I just loved nights like this, warm and sultry, no work the following day to get up for, feeling on top

of the world, fit and randy with just enough alcohol to take the fetters off. As I rode my bike a

couple of towns away to my intended rest stop I revelled in the feel of the wind over my legs and

slightly up my shorts, also flowing over my chest through the half done zip on my jacket. Feeling

the weight of heavy chain around my neck balanced by the leather straps round my cock and balls

just waiting to be joined by the wrist and ankle restraints kept my mind and my cock well occupied

for the hour it took me to cover the odd 60 miles.

When I pulled of the road into the dirty sandy parking area I could see my luck was probably in.

Three artic lorries probably putting up for the night and several cars came into immediate view

under the moonlight as I switched off my engine and heads, coasting over to the trees by the rest

room to park up myself. I knew my body was slightly on display in the shadows as I removed my

jacket and old boots, placing them in a pannier and taking out the leather restraints. Taking my time

to fit them, ankles, wrists, upper arm, I made sure anyone watching got glimpses of various parts of

my body being twisted and flexed in order to fit the straps. Finally passing another leather belt

around my waist I stood up and moved slowly toward the restroom.

I just knew there were eyes on my body as it strolled in and out of the shadows and heard at least a

couple of vehicle doors open and close during my journey. As I got closer it could be seen the

lights were out, or more probably broken but that was no matter as I knew sufficient light came

through the dirty skylights to see what might be happening without being bright enough to see any

faults with the bodies I anticipated making use of mine shortly.

It was the smell that did it, that mixture of damp cement mixed with piss and sex, the minute I

walked through the door my erection hardened to an extent that was painful. It would have been

painful even if my cock and balls had not been strapped up. As it was the sudden increase in

constriction had me gasp and come to a stop. I didn't even notice for a moment the floor was wet

and slightly muddy from the evening showers under my bare feet, or that there were already a few

men standing at the urinal.

I can't claim I was the best-looking guy in there but knew I looked quite good, especially dressed as

I was. I felt myself to be on display and of course that was the general idea, it fucked with my brain

to know other men were looking at my near naked body with only one thing on their minds. Sex.

Hopefully some of them would be happy to use my body to get their rocks off. I'm 24, nearly six

foot with a slim, reasonable body and mousy blond hair, no body hair as what little I do have is

shaved each weekend. Making my way toward the urinal which consisted of a wide flush trough a

couple of the present occupants moved to one side as I turned round and crouched down with my

back to the cool piss soaked tiles.

In a moment there was a short fat cock being waved around in front of my face, 'You want my piss


'Yes Please Sir.' As you can see I was brought up to be polite.

He wasn't the only one as within a moment there were two streams of piss playing over my face,

body and open mouth, soaking my hair and running down to re-soak my shorts that hadn't been

washed now for several visits here.

'That's a real pig boy we got here.' 'Yeah! Seen him before. He's real good.' 'That's filthy.' I

didn't hear whomever that was leaving in a hurry. 'He'll be filthier before we leave.' All that sort

of talk was getting to me, helping to separate my mind from my body, sending it to that place where

it would float, looking down on my abused body with a sense of wonder and satisfaction. It would

take a while yet and a fair bit of action but I could feel something good was going to happen.

'Get up!' A hand slapped my face lightly and then yanking bon my hair half pulled me erect. 'Drop

those shorts boy. You wont be needing them for a while.' All I had to do was unfasten my belt and

wriggle my hips for the weight of the soaking shorts dropped them down to my ankles into the piss

filled trough. 'Step right out of them now, they can stay down there and get nice and dirty for you

to ride home in.' I didn't recognise either the black face or the voice but either he'd been here and

seen me used before or was a natural.

'Yes Sir!'

'You wont be needing this either but I will,' as he reached forward and removed the spare leather

belt still laying loosely round my waist. 'I will need it wont I boy?' When I took a moment to reply

his hand came up and backslapped my face left and right, 'Answer me.'

'Of course you will Sir. Its for your enjoyment.'

'That's better boy. Stand out here where everyone can see you better. You got any weights for

those balls?'

'Yes Sir! In my shorts.'

'Don't fuck me around then. Get down there and fish them out.'

As I knelt to feel for my shorts laying in the half flooded trough my belt landed across my backside

with a crack. 'Get a move on boy!' It landed again, this time with enough force to jerk my body

forward where my lowered head came in contact with the trough and I surfaced gasping and

spluttering from being half drowned with a mixture of piss and whatever else had been falling in

that trough this evening.

'Can't get enough eh? Have to see if we can give you the rest later on. The stalls stink enough to

be full.' Oh No! That was seldom my scene. This night may be going too far.

Even so, I stood up, holding a couple of weights hanging on short chains in one hand and a pair of

nipple clamps in the other which I held out toward him only to receive another couple of

backhanders that half stunned me for a moment.

'I don't want them stupid boy. They're for you. Put the clamps on, quick now.'

I couldn't help but gasp as I clamped them on my nipples and adjusted the side screws to increase

the tension. My nipples had not been touched for several days and were not really ready for this

sort of abuse. 'Hurts I hope?' he asked.

'Yes thank you Sir,' I replied.

'Good. Your stomach as fit as it looks?

''I think so Sir.'

'Clench it then boy. I'm going to find out,' and he swung a fist lightly at me. I couldn't help but

flinch as his fist just lightly grazed me.

'I never told you to move boy. That needs punishment. Get down on the floor and clean my boots.'

I wasn't quick enough for him and the belt landed a couple of times across my shoulders before I

knelt down and lowered my head to his black leather half boots.

'Get flat on the floor. Lay your slave body flat in all that mud and piss and cum so these people can

see just what your body is here for.' I lay down flat as instructed, feeling all the muck he mentioned

squish under me. He raised one foot and placed it on my head, increasing the pressure until my face

lay flat sidewise down and I could see his other boot just in front of my mouth. 'Start licking boy.'

I stuck my tongue out and found it would just reach his boot which I started to lick and clean as far

as my position would allow.

I half heard comments from the crowd now filling the restroom and watching my abuse. 'Gross! 'I

wouldn't do that' 'Id fuck that are though' 'Wonder what his mouth is like.' Wouldn't mind

working that body over.' All sorts of things like that.

'You cant do a good job like that boy. Turn over.' He removed his foot from my head and I turned

over onto my back looking straight up at a crowded ring of faces. 'Open your legs,' this

accompanied by a kick to my waist.

'His foot was pressing on my balls. Squashing them against the floor. 'Is that good boy? Can you

feel it.'

'Yes Sir,' I just about manage to gasp out between moans, 'Thank you.'

He lifted his foot and rested it on my stomach. 'What were we saying about your tum? Is it as

strong as it looks?' applying more weight. I was gasping, my body attempting to wriggle around

and away from the pressure but to no avail. I knew my eyes were watering and could feel my face

getting hot. The pressure eased. 'What will you do if I take my foot off boy?

'Anything you say Sir.'


'Whatever will please you Sir. Its what I'm here for. For you.'

He'd hardly used the belt on me and not with any great force but I was already starting to fly.

Sense and sensibility had flown out of the dirty skylight.

Chapter Two

'Get up on your knees lad and open that mouth of yours.'

My whole body was dripping wet and filthy from the mess on the floor but I knelt there as instructed with my

head bowed down until he grabbed hold of it by the hair and wrenching it upright continued, 'Just look at these

man cocks here. You will crawl up to each one and beg to suck it.' When I didn't respond at once he slapped

my head with his other hand and half dragged me forward to what looked like eight inches of fully erect manhood

being rapidly given a hand job.

'Don't waste your energy man. Use this cum boys' mouth to take care of your wants. He's begging for it,

aren't you boy?'

'Yes Sir. Please may I suck your cock Sir? Cum in or over me Sir.'

