I had known McKenzie for a few years, we had gone to the same high school and knew each other through some of our mutual friends. We hadn't ever talked all that much until over the most recent summer we started hanging out and smoking weed together. The following winter we grew pretty close, got to know each other pretty well and hung out all the time. One night during a more serious discussion he revealed to me that he was bi, a fact which I was more than okay with as I am gay but rather surprised by. I certainly wasn't disappointed as a dirty little part of my mind wanted something sexual to happen between us, and I found him rather attractive. Since him outing himself to me there had been some growing sexual tension between us, we had had a lot of sexual discussions and talked about some of the things we'd done sexually. He was always a very physically affectionate person, he frequently hugged me, cuddled my head in his hands and laid me across his chest. Lately though he had been tickling me after I foolishly revealed to him how ticklish I am. I could tell he enjoyed tickling me as much as I enjoyed being tickled, and I couldn't help but notice his wandering hands during the process. He lifted my shirt above my stomach and gripped around my hips, thrusting me into his hardening cock as he wrestled me. "Please!" I cried out, "No more!" He looked at me with a smirk that said "Come on now, did you think it was gonna be that easy?" He continued to mercilessly tickle me, forcing me into the fetal position in his lap. I could feel his cock pressing into the side of my face as it ground into his lap. At this point I was sure he had to know what was going on as his rock hard cock was slipping close to my mouth. I pretended to say something to open my mouth a little and let the tip of him slip in. The sexual tension was killing me. I wanted something to happen soon. Though it might not have been the same night, I was lucky enough to have my wish granted soon after. A few nights later I was back over at his house hanging out with another friend. It was starting to get a little late and so I asked our friend when he was heading home because I drove and could give him a ride. To my frustration he asked McKenzie if he could spend the night and Mac confirmed. I wasn't going to let that get in the way, though. Later on after we had smoked a little McKenzie and I were laying in his bed watching TV after our friend had passed out on the bean bag chair. My head was resting on his chest and my hand was resting atop his stomach. I began to lift up his shirt to tickle him a little. He giggled and swatted at my hand but I managed to get it back on his stomach, though this time I didn't try to tickle him. I instead began carressing him, running my fingers across the curves of his abdomen. Soon I was giving him a full-on belly rub, and loving every second of it. I've always had a stomach thing and loved feeling the hairs of his happy trail trun through my fingers as I played with his navel. I could tell he was enjoying all of this and after a while his hands slipped under the blanket and out of view, though I could see he was adjusting his pants under the covers. I continued rubbing his belly as he lay outstretched across the bed. He placed his hand atop mine, slowly guiding it down on him until I could feel his warm cock in my hand. I was instantly turned on by this gesture and began stroking his hardon. Just as we had started, we heard our friend rustle and get up. We pretended to go back to sleep as he stepped outside to get a cigarette. The moment we heard the door close we instantly resumed, as his hand slipped below my belt and down my pubes. We embraced for a moment as we stroked at each other and then stopped for a moment and looked at one another. He slowly shut his eyes and pressed his lips against mine. We continued to jack each other off as we made out until we heard the door opening and resumed our sleeping poses. Once our friend had passed back out, I suggested we switch places so that his back would be facing our friend. We did so and with his body shielding me from view I began to kiss my way down his chest and made my way to his dick. I was given a warm welcome when I arrived as he was now bulging with excitement. I began licking the tip of his head and sliding his shaft into my mouth. He again moaned with pleasure as I sucked at his massive cock, fondling his balls and fingering him at the same time. I grabbed his ass and forced the entirety of his cock into my throat. I was now incredibly turned on, the full feeling of the length of his dick down my throat as his stomach pressed against my face. We kept at this for a fewminutes until I felt him motion to stop. McKenzie then rolled onto his side, presenting his soft ass to me. I felt myself stiffening as he pushed his asscheeks against my groin. He took notice to this and soon began thrusting and grinding his ass on top of my cock. I put a little bit of spit on myself and his ass and started pushing my way inside him. He was loving this, groaning and squirming with pleasure as I pushed deeper in. At last I could feel the length of my cock inside him and gripped him closely to me as we began to fuck. I played with his cock and balls as a gently rode him, kissing at his neck at the same time. We had to be careful to avoid waking our friend but we were both so into the whole ordeal that I'm sure some groans must have slipped out. We fucked for what seemed like an eternity until he began to moan and shake. I pushed myself deep into him and begand pounding away at his throbbing cock. He let out one last "Oh, god!" as I felt him tensening up to cum. His blew his hot load all over himself, groaning in ecstasy as he finished. This was too much for me to bare any longer, and as I thrusted into him a few times more I felt myself cum inside him. We laid there covered in each other's cum for a moment as we came to grips with what we had just done. We cuddled for a few moments more and then cleaned ourselves off in the bathroom. At this point it was about 4 in the morning and I realized I had to work at 9am the next day. With that, I gathered my things and prepared to leave. As I was saying goodbye to McKenzie, he smirked at me and said, "See you again soon." and licked his lips a little. I giggled and responded with, "I can't wait."



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