Yes, I'm a freelance photographer," I said.

"Free-lance, that means you don't work for anybody."

"That's right. I sell my pictures."

He swerved to avoid hitting an animal that darted out in front of him. We talked some more and twice more he caught me looking at him when I pretended to be looking at the scenery on his side. No matter what I couldn't seem to keep eyes forward.

"Look at this," he said pointing some deer in the field on his side.

When I looked I noticed that he'd undone the top two buttons of his cutoffs. Fuck, he had caught on to me. I was busted. Not that I cared except that I didn't know how he felt about something like that. If he was a homophobe and setting me up, well, he could do some real damage with those muscles. I knew he knew I'd noticed his jeans were undone but I ignored it. Or tried to while I pondered my next move....whether to make one, or to go on ignoring him. The latter I couldn't do. He was just too damned hot, and now, possibly inviting.

He tugged on the inseam of the left leg of his cutoffs. "I gotta get me a new pair of shorts. Been wearin' these since I was a freshman."

"Not many guys your age can still wear their freshman clothes," I said.

"I can still wear my old shorts and jeans but not my shirts. I outgrew my shirts on a regular basis. Hey, do you wanta stop and take some pictures, like that deer back there?" he asked.

"He wouldn't still be there, would he?" I asked.

"Might be. And if he's not, there'll be more deer. We've got lots of deer around here." He chuckled. "And that wasn't a buck, it was a doe."


I glanced over when he tugged on the other inseam, then he undid another button. He smiled that I was looking.

"You don't mind me undoing my jeans, do you? They bind when I'm sittin' down."

"No, not at all," I said. Fuck No, I wanted to say.

"I sorta didn't think so," he said with a sly grin.

Suddenly I felt empowered to make a move. Still a little scared, but empowered. I reached over and put my hand on his bare thigh. He smiled and pulled the flaps of his fly apart, exposing his white shorts. They were tugged low on his hips, down to the hairline. As I rubbed his thigh and squeezed the hard muscle he reached over and clasped his hand around the back of my neck.

"Come on over here. No reason to be scared, I'm not a homophobe. I got nothing against fags. I say God bless 'em. They do a great service to mankind, and right now I could use some servicing."

I had tensed up at first but as he spoke, I relaxed and let him pull my head down to his crotch. I breathed in his male musk and that sent a tremor down my spine. My face pressed against bare flesh and my lips brushed over his pubes.

"If you're hungry for cockmeat, get down there and help yourself," he said as he pushed my head deeper into his crotch.

I went to work with my tongue, wetting his pubes that were exposed over the top of his shorts, and groped the bulge through his jeans. I undid the last button and shoved my hand down inside his jeans. He pushed his bulging shorts into my hand. He felt big and meaty.

"We can shove these down," he said huskily as he lifted his butt off the seat and tugged at his cutoffs.

Together we worked them down to his knees. The view was greatly enhanced, with the mighty bulge resting between his massive thighs. His shorts were the bare minimum, the bulk of his manhood tugging the waist down to expose even more of his pubes. I was rubbing his leg muscles again when he pushed my face down into his crotch again. I met it with an open mouth, and began mouthing the soft, white material. I felt his cock coming alive, wondering if I would be able to handle it.

He was twisting his butt around on the seat, pushing his manhood against my face. He got impatient then, and shoved the front of his shorts down. His cock tumbled out over the waistband and he tucked his shorts under his hefty balls. Holy Shit. He was so big! The shaft was thick as a beer can. The only way I could get my hand around it was to squeeze my fingers. Not hard yet, the head hung heavily from the shaft; one of the most beautiful cockheads I'd ever seen. A perfect cut by the doctor left it exposed in all its glory, a mushroom that would swell to the size of a baseball.

"Go ahead, suck it," he said, his voice a husky whisper.

I lifted his cock in my hand and crooked my neck to take the head in my mouth.

"Awwhh, yeah, use your tongue," he moaned.

I did, gladly. The head was about all I could manage at first but I gave it the best tongue bath I knew how. He rewarded me with wonderful moans and groans and a steady stream of precum. It was so sweet and fresh; I could hardly wait to get his load and see how that tasted.

