So there he was just staring at me, and not a stare of hate that he gave me last year which earned him quite a few middle fingers from me. This look was intense, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how he was feeling. The bell rang which broke his spell on me as christy and I quickly headed towards first period.

'mr.valentine?' My teacher called waking me from a good nap.


'what is the answer for number 10?'

' I don't know.' I lied while playing with one of my dreads. I knew the answer, but I find my life alot easier if I play dumb, and get perfect scores on my tests.

'maybe you'll get the answer if you pay attention' she said before going to the next student. Truth was that most of the teachers knew I was very intelligent, but refrained from calling me in class because they knew I would play dumb. The students actually buy my dumb act, and assume I cheat off of other students which i'm ok with them believing that.

At the end of the day christy and I were at our lockers putting our books away when dylan walked over and opened the locker right next to mine.(shit)

'hey matt' he said with a shy smile. He was the same height as me, which is suprising because I was always the taller one.

'it's matthew' I corrected. Only friends can call me matt, which basically means christy and she calls me love.

'guess I deserve that'

'you deserve alot more than that' christy interrupted.

'would you mind your business' he said.

'e....excuse me, you don't know me I will cut you!' She said. I pulled her to the side.

'christy calm down.'

'no i'm not scared of him he's only been a boxer for a couple of months I can take him.'

'please just wait for me outside I can handle him.'

'fine but you better handle him, shit he almost made me reach in my purse' she said walking off.( I wonder what she has in there). I walked back up to dylan.

'wow she is a fire cracker'

'what do you want dylan'

'my best friend back' this earned him a laugh and eye roll.

'seriously I miss you'

'goodbye dylan' I said walking away, but he grabbed my arm.

'don't ever touch me' I said pulling away.

'can we just talk please'

'we just did' I said walking away.

After school christy came over to my house to study. She is the only person who knows about my situation with my parents.

'don't you just love the attention we got today.'

'absolutely especially after that kiss'

'yeah, wanna do it again?' She asked. She was always the more sexual one. We would satisfy our curiosities with each other though we've never had sex. There has always been some part of me that wanted to be her first and vise verse. After we broke from our kiss she said.

'you know this school year is looking up for us i've already been asked out twice, and made out with this girl in seventh period.'

'wow you were busy'

'yeah.....but I was wondering....'

'wondering what?' I knew what it was I just wanted to hear her say it.

'before we start seeing other people do you think we could....'

'give our virginty to each other' I finished. She nodded, and I lifted her up and carried her into my bedroom.

What followed the next twenty minutes was quite awkward. After I got in her she screamed in pain which made me nervous. It took me about five minutes to distinguish between moans and screams. Then we had to get our bodies in sync, and by the time we found a good position for both of us she had climaxed as I pulled out and climaxed in the condom. After we showered together I walled her home, and we had a good laugh about it. Christy and I agreed that the experience brought us closer, and confirmed that we are just best friends.

The next month went by with relative ease, devlin was still an ass, my teachers still thought I was cheating, students still oogled at christy and I, and dylan kept trying to be my friend. Before I knew it it was time for the homecoming dance. (christy being my date of course). Once her parents dropped us off we got all stares like the first day of school. I was wearing an all white and a light blue undershirt and tie. Christy was wearing a long skin tight dress with 6 inch high heels. I bought the dress, and her ticket because her family is not very wealthy. She always complains when I spoil her, but my rent is only a thousand a month all inclusive, and after food, and hygiene I have alot leftover and since she has been there for me, I want to be there for her. Once we got on the dance floor we where grinding, and kissing. By the fifth song though we where seperated, and she was dancing with some chick while some guy started dancing with me. This wasn't suprising since it was so dark that no one could tell who was dancing with who. I danced with a few other people, but I wasn't really impressed. The girls only knew how to booty shake, and the guys could barely hold a beat. After a while someone grabbed my waist and we began dancing, and to my suprise he was good. I let my hands feel his washboard abs since he'd taken off his shirt. As rihanna's birthday cake came on we really got hot and heavy. He pulled me closer as we grinded to the beat. After the song ended o turned around to see who I was dancing with, and found myself speechless looking into his gray eyes. Before I could respond christy grabbed me and pulled me out of the dance. As I walked her home I finally spoke.

'thanks christy'

'no problem love, I saw you needed my help so I came'

'well thanks again, I can't believe I was so into him during the dance, I mean he's not even my type' which is true I only lusted after blacks, and hispanics.

'well you couldn't see him'

'yeah I guess you're right'After I dropped her off I went straight home, and fell asleep.

Monday went by pretty normal until lunch. As christy and I where walking to our table dylan stopp



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