I smelled Leon's musty leather jacket, my face pressed against his shoulder, my arms wrapped around his taut waist as we sped through the chilly November night. His big Harley growled under us as he downshifted through a turn in the snaky road.

We were on our way to Jugs, the leather biker bar in the next town. I had only heard about it, my friends telling me stories of hot encounters and the trouble you could find behind the black brick storefront that stood at the edge of town. It was mixed; gay and straight, as there were not many places to go in this neck of the woods, and what the fuck, live and let live, right? The only thing that tied the rough patrons to each other was a love of bikes, the love of bikers and the need for hard sex.

I could feel Leon's chest heaving under his jacket. His thick brown ponytail was whipping across my cheek as I slipped my hands under the coarse leather and grasped his huge pectorals. They filled my hands, nipples hard on my palms, his stiff chest hair creeping from beneath the thin knit of his wifebeater tank. I felt my cock getting hard in my jeans as the humming cycle throbbed on my balls, my thighs wrapped around his sturdy hips. The dark countryside whizzed past, the moon flashing through the inky black trees that grew thick and impenetrable on either side of the winding road.

I had met Leon earlier at the bookstore. I never have sex there, even though it is set up for encounters of the most extreme type. It has game rooms and private video booths, and the sounds of copulation come through the walls as you browse the aisles of tapes out front. The muffled slaps and screams coming from the darkened doorways would make me shudder, wishing I could join in but I was always too chicken to venture back there.

Leon was at the back of the video aisles, checking out some straight 'pussy and tits' stuff. He rifled through the titles, his hand rubbing the generous bulge in his Levi's as he made his selections. I sighed at the thought of the big hot biker fucking some sloppy cunt, when he could have my tight little ass anytime he wanted! I imagined what he looked like naked, the leather and denim stripped from his powerful torso. I was probably drooling when I realized he was looking right at me. His big brown eyes penetrated right to my core, and a wicked grin passed over his stubbled face.

He passed me on the way to the cashier, roughly pushing me out of his way.

'Faggot' he hissed, as I fell back into the shelf. I shook with submission, the sexual energy of his body touching mine, the threat of violence, the anticipation of him overpowering me with brute force. I'm a total sub-bottom, and make no mistake, I like to be manhandled. Leon was enough to make me cum in my BVD's.

He left the store and headed out to his shiny chrome bike parked at the end of the lot. I found a crappy suck n' fuck to jerk off to, and checked out. He was still out there when I stepped into the cold night, leaning on his Harley and smirking at me as I passed him to my car.

'Hey! Faggot. C'mere.' He said confidently as I stepped off the curb. 'I got somethin' I havet'a ask ya!' I still had time to dash to my car. I could get in, and be gone before he could even reach the door. I could drive away and never see the son-of-a-bitch again. I turned around and went to him. I hugged my jacket tightly, as the icy wind blew the dried leaves in a whirl around our feet.

'Where do you live, pussy-boy?'

'Just around the block, on Johnson Street' I replied.

'I have a crib in Tannersfield. So fuckin' far to get to this goddam video store. Only place around though, if you want porn!' He laughed. He gestured to the plastic bag he had strapped to the seat with a bungee cord. It held about three CDs.

'I got some fuckin' sick stuff, but don't wanna fuckin' drive all the way back to Tannersfield to get off, Y'know?' He said. 'How bout you let me come over to your place to use your setup? I'll let you watch me jerk; I know that would fuckin' turn on a cocksucker like you, right?'

He was right, and I said okay immediately. I went to my car and Leon followed me around the block, parking his bike on the side of the house as I opened the apartment and let the man inside. It occurred to me that he could have simply used one of the private booths at the bookstore, gotten himself off and been on his way. I got a rush thinking about the ulterior motive Leon might have for inviting himself into my apartment.

'I'm Leon, boy. What's your name?'

'Jimmy, sir...' I sounded like a schoolboy at roll call. 'Jimmy Gordon.'

