"That's top of the line you got right there. Best of the Best," Tim, the black-built titan, growled in a low sexy whisper.

Tim, with his shaven bald head and full scruffy black beard, was trying to play it off cool with me standing right by his side. I was holding his heavy but surprisingly soft dick over the edge of the towering platform, away from the train tracks behind us and over towards the breathtaking skyline lit in the west. But his wide almost too eager grin and ultra puffed-out chest gave him away as I watched the long arc of piss fall into the empty parking lot below.

"Best of the best, huh?" I repeated.

"Best of the best, partna," he said, smoothly thrusting his powerful thighs into the open night air. "Don't act like you don't know, boy."

"Not the Best of the Best," I conceded, slowly massaging and shaking off his drip-drying dick. "Though, I've thought about it a time or two since our little trip from back in the day."

He seemed a bit taken aback considering that he had several nights on that Oregon trip alone to make his player moves. Not only then, but also the several other times the two of us had crossed paths over the years.

As Tim put his heavy hand on my shoulders, forcing me down to my knees, he added, "Me, too. So much so I honestly thought we had been here before."

"Yeah," I shook nervously, deeply inhaling the potent masculine musk coming from his exposed crotch as I took my tongue and pressed it against the tip of his large penis. "Me, too. But this time it ain't a dream."

I began to take the bulbous head into my mouth and swallowed him whole with a huge smile. I kept my eyes clothes because I could believe that I was on the ground at the end of the of an empty train station platform blowing off this robust man.

As the monstrous snake began to pulsate violently in my stretched mouth, growing long and harder with each passing second that came, it became increasingly difficult to keep the entire thing in my mouth. So instead of fighting the urge to gag, I spent most of my time nibbling on the thick and tangy foreskin before rolling my lips against his shaft to get to the brownish-pink head behind it.

"Oh, shit, baby," Tim exhaled hard between clenched teeth. "You're killing me with all that licky-lick mess."

While my tongue had found a good friend in his deep piss slit, I quietly slipped my hand underneath his large hairy balls and began stroking them with my fingers. He let out a heavy groan and proceeded to pump his vein-rich thighs slowly into my face.

"Shit," Tim said, exhaling harder. "If I knew you could work a dick like this, I would've had your ass sucking me off ev'ry trip we went on."

Tim unapologetically grabbed the back of my low-cut head with his massive hand. And because he could steady his growing rhythm, I could hear the hard clanks of footsteps coming off the escalator in the concave a few away.

"Pull off, dipstick." Tim mumbled with command, pulling his dick out of my mouth with a pop. "I think someone is out to interrupt our party."

Although we were at the far end of the platform close to one o'clock in the morning, it was still fairly lit and fairly easy to see everything that was going on. Easy for anybody to peer around the corner to see what we were up to.

"Shit, get up." Tim mumbled. "5-0."

I stood up rather slowly, thinking only at the last minute to pull up his sweatpants along the way. Tanking God that there was no zipper to work back up.

"Everything's okay tonight fellas," the black train station officer about middle age peeked around the corner and asked, with his voice echoing throughout the empty station.

"Shit, I wasn't expecting you to," he said surprisingly. "If we waited all of this time to get here what's a few minutes more?"

I could hear the plan in his voice. My dick was so stiff looking at him and his, I could barely control myself. But his demeanor told me to stay put, so I didn't know what to do.

"Yeah," Tim started off, slowly stroking his big dick. "I know I could've gotten some of that when I put you on that truck with me all those years ago. When I put you on that moving truck for that Oregon trip, it wasn't for your ability to move furniture."

I wanted to laugh so badly because while I was careful in packing stuff, a mover I was not, having to take a break every five minutes or so that my arms wouldn't fall off.

"So what stopped you?" I wanted to know.

"Let's put it this way: Long, long time ago, I learned that virgin ass ain't what it's all that cracked up to be."

"What the fuck made you think I was a virgin?"

