Big Lars - San Francisco Opera House

I'm Jack. 230 pounds and 6 foot 2 of Irish/Polish hybrid. Luck of the genes of both cultures, built solid and thick, pale Irish skin with black hair and green eyes. 7.5 inches of cock with a bulbous baseball bat shape with big nuts. Big square Irish pecs and biceps and big polish ass and big thighs. Built in paranoia about being a fat old man keeps me working out a lot...that and a bit of fat on the middle. These genes can't last forever but I am gonna try my best. Lots of exercise  = lots of desire all the time. My problem ? Thickness Addiction

Big Lars. Opera singer from Sweden. 6 foot 5 and 290 lbs of blonde beefy cocksman. It was a set up from my pal Ray, so there was not much prelim chatter. He knew why I was there but he asked me if I was part of the group. What group? He smiled and said I would find out soon. Curious.

He was on a lighting break from his show and wasn't due onstage for a while. He took me to one of those closed off private rich people's rooms that have a little bar and bathroom. His body hair was all ice blonde and straight which I didn't expect to be such a turn on. Hair is fine but my desire is for size, big tall guys with thick tools. His cock had a fat middle, a really fat middle making his cockhead and cock base look smaller, but really it was all pretty big and around 9 inches long. Nice!

He was into rubbing our dicks together and lubing my ass with big fingers. I loved his big square chest with it's pretty hair and his nipples, though not big, they started to stand up. He flipped me and bent me over the bar and started to fuck me from behind. He slipped in easy and took his time easing me past the wide part. His fingers slipped in my mouth and I realized he had used butter to lube my ass. He used long strokes and made sure I felt all his width from top to bottom. He pulled out a few times and aimed it perfectly right back in, and that caused a lot of sensations all over my body.

Someone suddenly came in making a beeline for the bathroom. We had never turned the lights on and technically we were behind some stored screens leaning against the bar so I guess we couldn't be seen. But butter makes a squishy sound going in an out of your ass and Lars wasn't stopping. Every so slowly he kept sliding in and out of me mostly using the widest part down to his smaller cockbase. I could feel all the differences in width each time. No sound at all Not even breathing ...and I was losing breath control. Shallow breathing, so as not to be heard, started to get to me. All my body hair was standing on end and my nerves were tingling from the top of my head to my ass.

I don't even know when the bathroom person left the room I was in such a daze. I just knew when he started making groans and pounding me harder. Real man pounding that only a big guy can manage. It didn't take long for me to come hard on the bar and I clamped down as much as I could on his dick. He pulled out and came in hot, very hot spurts all over my ass and that felt amazing.

He thanked me and took my boxers and cleaned off my dick and then sucked the fabric. He kept them and left the room smiling. I dressed and walked home with butter and jizz soaking into my jeans. I passed a butch gay couple from the neighborhood and we nodded at each other. They knew. The bigger one just asked good? And I purred back yes, so good.


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