'Well, Jimmy Gordon, why don't you find me a beer or something, and I'll get myself comfortable.' He said, as he shucked off his leather jacket and headed to the bookshelf to set up his CD in the video player. I went to the kitchen and pulled out a Corona. I considered putting a lime in the neck, but decided that was a little too gay for Leon. I'm sure he prefers his beer straight. I poured myself a glass of Merlot and came back into the living room.

The television was displaying images of a blonde slut going down on a very large man. His gut was substantial and hairy, and his dick was large and uncut. The woman was flicking her tongue around the foreskin. The man began cooing obscenities at her as she did her business.

'Mmmmn, this one is fuckin' great. I seen this babe before, she is one hot chick. Took two goddam dicks at once in the last movie I saw her in!'

The silver-blue light of the monitor bathed the room with an electric glow. I watched as Leon struggled out of his jeans, and began to rub his cock through the fabric of his boxers. He swigged deeply on the Corona, and slipped his cock out of his trunks. He was already semi-erect, and his hard-on began growing as he scratched at his potent balls, held firmly at the base in the elastic waistband of his trunks. Leon's wifebeater was up around his chest and I saw his incredible abdominals, a classic six-pack.

'Lissen, buddy, get comfortable. Relax and enjoy the show.' Leon said, as the CD played out on the screen. 'Sit over here next to me, pussy-boy!' I downed the wine in one gulp and slid down on the couch next to the big hot man. He was mesmerized by the screen, one hand firmly gripping his beer, the other pulling long strokes on his massive penis. 'Go ahead; pull your little pee-pee out and start jerkin', man. I looked up at the scene on the screen. The man had hung the woman's head over the side of the bed, and he was fucking her face with brutal thrusts, the blonde's head jerking violently against the mattress with every punch of the man's cock.

'The dude getting blown your type? Or is anyone with a freakin' schlong your type?!' he said with a smug sneer.

'Yeah, he's pretty hot. Nice dick.' I said weakly.

Actually I wasn't paying attention to the porn star on the screen; I was gazing at Leon's perfect body. About six-three, he was packed with muscle, lean and trim. A thick mane of glossy mahogany hair was tied in a ponytail that hung about a foot down his back. I gazed at his chiseled, angular face covered in a day's growth of beard that gave his square chin a blue cast. His muscular neck sloped down to broad shoulders and biceps like melons.

The man was covered with dark, curly hair from just under his neck, across his chest, trailing down his washboard stomach ending in a thick bush that surrounded his mighty cock. He had an enormous tattoo on his right shoulder. It was a lion with flowing mane, climbing up his arm and draping over his chest, his angry muzzle roaring, tattooed blood dripping red from where his claws sliced into the skin. How appropriate, Leon. I wondered if his sign was Leo as well.

His big pecs rose high off his frame as he lay back in the couch, flexing and popping as he pulled on his meat. I peeled off my pants and briefs, and began to masturbate.

'Yeah, Jimmy, go for it! You like what you see, little dude? Cool, have fun, man!' He chuckled, as he slipped off his boxers and grabbed his ten inch cock with both hands. I couldn't take my eyes of his magnificent erection. He was as hard as a baseball bat. I opened a small box on the coffee table and pulled out a little brown bottle.

'Fuck, Yeah! Amyl! Goddam, Jimmy, hand me that ' He shouted, reaching out for the bottle of poppers. I took a hit and passed it to him. He inhaled deeply and moaned, as the vapors swept him to another level of intensity. I glanced at the screen. The man had put the chick across the back of an armchair, and was fucking her like a dog. The actor was pretty good, I had to admit. Even though he was fucking a woman, I was getting turned on! (I sometimes watch straight porn, just to see the men) His body was slick with sweat, his hands grabbing hard on her waist as he jerked wildly against her fat ass, his dick sliding in and out of her sloppy hole.