That cock I could only see out of the corner of my eyes now was placed carefully just inside my mouth and then

as its owner got a little bolder slowly further and deeper until it came up against the back of my throat

causing me to gag slightly. I could sense it was about to be withdrawn even though I closed my lips tightly

round it but heard the man say, 'Here. Grab hold of his hair and bend his head back so you drop down easier.'

That was easy for him to say. It was my hair and my throat being attacked. The floor was hard and that cock

was reacting just as it should, violating my mouth and throat, pulling in and out over my clamped lips. He was

pulling my hair so hard and so far backwards I required every little brain cell still working to gasp enough

oxygen through my leaking nose to remain conscious. My body felt several streams of cum and piss land on it,

probably being orchestrated by the man who started to abuse me. It was fantastic.

Bang. Bang. My hair was gripped even tighter and my face and his groin crashed into each other as his cock

started shooting cum; cum; cum; down my throat and filling my mouth when I was unable to swallow fast enough.

Finally his spasms finished and he pulled out, remnants of his cum leaking from my mouth and down my chin. My

original tormenters denim clad groin reappeared before me. I knew it was him because the first thing he did

was backhand me across the face, left and right, 'I didn't hear you thank the nice man,' and he backhanded me


'Thank you for allowing me to milk your cock sir.'

'That's better. Did you like it boy?'

'No Sir. This boy is here to serve, not to enjoy.'

That was one hell of a lie. I'd enjoyed every single aspect of my abuse and degradation; all my body wanted

now was more of the same. It was what my body needed. What it was crying out for deep inside where that other

part of me lived, the part that could fly, could separate and look down on its host being hurt. I wanted to

revel in the pain and humiliation.

'Anyone else want this lads mouth at the moment?' I couldn't have argued as he'd grasped hold of my hair again

and had one boot pressing against my groin, not hard but enough to know I'd get hurt if I tried to move. There

were no immediate acceptances but someone said, 'No, but I'd sure like to piss over him while someone beats his

arse. Dirty boys like him need to be punished don't they?'

'You hear that?' asked the man holding my hair, 'You'd better get back down flat on the floor so I can give the

man what he wants.'

As usual I hesitated a moment only to receive a couple of slashes across my back with the leather belt. 'Get

down there boy.'

Why do I hesitate? Is it because I need to be forced, or because I'm just a glutton for punishment? Bits of

both I think but I'm sure to some extent its because that part of me starting to disengage with the rest of my

body takes time to transmit information back and forth. Whatever, the strokes across my back were no love taps

and I cried out, even while doing as told and laying my body flat, face down on the dirty wet floor.

Leather booted feet appeared either side of my head, 'Head up, look forward,' and they shuffled claming my head

between them with the toes pushing at my shoulders. 'Wrap your arms round my ankles boy. You better hold on

tight as this is going to hurt.' I obeyed quickly this time, pulling my body forward to my shoulders were

resting on the toes of his boots, my head trapped firmly now between his ankles and wrapped my arms tightly

behind his legs.

'Who wants the belt then.'

Someone took it as shortly I felt some love taps fall across my unprotected backside. 'Don't pussyfoot about.

Whop that arse hard, that's what you want isn't it boy?

'If it pleases you sir.'

I don't know if someone else took control of the belt but the next blow landed with much more force. Crack!

Crack! A slight pause and I just started to breath again when, Crack! Crack! Crack!

I yelled. You would have done.

'Go on. Beat him again. Make him cry. Punish him. Belt him.'

All around sounded as if they were getting off and I was definitely aware of piss streams falling on my poor

abused body. It seemed that as soon as one finished another took its place. Whoever had control of the belt

didn't hold back any more either. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

My body was jerking and writhing around on the wet slimy floor and I held on to the legs trapping my head even

tighter. My eyes were streaming, I was calling out for it to 'Stop, Please stop. I'll do anything you want.

Don't hit me any more. Please. Please.'

The beating finished.

I just collapsed, as far as was possible, gasping for breath with my eyes and nose streaming, I was still

moaning when I had breath to spare. My front felt nearly as sore from the writhing about on the floor, but I

still held tightly to the legs trapping my head.

'God that a red backside,' I heard, then felt someone's boot being placed on it and twisted across my cheeks

causing me to cry out 'No', again.

'Yeah,' came from someone else, 'Don't think it could take much more. Pity, It was good the way he cried and

squirmed. I could use a boy like that any day.'

'There's still his back. That's still nice and white. You'd like us to whip your back boy wouldn't you?'

'Oh please sir. Whip boy all you want sir. Enjoy hurting me Sir's.'

'Are you sure?' someone asked. 'Should we really be doing this to him. It must hurt.'

'I'm supposed to be hurt Sir. Its what this boy is for, what he's worth. I'll get punished later but right

now he should be whipped.'

Ohoops! That was letting the cat out of the bag slightly but I don't think anyone really caught on being too

busy jacking off over my dirty red arsed body.

It was only the feet trapping my head squeezing slightly tighter, if that was possible, that gave me any

warning. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! On and on, sometimes quickly following, sometimes with a pause. I was

yelling and throwing my body about risking damage from my contortions and contact with the floor. 'Stop!

Stop! More! Flog me! Help! Don't! Go on!'

There were two quite separate persons now it seemed. One pleading for the torture to cease and the other

encouraging even more and more abuse. I was yelling and crying and flying and floating. I didn't know where I

was or who I was and I didn't care. I just wanted it to stop. I wanted it to continue. To go on forever.

All of a sudden the beam of a powerful torch flooded the restroom and everything stopped and all went silent.

'Well now. And just what is going on here in one of the Republics dirtiest restrooms?'

'Just a boy needing a little chastisement Sarge,' came from the man still trapping my head.

'Looks like he's been well chastised from here. Everyone finished with him, I'll have to take him back to the

station to sort things out.'

'How long have I got Sarge?' asked the boots trapping my head.

'Fifteen long enough?' came the reply.

'Will be, I nearly shot twice already.

Can I take him outside where we can see better. I want to rape his sorry red arse.'

Reaching down he grabbed the chain round my neck and jerked me upright, 'That's right ain't bit boy? Your arse

just waiting for my hot cock to rape it?'

I had no need to answer as he pulled my wet, dirty naked body along behind him, past the suddenly sheepish

grins and downcast heads of the audience who'd only a few moments before been encouraging the abuse of my body.

'That's alright fellows,' the Sarge reassured them, 'Boy like this only fit for one thing and I can see you

attended to that. I've got no problems with you, nothing illegal with what you been up to. Just this boy

arrested for being naked in a public place.'

By this time I'd been led/dragged outside under the moonlight and over to a picnic table where my body was

roughly flung down lengthwise.

'Grab hold the other end boy and open your legs. I'm going to stick my rod up your arse and fuck the life out

of you.'

Chapter Three

I was shivering slightly, it wasn't cold and I wasn't really apprehensive now. It was more a shiver of

anticipation but he obviously thought otherwise, or made out he did. 'Cant have you cold boy,lets get you

warmed up then. Red arse always better anyway,' and with that he started slapping my arse with his big hand,

first one cheek and then the other, slap, slap, slap, slap. It wasn't so much the pain, I've had a belt across

there often enough to know what pain is, more the surprise that had my backside moving away from his hand,

'though I still had my hands gripping the other side. 'Stay still boy,' and he reached under me and grabbed my

balls, pulling them down so any movement became agony when he'd squeeze tighter. Finding my body now immobile

he really laid into my backside this time and if I'd thought before that a hand couldn't cause pain I

discovered myself to be mistaken. Shortly I could feel my cheeks burning and my body writhing on the table

trapped by the grip and pull at my balls. A hand could hurt as much as a belt. My mouth was emitting groans

and my eyes were streaming.

