It was beautiful Friday spring evening and I was traveling along the highway in the middle of nowhere. I was enjoying the scenery and all of its natural beauty. Although I had been on the road for a few hours, I was not tired. I was a little restless and horny.

I was on my way to see my hot Daddy. I had not seen him in some time as he travels for work often. I was very excited to see him and I was especially anxious, in a good way, to get some of his wonderful cock. I was excited he had arranged a surprise play weekend for us. I could not wait to get to the lodge he had rented. Daddy treated his boi so well.

I was singing along with the iPod playlist and daydreaming of the hot times I anticipated would take place on the weekend. I had hurried out of my home when Daddy texted me the instructions and directions for the weekend. I had forgotten my phone charger but I did not turn around to go back for it after realizing I had left it. I was using the phones GPS function and my battery was getting low. Luckily I was close to my destination.

Suddenly I heard a loud pop and the car became hard to control. I pulled over on the side of the empty highway. I could not believe my bad luck. I had blown a tire and my spare was flat as well. I tried to call Daddy and let him know what had happened to the car and me. I could not get any reception in the middle of nowhere and I could not remember how far the last rest stop was. I was at a loss of what to do.

I decided I would wait be the car and hope for some help to come along soon. After a few attempts to flag down the couple of passing trucks cruising down the highway one stopped. I was very relieved that the truck had stopped. I went up to the trucks cab and the driver leaned out and asked if I need help. I explained my predicament to the handsome trucker. It was hard to get out the words. He was ruggedly handsome and built. He had on a tight t-shirt that showed his big muscles. He was shaven bald but he had a long full beard. After getting through my story he told me to hop in. He said he would give me a ride to the next rest stop where I could call for a tow truck and call the lodge.

I hopped in the passenger seat, relieved that I gotten off the side of the road. Everything would be back in order once I reached the rest stop. I told the trucker how thankful I was. He said it was his pleasure. He then said something that took me aback a little. He said, "I always like to help a damsel in distress", and then chuckled a bit. I kind of ignored the comment not knowing what he meant by it.

We were chatting as he drove down the highway. I found myself staring at him getting hornier with each moment. I was feeling guilty for being so turned on by him while on my way to see Daddy. I was staring at the trucker and my eyes began to wonder towards his crotch. He was wearing jeans and I could see a huge bulge. I guess I was staring for too long because he caught me. He asked if I liked what I saw. I tried to ignore the question, but I think the tent I was pitching in my shorts told the truth.

He told me he didn't mind and that I could stare all I wanted to. He told me that he picked me up because he thought I was cute. His words were turning me on. He said that he needed to relieve himself and could not wait until the rest stop to do so. He pulled the truck over and got out to take care of his business. I waited in the cab wishing that I could have gone with him and seen his big cock.

When he returned he climbed back in the cab. He asked what I was going to give him for the ride. I told him I thought he was being nice and did not realize that he wanted anything in return. He said "gas, cash, or ass would suffice, no one rides for free". I didn't know how to respond, but before I could, he said, "I have a pocket full of money and the tank was filled at the last stop".

He then became much more aggressive and stared me in the eyes and asked if I was ready to pay up. I said I guess I better be, and he said "Good boi". He took my hand and placed it on the big bulge I had been staring at earlier. I began to play with and caress his big dick through his jeans. He liked that and leaned over and kissed me. He said he knew he had picked up a good bitch as soon as he saw me. He told me to get into the back of the cab and get undressed. He said he would join me shortly.

I did as I was told. I was so horny as I had been saving myself for Daddy. The back of the cab was much bigger than I imagined. It had a king size bed and a nice flat screen TV. He even had a sling hanging from the top of the cab.

After a few moments the hot bald trucker came to the back of the cab. I was lying undressed as instructed. He told me to turn over so he could see my ass. He admired it and began to massage it. I was getting so turned on. He began to remove his clothes, exposing his raw muscles with each removed piece. I wanted this hot rugged muscle man so badly. When he removed his jeans I finally got to see his huge cock. My mouth began to water anticipating feeling it between my lips. It was so big and it had a huge mushroom head. I could not wait to place it in my wet wanting mouth.

I began to slowly suck and lick on that wonderful mushroom head. I could feel it getting harder with each lick. It tasted so good, and I was extremely cock hungry. I got lost in how good his big cock was to me. I wanted to please his enormous dick. I knew that if I did I would get my reward, a hot mess of cum.

I began to take his dick deeper and deeper in my throat. It was big and I was gagging as I tried to take it all. I was trying my best but I guess this big dick trucker wanted more. He grabbed my head and began to furiously fuck my throat. I was gagging and tearing, but loving every moment. Several times he got it all the way in and held it there. I could not breath when he did, and I thought to myself, what an awesome way to choke. After several minuets of having my face fucked, he turned around and ordered me to eat his hole.

I did as ordered and worked my tongue all over his hole. I could hear him moan in delight and it made my dick harder. I began to stroke myself as I was rimming his hot muscle ass. He saw me and slapped my hand away from my dick. He said he had not given me permission to do that and that I was there to service him. He ordered me not to touch my boi clit again. I went back to eating his ass and wondered what was next.

Well I didn't wonder long. He ordered me to get on all fours and after I did he got behind my wanting ass. I could feel his finger playing with my hole opening. And then the most wonderful pleasure as he ate my boi pussy. I loved the feeling of his beard rubbing against my ass as he worked my pussy over with his tongue. I was so fucking horny and wanted his dick so desperately.

He reached over and grabbed some lube out of a drawer near the bed. He began to lube my hole and inserted three fingers, one at a time. His hands were big and his thick fingers were opening my hole wide. He took then out and then I could feel that huge mushroom pressing against my hole. He pushed it in and I screamed out. It had been some time since I had been filled like that. He chucked a bit and said I had a tight pussy. He said that would change after he was done. He put his whole cock in and I could feel him so deep inside. He told me to relax and give my pussy to him. I screamed out a bit as he picked up his pace. He said I could scream like a good girl, no one would hear me.

He said "good bois like you love getting fucked", and he began to try and prove that. He fucked me very hard doggy style. I loved it when he slapped my ass as he plowed me. I could feel my clit begin to leak out pre-cum. He noticed as well and put some on his fingers and made me lick them clean.

He then told me to get in the sling. I got in and he inserted his big dick back in my boi hole. I loved it as he bounced my ass on and off his dick. I wanted to touch my clit , but did not dare to. I could just watch it leak as the big bald man fucked me like a stud. I wanted his load so much. I could only think about getting my reward. I began to squeeze my pussy on him cock as Daddy had taught me. I wanted to milk that load out.

He began to breath heavier and his pace was feverish as he fucked me. He asked if I wanted his load, I replied yes. He took it out of my pussy and ordered me to suck it out. I greedily started sucking his throbbing dick as he fucked my face again. He held it deep in my throat and I could feel his dick shooting. He coated my throat with his cum. I made sure to swallow every drop. It was so good. I asked him if I could cum and he said no. He got dressed and told me to do the same. He then drove me to the next rest stop. I got out feeling spent. I got myself together and called Daddy to let him know about my car trouble, I didn't tell him about my trucker adventure at that time. I was waiting for the right moment to do so. It was only early Friday evening; I wondered what else was in store for me that weekend...........




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