Both boys were eighteen years young and they had the same dream: to win gold at the winter Olympic games. They were both speed skaters, and both had donned training skates before they could barely walk. James Hardin was born in Montana, and Aaron Kyle was born in Colorado. Both were surrounded by great skating rinks and top notch trainers. Each began competing at the age of seven. Although they trained miles apart, they often competed against each other and that's how they met. They became good friends and looked forward to seeing each other at their meets. Nevertheless, on the ice, they each skated to win. Over the years they both scored a great number of wins, and each amassed an impressive quantity of medals. If they weren't in the same competition, like regionals, and one of them won top honors, the other called to congratulate the winner. They would talk for hours. Their parents literally had to grab the phones away from them. Oh yes, there was one more minor thing that they shared. It was a secret that each of them kept from the other. They knew the secret could never be revealed and never ever uttered. They were both gay and they were hopelessly in love with one another. Every night, hundreds of miles apart, they lay in their separate beds whacking off, and dreaming that they were making love to the other. Although their hearts ached, they could not allow themselves to believe that their fantasies would ever be realized. At eighteen, they found themselves competing in the Olympic Trials. The American team could only take five speed skaters to the Olympic Games. The competitors raced in meets of differing meter lengths. James excelled in the longer races and Aaron excelled in the shorter sprints. No matter what the talents were of the five men selected, four of them at a time would race in the various relays, and one would sit it out. For the first time the two friends were not really competing against each other. All they had to do was take first place in any one of the events and they were on the team. Aaron was rooting for James to take the long races and James was rooting for Aaron to take the shorter ones. They each desperately wanted the other to make the team so that they could go to Copenhagen together. They did just that. When the committee announced the speed skating team, five young men stood up and shouted, but in addition, James and Aaron embraced each other in a bear hug. They asked to be room mates in the Olympic Village and their request was granted. As soon as they unpacked, they checked the map that they had been provided with. They studied the map and located the practice rinks, the competition rinks, and most importantly, the dining room. There was a big bulletin board at the entrance to the American dorms designed to keep the athletes aware of their responsibilities, and the assigned times for practice and training sessions. The first order of business was scheduled for 8 AM the following morning, and that was to be rehearsal for the opening ceremonies. The American flag bearer was to be Jon Sorensen, a four time medalist in former winter games. The boys, with map in hand, headed out to find the dining room. It was time for supper. Then they intended to turn in and try to resolve their jet lag. Along the way to the dining room, they were joined by other athletes from the United States and other countries. Everyone was busy shaking hands and making introductions. The mood was friendly. Political differences were forgotten as new friendships were forged. The menu offered a choice of chicken, meat or fish. James and Aaron both chose the chicken, only because it didn't look too different than down home chicken. While they ate, they traded jokes with each other and the other athletes. A couple of times Aaron gave James a friendly pat on the back. Although he didn't reciprocate, James liked the feel of Aaron's pats. They were more like caresses. In fact, the last time Aaron patted or caressed James on the back, their eyes met and James's eyes said, 'Gee, that felt good.' Aaron did not miss that look and said to James, 'You know it's been a long day and I haven't figured out yet what time it is at home. What do you say we turn in?' On the way to their room, they passed the showers and James said, 'Let's shower tonight so we don't have to fight the crowd in the morning.' 'Good thinking,' Aaron answered him. In their room, they stripped and put their dirty underwear and socks in laundry bags that had been supplied to them. As much as each wanted to check the other out, they averted their eyes. They wrapped their torsos in large bath towels, and took one bar of soap with them. 'We can share,' James said. They found themselves alone in the shower room. There were ten shower heads in a row, and they discreetly took a shower two or three stations apart from each other. Now they did indeed check each other out. They were both circumcised and about five inches flaccid. It was nothing to write about in the school newspaper, but at least they were about the same size. Needless to say, both had magnificent athletic bodies from all the training and workouts. James had the courage to say, 'You're built like a brick shit house, man.' 'You're not so bad yourself,' Aaron complimented him right back. Whether it was a conscious or a subconscious act, no one could say, but they teased each other by paying particular attention to their genital hygiene. That cleansing routine did not escape either's attention. Aaron was struggling with his back and was tempted to ask James for an assist, but thought better of it. They dried off, wrapped themselves in the damp towels and started back. 'Damn,' James said, 'we should have brought two towels, a dry one for after.' 'Next time.' Back in the room, they locked the door. Aaron sat down on his bed and watched James put on a clean pair of boxers. 