"Either that, or you were thirsty for some pipe juice. Any time I said anything suggestive to the fact that we could do a little sumthin' something in the sleeper berth it left you a bit frozen up. When I got that motel room that night, I just put two and two together. Besides, you have to have some practice to mess with this heavy-duty meat pump." He laughed from his gut.

The train had pulled into the second to the last train station before the end of the line before we knew it. We sat as the train door stayed open longer than usual, allowing us to feel the emptiness of the many train stations we had passed to get there. As we waited on the train doors to close, Tim and I began talking about the should've, would've, and could'ves of our Oregon trip and the many other "missed" opportunities on the other sorter road trips along the way.

"I can't even lie, though," Tim said as the train doors closed. "Every time I saw the high round booty of yours, being a gentleman on my best behavior almost went out the door."

"So, what made tonight different than all those other times then?"

"You know how," Tim started and then quickly stopped as the train jerked forward and the lights flickered on and off. "You know how you meet someone that you want to bang - or in your case want get banged by - but the more you get to know them more you want to take things slow."

"Yeah," I said as the lights flickered back on for the last time. "But how do you know I don't like to bang, too, partna?" I asked, wondering what he meant by that.

"Look at you, dude. You're fine as fuck. I ain't saying that you look or act like a sissy or anything, but you do look like you would be right at home with a dick up your ass."

I swear if he wasn't just that fine my dick would've died then and there. Lucky for him, I had a fetish for me with bulging superhero muscles and a dick that looked just as long as husky. Even with all of that thought, I couldn't let him get away with that comment.

"Yeah, I like getting fucked, but that don't mean that I don't like getting my dick wet to something. You know what I'm saying?"

"Is that right?" Tim asked licking his lips, watching me watching him grab at his towering dick.

"Damn, right. Just because I wanted to do the damn thing don't mean I'm going to let you bitch me out like some punk."

"I feel ya," he said. "I'm just saying this is a one-way ticket right. On top of that when I put my man up in you the last thing that is going to be on your mind would be getting your dick wet in something."

The train slowly crossed rail ties and came into the last stop on the line. As the doors opened this time, the lights went out with the operator coming on over the intercom, asking everybody to get off the train.

It was out of service for the night.

I had just gotten up out of my seat and into the middle of the aisle when Tim pulled me into his lap and asked me where I was going.

"You heard the operator," I responded, trying my best to make out his handsome face against the bit of light making its way into the dark train car.

"That don't mean shit." Tim quivered beneath me with his warm breath rolling off of my neck. "It's about me and you...right here and right now."

He kissed me right there on the neck, and my hands grew a mind of their own reach over his broad shoulders to massage his large wingspan back as his lips worked up my neck and under my chin. I took his kisses, though, to mean he wanted to get busy right then and there. This then, in turn, ruptured another fear inside of me, not about getting caught - even though the doors were still open but getting home once everything was over. Considering that the station would be closed from the inside out, and the trains would be out of service until about five o'clock, a little less than four hours away.

And just when I thought I could worry about my fears later on, I spotted the train operator and a police officer standing on the train platform a few feet away.

"Eh, Tim," I mouthed, against his aggressive hand and kisses. "I don't think we can get this party started right."

He soon turned his head around and saw what I saw. Unlike before though, I could feel him tense up, as he tried his best to play it off cool turning his attention back towards me.

"What's wrong?" I asked, feeling that I was about to step on some toes looking over at the two handsome men in conversation, with one being sort of settled and beefy and the other one being quite wiry.

"The only problem I got is that my dick ain't between those sweet lips of yours."

Tim had moved to the other side of the aisle before I could work my way onto my knees. Perhaps he was trying to get the best view of the lit platform before he as well as the two men, if by chance they passed us by.

I took him back in my mouth and sucked him for what seemed like forever, taking his time to pop his sweet balls between my lips. He widened his spread-leg stance, allowing me more access when I decided to take a hard lick against the groove of his inner thigh and crotch. He let out such a screech that I thought it was him alone until I heard doors close and felt the train move back in the direction of which we had come.

"There you go with that licky-lick shit again." Tim said, reaching over to slap my ass. "Think it's about time to get my man in you?"