'That's better. I do like a boy in pain. Here we go then.' His hands griped my waist raising it slightly and

in he plunged. No teasing the lips of my hole, no slow steady entrance, just Wham! Straight through my tight

arse lips and on up into my gut. My groans turned to a series of light shrieks when, having forced an

entrance, he immediately turned to fucking my arse as hard as possible. His hands left my waist and made their

way easily to my erect nipples as my body was arched from the table in protest at his invasion. He pinched and

twisted them, 'Hope that hurts boy. Do you like pain? I can give you pain.' His nails were digging in the

tips of my nipples sending jagged streaks of pain across my pecs, I could only twist my head back and forth,

moaning and crying, gripping hard at the table edge. 'Oh I'd enjoy putting you through it boy,' he continued,

'If you think this is pain just come and visit me sometime.'

With that last comment he grabbed my body so tightly my hands lost their grasp on the table edge and we stood

up momentarily, his cock firmly entrenched up my arse before being forcibly slammed back down on the table as

he lost control and shot heavily shot after shot of hot cum deep inside me. It felt like a six-shooter had

gone off on automatic, bang, bang, bang. For a moment he lay over me as his cock softened and slowly withdrew from my

arse, 'I'd like you to come and visit me if you think you can take it boy.' He whispered in my ear just before

he raised his weight from my back. A quick slap on my sore arse, 'Thanks anyway, take care.' And he was gone.

'You just stay there for a moment boy,' said the Sergeant as he walked back toward the restroom carrying a

plastic bag. I took no real notice that my assailant accompanied him being too exhausted right then to take

anything in. After a while the Sarge returned on his own showing me the bag contained my filthy soaking shorts

and nipple clamps. 'Take those weights and straps off and drop them in here as well boy,' pointing at the

weights still hanging from my cock. I removed that strap carefully, the wet leather had been shrinking as it

dried and my cock and balls had become very tender. 'You dried off yet?' he continued, 'Go get on your bike

then. You can fit your boots but you won't need anything else, these shorts too wet. Can't have you catching

a cold now. You know where the station is don't you. So just ride your bike in front of me and I'll follow

you there, don't think of trying to escape, my bikes faster than yours.'

I had no intention of trying to escape but the thought of riding my bike through the dark night naked apart

from some short boots caused a fluttering in my stomach that was nothing to do with the filth I'd swallowed

earlier. On the one hand I loved my body being open to the elements and had dreamed of having a spin naked,

but then it was illegal, but then again I was being escorted by the local officer, and then again people might

see me and they wouldn't be interested in the same way the fellows at the rest stop had been. 'Fire it up

boy,' I had no choice.

It was the strangest feeling, riding through the early morning moonlight stark naked, my engine throbbing

between my thighs, the beam of my headlamp clearing the road before me and the beam from my escort revealing

every aspect of my body to any passing stranger. And there were a few of those. A couple of trucks passing

the other way did a double take judging by the way their engines spluttered and one swung round and doubled

back, pulling along side the Sarge for a quick word.

Next I knew Sarge was flashing his light and in my mirror I saw him sign me to pull over. I saw was a narrow

turning into the woods a short way ahead and signed to turn off. The pickup followed and Sarge parked up by

the roadside, which should discourage any uninvited guests. Two men got out of the pickup and I could almost

see the drool running down their chins, as they looked me over. I say men but really not much more than old

boys, say late teens, both wearing boots, dirty torn jeans and dirty T's. The sign of light stubble on their

faces and the sawdust in their cropped hair and clothes showed me they'd just finished the night shift up the

wood mill.

'These two boys tell me if I'll let them have a go with you I'll find enough treated lumber in my front yard to

build the deck I've been after, Seems like a good proposition to me, not really time to take you down the

station now boy.'

What choice did I have? One of the lads called me to come over and I walked toward them, my balls swaying

between my legs and my erect prick breaking the air before me. I've no control over that part of my anatomy,

if has a mind of its own, what can I do about it?

'See you ready boy,' said number one as he pulled his T over his head, 'And you already dirty so get down there

on your knees and get my cock out.' I knelt on the muddy track and reached up to undo his belt and unzip the

oil soaked cloth, which exposed a filthy smelly jock. 'Yeah! Gets a bit whiffy down there after a hard nights

work, you get your mouth working there boy, suck my jock clean before I let at the real thing.'

Just in case I was having second thoughts he reached out as I knelt in the muddy track and pulled my head into

his sweat and piss stinky crutch. Under the damp dirty jock I could see the outline of his thick cock laying

from his balls to my right and already twitching in anticipation of my services. When I wet my mouth and

sucked started to play that cock like a mouthorgan through his jock the vile taste of several days, if not

weeks, stale sweat, piss dribbles and god knows what else swamped my mouth and my taste buds. No way could

this boy be classified as the cleanest man around.

I gagged and tried unsuccessfully to pull back. 'No way boy. What you start you have to finish. That's what

my old man always tells me so don't make him out to be a liar.' With that his changed his grip from holding

the back of my head to gripping my hair so ant movement now tore at my roots, 'Go on now, you suck away and

save me having to wash them and maybe, just maybe, I'll let you pull them down and get your sweet lips round my


His jock was rank and all I could do was work on his cock in the hope he'd soon want something a little more

direct. Meanwhile, his companion had been getting himself in the mood and somewhat to my relief I heard, 'Come

on Joe, I've not got all morning to muck about and this here is wanting to blow soon. Anyway, you know how

Mother gets riled if we don't get home before she leaves. Let me fuck that mouth for a bit if you don't want


My hair was released and the body standing before me replaced by number two. This was a different kettle of

fish. Already jeans and jock dropped to boots and shirt removed with a good six or seven inch uncut member

standing proud and ready with a pair of nicely rounded balls puckering up underneath. I rather enjoyed the

view for a moment but returning to my situation slid forward and engulfed him straight down, twisting my head

at just the right moment allowed him full access without causing me to gag. I knew that it was the earlier

workout my mouth had suffered that eased his entrance and his remark earlier about his father's homily brought

one of my mothers to mind, every cloud has a silver lining. Thinking that almost caused me to gag after all,

this time though from laughter.

He rally was getting ready to blow soon, but that wasn't really a surprise as appearing to be only a couple of

years older than myself and I seemed ready and willing at the drop of a hat, several times a day. 'God, he's

good,' came a breathless voice, better than that slut in the wages office, or that fellow we met at the truck

stop. This one really knows how to service a cock, almost convince enough to turn me gay if I'd get service

like this every time.'

He was thrusting away by now, in and out of my clenched lips and slightly upturned face, with just a light hand

resting on my head. We were both dancing to the same tune. I kept getting flashes of his washboard stomach

with just a light sprinkling of almost downy hair round he cute little belly button each time he pulled back

and from the corner of my eye saw his brother had now also striped down and beating his meat furiously.

I will admit to an enjoyment of my position, also of the cock I was servicing and brought my hands up to fondle

and pull lightly on his matched set of balls causing an outbreak of swearing, especially when I slowed my head

and allowed my teeth to lightly nibble toward the end of his cock. His reactions to my services were too much

for his brother who calling out, 'Yes, Yes, Yes,' and other things I didn't catch, was suddenly shooting

streams of cum over my face and his brothers stomach.

'Hell Jo!' he said, you've cum everywhere, I'm soaked with it.'

Well, wouldn't be the first time bro, just get your boy there to lick it off when you've done.'

That was enough for my other young assailant as placing both hands on my head to hold it steady three rapid

face fucks had him repeating his brother and shooting his load, in this case, straight down my throat at first

and then as he slowed, filling my mouth. I'm not ageist, couldn't afford to be the way I like cock, but, there

is something about a young cock and it contents, both in texture and in taste that just hits the right spot.