Leon was in heaven, his face a blur of lust, both powerful arms pulling madly on his huge member, his legs tense and stiff. He turned to me and his brown, liquid eyes caught mine.

'Jimmy '


'Fuck, man, I think you oughta just finish me off, whaddya think? I mean, what the hell, I'm bout to nut, and you want to take it, right? You wanna suck me off, go ahead, dude!'

I dropped to my knees on the carpet and crawled in front of Leon. He was huge, and as thick as a coke bottle. He released his hands and I took over, gently pulling on the thick meaty shaft as I licked softly on the head. He moaned and took another deep hit of the amyl nitrate. Over my shoulder I heard the droning CD play out, the man grunting and the woman screaming in agony.

'Oh, yeah. That's it; take my dick, pussy-boy!'

He held the bottle in front of my face, and I inhaled. His awesome cock is thicker in the middle, tapering towards the tip, so it slid against the roof of my mouth easily at first. I began gagging as the thickest part stretched out my lips and the slimy head slid past the bend in my throat. Leon held my head in his rough hands, the calloused palms crushing my ears as he guided himself into my neck. The poppers relaxed me, and I took the astounding thing into me, my nose in his fragrant thick bush, his potent balls slapping on my chin as he began to pump into my face. The smell of his crotch was intoxicating; it turned me on more than the amyl pungent, masculine, and a little sweaty.

'Oh shit yeah! You like the taste of my meat, little dude? He hissed. I couldn't speak, my mouth completely stuffed with his throbbing cock. In answer, I pulled on Leon's hips and drew him deeper into my throat. He released my head, and I felt his rough palms dragging across my shoulders. He was caressing my back, gently pulling on my neck and running his fingers through my hair. It was unexpected, and intimate.

Leon watched the CD as the bitch was subjected to every type of intercourse the porn-guy could dream up. He was now fucking her upside-down, her head and shoulders on the floor, her cunt aimed up at his crotch. The man stood behind her and held the blonde by the ankles, as he guided his dick into her pussy from behind. 'Mmmmn, Damn, that bitch loves taking dick! You like taking dick, Jimmy? You let men stick their cocks in your ass?' he hissed through clenched teeth, as his cock continued to slide across my tongue, disappearing into my head.

I pulled myself off his mighty shaft and gasped for air. 'Yes, Leon, I love getting fucked I love cock, and I love getting my ass stuffed with cock!' He looked from the screen at me, hovering nervously over his slick meaty cock, and smiled. I continued to slip my hand over his vein-covered shaft, feeling it swelling in my hands. A gleaming pearl of pre-cum had formed on the head, and I licked it off. It was salty and thick, a promise of things to come.

'Okay, pussy-boy, let's see what ya got for Leon. Stand up and turn yerself around for me.' I stood between his legs as he continued to jerk himself. Turning around to face the screen, I saw the woman getting a vodka bottle up her ass, as the man ate out her cunt. Leon reached out and fondled my butt. His hands sent chills through me; rough and coarse, yet incredibly stimulating. His thick fingers explored the rosy pucker between my cheeks, and I felt him insert a digit into my asshole. 'Hey, Jimmy, an asshole is an asshole, right? Yours looks pretty fuckin' tight, too. You think you could take a cock like mine in your butt, faggot?' I shuddered with delight; I ached to take Leon into my body, to have his miraculous cock filling my gut. I bent over slightly to give him better access to my quivering ass.

Grabbing my hips, Leon pulled me closer between his legs. I reached behind me and grasp his cock, as rigid and stiff as a flagpole. 'Yeah, baby, do it. Go on; sit on my fuckin' cock, Jimmy!' I lowered myself until I just felt his angry red glan pressing on the ring of muscle at my asshole. I had to relax, had to loosen my grip, or he would never get inside me. I heard him huffing on the popper bottle.

