A bill collector knocked on my door around 6 one lazy rainy Friday afternoon. He was a little taller than me, maybe 6 foot 3 and well built. You could tell he kept himself in shape. Mid-40s, white male, a solid 225 and jet black hair that wasn’t combed. I invited him in and explained I didn’t have the entire amount right then. “But I’ll give you what cash I have.”He wasn’t pleased.

 I quickly spun around to grab my wallet. I missed and the wallet hit the floor. I squatted to get it and stood up with my arm out handing him the money.He took it out of my hand and asked, “What are we going to do about the rest of the money?”I asked if there was anything I could do. He looked me dead in my eyes and said, “I can forgive some of what you owe. If you do something for me?”I quickly asked,“Sure what is it?”“I’ll forget about 25% of what you owe if you show me what you’re wearing under those jeans!”

I was shocked. Then it hit me. I had the day off and had gotten horny for a hard cock. So I’d hit the shower where I got out my toys and played with myself in the shower, all the time thinking of a live hard cock in my throat and then pounding my ass.When I was done and all cleaned up, I’d put on a thong that one of my ‘sometimes’ girlfriend had left here for future visits. So when I squatted he’d seen that I was wearing a white lace thong.Since I was horny and really wanted a cock I checked out the outline in his tight well-worn jeans. What I saw sent my mind spinning. He was semi hard and it looked great. Long and thick as my wrist.

 I turned with my ass facing him. Then I unzipped and slowing slid my loose fitting jeans off my hips and down my legs. I purposely bend over to remove them from my feet so my thong covered ass was exposed to him. Well, somewhat covered.I bent over and put my hands on the couch, looked over my shoulder and said,” Is that what you wanted?”As he walked slowly towards me I turned to face him. He looked me in the eyes again with a bit of a grin on his face and asked, “Do you want to see it? Touchit? Watch it get hard?”My mind was screaming YES as I stood there imagining his cock in my hand.Feeling it throb as it got harder and bigger.Then he said, “Ok, I’ll take another 24% off. Take it out of my jeans,” he ordered. “If I’m gonna pay for it. You’ll do as I say.”“25%,” I said as I looked up as him from my knees.“Yes, now do it!” he said gruffly.

 I could hardly contain myself from ripping his jeans open, but didn’t want him to know I was enjoying this. He seemed to get off on being in charge of a mouth and an ass that he can do as he pleases with. I wondered how far he would go.Reaching out, I unzipped his jeans. When I pulled them open, I could smell his strong scent. Hewore no underwear. I could tell immediately he was well groomed.As I lowered his jeans I felt his very tight abs and his ass was like stone as I slid his jeans off his ass. Then his cock was in my face. It was almost hard but still wasn’t too its full glory yet. It was throbbing and heavy in my hand. Mesmerized I slowly stroked it.I looked at his growing cock in my hand and then up at his face. He had his head down watching as I stroked his cock. A low moan came from his lips.“I’ll give you another 25% off if you suck it,”he growled.

 I quickly slid my mouth over the big reddish/purple head and as much of his cock as I could get in my mouth. “This is going to take some doing to get it down my throat,” I thought.He groaned,“Uuuugh,” and took my head I his hands as I started to suck.I began to suck it faster. Bobbing my head, I forced more and more of his huge cock deeper down my throat each time.He pulled my head back by my hair, took his now very hard cock and rubbed over my face. Sliding it as far back down my throat as he could. Then pulling it back out and rubbing my saliva that cover his cock over my lips he slides it back in mouth and said, “Suck it.”I took it in my mouth as if I was starved for it. Keeping a steady pace, I sucked harder and faster. Gripping the sides of my head, he pumped his hips, fucking my mouth harder and harder as I sucked.I took his cock in my hand and licked the underside of his cock from his balls to his mushroom shape head. Where I licked the pre-cum from the tip.I looked up at him and asked, “Do you want to fuck me?” I continued licking his cock and sucking the mushroom head as I watched his face. He closed his eyes leaned his head back and then out a deep moan as he grabbed my hair and thrust his cock down my throat. He pried my mouth off his cock as my mouth struggled to keep it.With a nod of his head he motioned to me to stand up. Licking his shaved balls. Then taking his cockin his hand he slapped my saliva covered face with his hard cock.I slowly stood.