In other circumstances I'd happily serviced that stud for the rest of the day but duty called. When I'd fully

finished milking him and he pulled out saying with a laugh, 'you can't take it home,' I raised my head and

started licking his brothers cum from his stomach.

'Just look at that,' the brother said, 'I bet he'd take our piss as well if Sarge told him to.'

'You haven't got time,' Sarge came back with, 'get him up and face down over your pickup hood, I'm going to

have the boys arse.'

'Hell Sarge' said number 2, 'You'll never get that up without killing him. I never knew you were that huge.'

'That's why you two will have to hold his arms either side so he cant get away. Then you can piss over him


That last convinced them, they wanted to piss over me I suppose, anyway, my arms were quickly grabbed and my

body flung over the still warm hood of their pickup and one brother stood either side holding my outstretched

arm. I heard Sarge spit and spit again to lube his cock and felt him stick a finger up my arse to see if any

natural lubrication remained from my recent fucking. Even though it had been a while I could feel a small

residue of arse slime and cum leak out as his fingers checked and removing them to wipe over my back he said,

'That will have to do,' and rapidly forced an entry.

My body took off and would have gone into orbit if not for being restrained by the brothers. It didn't take off

for joy but in shock and an attempt to escape the abuse. He was huge. I was too shocked to scream, my feet

actually left the ground which in retrospect made things worse, being unable to actual levitate my body had to

return and in so doing became more firmly impaled on his monster. Sarge was long enough to be fun but it was

his width that caused me such anguish. Even though I'd been so thoroughly fucked earlier this was splitting me


'Get it out! Get it out!' I was yelling. The boys keeping tight hold of my outstretched wrists were grinning

and laughing to Sarge to 'Rape him! Fuck him!' and the Sarge just told me to 'Hold on boy. Here we go.'

Fuck! Here we did go, well he did anyway. I was unlikely to be going anywhere for a bit, spread-eagled over

the pickups hood under the early morning sun starting to percolate through the branches. Sarge got going

though, in my arse. Humping and fucking, stretching my hole. There being solid metal under my stomach forcing

the air from my lungs with every painful thrust. I'd never get to enjoy being fucked by a cock as broad as his

but actually my body was responding because I felt my cock attempt to stand proud under me, which actually made

mattes worse seeing as it was trapped under my stomach and was also being squeezed painfully.

His hands reached up to grab my head and was lightly slamming it up and down on the hard metal as he unloaded

in my arse, thoroughly re-filling the abused area to the brim and, even being still plugged by his half-hard

member, leaking and running down my legs. 'That's how to make use of a boy like this,' the Sarge remarked,

'But, if I ever hear of you two using a girl, or boy, like it I'll be down on you like a ton of bricks. I just

knew this one was ready for it. Weren't you boy?'

Pulling out he reached down and catching a handful of the mess escaping from my wide-open hole reached up and

wiped it over my face and mouth. 'Oh yes! You were ready,' slathering another handful over my erect cock and

bruised balls on display as he pulled me upright. 'Oh well. You better get down on your back so these boys can

heave a piss before they get of home hadn't you?' Pushing me reasonably gently till I ended laying on the muddy

track, face up, legs bent and wide apart, my aching cock waving in the breeze.

Sarge stood between my legs and after a moment his massively thick member unloaded a hosepipe of piss over my

raised legs, cock, balls and stomach. 'Go on boys, you can heave the other end. Make him open his mouth and


As first one, and then two thin streams of piss started to play over my closed eyes and chest one asked, How do

we do that Sarge?'

'Like this,' and I felt a heavy thick boot placed over my privates and start slowly to press and grind. Of

course I opened my mouth, there were now threes streams of piss playing over me and even as my mouth filled the

boot increased pressure, squeezing my frustrated bits and pieces and I came. Oh yes! I shot, and shot, and

shot. Everywhere. Even through the dying piss streams I could feel it land over my face and chest and still

the boot continued to twist and still I continued to shoot.

Finally, thank God, every thing came to an end. My filthy soaking body was too exhausted to move and just lay

on the muddy track as I heard Sarge tell the lads to get off home and return, dropping my still wet shorts

across my crotch. 'Get yourself dressed boy and off home before someone finds you here and arrests you for

indecency,' he said with a grin, 'That was one of the best yet. What will do now next time you decide you have

to visit a rest stop to play?'

'I'll text you time and place of course Sarge. Don't I always.'

'You do boy. By the way, I've stuck a card on your handlebars from that coloured gent who had your arse

earlier. He says to text your mobile number if you want. I know him slightly and he's quite safe, bit more

advanced than you. Has to be your decision. Got to go. You OK?'

I nodded. Quite frankly I was so psyched I'd almost be ready for another session but still had a sixty mile

ride home in my filthy state and had to get going.

I found the card Sarge mentioned when putting my T and jacket on. On one side a mobile number, on the other

four words in a rough print.


Chapter Four

There was something about that card and its terse message that hit a cord somewhere I hadn't known existed. I

almost threw it away and then when I finally got home, washed up and recovered, found myself searching

frantically for it, finally texting my mobile number before falling into a deep sleep where I dreamed of Darth

Vader calling out, 'Come here boy and sit on this.'' Problem was with the lousy lighting and his black costume

I just couldn't make out what I had to sit on.

Nothing happened for the rest of that week and I'd almost decided it had been a wind up when I got a text

message, 'when are you free for two nights boy?' I replied, 'not for two weeks. Friday pm to Sunday pm.' Did

I really want to follow this up, I almost sent a follow up to cancel the last when I received, 'You will call

me Sir boy. It's the least of what you'll be calling me in two weeks.'

Well. I could always back out later, say I was ill or something, and this texting might be fun. There

continued over the next week a series of texts during which he uncovered my place and hours of work, that I

lived alone, that I was not really that experienced just always randy and a whole load of other stuff I never

realised I let out. When the second week started his texts changed. Now he was telling me what to do, just

little things like stick a plug up my arse and a strap round my cock, and then take the rubbish out in a pair

of skimpy running shorts.

I obeyed the first but wore my usual shorts to discover a text waiting the moment I walked back through my

door, 'I said your running shorts boy.' Followed by, 'If you can't do a simple thing like that I'll find

someone else.' I didn't want him to find someone else; I was getting involved in this strange relationship

almost against my will. Tearing into the bedroom I tore my shorts and T off replacing them with just the

skimpy runners and rushed back outside, bending over facing the house as if to pick up some rubbish, with my

arse in the air and showing the bulge from the plug if anyone had wanted to look.

I waited as long as possible, even chatting to a neighbour for a moment who must have wondered at my mode of

dress then returned inside, hardly daring to check my phone. 'OK boy, this time. You wont get another second

chance. Same again tomorrow but with full bladder around eight, I'll text.' Eight? It would only just be

dusk; anyone going by would see everything. Why was I hard as hell, I grasped my cock and a couple of squeezes

had me shooting inside my shorts. He was keeping me aroused every waking moment. I'd just cum and wanted to

start again.

The next evening, the last before I was supposed to visit him, by eight I was clothed as he'd instructed, same

as previous night but this with a uncomfortable bladder. I wasn't even sure I wanted to go through tonight's

little charade, let alone visit for a weekend. Ten past eight I was starting to squeeze my cock in a vain

attempt to ease the pressure. That's it, I told myself. I'm being messed around. He won't come. Just go and

piss in the bathroom. Forget him.

My legs were almost crossed, the phone rang. 'Now,' it said, 'bring the phone with you.'

I hobbled rather than ran to the front yard, then toward the bins. For the first time I noticed a dark

coloured small truck parked over the street with darkened windows in the rear section. Was he there? I played

toward the truck anyway and then stood beside my gatepost as if looking down the street. Ding. A text. 'Let

it go boy.'