'Now, goddam it! Fuckin' sit on it NOW!' he howled, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me down. I was suddenly impaled on his cock, I felt like it was stabbing into my gut like a blade. The pain was intense, and I swooned as I sat firmly in his lap. 'Oh, yeah, that's the shit, man! Fuckin' ride my dick, cocksucker!' Leon grunted, twisting his hips and grinding his ten-inch sword deep into my belly. My asshole was popping like the seams on a cheap suit, his huge member stretching me beyond possibility.

The fucking biker was all I thought he would be. His cock was hard, unyielding, and impressively large. I knew there was a big man inside me. There is nothing as fulfilling as a huge cock pressing on your prostate. How the fuck had this happened? I had fantasized about the big gorilla since I saw him at the bookstore, but even in my wildest dream I never expected him to fuck my ass!

He held me firmly by the shoulders as I bucked on his lap. I gripped his fleshy knob firmly in my colon as I lifted off his cock, dropping my body down to recapture it in the warmth of my tight ass. Leon continued to abuse me verbally, calling me foul names faggot, man-cunt. It was arousing.

You fuckin' like this shit? You pussy asshole! You fuckin' like takin' big dick up your faggot ass?'

'Yesssss! Yes! Fuck me fuck me hard, you bastard!' I squealed, like a stuck pig.

The CD ended. The screen turned to icy snow. Leon pushed me forward, and we tumbled onto the floor, his penis still firmly lodged in my ass. My chest ground into the carpet as he pushed my shoulders down, laying the weight of his body on mine. I could hear him panting in my ear; smell the Corona on his breath. He hooked his monster arms under mine and pulled himself farther into my body. He was easily three hundred pounds of thrashing muscle and sinew, crushing the air from me as he pounded my ass like a jackhammer.

I loved the feel of his sweating body overpowering mine. His big pectorals pressed into my shoulders, the tattooed lion was feasting on my flesh. His rock-hard abs massaged my back as his hips rocked between my legs. I rubbed my dick into the coarse wool of the carpet, and soon felt a rush of fluid as my balls discharged a thick rope of cum. Leon's thrusts smeared my load across the pile and ground it into my belly.

Finally, his dick plunged deep into me and I felt Leon shudder as he released his seed in my rectum. He collapsed, bucking and shaking on my back, his cock throbbing as he discharged countless profuse loads of semen in my shuddering ass. I was stuffed, completely bloated with his juices.

Eventually I released his cock, and it slid out of my slimy hole with a loud wet sound. Leon rolled over and grabbed a pack of Marlboros from his jacket. He lit one as I reached down to explore my ruined butt. It was draining, Leon's cum enema running in rivulets between my legs. My poor overworked asshole was stretched and swollen, as mushy as an overripe peach.

Leon got up, the cigarette dangling from his lip, and pulled on his boxers. I headed to the bathroom for some damage control. When I came back he was dressed, and on the cell. I just caught the last of the conversation.

'So the sucking was good, but man! What a fucking asshole! I couldn't fuckin' believe the whole scene! Yeah, who woulda thought, huh?' He spoke into the phone, 'In your dreams, buddy! You're not even a challenge! Yeah, I can do that, why not?' He glanced at me as I pulled on my sweatshirt, Yeah, I'm sure he will Be there in about twenty.'

I was silently dressing, staying out of his way. I had no idea who he was calling, or what was next. Maybe his flirt with gay sex had bruised his macho, would make him angry enough to beat the crap out of the fag who took advantage of him. As if I had anything to do with it! He had practically raped my ass, pounding me into total submission. Was he going to pound me into pulp next? He pulled on his jacket and said 'Let's go. You're coming with me.'

So there we were. I smelled Leon's musty leather jacket, my face pressed against his shoulder, my arms wrapped around his bulky waist as we sped through the chilly November night. His big Harley growled under us as he downshifted through a turn in the snaky road. He seemed to enjoy my fondling his chest. I felt him puff out, his back arching as I massaged gently on his large muscles. He reached back and gave my leg a firm squeeze.