"Cool," I answered, getting to my feet.

Tim put his hands around my waist and pulled open my fly, yanking down my pants and underwear.

"Damn, lil', man, I didn't know you was packing a little sumthin' something like that." Tim added, pulled out a black condom, "I see why you like getting your dick wet, too."

We sailed passed one of the many closed station s we had originally passed by as the train headed back toward s the maintenance yard on the other end of the line.

"Yeah," I said looking down at my awkwardly round and stumpy dick.

Tim broke open the condom and unrolled the latex rubber over his long thick shaft as I shucked off my clothes. He then pulled me back to him by pulling on my bare brown nipples, forcing me to climb into his lap with my puckered hole longer over the upside of his very long penis as his thick spearhead kissed the underside of my tailbone.

"What's wrong, partna?" Tim asked, looking straight at the fear in my face.

"Shit, like you said before that's some heavy-duty meat you got right there, so my question is where's the grease?" I asked, rubbing back and forth against the dry condom.

"I got it," he said reassuringly, bouncing me hard up above him, "Raise up a bit, partna."

Instead of lubing it up with spit like I thought he was going to do, Tim blindly reached down to his pants around his ankles and pulled out some fruit-scented lube that shot up my nose with the same precision he impaled his lubed dick into my hole. To suggest that Tim put it in me faster than a speeding bullet would've been an understatement as it felt like the tip of his dick was well content in the pit of my stomach. But it eventually felt good to have him in me, though, with him bucking up against me and twisting my nipples even harder.

"I told you your ass looked right at home with my dick up in it."

Tim started to buck even harder and faster against me with sweat puddles forming against his hard muscled torso as the still-lit train station zoomed by us in one big blur.

I could tell he was getting close to coming. So I got up off of him and got on my back on the seat across the aisle, vowing to myself that if he was going to come he was going to do it on top of me.

"Playing hard to get with that ass, I see," Tim said, getting down onto his knees and sliding his dick back into place.

We didn't last long in that position because he claimed that it was doing a number on his knees.

He then moved me over to the row in front of us and bent me over the seat, giving him the room to stand freely. As he got up behind me, he had turned over a new lead. He was slow and thoughtful with his nonetheless enthusiastic thrusts, taking the time to enjoy me enjoying him.

"Damn, I hate you, motherfucker," murmured at this thinking sensation growing in my ass for the first time, making me feel that I was somehow going to shoot a load without touching myself.

He took this as his cue to ram his hard piece of steel back into my soft tight ass. I quivered and jerked like a madman with this tingling feeling shooting through the top of my head making me feel even better and helpless at the same time. It was then that I figured out that I was having an orgasm without shooting a load. And when Tim pulled out and pulled off the condom, he shot a relentless load on my back. For the first time in my life, I was completely satisfied without even shooting my load.

I couldn't even get my mind right over this before Tim pulled me upright in the seat. With his strong lips pressed against my ear and his big hand engulfing my dick, he said with a slight tug, "Let that shit flow."

With that, a flood of the likes I had never seen spurred from my dick and onto the wall and seat below me.

I hadn't even recovered from this whole experience when I happened to look over to find that the train had stopped and that the train doors were open. The train conductor and the officer from the other end of the line were looking over at us in disbelief.

"Don't stop on our account now," the soft and beefy operator voiced as I must have appeared to look like a deer caught in the headlights to them.

"Yeah," the wiry officer said, pulling his lengthening crotch. "We're straight."

It was then that I had put the final piece of the puzzle together. The reason that Tim had none of the fear that I had about being stuck in the train station was that he knew that his boys had his back.

Instead of panicking, though, knowing that the two of them were not about to let me off that train without a confrontation or a fuck, I calmly asked the two of them in a seductive way what they wanted to do since I knew that Tim was taken care of for the time being.

As thoughts of tag teaming me were visible in their eyes, I told them that practically anything could go because no matter what we did together, I knew that tat the two of them together couldn't compete with the Best of the Best.



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