Have you ever tried to piss standing in a public street in the twilight, your cock and balls strapped up, a

plug up your arse and just wearing a pair of running shorts. Even though my bladder was bursting I just

couldn't make it start. Ding. 'Crouch down and pull the plug from your arse boy.' This was mad. Still I

obeyed. It was admittedly a small plug and popped out readily when I managed to get my hand inside the

waistband and returning to an upright position I discovered the flow had already started. Flow? More like a

gushing torrent soaking my thin shorts and flooding down my legs and trainers to pool under my feet.

After a while the truck moved off, I never saw anyone move into the drives seat, and I waited a moment longer

before making a very careful journey back indoors glad I'd thought to leave an old towel just inside the door.

I only had time to strip what little I wore when Ding.

'You may just do boy. Have to see. Don't wash shorts or trainers, bring with you tomorrow. Expect call when

you finish work. That will be your last chance to back out. I WILL HURT YOU.'

That night crowds of storm troopers in leather straps pissing over me and telling me to let it go joined my

dreams of Darth Vader. I woke to discover I'd soaked the bed, luckily always made up with a rubber under sheet

for solo play and only had time to strip the sheets, start the wash cycle and have a quick shower before off to

work. No time for a wank, quick or slow and that I really did need.

I never really got my erection to go down all day and by the time four came round was fed up with comments from

the other staff not to mention being in receipt of a slightly sore tip from all the rubbing it had received in

my jock.

Five minutes past, I'd only just got to the changing room and picked up my phone to check when Ding. 'Change.

You don't need jock or T. Ride to ...... and I'll call.

It was difficult to hide from my fellow workers that I'd removed my jock but manage to get my denim cut-offs

over my package, then socks and boots followed by just my leather jacket. 'No T?' someone asked. 'Too hot,' I

replied. They were used to me dressing a bit odd as they called it and I got away with that. Purring down the

main roads, then off on a couple of side ones warm wind caressing my chest and up the legs of my shorts did

nothing to ease the excitement rumbling bin my groin. When I got to ...... all I wanted to do was rip my fly

open and jerk off violently. I think I would have done but that bloody phone went again. Ding. 'Quarter mile

down road wood frame house well set back on left. Drive into open garage. Strip. Leave clothes on bike.

Wear trainers and carry run shorts. Come and knock on door. This is your last chance boy. Once in you stay

until Sunday afternoon.'

Why didn't I even reconsider? My cock led me; I had no control over that. Also, in retrospect, he'd played me

like a master. Well, I suppose he was one. He became mine that weekend.

I followed his instructions exactly.

I found the house without much problem and rode in to the double garage containing another bike and the black

van I'd half expected. As I left, quite naked apart from the dirty trainers and carrying the shorts I heard

the door slide down behind me. The house was set back from a side road with several trees to shield me, even

so I felt quite exposed as I rang the doorbell.

It was several minutes before he stood before me and I got my first real look at the man who would be changing

my life.

Very dark as I'd seen before, around six foot so slightly taller than me, close cropped crinkly hair, both eyes

and glistening teeth standing out in a frowning face, followed down by a body at least twice a broad as my own,

everywhere, but without an ounce of fat to be seen. Washboard stomach, biceps, thighs, bulge in tight cotton

shorts, all huge, but somehow not extreme, his body was all beautifully in proportion.

He looked down at me from the doorstep and without warning lashed out with one hand sending me sprawling to the

ground. 'Boys like you don't call at front doors. Go round the back and sit on the ground where you belong,

also drink the two bottles of water you find there while you wait for me. I'll be out when ready.'

He closed the door with a slam, not waiting to see if I obeyed. What else could I do, my bike and clothes were

locked in his garage, all I had were the dirty little shorts I carried so I rose to me feet and trudged

carefully round to the back, tears running down my face. But how much they were tears of pain and how much of

despondency I couldn't say. My prick was still hard.

Chapter Five

I discovered two bottles of cold water standing under what looked at first appearance to be a frame for

climbing plants but as I sat and looked closer it was obviously far to strong being made of six by six, not to

mention the rings bolted through at different places and the fact I was sitting on a solid concrete concave

slab with a drain hole in the centre. Were it not for the small section of carpet tile I sat on my backside

would have been burning from the reflected heat. He'd not told me I couldn't look around and I observed a

large probably secluded tree and grass-dominated garden leading from the fair sized half roofed patio. I could

only hazard a guess as to the house but estimated it as probably three bedroom and all that went with that,

after all he had a large double garage I'd been in and what looked like another single garage that built on the

other side that for some reason had its door facing the garden.

It surprised me to discover I'd drunk large bottles of water and my tears had quite finished falling when I

became aware of a pair of lightly haired very dark legs clad just in flip flops appear before me. I went to

look up and had just caught sight of those cotton shorts with their massive bulge when another almighty slap to

my head knocked me to the ground. 'Never raise your head to me unless I make you,' he said, 'when I do you may

wish I hadn't' Then his massive hand reached down under my chin to turn my face upwards, 'No tears this time I

see!' Did he see everything? 'Stand up and keep your head down.'

I stood. 'Bladder filling boy?'

'Yes Sir.' It wasn't that uncomfortable but there was a pressure there.

'Close your eyes boy,' he put a blindfold over them anyway and then was fastening what I recognised as padded

straps round my wrists and ankles, also a solid metal ring round my balls to which he attached a light weight.

'That weight stays on all weekend boy. I'll add or remove others as I see fit.' My body was trembling when he

held my now almost flaccid cock and tried to do something with the piss slip. When had my cock gone down? When

he blindfolded me so I was unable to see what he would do?

'This wont do. Get down flat on your back and stop shaking, I'm not going to cut it off or anything.' I

managed to lay down with his assistance and for the first time in my life had someone slide a small plastic

tube up my piss slit and then strap both my cock and the tube to my stomach so they wouldn't come apart. 'Now

get up and come over here.' It wasn't easy but with his arms to guide me I sort of shuffled in the direction

he wanted and found my body being bent face down at the waist over some apparatus that allowed him to fasten

off my wrist and ankles and left my arse, so I thought, stuck in the air at just the right angle for fucking or

worse. Those parts of my body not restricted by the straps he was now fastening round me were trembling, part

in anticipation but also in some fear. What had I got myself into?

'I'm not really into punishing you boy,' he started, 'I just get off on hurting you and that's what will happen

this weekend. I'm not into twenty-four seven relationships or anything and whether you come back or not is

quite up to you. However, this weekend you will get hurt and probably auctioned off and I will enjoy every

moment. Your enjoyment is of no concern to me.'

Just as I was about to raise some objections he forced a rubber ball gag in my mouth and fastened it off behind

my head, which by now was about the only part of my body I could move. 'Breathe through your nose,' I'd not

realised there was an air hole through the gag till he plugged it, I discovered soon, with the tube stuck up my

prick. 'Hope you ready boy,' as a belt landed across me backside. 'Cant damage that, may want to sell it

tomorrow,' and the belt was landing across my back instead. Not regularly or always with the same force, but

it just kept on coming.

I'd had my backside belted before but never really my back and certainly never like this and with the ball gag

I was also unable to yell or scream. Have you ever been flogged when quite unable to move any part of your

body apart from your head, and also unable to squeeze more than a whimper past your gags when all you wanted to

do was scream and swear and jerk about and escape. I would have done anything just then to make him stop, not

almost anything, but absolutely anything. My eyes weren't just crying, they were the Niagara Falls, I was in


Worse was to come. Through the gag came a liquid I recognised with horror as piss. I knew. I was pissing in

my own mouth. No problem, I'd done it before. The problem was I had no awareness of releasing my bladder.

