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Chapter 1 – I David take this Witch... Troy


Once upon a time there was a special boy who happened to bump into a typical red blooded guy.

They bumped into each other again, and again. So they decided they better sit down and talk this over before they had an accident. They became good friends, and not long did it take for them to fall in love. Not hard to do when you have so man interest in common.

TV, well just kissing in font of the TV.

Trains, watching trains. Well just kissing as trains passed by.

Going out, sitting in the park. Well just kissing in the park.

Even only after a month, the Red blooded guy thought the special boy to be his true match, so he did what most people do. He ask the boy to marry him. They boy thought it to be a bit sudden and hasty but did say yes, they had a minor wedding but a typical honeymoon. In a typical honeymoon suite.

Everything seemed typical and normal, except it so happens that this boy is a witch.


I was sitting in a silk robe and my boxers by the mirror, looking to see if I needed some touching up. Seeing my hair was a mess. Now where is that hair brush, I turned my head seeing at the end of the room on the dark brown dresser, the brush laid.

I pointed my finger makinga sign for it to come.

The brush started to levitate and came flying to me and I took it in my hand and started to brush my long slightly wavy black hair. Once done he started thinking and wondered how all this is going to go. Well Most people need love and romance, I was no exception. Just as I thought that all seemed perfect the window opened and a gust of wind and a stroke of thunder was heard. There in the blink of an eye, a woman appeared.

Mother, What are you doing here I said.

What am I doing here, what are you doing here? She asked.

I'm married I replied.

I know, I cant seem to let you out of my sight for one moment She responded.

She walked toward me and turned so her back was seen.

Now hold on to me and I will have us out of here in no time she said.

I said no and my mother turned around, with a look of shock but also looking at me as if i I were crazy. I rose form the chair in front of the mirror moving to take a seat at the edge of the bed. I tried telling my mother I wanted to be here. She just never seemed to listen. My mother lowered her head a bit telling me that this must be a spell. These male witches are the worst. Now to the problem, how was she going to react when I let her know my man is mortal. Better to yank it off like a bandied.

He is not a witch mother I blurted out.

What She replied.

He is a mortal man I answered to my mothers gaze and short reply.

Oh well then that's easy I just turn him into a bullfrog She said smiling.

I told her to do no such thing and we got in our usual argument, we never seemed to listen to each other, I tried telling her I loved David. Yes i really loved my husband true we had not known one and other for long but still I was quite sure about my feelings. My mother did not seem to understand that, she had never been much for mortals but if she just could hear me out so i could tell her David wasn’t like ordinary humans. David was a very good man an honest man, hard working, respectful and charming man. We kept arguing, but I stopped hearing my husband coming closer to the room.

Now Mother please can yougo he is coming I said.

I will take care of that, don't worry I'm not going to hurt him She replied moving her hand in a swift like motion.

In the separate livingroom of the suit David came closer to the bedroom door and in a instant he was standing in the lobby, dressed in a robe an underneath only his boxers. He looked around thinking he had gone crazy, Blinking thinking he was dreaming.

It must be the cocktail I had he said out loud to himself.

He started to move to the elevator pressing the button going back to his husband and his hotelroom. At the same time Mother and I were now talking, trying not to yell at each other.

I don't know were you get it, it must be from your fathers side She said and sat down.

What's so horrible with marrying a mortal I replied.

She just sighed back and heard David coming closer, this time waving her hand.

In the hall just as he was about to enter his suite, in a blink ended up at the lobby once again. It looked as if he was about to have a stroke, or a fit of some sort. He clenched his fists took a deep breath and went to the elevator once more.

Well Troy what do you think he will do when he found out your a witch, you cant hold it hidden for long my mother said.

I'm planing on telling him I responded.

Oh really, when? She asked with an amused look in her face.

Tonight, I don't think you should have secrets in a marriage I said.

My mother stood up and smiled her amused somewhat wicked smile and in a blink she was gone. I sighed and in the same moment my stomach turned to knots, how am I going to tell David that his new man is a witch.

In to the room came David,and looked really upset, sitting down breathing in a way to remain calm. He scratched his head, also shook it a few times.

Hi Babe I said and came out from the separate bed room of this suite.

He stood up and walked to me.

You want believe what jus thappened. He said.

What I said and smiled he smiled back never mind we can talk about that tomorrow. Just as he was about to kiss me I walked past him.

We need to talk I said andtook a seat in the sofa.

He turned and looked at me as if I had become nuts, he did not want to speak during there honeymoon all he wanted to was to have sex. Lots and lots of sex, I wanted that to but I thought it best to get this over with. He walked slowly and almost grumpy towards the sofa and sat down.

I have something to tell you I said

Well just say it he replied.

Your a what he responded to what I had just said.

A witch, I'm a witch I said again.

That's fine babe your a witch, now lets go to the bedroom and have some wild time.

You don't believe me, then I just gonna have to prove it I said.

Fine Prove it He answered.

He crossed his legs and seemed to be a bit upset, he took forth a cigaret. Not that he used to smoke just sometimes, special events and breaks but wasn’t a smoker in the normal sense. He lifted the lighter on the table and tried to make it ignite.

Just once I would love to see a hotel lighter work he said.

I looked at him and then at the lighter and poff a flame appeared. He looked just a second at me, but did not take it as a hint. The ash tray was at the right of the table and just as he was going to ash I moved the tray to the left. He tried to ash the cigaret again now to the left I moved it to the right. He in a more scared manner took hold of the tray and placed the hole cigaret there trying to calm he stood up.

I could really need a drink He said.

I looked at him and then his hand and in a blink a long glass filled with long Island Ice-tea with ice cubes in it was found.