"Fuck, man, I'm gonna find a place to pull off before I run us in the ditch," he said.

We drove a little ways down the gravel road till he turned off. All the while he had one hand on the back of my head so I didn't know where we were till he stopped and turned off the truck. I rose up to see that we were in a cornfield, along the fence but well hidden by the brush and overgrowth of vines. He turned in the seat facing me and shoved his shorts down and I took them off over his heavy boots. He cocked one knee against the back of the seat and slung his other leg over the edge of the seat. His cock was hard now, standing almost straight up and swaying back and forth with each throb. He was massively endowed.

"Now you can get to me," he said.

I leaned into his crotch and nuzzled his balls. He smelled so good down there, of man/boy musk and a recent shower. I kissed and licked his balls and started to take one in my mouth but he shoved his cock at me. I took it, a little more than the head in this position. He clasped one meaty hand around my head, urging me to take more. I didn't think I could, but I tried. We both tried, him pushing my head down and me trying bravely to allow the huge head into my throat.

Again, Billie got impatient. He brought his other hand around my head. "Okay, let's go for broke. Let's do it," he said and with that he pulled my head down hard, forcing the head of his cock into my throat. My neck stiffened but it was no match for his powerful arms and I found myself being slowly impaled on the monstrous cock.

My Godd, he'll kill me, I thought, and in a panic I gagged and choked. He let me up but kept one hand around my head while he dug down in the side pocket of the door with his other hand. He brought out a small brown bottle and deftly uncapped it with his one hand.

"Here's some courage," he said, as he held it down to my nose, squeezing one nostril closed with his thumb. I took a short hit and he held it there for me to take another, which I did. Then he switched nostrils. I took another couple of hits.

My head was spinning. I was seeing little black and silver stars and I felt the raw lust expanding, blocking out all but the intense desire for this incredibly sexy boy. In that bare half minute or so I was consumed with lust and desire to do his bidding and make him happy. Nothing else mattered; nothing except his muscular body and his enormous cock and the smell of his manhood that wafted up from his crotch. His musk was intoxicating.

"Now see how you manage." The voice came from somewhere far off but it was Billie's voice, and it was Billie's magnificent body laid out before me and Billie's cock in my mouth, and I was at his mercy, which he showed none. I allowed him to impale me on his cock again. Not that I had any choice but I offered no resistance now. On the contrary, I would've fought him for his cock if he'd tried to take it away from me. I couldn't remember being so hot in my life. Once impaled, I gobbled his cock like a hungry wolf. He assisted by thrusting his cock at me, fucking my throat like it was his own private pussy. He set his own rhythm and soon he was thrusting so hard that the truck was rocking and I could hear the soft, steady squeak of the spring.

"Holy Fuckin' Shit! I'm cumming!" he cried out.

I wanted his cock in my mouth to taste his load but Billie had other ideas and I got it in my throat; the bulk of it anyway. He was a hard and powerful cummer. I could feel the swell of each load move up his cock, one after another, and blast into the depths of my throat, while I fought my gag reflex; I did not want to ruin it by gagging. Toward the end his grip on my head relaxed and I was able to rise up enough so his cock was belching cum into my mouth, and there was enough that he flooded my tongue. Godd, he tasted wonderful! I savored it as I sloshed the stuff around his cockhead, till he couldn't stand it anymore and he eased my head away.

"Fuck, dude, I can't take any more of that wicked tongue of yours," he gasped. His cock fell heavily against his thigh and lay over his balls. It was still oozing cum and I dove in to capture it.

"Can't let that sweet nectar go to waste," I said. He laughed.

"Godddamn! I've had a few blowjobs but I never had anything like that before!"

"I'm glad I was able to do it for you," I said as I kissed the inside of his thigh. "You are so fuckin' hot, Billie....do you think we can do it again?"

"Not right this minute, but hell yeah, I can work it up again for you," he said as he pulled his cutoffs up and settled into the seat.