That tube he'd stuck up my piss slit had taken away all feeling apart from some bloating and I had no control

over what my bladder would do.

Strangely enough the first feeling when he stopped beating me was more one of loss rather than relief, but was

only until the pain really set in. I never struggled at all when he untied me, removed the blindfold and stood

me under the wood frame, raising my arms above my head and attaching them to a couple of chains, then knocking

my legs apart doing much the same to them. His face only a foot or so from mine his fingers found my nipples.

'Have you been drinking boy?' I nodded. 'Seem to have run out,' he continued and fumbled about down below,

'Be some more soon.'

'Did I hurt you?' I nodded again.

'Did you enjoy it?' as he pinched and twisted my nipples?' I shook my head.

'Too bad. Do you want some more?' I nodded.

I nodded!!! Tears were still streaming down my cheeks and when he left of torturing my nipples and slid his

hands over my back my body almost passed out with shock. Yet I agreed to more.

'Just have this little drink first then boy.' His face screwed up slightly as if he were concentrating hard

and after a moment a fresh stream of fresh piss swamped my mouth. Somehow he'd connected his own cock to the

tube and had enough pressure on board to force a stream up the tube to my mouth. His fingers returned to my

nipples, 'Drink deep boy.' What choice did I have?

I heard a phone ringing in the distance and with,' Hang around will you,' and a light slap he moved back to the

house. Again a remark I had little choice but to obey strung up as I was. He returned carrying a spray can to

tell me, 'You can have a five minute rest. Couple of boys I know on their way who will enjoy hurting you on my

behalf. Just as much fun to watch as to indulge. They'll want sex as well, more than once if I remember

correctly, but you wont mind that will you?

He shook the can and sprayed the freezing contents my burning back. For a moment it felt even worse if that

was possible, but then did seem to ease the pain to a dull throb.

Back to look into my glaring eyes, 'Well you've not said no so obviously you agree to the lads joining in.' He

grinned while slapping my dick back and forth a few times. 'I think I'll let them unplug your cock, that will

give them another part of your body to play with. Pity if we leave any area out don't you think?' He roughly

squeezed some cool cream or grease round the lips and slightly inside my hole and then with a comment of, 'Push

out,' thumped my stomach with one hand causing my body to try and double over, while with the other rammed a

butt plug straight in and up inside me.

If I'd not been strung up I know I would have tried to hit him. That wasn't pain. It was agony. I'd been

split apart.

He attached some sort of belt that fitted tightly round my waist, then a strap down my crack and up either side

of my balls, finally being clipped on the waist strap. That held the plug firmly in position not to mention was

squeezing the side of my balls. 'Just one more thing,' and he pulled painfully on my balls, attaching a strap

round them and leaving them stretched out.

Standing up he looked back in my face, 'Now that wasn't so bad was it?' Actually, now the initial stretching

had eased the plug felt quite at home, it was the straps keeping everything tight that were more uncomfortable

but even those I could bear for a while. His fingers returned to my nipples and he grinned as I flinched, 'I

asked you if it was too much to put up with? I Take it the answer is no sir. That's good.'

Reaching behind me he took a couple of slaps at my backside, 'God I'd love to have a go at that but I can get

more for it if reasonably undamaged. Don't worry, I'll have my go when I get you back.'

Chapter Six

I heard a vehicle pull up out front, followed shortly by doors slamming, laughing voices coming round the other

garage and then, they as shocked as myself, the two young men Big Sarge had allowed to use me briefly a couple

of weeks back.

'Now that's a nice surprise, been looking all over for you,' one of them said, 'Told you we'd enjoy a longer


'Looks like we going to get one now, and some.' Said the other. 'What can we do with him?' turning to my host.

'Whatever you like,' he replied. 'Just leave his backside alone for now. I'm going to take him to the truck

park later and auction it off. You can fuck it though, just plug him after, you know they like a dirty arse

down there.'

'Can we take his gag out? We like to hear and anyway will need his mouth anyway.'

'OK. Better use the den, sound travels this time of day. Take his piss tube out as well. He can drink from

the tap in future.'

How long had I been here? It was already turning dusk. What did he mean about auctioning my backside?

They unclipped my restraints and led me into the other garage. Once inside and the door closed I discovered it

to be laid out for torture, not storing motor vehicles. The whole place was painted black apart from red tile

paint covering the floor. The two lads had been here before as they rushed round quickly flicking switches and

lighting candles bathing the whole room in soft red flickering light apart from some mini white spots over some

equipment in the centre. When that got lit up I turned to go. Too late.

My host was standing right behind holding a camcorder in one hand and easily catching and holding me with the

other. 'I told you once in, no change of mind.' What about my friends here anyway, they've come all this way

for a bit of fun and now find you here to play with they can really go to town. I should get a film out of

this I can sell for more than all of their other ones put together.'

I don't know what would have happened if I'd made a real effort to get away then. I will admit to being

frightened as to what might happen but there was also this other side that wanted to endure, to take anything

he could throw at me, the same side of me that would visit dirty rest stops in the middle of the night dressed

in little more than the straps I wore now. Also Big Sarge had some idea of where I'd gone and told me I'd get

out in one piece. Even so, I was shaking when they came for me.

The lads had striped right off and now wore little more than studded leather jocks, some odd bits of chain and

harness, their original boots, and a couple of small eye masks. I recognised them now from a couple of very

vanilla S&M films I'd seen, very vanilla but nice as background for the bodies of the two lads who jerked off

for the camera. I'd liked the look of them when Sarge gave them a quick go at me; I'd thought then a longer

session might be fun. I'd not been thinking of the type of session it seemed was about to occur.

My host pushed me toward them and I just made out the whir of his camcorder starting, then forgot all about him

as they lit into me with hardly a word. One grabbed my shoulders from behind and spun me round to face the cam

while the other punched me in the stomach, not quite as hard as it could have been but sufficient to knock the

wind out of me and with the other pushing my shoulders I realised I should fold down to the floor. Once down

there they wasted little time and fewer words strapping my wrists together, pulling a chain down from the roof

to attach them to, then two further chains they attached to each ankle.

Bending to my head the ball gag was removed from my mouth and while I was licking and swallowing to clear my

mouth, the tube stuck up my prick was jerked out without warning.

I yelled, for a split second it was an indescribable pain, gone almost at once, just leaving a memory of hell

as I heard a clanking and found my legs were being raised from the floor by a hoist that just kept on turning,

my legs stretched apart, till my whole body was hanging upside down, my head lying at right angles on the

smooth painted floor.

'If we can't warm his arse outside, how about inside?' one of the lads asked my host.

'Don't see why not.'

It wasn't the expected cock that followed a shot of cold grease up my hole however but several fingers, forcing

their way straight through my arse lips and turning to twist and pull inside my hole. My body was twisting and

scraping against the floor in protest at the invasion and abuse and my mouth was keeping them good company.

'Lets shut him up a bit,' followed by that clanking again and discovering my arms were being pulled up by the

chain attached to my bound wrists very shortly followed by my body as the clanking continued. Very shortly I

discovered myself hanging from outstretched legs and combined arms a few feet from the floor. It was difficult

to hold my head up but I did see a thinner choke chain fitted behind my balls and attached overhead where, when

it was released, some weight was applied to assist the stretching my balls.

My head fell back as it was too much effort to hold it up and I couldn't see what else they were doing to me.

Next were fingers prising my mouth open to fit a solid rubber covered ring just behind my teeth with straps

fastened off behind my head. I knew what its use was but had only seen one before; never had one fitted or

thought it would be needed. I was wrong.