Grabbing me by the shoulders, he quickly turned me around to face the couch.I quickly handed him the lube and condoms from the end table at the end of the couch, before I dropped down onto my elbows on the seat cushions. My ass was sticking up offering itself to anything he wanted.I started to pull the thong off but his powerful hand stopped me. “Leave it on while I fuck you,” he said.I felt his hands squeeze both butt cheeks then slap one side as he spread my checks with his other thumb. He pulled the thin thong to the side and I felt the coolness of the lube and knew what was to come. His thumb began to rub my tight hole. I had not been fucked in quite some time. I was glad I had loosened things up a little earlier in the shower. It was still going to be a wonderful challenge to take all of him though. He put his thumb against my sphincter and started to push his thumb into my opening ass. He twisted it and probed deeper until he had it all way inside me.He started stroking his thumb in my ass. Then he pulled it out and slide two of his fingers into me. I let out a moan of my own. Once he had stroked my asswith four fingers, he seemed satisfied that hiscock would be able to slide in easier. I felt him come up against me. God my ass ready for his cock. He slapped my ass with his cock. Then told me to get ready and spread my ass for him.

When I did as I was told, I felt his cock head at my backdoor knocking to get in. I gasp as he pushes his big mushroom head past the door. My ass complained some, but the feeling was incredible. He held perfectly still as he and I both begin to breath heavier with thoughts of what is to come.Taking his time, he pushed deeper into my ass, enjoying each grunt or groan he forces out of me.Stopping without warning, he slowly withdraws his cock from my ass. Just as his cock left my ass he slammed it all the way back into my ass with one powerful thrust. I literally scream with pleasure.Without skipping a beat, he pulled almost all the way out of my ass and quickly thrust it back even deeper.My head now down in the couch cushions, I’m gripping the couch as I thrust my ass back to meet his thrusts.Both of us moaning and grunting, slamming into each other harder and harder. I told him between groans that I wanted him to cum on my face and in my mouth.He said, “I’m not done with your ass yet. I want my monies worth and I’m going to enjoy this tight ass until you walk funny tomorrow and the next day.”   

 Excitement and some fear flashed through my mind as he quickly flipped me over and raised my legs above his broad shoulders. “Look at me,” he said. “Now watch as I put my wholecock in your ass and give you the fucking you want. Just like the whore you are trading your ass for money.”His words excited me. I was being his whore. Right now he owned me and I was letting him. How far would he go? How far would I go? These thought quickly left my head as I watched his cock slide deep into my ass.When I looked at his face, he looked at me and smiled. His smile was one of both pleasure and evil intentions at the same time. He pulled back out and thrusted hard and fast. He kept pounding my open ass with the full length of his cock harder and faster.I could feel his balls slapping against my ass and knew he was totally inside me. A satisfied smile crossed my lips. I heard myself almost screaming, “Harder,Harder. Fuck me harder!”

 This guy did workout. He kept pounding me with the full length of his fat cock. Pounding me still harder, he grunted, “I’m gonna cover your face with my cum, whore.”I could feel his whole body stiffen and knew he would cum soon.He pulled out suddenly and roughly pushed me to the floor. I was on my knees as he turned towards me, grabbed my hair and roughly pulled it back.“Open your mouth whore,” he snapped.Obediently I opened my mouth wide craving his hot cum. I watch his fist fly up and down the length of his huge hard cock. “Feed me your cum. Give it to me,” I moaned.He screamed out, “Here’s your final payment, whore.”The first shot landed half in my mouth and half on my chin. I whipped my tongue out to greedily capture as much as I could. He took his cock and pushed his hot thickcum into my willing mouth.Holding my head back by pulling hard on my hair, shot after shot flew from his throbbing cock. I was loving every hotshot. My mouth was full to overflow with his creamy cum.  Oozing out of the corners of my mouth, cum ran down my chin. I had to swallow. His cum was sweet and tangy.He kept pushing his cum into my mouth. I swallowed several times enjoying every drop.“Now clean my cock,whore,” he commanded. As I lickedall the cum off his cock, he said, “Next month I’ll cum in your ass.”He got dressed and then signed my receipt.  It said, “Paid in Full.”  “See you next month,”he said over his shoulder as he closed the door behind him.

 I was still on my knees trying to catch my breath as the door closed. I can’t wait until the bill comes due again next month.



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