"You damn near drowned me with that load," I said as I rose up. "Man, you cum like a horse."

"So I've been told."

He started the engine. "I've always cum a lot." He laughed softly as we were pulling out of the cornfield. "I remember when I shot my first load. My friend and I were having a jackoff session and he was excited 'cause he was going to show me how he could shoot. Neither one of us had ever shot a load. Damn if he didn't beat me to it, but I was still pretty excited to see him shoot even though I was jealous. Then he reached for my cock and asked if I wanted to get him off. It was the first time we'd ever touched each other's cocks, but I took hold of his. He was able to cum before me, but I was proud that my cock was way bigger than his. So we're stroking each other's cocks and his hand is feeling pretty damned good on my cock, and suddenly he moans that he's getting close. Well, fuck if I didn't beat him to it. My cock started spewing out cum like nobody's business, like it was shooting out real hard in long ropes, all thick and it was splattering all over my friend's belly and chest. It was funny, the look on his face and the way he said, "Holy Shit, Billie!" as I was white washing him. Fact was, I was as surprised as he was. Then he started cumming." He paused to laugh again. "It was fuckin' pitiful, his load was, compared to mine. I was proud as hell, but I felt kinda sorry for him. He was the first to be able to shoot a load, but now I could too, and I shot off ten times more than he did, besides my cock being way bigger. We never jacked off together after that. I think he was embarrassed."

He remarked that the gas station was just up ahead and I told him to slow down because I had a hardon from listening to his story. He slowed down to a crawl and my cock wasn't quite so hard by the time we pulled into the station.

"Got a man out of gas, Harlan," he said to the station attendant as he was already getting a gas can from the front of the station. He pumped the gas while I went in to get us something cold to drink. I paid the man and in short order we were on our way back to my truck.

"You wanta pull off in the cornfield again?" Billie asked me.

"Yeah, if you're up to it," I said.

"Hell, I was getting up to it when we were pulling out of the cornfield," he said laughing.

When we came to the field he pulled in and drove back to the same spot. He turned off the engine and started undoing his cutoffs. "I thought of somethin' when we were driving back....it never dawned on me at the time, but when I shot my load, you took it like a real trooper, then you didn't spit it out. You fuckin' swallowed it."

"Of course. It'd be a shame to let it go to waste, after I worked so hard to get it."

He laughed and turned in the seat, cocking his leg up like before. I dove in for the kill, swallowing his meat more easily now. He didn't bother with his hands on my head this time; he knew I wanted it bad enough that I didn't need any help. Also this time, he brought his left foot up from the floorboard and worked it into my crotch. I reached down and adjusted his boot so it was pushing against my cock.

"It's not gonna be a flood this time," he told me. "Haven't had time to manufacture that much cum."

I rose up from his cock. "I'll take whatever you give me."

We were going along, more languidly this time when suddenly he asked. "Do you fuck?"

I rose up again. "I have, but never with a cock this size."

"Okay, but do you wanta try it? We can always stop if it don't work out. I'd sure like to plug that fine ass of yours."

I smiled coyly. "I didn't know you noticed my ass, Billie."

"Well, I did." He rose up in the seat, moving away from me. "Let's give it a try, what do you say?"

I was excited with the prospect, but also a little frightened. But was I going to tell him no? Not in a million years. I knew deep down that he would fuck me one way or another and he wouldn't have to force me. I started to take off my clothes, thinking we were going to do it in the truck, or at least I would stand down, bent over the seat, but again, Billie had other ideas.

"It's too crowded in the truck. Let's take it outside," he said as he opened his door.

"Are you sure on one will come along?"

"Can't be sure of anything, but I doubt it." He didn't even bother taking his cutoffs, he left them laying on the seat.

He got out and he came around to my side of the truck. Right away he started helping me out of my clothes, taking every opportunity to feel my butt.

"Fuck, dude, your ass is almost mouthwatering."

