I met this guy Tommy, on Prince St. last Summer. We literally bumped into each other twice and, taking it as a sign, we exchanged numbers. He was definitely a tall drink of water. Like, the giant Figi bottle, amongst the crowd of Niagara bottles. Sexy dark skin, black wavy hair. He had it pushed back behind his ears, but there was this one lock of hair that kept falling back across his eye. He had perfect, white teeth, and thick lips. He took his sunglasses off while we talked, and I noticed his lashes were thick and lined his dark eyes perfectly. 

We met for drinks later, and talked for hours. I don't even know what we talked about, cause I kept noticing his bulge through the pink cotton of his khaki shorts. He had a blue button up shirt, which was unbuttoned half way, and tucked in. Every time he leaned back, from taking a drink, it would flash open, and I'd see his dark curly chest air. I kept nodding my head, and smiling, wishing to fuck he'd shut up and put his dick in me.

We didn't hook up that night, but we texted and facetimed a lot over the next week. He was pretty fuckin busy, and so was I, to be honest. He opened up about his open relationship with a man he'd been seeing for a few years, who'd moved back to Paraguay. I didn't give a shit, but whatever. He said he just wanted to be open and honest about things, before anything got serious. I don't know where he got the idea my intentions were to be in a relationship, cause as I recall, I spent several minutes with my hand on his upper thigh, grazing the head of his dick. He'd casually played it off that night, and would move his leg back, but I'm pretty fuckin sure one of us was giving a clear green light to fuck the shit out of his ass...

I flirted with the idea of settling down, or whatever. Only problem is, I like dicks of all sizes. i like the small ones that feel like a slight pressure just at the opening of your asshole. They can be fun to ride, and it's just enough pleasure, you can jack off at the same time, and it's a fun little squirting type of orgasm. I also like the big ones, that fill you til you think you'll split open, and put so much pressure on your prostate, you can cum without any touching. 

Tommy was a sweet texter. I was starting to think there wasn't a nasty bone in this man's body. We met for dinner one night on Elizabeth St, right around the corner from where we'd initially met. He works in that area, and I was shopping around soho anyway. He bought me dinner and we walked and talked. At one point, he grabbed my hand, and I pulled back, instinctively, but then I reached down and took his. It was cute. It wasn't sex though.

We took a taxi to his place in the financial district, and he showed me around. It was a pretty big apartment. His bf owned it, and was leasing it to him for almost as little as I was paying for rent. Fuckin score. He turned some music on, getting me a drink, and disappeared into the kitchen. I sat on the couch, and waited for him. I looked at my phone, and had gotten a text from him, saying he needed help with something.

I got up, and  walked into the kitchen. He was leaning back against the counter, with his shirt undone, and his pants on the floor. He had a glorious dick, hanging down between his thighs. He had his body hair and bush trimmed perfectly, just shadowing his manhood. I almost stopped, but fuck, it was right there. I walked to him, and got on my knees, taking it in. He hardened quickly, and filled my entire mouth. He smelled so musky, and his dick had a sweet, salty taste. He leaked pre cum like a faucet and I gulped down every drop. He moaned loudly, cupping the back of my head with his hands.

.He was thrusting his dick down my throat, and I wasn't choking. Usually with a sausage like that, I'm gagging like a god damn bitch tryin to pay rent. I thought he was going to finish off in my mouth, but he told me to "come here". I got off my knees, leaning up and we kissed. His tongue was in my mouth. I'm sure he was enjoying the taste of his own dick. Fuck, it was so good. I reached down, and grabbed it, jerking him while we kissed. He pushed my hand away, and led me out of the kitchen, to his room.

He had a cali king bed, with a fuck load of pillows up against the brick wall. His windows were floor to ceiling, and you could see directly into the building across the street. He dropped his shirt to the floor, and lay back on the bed, dick flexing up and down like a big crane, waiting to release the load. I got naked, climbed up, and straddled him, grinding his dick like a pole. He was moaning in my ear, pushing his dick up against my asshole.

I asked if he had condoms and lube, and he pointed at his dresser. I got up and walked over, digging through the drawers and finding a giant ass bottle of lube, with some trojans. I hurried back, squirting some lube on him, and pushing the condom down, stroking him a few times, and then lubing myself up. I climbed on board, and he pushed roughly, popping through the fuckin ring of fire. I almost cried on that one, but then he put his arms around me, and started fucking me softly.

I blinked away the tears of shock, and started to really enjoy myself. We fucked like that for a while, making out and shit. Then he turned me over on my back, and I pulled my legs up, letting him hit up against my prostate. I was leakin pre cum like a bitch, and it felt fuckin amazing. He was starting to sweat, and gave off this sweet, bitter odor, which turned me on like a motherfucker.

I was sinking further and further into his mass of pillows, and soon I felt the brick wall. I slowly inched my way up, til I was almost literally sitting up against it, with my ass on his thighs, and his dick bouncing in and out of me. He started using more force, and we worked our way up, til he was holding me up, back against the cold, hard wall, with him squatting, and thrusting, sweating all over the place, like a fat kid running the mile.

We fucked and fucked, moaning, and cursing, getting louder and louder. The build up was so intense, I fuckin creamed all over myself and him. He kept going, and I felt like I was going to pass out. I was hanging onto his neck for dear life and finally we fell back on the bed, and he got really quiet for a fuckin second. I looked up and saw his face contorting, and sweaty, and he let out a low growl, as I felt his dick spasm in my ass. Thank fuck he finally came, shit. 

We lay there, sweaty, and breathless, my head on his chest, and his dick in my ass. I glanced out the window, wondering if anyone saw us. "Can anyone see in here?" "Nah, the windows are tinted." "Oh, fuck that's awesome." He laughed, and put his arms around me, squishing his sweaty, and furry body against mine. Fuck.

We got up, and showered. He kept kissing me, and I felt like the honeymoon phase was over. I hated feeling like that. He's a fuckin nice guy, with a beautiful dick. How many times was I going to meet someone tall, dark, and handsome, with a glorious dick they could fuck me with, whenever I wanted? Fuck. Maybe a few, I don't know. Maybe never again? Who fuckin cares. I had to get home, and get to bed. This guy wore me out.

I'm Jagger, and I'm a sex addict.




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