'Er, I hope it won't bother you,' Aaron said, 'but I always sleep nude. I hate when underwear rides up on me.' James started to laugh. 'I do too,' he said, 'but I was afraid it would bother you.' 'Hell no,' Aaron answered, and James threw his boxers on a chair, They shut the light and crawled under their covers. Aaron asked, 'Are you still seeing that girl you brought to our last meet before the Olympic Trials?' James shook his head. 'Nah,' he said. I'm always horny, but I get more pleasure with my fist than with any girl.' 'Me too,' Aaron said. 'A school cheerleader practically seduced me one evening, and I couldn't get it up. Then the minute I got home, I whacked off twice in a row.' James sat up in his bed. 'Hey man, when was the last time you whacked off?' 'It had to be four days ago, before I left my house.' 'Me too,' James sighed. 'You have no idea how horny I am, or maybe you do. Did you ever participate in circle jerks when you were a kid?' 'Sure I did. What were your prizes?' Aaron asked laughing. 'We had two; one for the first to cum and a second for the guy who shot the furthest.' James started to laugh also, as he shared that last bit of trivia. 'Hey man, let's have a circle jerk without prizes. I am so fucking horny, I'm afraid I'll cum when I put on that super tight skating outfit.' Now it was Aaron's turn to laugh. He got out of his bed and sat next to James, making sure that their thighs were touching. James did not move away from his room mate. 'Let's get started, man,' Aaron said. He lay back on the bed with his feet on the floor and he started to stroke his rock hard cock. James did the same and as Aaron looked over at James, he noticed that he was equally as hard. They were only at it a minute or two, when Aaron reached over, pushed James's hand away, and started to stroke James's cock. 'I'm sorry,' he said. 'I couldn't resist. 'It's OK,' James whispered. 'Let me do the same for you. As they were stroking each other, they began to moan softly and to breathe harder. Both felt their orgasms approaching and as they did, they turned toward one another and began kissing. The kisses became more and more passionate as their orgasms went beyond stopping. As they came, their tongues dueled, and they almost gagged on each other's saliva. Most of their cum had landed on their chests, and they both started licking up as much of the other's cum as they could. They collapsed on James's bed, and resumed kissing each other. 'I have wanted to do that with you, forever,' Aaron confessed. 'It is always you I dream of when I whack off.' 'Me too!' James said. 'James, I'm gay. I've known it for years now, and I've also known that I love you.' 'Me too,' was all James could manage to say again, in utterly happy amazement. They went to sleep in one bed, wrapped up so tightly, it's a wonder they could breathe. 'When did you first know you were gay, and when did you first know that you loved me?' Aaron asked James while pressing his cock harder against him. 'Do you remember that meet in Dayton when we were about thirteen? I won the 500 meter and you won the 100 meter. My race was after yours and you came over to congratulate me. But instead of shaking my hand you gave me a great big hug. Your rock hard cock rubbed against mine, and right then and there I knew a lot of things. First off, I think that's when I realized that I was gay. Second, I knew then that I was definitely in love with you, and third, that's when I decided that I was going to spend the rest of my life with you. When did you first become aware that you were gay?' 'At least a year or two before that, but I think I loved you before I ever realized that I was gay. God, we have wasted so much time.' With that they began to fall asleep, fondling each other's cocks and tickling each other's ass holes. Just as he lost consciousness, Aaron was certain that he heard James whisper, 'There is so much more I want to do with you. I don't want to leave any part of your body untouched and unexplored.' Smiling, Aaron fell asleep. The rehearsal lasted until lunch time. There really wasn't much to do. All they had to do was to march in after the flag bearer and wend their way to their assigned seats in the stadium. One of the producers showed them where to go. There would be no rehearsal for the closing ceremonies. By then the competitions were over. The athletes would enter the arena randomly and sit wherever they pleased in the area designated for them. After lunch, the real test began. They reported to the practice rinks. Before actually skating, their coach put them through some very rigorous exercises, and then ordered them to the ice. James and Aaron warmed up side by side. They kept looking at each other and smiling. They were so obviously in a goofy mood, that the coach was prompted to ask, 'What are you two ass holes grinning at? This is serious business.' 'We're just happy to be here and to have made it this far,' James lied for both of them. As was expected, both boys made all the cuts in all the heats for all the races they were entered in. In speed skating the skaters don't skate in a pack. It's not a question of who comes in first, but who has the fastest time. The skaters skate two at a time, crossing each other's lanes at designated intervals to assure equality throughout the race. The first final was a 500 meter race. Both boys were entered in this competition. Aaron skated first against a Canadian. He started out like greased lightening, but unfortunately, he began to sag after about 300 meters. Still he made excellent time. James skated against a Russian and he didn't get really lubed up until after 250 meters. In the last fifty meters he emulated Aaron's streak of lightening, and he skated fast enough to take silver, and Aaron took the bronze. They hugged each other unashamedly