An old fashioned He said.

It turned into an old fashioned one, with a straw he asked and then I made the straw appear. He sat down on the chair, shaking a bit and looked at me.

Your a witch He said.

I walked up to him and sat down in his lap and looked him in his eye's.

That's what I have been telling you, Oh David I just love you so much I didn’t want to keep this a secret from you I said.

I kissed his neck and nibbled his ear, we need to talk about this Troy he said. I kept nibbling on his ear and he just stood up with me in his arms. We can talk about that tomorrow he said.


I had him in my arms and walked with him into the bed room and laid him on the bed, now ready to make sweet love to my man, my husband. He was so beautiful. Hair down to his shoulders, a bit EMO looking, with un even length in a dark bluish black color that made his light green eye's shimmer. I undressed him of his robe and boxers, exposing his hard manhood. Ready to enjoy my lips and touch.

I shot up inside his tight hole and fell down on top of him rolling off and then thinking I have just had sex with a witch, OMG I have married a witch. I looked over to him who looked at me and placed his head on my chest. Then I thought, I don't care if he is a witch I love this man I love Troy.

Chapter 2 –Looking at the house.


It was breakfast time and I tried making breakfast, not easy to do in the mortal way. Especially when I had never done it before. I made my man a steady breakfast before he went of to work, I myself did not have any work, so I thought I might as well make my self useful. The eggs burned and the toast pieces of bread almost took fire. Breakfast could be a very hard thing to do unless you happen to be a witch.

Honey are you up Dave said loudly coming down the stairs.

I looked around the room the burned toast the messed up eggs, pans in the sink still oozing of smoke. I lifted my hands and bam, everything was cleaned up. On the table the breakfast was served a nice and perfectly made breakfast, just in time for David to come in.

Oh doesn’t that look nice he said and sat down.

He ate quickly and then was of to work. Giving me a long sweet and wet kiss before leaving. I sat down and enjoyed the rest of my breakfast.

The time passed and I decided to make a cake, but I had not made a cake the human way before. I got started making it, it seemed to go well but the cream was smeared on to messy and the frosting on top was really hard to place.

O for haven sake Troy I heard mothers voice.

What mother I replied.

She appeared in a blink, sitting on the kitchen counter. Not looking pleased.

Why are you doing it that way She asked.

You know why I replied.

She started to protest telling me that Daniel or whatever his name was that he hadn't said anything about me not using magic, like he had forgotten. So why did I try it the human way. She had a point and I looked at the cake blinking with my eyes and in a flash the cake looked like a pure artwork.

Well done Troy She said and as she did I heard the front door open.

Honey I'm home David called out.

Mother please. I said and she looked a bit upset but vanished. David came into the kitchen looking at the cake.

That looks really yummy He said grabbing me giving me a kiss.

That was yummy to He ended the kiss saying.

I told him that I tried to make it the human way, and then saw his reaction. He seemed upset and then left the kitchen I followed.

Honey we need to speak about this it has been over two weeks since I told you I said grabbing his shoulder.

He sighed and sat down in one of the living room chairs. I went making him a drink giving it to him and took the chair next to him. I looked into his eye's. He placed the glass on the table and grabbed my hands.

You know I love you He said.

And I love you I replied.

He told me he had tried to ignore the fact I was a witch, but knew it would come up again. Lets make a deal, don't do magic around me and if you do magic don't tell me he said.

I kissed him smiling. Down his neck and stated to unbutton his pants, drawing down the sipper and taking forth his rock hard rod. Giving it a lick.

Later we sat down and ate dinner, with the cake for dessert.

Oh I have something to tell you He said.

He told me he had found us a house and that we should take a look at it tomorrow. We made plans that he would arrive later and I would check out the house first. Just a short time after dinner he fell asleep on the sofa. Behind it in a light of green mother appeared.

Look at him, sleeping in his clothes like a common animal she said.

I think he looks charming I replied.

They all look the same to me, Grey and feet planted firmly on the ground It is no good for us witches. We are quicksilver, a fleeting shadow, a distant sound... our home has no boundaries beyond which we cannot pass. We live in music, in a flash of color. We live on the wind and in the sparkle of a star.

I walked into the kitchen tired of hearing everything she had to say but of course she was already there.

Don't you want your mothers help darling She said sitting on the kitchen table.

Now that you say it, would you like to go and take a look of house with me I replied.

Seriously Troy, is this whatever his name is idea

David mother his name is David, and he is a marvelous human being.

Oh David that's a terrible thing to say about anyone, but I will go with you She said and vanished.

I smiled knowing my mother did care especially very I was going to live, when being with amortal and all. Time flew and time to go to bed but not before a hot night of sex. Morning came and David went to his work at the PR agency, and me I was ready to go looking at the house. I waved my hands over me and then disappeared. Standing in the blink of an eye in front of the house with my mother almost at the same time appearing there.

Oh is this it, it looks ghastly she said.

Mother just picture it with a lawn, flowers and some trees and maybe a hedge I replied.

A hedge you said.

Se waved her hand in the formation the hedge would go, and it appeared. She magically made the lawn become green and two trees pop up. Pointing at the window boxes making flowers sprout.

Lovely, but a bit much I said making one of the tree's disappear.

We started walking and just as I stood by the door I turned sighing making it all return as it had been.

We on earth did you do that Mother said.

I smiled saying I wanted to do it all with David from scratch, she shook her head. And the door opened she went in and so did I not knowing that in the neighbor house across the street had a pair of prying eye's that could be seen between the curtains.

End Chapter 2 -

I hope you enjoyed it and please tell me what you think. A question to you all, do you think I should hold it light or should the sex scenes be more and longer. 

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