Bi Curious

This story starts several years back when I first found this web-site and quickly fell for the interesting people and their profiles, this brought some of my fantasies to the surface and my mind just swirled with the possibilities of this lifestyle. It took some time for me to come up with a way to bring it up to my wife Barbara that I was on the site as well as highly interested in joining. To cut to the chase, she was reluctant at first but agreed to put up a profile. After that we saw a couple's profile and quickly realized we knew them. Barbara asked, "Do you think they would be ok?" 

 I said, “I don't know if I should tell you this or not but Paige came onto me once."  Paige was half of the couple we knew, as well as her boyfriend Austin. 

 When I asked her a few questions about her preferences, Barbara told me that for a brief time in her life when they were younger she and a female friend had sexual contact, so I asked, “Would you like to list herself as bi?”

She said, "More like just bi-curious."

That’s when I confessed to her that I was interested in trying out some bi play myself, and how hot it would be to do this together. So the search was on for a couple in the area whose profile listed either as bi or bi-curious. 

So Austin and Paige were now off the list, but we found a great couple Donna and Calvin that both of us had interest in, and struck up an online friendship, they eventually invited us to meet.

After the place and time was set, Barbara and I pulled into the parking lot, got out of the car but before we went in she said, “I’m having second thoughts.”

I told her, “I was about to say the same thing.”

So we dropped it at that point and emailed Donna and Calvin an apology for wasting their time. 

Time passed but I just hadn’t been able to let it go. Whenever I bring up the subject of meeting with a few other couples I have keep in touch with, Barbara just doesn't share my enthusiasm. 

 I don't know if it was the complete lack of support from her or just my outright passion for having a hard dick in my mouth while Barbara rode my dick or even the guy's wife. But I really needed to pursue this, even if Barbara wasn't interested in participating.
 So as I looked for a couple to take me under their wing, so to speak but none gave me any consideration, but on the other hand I was constantly getting email from bi, bi-curious and even straight guys, married or not, asking if I would be interested in meeting with them alone. 

At first I thought it would be awkward, but I so wanted to try some dick. In desperation I made a decision to move forward and accepted the invitation from a guy named Eugene to meet for some mm play.

After many chats on line about some of the things we wanted out of the friendship and ultimately what we both wanted sexually from each other. We decided to meet in public at a local Ace hardware store. 

Eugene was about 10 years older than me but he was definitely in fit shape. He was a little shorter than my 6-feet, clean shaven and well-manicured hair. 

We shook hands and said our hellos, as well as some idyll chit chat about hardware and other incidental bull-shit. Then Eugene asked, “Do you want to proceed with our plans to meet up tomorrow morning at my house?”

 “I feel comfortable about following up with it, if you do.”

His response was, “Yes.”

I would only have about a 2 hour window to play at his house between the time his wife Janice went to work and the time his daughter Patricia would get home from her third shift job, 

I was to wait a few blocks away in a convenience store parking lot for his message that the coast was clear for me to come over. 

I was so excited as I waited for his message that my heart was pounding about 90 MPH and my dick was the hardest it had ever been in anticipation. 

On schedule the message that the coast was clear along with instructions to park in the shopping mall across the alley behind his house, come in the back gate, across the yard and to come to the backdoor. 

When I knocked Eugene open it immediately and welcomed me with as much enthusiasm as I was feeling as verified by the bulge in his loose fitting gym shorts.

He asked, “Do you want anything, like a coke or some coffee?”

I politely refused either. 

So he said, "I have a spot ready for us in the back room. Would you like to go on back and get on with it?" 

I told him, “I definitely want to see what's causing the bulge in your shorts." 

Eugene laughed and said, "Come on back and I’ll show you."   

The room was dimly lit, warmed enough to be comfort naked and music playing softly in the background. After closing the door he turned and without another word bent in towards me and planted his lips on mine and passionately kissed me. I was confused and didn’t knowing what to do. I’d come here prepared to suck his dick, but this was different. It was a kiss, something far more intimate than taking his dick in my mouth. Not wanting to derail the meeting before I got what I wanted. I mentally gritted my teeth and let my body take over and returning the kiss. When Eugene’s tongue slipped out and started probe my mouth I parted my lips and let it in. 

Caught up in the passion of the kiss I unthinkingly flicked out my tongue and suddenly we were French kissing. Heady spinning, I was in a world of my own and didn't care how gay kissing a man made me. Eyes closed, I enjoyed his passionate kiss.

Coming to my senses I broke the kiss and stepped back away from his embrace. 

Unabashed, he asked, “Would you like to get comfortable?’ as Eugene removed his shirt and dropped his shorts to expose his cock to me, in its full erect glory.

I started to disrobe and when I was removing my underwear I saw there was already a wet spot from the pre cum on the crotch.