Jugs was a small brick building, painted out in black. The dim yellow streetlight gave little illumination, but in the orange neon of a Miller Beer sign I could see the row of glossy motorcycles lined up at the curb in front of the plate glass window. There were several men hanging out around the bikes, all dressed in leather and denim. (Bikers, gay or straight, always dress in that biker drag; black and indigo.)

Leon grabbed my arm as we crossed the gravel lot towards the front door. 'Lets get one thing straight, bringing you here means nuthin'. You ain't shit. You're just a pussy faggot, and I expect you to keep your fuckin' mouth shut. I'll split your goddam lip if you so much as mention what happened back at your friggin' apartment.'

'Okay, Leon, no problem. Why did you bring me here, anyway?' I asked nervously.

'My good bud Ruben wanted to check you out, that's all. Now behave yourself and you'll be okay in there. You start flirting your ass around and you might get hurt If not by me, by some other fucker!'

We entered the dingy bar. The smell of beer and sweat filled my nose. It wasn't entirely unpleasant, instead was sexy and masculine. I looked around. A large square bar filled most of the main room and behind it was a smaller room, better lit, with a pool table and some chairs set up around the walls. A dusty disco ball hung over the table, obviously unused for a long time. This didn't look like a dance club, by any stretch of the imagination. There were assorted stocky men scattered around the pool table watching a game lots of muscles, hair and beer guts, drinking shots and brews. Some women sat at the bar, smoking cigarettes and sipping on pink cocktails.

Then I focused on movement in one corner of the back room. A woman was perched on the back of a chair, her knit tee pulled up around her neck. A heavyset redheaded man in a Mack Truck tee shirt was suckling on one of her big boobs as she played with the other tit. The man resembled the famous Mack bulldog, stocky and bow-legged. Another man had his cock out, and jerked off as he watched the woman's breast being devoured. At the edge of the bar just outside the bathroom I saw another biker on a stool with his pants around his ankles, as a skinny boy with a wild shock of blonde hair sucked on his thick cock. I watched as the scruffy black man poured his beer on the kid's face, the cool liquid running into his crotch. His licorice-colored erection was shiny with spit and Coors. The boy licked at the brew thirstily. I was getting very excited, despite my apprehension.

As promised, I said not a word unless Leon asked me to. He was greeted by the ladies at the bar, and several grabbed him as he passed and demanded a bear hug. Leon was in his element. He glowed in the attention, squeezing and fondling them all. I stood off a few paces and waited. At a small table in the corner a swarthy, olive skinned man sat alone, toying with a shot glass and a half-empty bottle of Tequila. I don't know how I knew faggot intuition, whatever but I knew that was Ruben. He gave Leon the high-sign, and we approached the table. Leon sat, I stood behind him.

'Jimmy, go get yourself a drink from the bar. I'm gonna just talk with my pal Ruben for a few minutes.' He said.

'Okay Leon. No problem.'

Standing at the bar, I could feel Ruben's eyes piercing me. I sipped a Coke as the men muttered and laughed, occasionally looking my way. The insatiable kid at the end of the bar had finished off the black bear's cock, and was looking around impatiently for fresh meat. He glanced my way but decided on the guy next to me. The kid moved into place in front of the man's stool and opened his zipper, exposing the biggest cock I ever saw. I turned away and blushed as the boy gagged it down.

When I looked up again, Ruben and Leon were at the pool table. Ruben racked up the balls and I watched as Leon broke. Six ball in the left corner. He ran the table for a while, but soon Ruben took his turn.

'Okay, chump, the game is all but over! Get ready to pay up, man!' Ruben looked my way as he aimed his cue.

I watched as ball after ball hit the sweet spot, realizing that Ruben was a much better player than Leon. They continued the rough banter, trying to psych each other out, but Leon looked clearly shaken. He knew he was losing big time.