on the award podium and then shook hands with the Chinese gold medalist. Their next final for the Americans was a 1000 meter relay, which was scheduled in the late afternoon of the same day. Since each man had to race 250 meters, the coach had Aaron sit this one out. The American team took the gold. That ended the first day of competition. Both boys were starved and ordered steaks that evening in the dining room. They were invited to join some of the others who were going out on the town that evening. James declined, citing that he was racing the 1500 meters individual early the next day. Aaron said that he was skating the 100 meters afterwards. Actually, they couldn't wait to get to their room. Again they showered in the evening, and again the shower room was empty. This time they showered next to each other and copped a grab now and then. They helped each other wash their backs and had an opportunity to scrub each other's balls and ass holes. More of their fantasies were coming true. Back in their room, James threw himself on top of Aaron's naked body. The two friends kissed as their tongues flicked across each other sensuously. James began to work his way down Aaron's body. With each kiss Aaron moaned louder. First, James kissed Aaron's neck and then he worked down to his nipples. He tweaked Aaron's nipples with his tongue and his finger tips and Aaron's moans grew louder. He made it a point to avoid Aaron's cock, but he kissed his balls and flicked his tongue across Aaron's crack. He worked his way down both of Aaron's muscular thighs and legs. He sucked on every one of Aaron's toes. Aaron's moans were becoming little screams. Finally he cried, 'You're torturing me. Please stop.' James then went right to his target. He enveloped Aaron's cock with the palm of his hand and started stroking gently. Then he kissed Aaron's engorged head very tentatively, gobbling up the precum. He stopped to say, 'Oh honey, you taste so good.' Then he took Aaron full in his mouth. His tongue slithered up and down the shaft and across the head. Aaron's whole body was gyrating and he looked like he was in great pain. In fact, he was writhing in uncontrollable ecstasy. 'Don't stop,' he pleaded. 'I love you. I love you so much.' His warm sweet juices spurted into James's mouth and down his throat. When he came up for air, James pulled himself up and kissed Aaron, offering him some of his own cum. After Aaron recovered, he said to James, 'You are so fucking good. You've done this before, haven't you?' 'No, I swear. You are my first and you are going to be my only.' The boys kissed harder and more passionately. Then Aaron asked James, 'would you like a blow job or would you like to fuck me?' James was quick to answer. 'I've never had either. Let's stick to oral tonight and tomorrow we can corn hole each other' Then he added, 'If that's OK with you, that is.' 'You're a real jerk dude,' Aaron chided. 'Whatever you want is OK with me.' With that said, he lowered his mouth on to James's waiting cock. On the following day, James was scheduled to race his longest race of the games. He and one other of his American team mates had made the cut to the finals. Aaron was not scheduled to skate the 100 until later that afternoon so he was in the stands saying little prayers for both Americans, but especially for James. James skated first against a Japanese. As usual, he started slowly, conserving his energy, and after the first lap he was several meters behind. When he felt fully warmed up he made his move. Slowly lap by lap he began to close the gap on his opponent. With one lap to go, suddenly James opened up. He put on a burst of speed that shocked the crowd. He left his opponent far behind, and finished the race at least five meters ahead of the Japanese. When all the races for the 1000 meter were concluded, James took the gold and the other American took the silver. James still had two more individual races and three relays yet to skate. With two gold medals and a silver already under his belt, James was well on the way to becoming an Olympic hero, if not a legend. Aaron couldn't wait to get to the locker room to congratulate James. On the way, he saw that James and the silver medalist were being interviewed by a CNN reporter. He waited until the interview was over and joined them on the way to the locker room. Walking side by side with James, he put his arm around James's shoulder, and he whispered in his ear, 'This is how it will always be. You and I will walk side by side forever.' James turned toward him and he had a tear in his eye. 'In case you didn't figure it out yet, I'm skating to win to make you proud of me,' James told Aaron. Before they were aware of it, James and his team mate were being hustled to the podium to receive their medals. It was hard to say who was happier, James or Aaron. Later that afternoon it was James's turn to sit in the stands and silently pray for Aaron and two other Americans who had qualified for this meet. The 100 meters is a fast and furious meet. It is over almost as soon as it begins. You need strength for a very short distance so you can go all out and let yourself go. There is no need to conserve energy, and no holding back. That makes it an exiting race and a trying one. Many spectators believe that the longer races tax the athletes and test their endurance more than shorter races, but the short sprints are probably even more grueling. Aaron was skating against a Swede. He had a magnificent start. He looked like a thoroughbred horse coming out of the gate to run one of the triple crowns. He took the lead quickly and never lost it. When it was all over, Aaron took gold and one of the other Americans took bronze. Aaron broke a world record, and he knew how he and James would celebrate this evening. That would be better than any record or any medal. That night in their room, James reached into his airline carry on bag and retrieved a tube of KY jelly. He showed it to Aaron and said, 'I brought it just in case. You see, I was hoping.' Aaron was pleased but a little embarrassed, and he began to blush. James sat down next to him, and said, 'You don't have to do this if you don't want to, but I sure want you to fuck me.' 