Bi Sexual

Just thought I'd share with you about how I found out that I was bisexual.

When I was younger, I regarded myself as a straight guy. I went out with almost every girl I set eyes on and did anything you can do with most of them.

When I was about 18, Paul, my roommate that I'd known for 10-years told me that he was gay. I'd never thought about having a gay friend or being gay myself before.

Once he had come out to me, I could tell Paul liked me because when I was walking round in my boxers he was constantly staring at my body and my bulge.

When I showered he always made some sort of excuse to come into the bathroom. It was being decorated at the time so there was no shower curtain.

Surprisingly, I never flinched or attempted to cover myself up. I just stood there and let Paul stare at my dick while I was washing myself.

I felt comfortable, so from then on, I started walking around the apartment with nothing on, letting everything hang out because it not only felt comfortable, it also felt good. 

This went on for quite a while, Paul constantly staring at me.

After a while, he also felt comfortable enough to start walking around with nothing on too.

After that things began to get more intense and some chemistry started to build up.

One night, I came home after fucking my girlfriend Linda at her house and found Paul jacking himself off on the couch. I'd already stripped down naked and shut the curtains so I felt very comfortable. When I sat down on the couch, Paul started staring at me and stroking more vigorously now that I was in the room.

I didn't mind and neither did he. Even though I'd just fucked my girlfriend Linda not an hour before, I started to get aroused watching Paul jacking himself off. I'd never experienced this before. I also stared at his 6-pack Abs and his dick for what seemed like ages. His dick was huge ... a good 8-inches and fat with a big mushroom head.

We enjoyed being naked around each other and we enjoyed jacking ourselves off in front of each other. But we never felt embarrassed around each other. We'd even had jack off competitions to see who could go for longest.

Then, for the first time in my life I wanted him.

My desire for Paul started to grow and grow. So about a week later I asked Paul if he wanted to go clubbing for a little while.

We went out, visited with some friends, got half shit-faced and came home.

At this stage, although I had a stead girlfriend Linda, I was single and I was also very confused.

Paul and I were sitting on the couch stripped bare. We were just sitting there chatting when all of a sudden I looked at Paul's dick. It was all hairy as were his legs. Even though I'd seen it hundreds of times, I was so mesmerized that I just stared for a few moments, not believing what I was seeing.

I couldn't believe it; suddenly I was licked him from his rock hard belly to knees and then I jacked him off.

Then before I knew it, I was sucking my best friend's cock. There I was, happily gobbling his stiff rod. I was moaning, "Uuuuuuuuuum," softly and making wet slurping sounds as I bobbed my mouth up and down on his cock. My hands danced sensuously up his legs until my hands cradled his balls. I wasn't just suck cock; I was making a serious production of it. I was making these sexy little murmurs, like a kid does when eating ice cream. As I stared up at his face, I chewed the head of his cock with my lips.

I'd always wondered what a woman got from sucking cock... until I sucked Paul's. Without any exaggeration there is nothing I've ever felt so enjoyable ass feeling Paul's cock in my mouth. Licking the head with my tongue and going down on his shaft as far as possible turned me on like I've never been turned on before.

When Paul cummed in my mouth, the flood gates opened, the feeling of his cock exploding in my mouth brought a psychological rush that can not be explained in words.

What's interesting is that I found that I had no attraction to Paul or other men other than sucking their cocks. I gag just thinking about kissing them.

And then of course he did the same to me.

After we had cummed in each other's mouth, we just lay there laughing, and smiling and passionately kissing.

The next morning, we both woke up and were fully aware of what had happened the night before. We weren't ashamed of what had happened. Had I done that a year ago, I would have run a mile and never looked back but not now. We went for round two and did everything you can think of. I'd never experienced gay sex before and I really enjoyed it. I thought sex was about sticking your cock up some girl's pussy and licking her out; getting her to suck you off. Although I still enjoyed that, I now enjoyed this to.

Paul, my roommate and I now have a house together and have secretly been a couple for five years.

He later admitted to being bisexual so got a girlfriend, Debra.

Although neither knows about our bi-sexuality, I also have a girlfriend, Michelle, who surprisingly shares a house with Debra.

I remember back in December, a cold Saturday morning between Christmas and New years. The 4-of us had double dated the night before. At the end of the evening, Paul went home with Debra and I took Michelle home with me.

The bed was so warm and soft as Michelle and I snuggle in a spoon position. I was behind her with my left hand resting under the covers on her hip, my fingers gently caressing the softness and the feel of the curve where her hip met her thigh. I'm not sure if Michelle was awake because I can't see her face.

Her head was resting on my right arm with my face nuzzled in her hair and my lips just a half-inch from her cute little ear. I begin to gentle lick and lightly kiss her ear lobe and Michelle began to awake, moaning softly as she pushed her naked butt against my naked groin.

I move my left hand from her hip and slide it across her stomach to her shapely left breast and gently squeeze. Her nipple began to harden; I could feel it pushing against my palm. I move my hand, allowing the hard nipple to slip between my fingers. I applied just enough pressure to make her moan again as I gently rolled it between my fingers like it was a grape. 

Michelle could feel my hardening cock begin to push between her butt checks and this excites her even more. She could feel it begin to throb, as it kept beat with my heart rate.

She smelled like homemade bread and roses as I moved the sheet. She rolled around and laid her head on my stomach just inches away from my ever-hardening cock.

I just lay back with my head propped up on the pillows, my right hand on her soft shoulder and my left caressing her head and neck.

My dick was now fully hard, the mushroom shaped head grown fat so that if Michelle stick out her tongue just slightly, she could touch my cock with it.

She took her right hand and rub my right thigh and gently tickling my nut sack and pushing my balls around with her fingertips.

She is such a tease and knows that I love it.