The game ended, Ruben getting hearty slaps on the back from the gallery of watchers, as the next players took the table. A blast of cool air crossed the bar. I looked around for Leon, and turned just in time to see him leaving. I sprang off the stool, ready to chase after him, but was stopped in my tracks. A firm yank on my collar and I felt myself falling backwards into a rock-hard chest. A meaty hand wrapped around my neck, squeezing just enough to make me cough.

'Hold on, little fag-boy. Where do you think your going?' Ruben said in a deep baritone. 'The fun is just starting! What's your freakin' hurry?'

'Where's Leon?' I whispered. I was seriously scared, this man was big and powerful, and unless he let me go, I wasn't going anywhere. Ruben was also devastatingly good-looking, a swarthy man with dark oily skin that glowed in the dim light. His eyes were large and black, with heavy brows that looked like a permanent frown. His hair curled across his forehead in greasy rings, and he had large diamond studs in both ears. He looked Latino, or maybe southern Italian.

Ruben dragged me into the darkness and backed me up against the bar rail. He pressed his crotch into mine, pinning me with his substantial arms to the cool brass. My arms hung lifeless at my sides as the burly biker hoisted me off my feet, placing me on the bar in front of him. I looked next to us as the man with the big dick was just tucking himself back in. The skinny blonde kid smiled up at me and winked.

'Don't worry about your buddy Leon. You're with me now. Leon thought he was the king of pool or somethin', well I guess I proved the bastard was wrong, huh?' I looked at Ruben. His curly black hair continued down his cheeks in heavy sideburns, an inky black moustache covering his full dark lips. I longed to taste them, to kiss him. He pulled my sweatshirt up and stroked my smooth white chest. His hands were surprisingly soft. 'He bet he could whoop my ass.' Ruben snickered. 'The only thing he had wid' him that I was interested in was you, baby! Well guess what, it's time to settle his debts!'

I tried to push him away, a last attempt to escape this overpowering man frightening, threatening, yet unbelievably attractive. The girls at the bar hissed and yelped like female cats as they watched Ruben subdue me on the bar. He told them to fuck off, and they went back to their pink drinks.

'Ruben, No. Please You can't do this!' I whimpered in his ear.

'The fuck I can't! You're mine, fair and square. That asshole Leon doesn't care about you. It was easy for him to bet your ass! He fuckin' gave you up! He left you here like spare change on the bar, an' snuck outta here with his goddam tail between his legs!'

I clung to him as he opened my belt. It was surreal, a slow-motion dream.

'No, Ruben, not here!'

'It's cool, pussy-boy, nobody gives a flying fuck what we do cept maybe those jealous bitches at the bar. They just wanna be right where you are, that's all.' He murmured soothingly into my ear, as my sweatshirt slipped over my head. A small crowd had gathered around us. Mostly men, they laughed and jostled each other, generally having a good time, waiting for the main event. I yielded to his assault. I put my arms around his shoulders and felt his cool, oily curls run through my fingers as I clung to his neck.

My pants were off, lying on the damp floor along with my sneakers. I was nude except for my white athletic socks. Ruben stopped molesting me for a minute, as he poured himself another shot of Tequila. He opened his jeans and they dropped around his ankles. I pleaded with him one more time, but he just flashed his brilliant white teeth at me through an evil grin. I was melting fast, I had no willpower left. I couldn't remember anymore why I was fighting him off in the first place!

'You can make this easy, go along wid' it, have some fun Or you can fight me, I'll have to slap you around till you behave, and I'll still fuck the shit outta ya!'

His deep silky baritone made the threats sound like poetry. I fumbled with his buttons and pulled off his shirt, exposing his broad solid chest. It was covered in soft whirls of dark hair, the nipples large and hard as I teased them with my fingertips. He wore a big gold cross on a heavy chain around his neck. The moist, cool air of the bar sent a chill through my naked body. I shuddered as he spread my thighs, my aching cock pressed into the soft trail of hair that ran between his belly-button and the thick mound at his crotch. Ruben kissed my chest, pinching my nipples in his talented lips. The bartender set a can of Crisco next to me on the bar. Another guy stood on a chair and re-directed a spot on us. It was Showtime. The audience clapped and shouted encouragement as Ruben dipped his hand into the can and began to slather it between my legs.

