I was crouched down, looking at the videocassettes on the bottom rack. I smelled his cologne first. I glanced up just as he glanced down. He blushed, and looked quickly away. I examined him. My age, but there the resemblance stopped. He was about 5'7', with the slim, lithe body of a dancer and a tight, firm ass. In profile he was exquisite. Almost too perfect. His hair was a casual mass of black curls that brushed against his collar. My cock stiffened as I looked at him. Damn, what a beauty he was. When he looked back at me, I was staring at him openly and appreciatively. He blushed again, but this time managed not to turn away. He gave me a hesitant, nervous smile. I gave him a hungry, predator's grin. His blush deepened, but his body trembled in response. I let my eyes move up and down his body, obviously, hungrily, even licking my lips once, then flashed the eyes back up at him. He was wide-eyed, still trembling, the front of his pants bulging. It was the perfect meeting of hot desires, until we got interrupted by a little piece of gay hell.

There were three of them, because there is always at least three of them. They travel in packs. They spotted my pretty about-to-be-new-friend and went straight for him. The hissed all the usual names at him, and I'm proud to say, the dancer didn't back down. I stood up. That got us a whole new game. I'm a cocksucking, sissy-faggot, too, but I happen to be a 6'3', 200 pound, weight-lifting cocksucking, sissy-faggot, and it takes a hell of a lot more than three closet escapees to make me nervous. They took one look at me and decided to go play somewhere else. The dancer turned and looked straight into my chest. He shifted his eyes up to my face. I smiled. 'Wow,' he said. Nobody had ever said 'wow' about me before. We were on his couch making out like mad fiends in what seemed like 10 seconds.

His name was Edward and I had him in my lap. He had both arms locked around my neck, sucking my tongue furiously. Burning inside this delicate creature was the libido the size of a small foreign country, and I was loving it. He wiggled his ass in my lap, stimulating the hell out of my cock. I let my thick fingers trail across the bulge in his pants and he gasped helplessly. Edward was so damned hot he had long since lost control. I pulled my head back from him suddenly and grinned. 'Strip for me,' I said, and it wasn't a question. Edward was on his feet, hips moving, eyes stabbing at me, graceful hands slowly removing his clothing. He did a slow, luxurious strip. When he was down to silk bikinis that could barely contain the swollen rod inside, I gestured him forward. I ran my fingertips over his hips, his ass, up to his stomach, down to his thighs...everywhere except his cock. He trembled, then he begged. A large, wet spot appeared on the silk as his cock poured precum. Just when he was starting to sway and I thought he knees would give out, I ripped the briefs off him, stood, scooped him up in my arms, then hoisted him up so that I could suck his cock. I held him balanced across my chest, my mouth taking all of his cock. He felt unstable, legs sticking out past one of my shoulders, his arms and shoulders sticking out past the other shoulder. He shrieked in fear, arms trying to hold on to some part of me, legs kicking, staring down at the floor with wild eyes. I kept sucking and his cock throbbed and swelled. The helplessness and the fear put an incredible edge on it for him and rapidly he exploded cum in my mouth. I swallowed it all, then let him drop back into the cradle of my arms. I grinned at him. 'How does it feel to be totally possessed by a man?' I asked. He twitched helplessly, then threw his arms around my neck and kissed me.

I carried him in to the bedroom and dropped him down on the bed. I undressed slowly, and Edward watched me with naked hunger. He came to the edge of the bed and knelt as if pulled by strings, then ran his hands all over my muscular, hairy body. His eyes were huge, his lips parted, the little pink tongue darting in and out as he looked at me. I tapped my thick, 9' cock with a finger. 'Suck me, pretty,' I said, and again it was not a question. Edward ducked his head and took me in his mouth and sucked. I looked down at my cock sliding in and out of that tender mouth in that beautiful face and felt so fucking hot and nasty I could barely stand it. I rolled him over and had him lay with his head hanging off the bed. He looked up at me with huge eyes. I think he would have let me do anything to him that I wanted and that realization nearly made me shoot my wad all over him. I put a knee on either side of his head and fed my cock into his mouth. I stroked him to relax and reassure him, then began to pump my hips carefully. I felt my cock slide over his tongue, gradually going deeper and deeper until I felt the top of his throat. He lay perfectly still, accepting me and my gentle fucking of his mouth. He took me even deeper, until my cock was sliding in and out of his throat. This beauty, this incredible beauty, was completely mine. I leaned forward and took his soft cock in my mouth and sucked it dreamily. Take every inch of me, beautiful Edward, I thought. Take every inch. I wanted it to go on forever, but it was so intense my balls were tight and full and past ready to empty into my beauty's mouth. I slid my cock out until just the tip was past his lips and said, 'swallow me, Edward. It's all for you.' He sucked hard, grunting his delight, and swallowed the cum I pumped into him.