'Of course, I want to, but it's all so new, you've got to cut me some slack. Anyway, I have been reading a lot of male porn on the internet, and I think I know how to get us ready. Roll onto your stomach,' he instructed. Aaron took the tube and squirted some lube on James's ass hole. He used one finger to spread the jelly inside. After greasing James, he asked how it felt. 'Keep that finger moving around in there. It feels great.' Encouraged, Aaron started to insert another finger, but withdrew it quickly. He added more jelly and reinserted it easily. James said, 'It hurt at first, but now it feels wonderful. Let's try the real thing.' 'OK. Get on all fours,' Aaron instructed. Then he lubed his cock and positioned the head at James's hole. 'The porn stories always say that you should push out like you are shitting,' Aaron explained. James did as he was told and Aaron began his descent. He had greased James really well, and to his surprise he went in easily. He pushed slowly until he was all the way in. James was moaning loudly, but Aaron didn't know if it was pain or pleasure. He was afraid to move and just lay there, doggie fashion, not sure what to do next. 'Tell me what to do,' he pleaded with James. 'Aaron, I can't describe how good you feel inside of me. Just start humping slowly and speed up if I tell you to. When the time comes, empty inside of me.' With much trepidation Aaron started humping. He couldn't believe how hot and wet James's ass was. He knew he wouldn't last long. He wanted to prolong his pleasure, but he also knew that the sooner he was done, the sooner he would get to feel James inside of him. Aaron increased his strokes in length and intensity. Before he could even warn James, he came with such ferocity that he wailed like a banshee and then tried to muffle the sound to no avail. He stayed inside of James as long as possible and James was sad to feel him leave. All the time he was inside of James, he kissed him on the back of his neck, where James was a wee bit ticklish. When he was out of James, he rolled over on his back and James did the same. 'That was awesome. You're going to love it,' James told Aaron. But I want to fuck you on your back so I can see your face, and kiss you when I cum.' Aaron was already on his back, so James placed a pillow under his buttocks and inserted first one, and then two lubricated fingers into Aaron's ass. He worked them around trying to stretch his lover out. For his part, Aaron was already lifting his body in anticipation of what was to come. James lubed his cock and placed it in striking position. He went in almost as easily as Aaron had. He figured that he and Aaron were predestined to be lovers, given how easily they were able to enter each other. Neither had experience enough to know, but they would find out that this position produced more intense orgasms, at least for them, because they could see their lover's eyes. After James came, they embraced each other, trying to lie as close together as possible. James whispered in Aaron's ear, 'The next time I'm going to lubricate you with my tongue.' Aaron smiled and eventually they slept. Both of them skated in the remaining three relays. Aaron was always the first to skate. Because of his short distance speed, he was able to get the team off to a good start. James skated last because he knew best how to close out a race. The Americans took two gold medals and a silver. James earned two more gold medals for his remaining two indivividual races, setting new world records in both.. There were four days left until closing ceremonies and the American speed skating team was finished with competition. Aaron and James used the time to shop and see the sights of Copenhagen. American reporters would not leave the medalists alone, hounding them wherever they went, and treating them like the heroes they were. As the time to go home approached, they grew more and more morose. They would no longer be in competition and they lived hundreds of miles apart. The thought of being separated weighed heavily upon both of them. They were both in their senior year in high school and Aaron got an idea. 'Let's apply to the same college,' he said at breakfast on their last day. 'There's not a school in the country that would turn away two Olympic multi-medalists. After we graduate we can get jobs in the same city and live together happily ever after as the story books say. Perhaps we can buy an ice skating rink where we can train young athletes, but also open it to the public for recreational use.' 'Great idea,' James said. 'We are going to have plenty of money to open a rink from all the endorsements we have both been promised. Where should we apply to go to college?' 'Let's go far away, like UCLA or USC. I've heard that LA is very gay friendly.' 'Done,' James agreed. They sealed their pact with a high five. That night they made love for what would be the last time for nearly six months, until they entered their dorm room at UCLA. Afterward, lying next to each other, totally exhausted, James reflected on the events of the last two weeks. 'You know,' he said stroking Aaron's cheek, 'finding out how much in love we were with each other, and committing to be together for a life time, means a hell of a lot more to me than all the gold, silver or bronze in Copenhagen.' 'I agree,' Aaron said. They embraced and kissed each other tenderly as sleep overcame them.


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