I reached down and grasped his erect penis. It pulsed in my hand as I clung to the potent shaft. Ruben pushed me back on the bar as he guided his torpedo to its mark.

'You want me to fuck you, boy? Tell Ruben what you want.'

'Yessss, please fuck me, please!'

A chick in a red tube top poured a shot of Ruben's Tequila and held it to my lips. I threw my head back as she poured it down my throat. I felt his cock head pressing urgently on my asshole. I was still sore form Leon's pounding earlier, but his hardness felt good. I pressed down on my sphincter as he slipped into me.

'Shit, yeah! Nuthin' like some boy-pussy.' Ruben hummed. 'You're fuckin' hot, bitch! You like my dick, boy?' I felt him going deeper, his thick glistening cock disappearing into my ass. Ruben wrapped his strapping biceps around my waist as he pulled me onto him. His back shone with sweat as I clung to his shoulders. He drove himself fully into me and began to rock his pelvis against my crotch. The sensation of fullness returned to me, I was being stuffed I was finally complete, the void was being filled.

He held me under the arms; his rough hands hooked in my pits as he lifted me effortlessly off the bar. My ass-thrashing was intense gut-wrenching agony as he forced me down repeatedly on his rigid member. I bounced on the slick Crisco-greased bar like a rubber ball as he satisfied himself in my ass. I lay my head on his broad shoulder and buried my nose in the black waves of hair on his neck. He smelled sexy, warm and moist. I felt the hardness of his cross pressing on my breastbone. Although the hooting crowd gathered around us, I was oblivious to all but Ruben and the sensation of his penis moving unrelentingly inside me.

Finally, I felt his thrusts increase, the pace of his pounding sped up. He pulled me off the bar, and we collapsed backward onto a stool. His balls pumped his semen up the engorged shaft and he ejaculated into my rectum. I clung fast to him as his cock lodged inside me and I received his load, an injection of cum deep into my body. Ruben shuddered, squeezing off the last spurts of cum into me, and pushed me off his lap. My ass released his softening erection with a sickening pop. I stood naked, dripping with sweat, his thick semen dripping down my leg as he pulled his pants up from around his ankles and covered his glistening cock.

The bar was rocking; the audience was wild with sexual excitement. Ruben was congratulated, and shots were had all around. I shivered in my nakedness, wondering what to do, where to go. The chick in the red tube top guided me to the men's room, and I escaped to a grimy stall to clean myself up. A few minutes later I came out, battered but recovered.

Ruben sat at his table and I came over to him and stood obediently behind a chair. He motioned me to sit.

'Nice job, boy. Leon's debt is more than paid off. You fuck like you really enjoy it. There's lots of dudes who would love to get their hands on you. I think you could get fucked up real good, as much as you ever want, here at Jugs.' He said coolly in his sexy deep voice. I was mesmerized by his coco-colored lips, his black eyes glaring into mine. 'Mostly straight guys here, but there ain't nuthin' wrong with a nice blowjob or piece of faggot ass now and then! A tight boy-pussy is usually better n' a sloppy cunt, anyhow!' He passed me a shot glass of the clear liquid, and I knocked it back.

A shadow crossed over the table. Ruben looked up at a mountain of a man that had stepped up to the table. He sat heavily in the third chair and leered at me. Maybe 285lbs, the giant biker wore a leather vest on his bare chest; thick wiry rings of hair darkened his meaty shoulders like soot. He loosened his belt and popped the waistband on his leather pants open. The big ape grinned and motioned for me to come to him. I looked to Ruben, who was slamming another shot. He wiped his full brown lips with the back of his hand.

'Go ahead, Jimmy, you know you want it. Suck him, faggot!'


Jimmy Gordon

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