Finally, Michelle took me into her mouth and rolled her tongue and caressing me as she tightened the grip on my cock with her soft moist lips. Her right hand was holding my cock at the base as she slowly stroked me while she was sucking me.

It felt so damn good that I wanted the feeling to last forever. But at the same time, I don't want to cum. Not just yet. So I gently pulled Michelle's head away and kiss her deeply.

Our tongues were playfully dueling with each other as I lower her sexy body down to the bed.

I kissed Michelle's lips, forehead and ears then drag my tongue sensuously down her neck to her heaving breasts. Michelle's breasts are small but firm, almost perfectly spherical and capped with light-toned pink nipples. I kissed all around them and drag my tongue in circles around her areola before sucking the nipple into my warm mouth. I kissed, licked and chewed on each of her breasts and nipples as she moaned and tossed her head from side to side.

Michelle clutching hard at my head, urged me lower. I know what she wanted. I know what she needed.

I resisted and instead, I placed my hand between her outspread legs, covering her pussy. When I inserted my middle finger into her wetness, Michelle arched her back, begging me to go down on her.

I removed my finger and moved lower, Michelle's pussy quivering as I mashed my face between her open and inviting creamy thighs. Her clit throbbed against my nose as I moved it up and down her beautiful slit as I inhale deeply her essence.

I moved away so that my tongue could lick between the folds of her pussy. Pulling Michelle's legs open even farther, I immediately rubbed the tip of my tongue around the outside of her pussy, teasing her with my hot breath. I took her soft wet pussy lips delicately between my lips and suck them gently, occasionally darting my tongue briefly inside her hot, wet and juicy slit ... moving it right side ... left side ... circles clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Her hands were massaging her hips and her fingers gently playing with her own nipples, squeezing them and pinching them just enough to give her a tingle, but not hard enough to hurt.

She needed to cum badly. Her right hand was trying to finger her clit but I wouldn't let her do it.

I was on my knees besides her, my hand still covering her pussy as I gently pushed her knees up and aside as I exposed her pretty pussy to my view. Her pussy was completely shaven, smooth, like she had just shaved it. She might have shaved it just for me, who knows. I could see her lips pouting open, moisture pooling at the entrance to her slit, her clit straining to get out from between her engorged lips. I lowered my face to her pussy and ran my tongue up and down the entire length of her slit, slurping her juices as I place my tongue against her clit and swirl it round and gently suck it between my lips.

As I did this, Michelle let out little moan. Every time she moaned I could feel her getting more and more turned on. I knew I had her in the palm of my hand. It was up to me what to do next.

Michelle began to squirm on the bed as I drug my tongue over her clit and then went down the rest of her slit. I did this to tease her, to make her want it so bad she couldn't stand it. Then as I slowly flicked my tongue against her clit Michelle clamped my head against her pussy, pressing it into her as she ground her hips into his face.

Michelle's hips started to buck up and down as she approached the pinnacle. As she went over the edge I felt her orgasm hit her as body tensed in convulsions. Every muscle in her body locked and spammed as wave after wave of delight washed over her body. It rocked her body, as if you've just been struck by lightning.

As her juices bathed my tongue I lapped her up. When I finished licking her, Michelle took a few big breaths and moaned a sigh of relief that only a powerful orgasm can bring.

I crawled up on top of Michelle and kissed her, swirling my tongue around in her mouth, letting her taste herself on him.,

I'm not a selfish lover... I know when it's my turn; it will be fantastic because Michelle knows how to satisfy.

Now that I on top of Michelle, I wasn't going to pass up a chance to fuck her, so I moved forward so that my cock hovered between her parted thighs. I spread her legs wider and raised her legs up to where her knees were near her ears and her ass in the air. Squatting between her legs, rather than on my knees, the angle was perfect as I grabbed her hips and entered her. Michelle cried out as I actually hit her g-spot. Her high-pitched squeal caused me to look down and smile.

Michelle's long legs were soon up over my shoulders and she was moaning and gasping in time with my steady powerful thrusting. Her fingers dug into the cheeks of my ass, urging me on, as if trying to pull me in deeper each time I plunged into her. I was pumping her methodically, pushing my all the way in. I slowly pulled my cock almost all the way out and then almost brutally ramming it back in so hard and deep that our flesh made slapping noises as our bodies connected.

Michelle started to work her hips, ramming her pussy up, meeting my thrusts halfway. In seconds, amid her garbled moaning, Michelle's eyes rolling back in orgasmic agony, head throw back, probably moaning so loud it might be called screaming, I heard her choke out the words, "I'm cumming, oh god, I'm cumming.

I couldn't hold myself back any longer. Suddenly stiffening all over I cried, "I'm cumming. I finally gave in to the moment. Gripping her hips tightly, I bucked into Michelle's uncontrollably as a hot ecstasy tingled through my body and then my cock was spurting into Michelle's spamming pussy. Michelle's gorgeous ass bounced wildly on my cock, her clutching pussy sucking the cum out of me as if it were a mouth. I shot gob after gob of hot cum into her, every squirt making her body twitch in another spasm of joy as her own orgasm stormed through her. Michelle and I were welded together, cock and pussy, in perfect ecstasy as we climaxed together.

The 2-of us collapsed on the bed and still caressing each other, watched the others while we caught our breath

Now Paul and I are each other's NSAFB on the side. We don't really consider that we're betraying our girlfriends. We just think of gay sex is a bit of fun. The more I suck dick the more I think swallowing is the best part. Before when I first sucked Paul's dick I just did it because I wanted to suck a dick. Get the feeling in my mouth and just enjoy that, but after sucking a while the more I wanted my treat at the end. It's what makes it all worth it so to speak. Like before I didn't even care if the other guy came, now I want to make the guy cum.

The end ...



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