Smiling, Eugene stepped right in front of me he said, "Don't be shy. You can touch it. Let’s get familiar with each other." 

We both reached for the others dicks and started to slowly stroke them, I’ held my own hard dick 1000s of time but somehow holding another man’s felt different somehow. It was probably my imagination but his felt harder and warmer. Just holding it sent a shiver though my body.

Eugene reached around with his other hand and grabbed my ass so I did the same with my free hand. 

As he squeezed my butt cheeks, Eugene made the comment, "You have a very nice dick." 

I stumbled over my own tongue, as I stammered, "Yours is nice too." 

After a few minutes of this intense stroking Eugene said, “why don't you have a seat and relax." 

He had an overstuffed chair with a towel laid over the seat cushion. I let go of his hard dick and sat down, thinking that he was going to step up to me and offer his throbbing cock for me to suck on. 

Instead he said, “Lean back and relax. You’re going to enjoy this." 

As I leaned back, he knelt down in front of me, placed his hands on my knees, sped my legs open and put his face in my lap and he engulfed my cock all in one motion. My cock in his mouth, he moved his hands down and started to slowly caress my balls with one hand and encircle the base of my cock with a thumb and index finger.    

Moaning, “Mmmmmmm,” he slowly moved his mouth up and down on my hard shaft. Excited beyond belief, this sent me over the top a lot sooner than I wanted to, and I warned him, "Ooohhhh my god, I'm cumming.  I'm actually going to cum in your mouth.”

Not stopping, Eugene kept on sucking, bobbing his head faster and faster. Unlike my wife Barbara, as I blew my load into his mouth, Eugene just kept on bobbing his mouth up and down. And when I exploded he swallowed every bit of me.

My dick went limp in his mouth before he was satisfied that he’d got every drop of cum I could pump out. Parting his lips, he just let me fall out of his mouth. Looking up at me and asked, "how did you like that?” 

What else could be said except, "That was wonderful, thank you." 

As Eugene stood up I said, “May I return the favor?" 

He said, "I'm looking forward to it," as we swapped positions and I subserviently got on my knees in front of him. My heart was pounding with the excitement in anticipation of what I was about to do, I reached for his dick and as I stroked it it got bigger and bigger. It was the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. Long and thick with a perfect reddish-purple head. The shaft was perfectly smooth with rope-like veins under the skin. 

I leaned forward and took it in my mouth. The velvety skin was softer on my lips than I expected it to be and pliable but the shaft was very hard.

 Not knowing what exactly to do, at first I just held it there marveling at the slight salty taste of his skin and the fact that I finally had a dick in my mouth.

 Then I just followed Eugene’s lead, doing what he’d just done to me. As I sucked and licked, I slowly moved my mouth up and down his thick shaft while at the same time, gently caressing his hairy man balls. 

 It was so much bigger than mine, I was worried that I couldn’t fit it in all the way. I tried my wife Barbara’s usual slow up and down, but he started hunching his hips up out of the chair and thrust so hard and fast that couldn’t breathe. I had to pull off to catch my breath. 

 When I explained that I had a hard time breathing around his huge cock Eugene thought was amusing. 

 I did a slow bob, taking a little more and a little more until it bumped the back of my throat. But there was still an inch or two left so I pushed hard and was barely able to bury the whole cock in my mouth. It was a little painful but I was happy I was able to do it. 

 Eugene congratulated me on being able to take it so deep. “Few can,” he said, which I found very gratifying. I held him deep and worked it with my tongue. He loved that. 

 His shaft was rigid so it was hard to comfortably get it down my throat.

 As I sucked I then thought to myself, what will happen when I make him cum?  Should I let him cum in my mouth and swallow or jerk him off all over the place and make a mess. I didn't know what exactly to do, until Eugene started to groan, “Uuuuuuugh,” and he asked, “Are you ready to taste me?" 

 I just mumbled, "Mmmmmmm," as I kept sucking.

 Then his groans got louder and he mumbled almost painfully, “Here it comes," as he shot his load deep in my mouth. I kept sucking as I swallowed. When I finished I was proud of myself because I hadn't let a single drop escape my lips.

 Still down on my knees I asked Eugene, “How’d I do?”

 He said, “You brought me to a climax faster than anyone else ever has.”

 I took it as a compliment. 

 We got dressed and just barely made it out to the kitchen as his daughter Patricia pulled into the driveway.

 We were sitting at the table with cups of coffee as she walked in. he introduced me as a longtime friend and told her we were getting ready to go fishing.

 We’ve both talked about what a close call that was to getting caught. Since we’ve enjoyed playing with each other on a regular basis, as well as talk about doing more than just sucking and jerking. But now we’re more careful about the times and places we met.

 I’m no longer bi-curious. In fact I’d say that I'm bi. And can't wait to experience sex with a woman who’ll let me taste her husband's dick after he’d just got done fucking her.

The end…



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