I wondered if he meant to rim me, but I couldn't imagine him doing it. And he didn't. He just liked feeling my ass. Again, I thought we do it with me leaned over the seat. But that wasn't to be. When I was as naked as he was, he led me around to the back of the truck and put the tailgate down. He patted the tailgate and I bent over it, sprawled across the warm steel of the truck bed. It felt good against my bare skin. So did Billie's big, rough hands on my bare butt.

"Spit's all I got for lube," he said, but here, you can use this stuff again." He handed me the poppers. I took the bottle; I had a feeling I was going to need it.

While he was playing with my butt and exploring my hole, I started taking small hits from the poppers. I heard him spit and next I felt his slick fingers probing my asshole. I didn't expect him to be gentle and he wasn't. He probed and gouged my hole roughly, and then I felt the head of his cock.

"Better take a couple more hits," he said as he clasped his big hands around my hip bones. I felt the pressure and breathed in more of the acrid aroma from the little brown bottle till I felt like I was lifting off. I felt his thrust and cried out as he impaled me on his huge meat, all the way in, till my asshole locked tightly around the root of his cock.

"Holy Fuckin Shit! I didn't think anything could feel as good as you sucking my dick, but this's got that beat even."

I heard the sound of his voice but barely made out the words. Words didn't matter. All that mattered was the huge slab of cockmeat sliding back and forth through my innards. I didn't take any more hits. I laid the bottle aside and rode it out. By the time the stuff wore off my asshole was stretched to fit his cock like a glove and I was high on lust. I'd never been so well fucked in my life, and my mind was clear enough to think how we could do this again, and again....how I could somehow stay in Tennessee, or have Billie come to my hometown. I could think but I couldn't complete the thoughts. My brain was too rattled by the incessant pounding I was getting. And the truck springs squeaked softly.

His load wasn't as big as the first one but his climax was just as powerful. I felt his cum shooting inside me as he brutalized my ass. I reached out and gasped the sides of the truck bed. Billie cocked one boot up on the tailgate for better leverage, then he grabbed my ankles and brought my legs up, bending me nearly in half as he finished the task.

When he'd drained himself of his semen and bull-like energy, he let my boots fall to the ground and he leaned over me, heavy and delightfully slick with sweat. Suddenly he was kissing my neck and the side of my face, licking off my sweat. It surprised the hell out of me.

"I said it about the blowjob and I'll say it about your ass. I never ever in my life fucked anything so sweet and alive as your ass." He chuckled softly, his abs rippling across my back. "Fuck, dude, I think I'm gonna keep your tight ass for my own. I'm gonna kidnap you and keep you here in Tennessee."

I didn't say it but I was thinking it; you read my mind, Billie.

Back in the truck, we drove on with Billie whistling a tune. "How long you planning on being in Tennessee?" he asked.

"Now that I've seen your beautiful state, I think till I get enough pictures to make a saleable portfolio."

"I don't what that is but it sounds like it's gonna take you more'n a couple of days," he said. "I could take you around, show you places where not many people get to, where there's lots of wildlife and natural beauty."

"That'd be great, Billie, and I would pay you to be my guide."

"A crack at that fine ass every day or so and getting my cock sucked on the off days would be pay enough," he said.

"That besides the pay," I told him. "And if you'd be part of the wildlife."

"You mean....you wanta take pictures of me? What kind of pictures?"

"Any and all kinds you'd let me take," I replied.

He flashed me a knowing grin and a quiet chuckle. "You're talking about naked pictures, ain't you."

"And more if you'd let me. And if you've got any friends who might be photogenic, them too."

"You'll be needing a place to stay. I'd recommend the Pine Ridge motel. It's nothing fancy but it's reasonable and the rooms are clean." He laughed again. "And happens to be the only motel in town."

"Well, then, the Pine Ridge it is," I said. "Would you mind dropping me off there?"

"Sure thing. And you might could start taking some of those pictures right there in the room."

He drove me to the motel and pulled up in front but didn't get out.

"Aren't you coming in? If you wanta start taking pictures right away," I said.

"You get settled in and get your camera set up. I'll be back in a little bit with a couple more guys. But don't mention you're payin' me, okay? You won't have to pay 'em; they'll settle for a good fuck and some cocksuckin'."

The End


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