Only a moment later a cock was fed through the ring and part way down my throat accompanied by fingers twisting

and pinching my nipples. 'This is one face fuck you wont forget in a hurry.' Apart from my body being hung up

and my head falling toward the floor it didn't seem that different so far. The fingers invading my arse were

removed and wiped over my chest, shortly to be replaced by the warm solid rod of an aroused cock forcing a

violent entrance and not stopping until fully home. This of course swung my body to make my mouth engulf the

cock there down to its bush the gag reflex passing quickly due to the angle of my neck.

Breathing was difficult, the cocks filling my mouth and arse were not moving as normal which would have eased

the situation, the fingers attacking my nipples were removed and a voice 'Now.'

My body went into spasms, upward, sideways, crashing back down against the chains and back up again as what

felt like a pair of prongs were stuck against my body, again and again. My thighs, my sides, my stomach, just

once on my groin, that was the worse. Pure unadulterated agony. All the time those cocks spit roasting me from

either end remained static, it was the gyrations of my body working on them that caused the increase of blood,

that caused them to swell even larger, to throb to heat up.

They were however pushing harder and deeper inside me, 'More. Do him again. Increase the dose. Go on, hurt

him.' They were the sort of comments I could hear above a almost continuous moaning I suddenly realised was

coming from my own mouth escaping round that plug of a cock. It sounded almost inhuman; the state my body was

being subjected to right then was inhuman. Shock after shock after shock.

'Enough,' came a shout and the attack ceased as the cock filling my mouth was withdrawn and rapidly wanked off

over my face. 'Don't waste it,' and a hand scraped the resulting mess into my mouth while holding my head

upright by its hair. Shortly after the cock in my arse did the same, shooting over my stomach and feeding me

the result after removing the mouth ring.

They let my body down to lie limply on the cold floor. I couldn't have moved to save my life. When someone

said they wanted a piss and I had to return outside I didn't even respond when being kicked in the side and

finally was picked up by my arms and legs, carried out to a muddy area when they just dropped me and pissed all

over my body. I didn't, just couldn't, care. The pain had ceased but my body was still in denial and


It was only when I saw raw footage a few weeks later I became aware the boys had only maintained contact with

my body with their cocks, their hands holding the chains above my body, while the camera man, my original

abuser, kept on poking my body with a battery powered cattle rod.

No wonder I made no response when first released, still made little reaction when moved, hosed down, carried to

and laid face down in the back of that dark windowed truck I'd seen before, my face toward the rear door. Even

when they all climbed in the cab and the vehicle started to move I was only just recovering.

I'd forgotten. He'd said he was going to sell my arse!

Chapter Seven

I must have actually dozed off and only came to when I felt the vehicle pull quickly to a stop and the cab

doors open and slam close. I was still laying on my stomach facing the rear doors when they were flung open

and a subdued light flooded in.

'Hell, he ain't joking. He had got a lad with a pert arse laying out here. How much to fuck it did you say?'

There was a fair amount of whispering and grumbling then my original abuser climbed in and after raising my

groin to shove what felt, and smelt, like an old dirty tarp underneath pointing my backside up in the air,

clipped the wrist and ankle straps still attached to rings conveniently placed in each corner of the van.

'Right. He's ready now, which ones first?'

'What if he yell's? Don't want too much attention.'

'He wont,' bending down to look in my face, 'You know better than to make too much noise don't you?'

accompanied by a couple of slaps. 'Just to be safe though,' he reached into the corner and pulling my head up

let it fall back down on a rank piss soaked rag. 'That's my old piss and cum filled jock. If he gets too loud

just shove that in his mouth. We're off to get a takeaway, don't be long.'

Fuck! He'd left me at the mercy of a bunch of strangers who could do almost anything they wanted and any

objections on my part would only result on being gagged by the rank rag lying under my face. This wasn't going

to be like my own trips out to be fucked where I did at least have some control over what abuse would happen to

my body.

One of the groins standing round in front of the open door stepped forward, for that was all my view allowed, a

series of dirty overalls, jeans and a few shorts from thigh to stomach against the shadowed light. He pulled a

thick flaccid uncut cock through the gap of his overalls. 'Suck on this lad. You better get it nice and wet

before I use it to plug your sweet tight arse hole.'

Well, I may not be quite as sweet or tight as he thought but could see what was hanging there would not find an

easy entrance however much I licked and lubed. Even hanging down in its semi limp state what I saw was not a

normal prick by any description. It had to be at least ten inches long and I'd never close my fingers round it

now, let alone when it woke up. Even Big Sarge would have looked small beside it.

He stuck a small brown bottle under my nose, 'Take a big hot lad, it should help.' Poppers, thank god! Id be

needing all the help I could get.

While he held my head loosely and started to wipe his rapidly hardening cock along my lips as if I was playing

a mouth organ I felt the van bounce as a couple of people clambered in along side me. 'Are you sure this is OK

pop? We can just fuck this arse and no comebacks?'

'You saw me pay the man didn't you. That arse belongs to us for the next thirty minutes and I need you two

getting it ready for me. Strip off and fuck boys, I know you love an audience.'

I never did get to see what his sons looked like but judging him as under forty would put them as no more than

twenty and it was obvious they did like an audience and the van jiggled around some more as I guessed they were

striping off and then, with no warning, several fingers were brutally shoved straight in my hole. I yelped and

tried to pull my body away from the invasion.

'He's wet but still tight pop. Shouldn't need any more lube.'

'You warn me before doing that again boys; I was just about to find out how welcoming his mouth was. You oil

him up good anyway, He'll need all the help he can get when I take your place.'

It felt as if a whole tube of some thick cold grease or cream was injected in my arse then, 'here I go,' and it

was followed by a stiff cock wasting no time in plunging straight down and up to the hilt. The feeling of that

thick grease being pushed deep inside my gut was like shitting in reverse, most peculiar. I must have made

some sound as the massive cock asked, 'you like that then lad?' Actually I did. The cock was a nice warm rod

that fitted perfectly and was now sliding slowly in and out with a natural rhythm I tried to meet. Also, the

feeling when the grease started warming up and coating all my gut rather than just the usual arse lips was

somehow soothing.

'Yes, thought you'd like my boys. They do a good arse fuck, can keep it up all night between them but we've

not got the time. Pity, you've a much better body than most of the boy's I buy them.'

He used his fingers to prise my mouth open and stuck the tip of his cock between me teeth, 'Its all right. I'm

not going to fuck your pretty little face lad; I'd have to knock all your teeth out for that. No reason you

shouldn't suck on me for a bit though.'

Actually, once my mouth managed to accommodate his girth and the knowledge, hopefully truth, that he wouldn't

be trying to get that weapon down my throat, did leave no reason why I shouldn't be sucking away. I was in

fact quite enjoying myself. The cock up my arse had increased its speed and could be felt almost sloshing

around now that whatever grease had been used was warmed up. He was actually a good fucker, big enough to feel

without massive pain, good steady and increasing stroke, and his hands gripping my upper thighs to obtain

better grip and angle. He was fucking my arse and intent on his own pleasure, in the process giving me quite a

bit as well.

I sucked happily on the fathers weapon, almost forgetting where it would be later as my body surrendered to the

attack on my rear. It was, of course, too good to last. The cock up my arse speeded up and unloaded almost

without my notice as his thrusts forced more of the father's weapon in my mouth and hitting the back of my

throat. Both cocks were withdrawn at almost the same time and my arse was penetrated again, but this time by a

considerably larger object and one quite prepared to ram my body through the floor of the van. It was a good

thing my mouthful had been removed as I had some trouble not to allow more than the odd whimper or groan escape

my lips. This boy knew he was hurting me and obtaining enjoyment from the fact.

'Take it lad,' came from the body before my face, 'He's just opening you up for me. Do you want gagging?' I

shook my head. I had no wish for the soaking and stinking filthy jock at present under my chin to be jammed in

my mouth. Apart from anything else I'd have to swallow some of the contents and even just smelling it made me

gag. So I took it.