I lay on the bed on my back and held Edward on top of me. His entire body was on mine. I wanted him touching nothing but me. He lay with his head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat as I ran my fingers up and down his skin. Silk. Pure, wonderful silk for me to touch. He rubbed his cheek against my chest hair and purred. I kissed the black curls on the top of his head, and put my hands on his ass. So firm. So round. I covered each cheek with a palm. I imagined how huge my cock would look as I thrust it into the ass that filled my hands. I squeezed his cheeks hard and he groaned. 'I love that,' he said softly. 'Your hands are so damned big. Everything about you is so damned big.' He looked up at me suddenly with a wicked glint in his eyes. 'I love big men,' he said huskily and with a slight blush. The blush deepened. I tilted his chin up with a finger and kissed his mouth gently. 'I know what you feel.' I said softly. Edward smiled a very wise, knowing smile. His face immediately changed. His eyes grew huge, his lips trembled. His slight body quivered. 'You wouldn't,' he stammered. 'You wouldn't do things to me, would you?' I slid my hands up and closed them around his wrists. 'Oh, yes,' I growled. 'I WILL do things to you. Everything and anything I want to.'

I lay back on a pile of pillows and stroked my cock as Edward sucked my toes. I looked at the beautiful man serving me and rubbed precum over the head of my cock with my thumb. Shit, I thought. This is incredible. He licked and sucked each one of my toes, then slid his little pink tongue up each instep. He sat back on his heels and put my left foot between his legs, then started to hump. I watched as he fucked my foot, his breath coming in gasps, hips moving harder and harder. His stiff cock slid up and down the sole of my foot, lubricated by his hot dripping cock. He kept at it until he grabbed his cock suddenly and aimed the head at my instep and pumped cum. He lay down and immediately licked all his cum off my foot. The room spun around and I had to balance myself with both hands on the bed. He crawled up and knelt on my thighs, turning his hips to smack my hard shaft with his semi-flaccid cock.

'You're a very, very bad boy,' I said sternly. Edward's eyes gleamed. 'Yes,' he said breathlessly. 'I'm a very, very, VERY bad boy.' I lifted him and dropped him across my lap. I ran my palm over his silken ass, then brought it down with a hard smack. He moaned happily, so I continued to spank him until his ass was a rosy pink. By then he was wiggling and gasping, and his cock was stiffening again. I was breathing so harshly I thought I'd pass out. I put an arm under his thighs and one under his chest and lifted his warmed, pink ass to my mouth. I slide my tongue between his cheeks, found his hole, and thrust. I kept my tongue stiff and pointed and moved Edward himself back and forth, tonguing his hole deeply. He squealed 'Eat me!' until all he could do was gasp incoherently. I finished up with some careful bites all over his round cheeks, then dropped him back into my lap and gave his ass a final smack. 'Get me something nice and slippery, fucktoy,' I growled. 'That little round ass is about to be impaled.' He shot off the bed, and came back with a tube of lubricant and a couple of lengths of soft cord. He handed them both to me, put his hands behind his back and waited. I had to close one eye to focus. Shit, I thought. Holy, fucking, out-of-this world shit.

I built a mountain of pillows in the middle of the bed, then laid my fucktoy across them. I tied his wrists behind his back, then tied his ankles together. I walked out of the room for a minute and occupied myself with making a drink, looking down occasionally at the swollen purple thing between my legs. It hurt like hell, and I was really afraid that I wasn't going to make it inside that luscious little ass. It was just going to spontaneously blow, taking out a wall in the process. I let the bourbon calm me, then walked back in. I held the glass to Edward's lips and had him sip. He, too, looked like a soft breeze would set him off. I knelt over his bound legs and took a deep breath.

I lubricated my index finger until I was dripping cold jelly everywhere, then subjected my lover's anus to the gentlest penetration in the history of ass fucking. I took plenty of time, which gave us both a chance to cool off a little and establish a groove, and gave that cute little ass plenty of time to relax. I fingerfucked him for a long time, until my index finger slid in and out with no resistance. I added a second finger, and he moaned appreciatively. I felt my muscles uncoil a little at that. I watched my hand pump in and out of his ass, feeling the tight hole periodically clamp down on my fingers as he grabbed at me. He loved it, which was sending my cock back to its turgid, somewhat lethal state. I carefully, carefully added a third finger just to be sure. He humped his ass back at my hand. He turned around to give me a grin and a wink, then threw himself lustily into the role of helpless, captive virgin. He struggled against the ropes, begged, pleaded, and promised to do ANYTHING if I wouldn't stick my huge cock into his untouched ass. The bed started to spin until I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing.

I slid my cockhead up and down his crack, then lined it up with his hole, rubbing it back and forth, feeling the hungry pucker inviting me in. I popped the huge head in, and Edward froze and said 'Holy fucking shit!' before he composed himself and slid back into character. I slid in and out an inch at a time, letting him relax again, and damned if he didn't take all of it and love it. The 'helpless, captive virgin' got a taste and went wild, screaming 'Fuck me!' at the top of his lungs. I pumped...then pumped hard...then slammed the bed against the wall, the metal frame creaking in protest. I balanced over him on my fists, nearly mad with the feel of his tight, tight ring sliding up and down my shaft. I poured enough cum in his hole to flood out again, drip down, and mingle with the cum he'd shot all over the pillows and sheets. After, I carried my twitching, wide-eyed lover in and deposited him in a hot bath, whereupon he promptly drifted off to sleep.

Since then, I've learned many things. I've learned Edward is a gymnast, not a dancer, and the delicate body is made out of spun steel. I've learned he's the strongest person emotionally I've ever met. And...I've learned that big men who worry about hurting their smaller lover's ass should take into consideration that their smaller lover can hop up on theirs, penetrate...and fuck for hours. Ouch. Incredible, blissful 'ouch,' though.


Morgan Grayson

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