Actually, once my body got over the initial forced entry it wasn't too bad. His problem was that he thought

the only way to hurt me lay in a forced fuck and I'd been forced, fucked and hurt by experts. He needed

training in how to sexually abuse a body and I felt disinclined to assist. At least he was opening my hole

somewhat in preparation for the assault to come.

He wasted so much energy and concentration in showing the audience how good he was that he started shooting

before he wanted. I heard him, 'Shit! Fuck! Too soon!' And he didn't leave much of a deposit either.

'How was he?' asked the father, causing the truck to tip to one side as he clambered aboard.

'Waste of time,' I replied. Probably a stupid remark in my present circumstances but he was. His brother

earlier had actually done a better job of preparing my hole for the violation about to occur.

My smart remark resulted in a fist alongside my head from one of the boys exiting the truck and a follow-up

comment from the father. 'You leave him alone now, you've had your turn and he only said what I've told you

before when I share a boy with you.' Then, with a change of tone, 'You just try and relax lad, one of you boys

popper him up, he's about to get royally fucked.'

The welcome bottle appeared under my nose to be gratefully inhaled. I'd seen what was already probing at the

rosebud of my hole, I'd even felt part of it in my mouth, and still couldn't believe it was about to force its

way inside and up my gut. There was no way my hole could stretch for that.

It tried though; I'll give it that. He pushed hard at my hole and as I held my breath I actually thought for a

moment he'd break through, but no. Even so it hurt.

'Feed him more poppers, he's got to relax more.' The bottle reappeared, this time accompanied by a young face

surrounded by damp wiry hair and the most kissable lips.

'You have to let him in. He get there one way or another, what can I do to help?'

'Poppers, and kiss me when he tries again please.' Where did I get the cheek to ask that? This family, and

the audience I'd almost forgotten about, had to be as hetro and butch as possible. I'd get my head kicked in

for that.

Now I considered it there were voices all around, jostling for space and a view into the truck of my spread-

eagled body and the monster cock about to split me. 'Go on. Fuck the cunt. Rape that boy arse. Make him

yell,' and other like comments.

The bottle, the feelings of a baseball bat at my rear, and, two hands holding my head and that set of lips

clamped tightly against mine. What actually caused my body to allow an entrance I have no idea but I couldn't

ignore the fact that something had invaded my arse, something broader than it had ever experienced before.

Something that still had to reach the depths beyond normal access.

Chapter Eight

Thank god for that little bottle. I'd inhaled deeply the moment my hole flinched away from its massive attacker

but that alone didn't account for the fact I'd not screamed the place down when the initial violation occurred,

let alone as my body was slowly but surely invaded by that monster weapon. I was split in half and then

quarters by the slow but steady invasion, I wanted to scream but my lips were sealed and my breath taken by the

lips so impossibly clamped to mine, the tongue boldly playing touch and go with my own.

Even when I felt his ball sac and hairy groin slam against my poor arse cheeks he hadn't finished. Reaching

down to prise my cheeks further apart he rammed that extra half-inch of his weapon in, nailing my lower body to

the floor. As his hands moved again, this time to grip my shoulders the upper section of my body was flexing

and writhing in a vain effort to escape his attack, but of course just allowing his cock easier access and


As he started slowly, very slowly thank God, to slide in and out, back and forth, to the accompaniment of

voices from out side I'd forgotten about, 'Yeah. Go for it. Fuck the little bastard. Rape his arse. Split

him,' and other like comments and suggestions I managed to filter out. As he started, the mouth that had kissed

me so deeply changed to a pair of hands holding my head firmly, and a voice, 'Go with it, relax and enjoy.'

How the hell could I enjoy being fucked, no raped, by that monster of a cock?

'Go on,' the voice continued, take it and feed from it. You know you want to really.'

As the speed of my assault increased slightly I realised the voice was right and finally opened my eyes. It was

difficult to see much against the lights from outside, untidy shoulder length hair, a smiling young face about

my own age and a pair of eyes looking straight into mine. 'It's getting to you now, I just knew he would but I

fucked you first. How was I?'

'Lovely,' I managed to gasp as my attacker speeded up again.

'Did I hurt you?' I nodded.

'You enjoyed it?' I nodded again.

'And now?'

'Different? I'd rather it be you any night.'

'What about every night?' he asked.

'Will you punish me?' I asked. Where was this conversation coming from, more to the point, where was it going?

'Every time I feel like it,' he answered. 'You'll move in with me and work in our garage. Anytime I want your

arse I'll take it, it will be all mine. I'll probably farm your mouth out though.'

The cock up my arse was really pounding now, my front was going to be black and blue from the punishment it was

getting from the van floor. I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying anymore, all I could feel, all I knew, was that cock fucking my arse.

'Go on then, Fuck Me! Stop playing around, rape my fuckin arse.'

That was me, crying, moaning, yelling, yet begging for more. Right then I wanted more. I needed to feel more as he shot his boiling streams of man juice up and inside my sorely abused hole. I needed abuse elsewhere to spread the pain, and I got it. As my fucker raised his body from mine someone was laying across my shoulders and back with a belt.

'Yes! Yes! Yes!' That was me again. I felt a rampant cock pushing at my gasping mouth and opened my lips and teeth to accept it, accept and worship it. Still the belt fell across my unprotected body, now my arse and back encouraging me to service that cock harder and deeper. I wanted that cock to fuck my mouth and throat as thoroughly as my arse had just been used. It did. I needed oxygen, my arse, back and hole were in agony, but still I never even grazed that cock with my teeth. I knew, somehow, who it belonged to, who was feeding me, who I wanted to take me. In the second that sensation blasted into my brain the cock blasted down my throat, I reacted by diving deeper. My nose squashed against his groin, my lips tightened around the base of his shaft and I suckled and licked as best I could. I would have swallowed his cock, right down if that had been an option. I could feel myself going but just was unable to let go, my head was spinning. I needed to service that cock.

I found myself sitting over the edge of the truck, my head between my knees and gasping desperately for breath.

A hand under my chin raised my head, I could see him more clearly now, his naked muscled body gleaming with sweat under the overhead lights. He had no concern about the audience, just about me. I could see it, I knew it. I knew he'd take care of me, as long as I deserved it, on his terms of course. There was no reason to say anything.

'He's mine,' I heard him say; 'I'm taking him home.' He had no concern for others opinions, this was what he wanted and this was what he would do.

'You can't have him; I'm selling him off down the park for a whipping.'

That was a voice I'd managed to half forget. I know he'd promised to hurt me but that idea sounded a bit too much.

'I've changed my mind,' I told him.

'You can't. I've got your clothes and bike. You wont get them back.'

'He wont need clothes this weekend,' retorted my rescuer, 'My dad will pick up the boys bike on his way home.

Big Sarge wouldn't be happy if he knew what you really got up to over the state line would he.'

That seemed to be it, 'Go get in the back of that pickup,' he slapped my backside.

Hardly any comment from the audience to all this, they parted like the red sea, all those macho men, giving way to a lad in his early twenties leading his naked slave. Yes, I realised, that is what I'd just become.

He helped me into the pickup with a swat across my arse, led me to the frame behind the cab and put my arms out to grab hold the top bar.

'Are you going to stand here boy or do I need to tie your hands?'

'I'll stand Sir.'

'Good boy. I'm taking you home to fuck, probably beat you, use you as my toilet and let you sleep at the foot of my bed. How's that sound to you?'

'Perfect Sir,' I replied.

A few moments later the pickup roared from the truck stop, his Masters naked slave standing proudly upright in the rear, exposed to the elements and any passing vehicles. His erect cock and tight balls were bouncing off the cab top, he had a stupid smile stretching from side to side of his face. He'd found his Master and was going home.



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