Dylan stops christy and I once again. The lunch bell had just rang , and there weren't many students in the cafeteria. This was another reason dylan pissed me off. He tried to make amends, but it was when no one was around.

'matt i'm not going to give up' he said. I didnt respond I just slowly slurrped on my strawberry smoothie. He gave me a look of sincerity and I felt my defensive wall crumbling so I walked away. He grabbed my arm, and before I could think about my actions I threw the smoothie in his face. I heard the students gasp as I stormed out of the cafeteria. I felt my emotions getting the better of me as I fought tears back, and headed to the front doors of the school. I was so distraught that I didn't hear the rapid footsteps behind. Dylan grabbed my arms, and pulled me into an empty classroom.

'dylan please leave me alone' I said exasperated. Honestly I was too emotionally drained to fight with him.

'matt we've known each other since birth, we were inseperable for 16 years, how can you just throw that away?'

'I didn't throw anything away you did, the only mistake I made in our friendship was actually trusting you!' I said gradually getting pissed.

'ok I made,a mistake I admit it I was wrong, but we're even now.' This comment sent my walls crumbling as I finally told him truly how I felt.

'no that's not even close to us being even. Even would be coming out to your best friend, and having him turn his back on you. Then having him call your parents outing you to them, and getting kicked out. Then watch as your best friend stands up on a table, and outs you to the whole school. Then waits seven months to come back, and expects you to forgive him without even saying i'm sorry' at this point my eyes were glazed over, and I had to blink rapidly to keep from crying. Dylan looked like his heart stopped beating as tears started falling from his face.

'matt i'm so sorry for all of that, and I need you to forgive me'

' I forgive you' he raised his head up in suprise when he heard that. He approached me with his arms out for a hug which I accepted.

'i'm so glad you forgave me, but I will never forgive myself for doing all those things to you. Matt you are, and always will be my best friend' his words crushed me. I could literally feel my body tremble as I spoke.

'dylan I truly forgive you, and I hope you can find it in you're heart to forgive yourself. With that being said i'm just not ready to be your friend again' I said. He released the hug, and stared at me while tears continued to fall. I could no longer stand there without crying so I left him in the classroom. The old matt valentine would've forgiven him, and move on, but he died on his 16 birthday.

Chapter 3

I sat in seventh period thinking about all that had happened at lunch. I played with one of my dreads, and almost didn't hear the kid sitting next to me speak.

'hey you ok?'

'huh...uh...yeah i'm fine.'

'sorry if i'm bothering you it's just that i'm new, and I don't know anyone.'

'no it's ok I know what it's like to be alone'

' I didn't think someone as cute as you would ever be alone' this brought a smile to my face.

'ahhh so you can smile, by the way my names jacob ortiz'

'matt valentine' I said extending my hand. Instead of shaking it he kissed it. The soft kiss sent shivers down my spine. I took a minute to actually look at him, and he was breath taking. He was about my height, but he was very muscular. He had large light brown eyes, and full pink lips. He's hispanic, and says he played basketball at his old school. I gave him a questioning eyebrow seeing as though this class was performing arts. Before he could respond our teacher ms.pennyworth came out and assigned everyone a perfomance rival. This is what I loved about this it wasn't just singing, dancing, or acting it was all combined. She would rate you in each division individually, and partner you up with whomever ranked closes to. Then would compete with each other on stage, and help each other when practicing. My rival of course was jacob. As we waited our turn on we continued talking, and I really enjoyed our conversation. I also was happy to have my mind off of dylan. Once it was jacobs turn I focused on his performance. He could really sing, but he barely moved. After his performance it was my turn. I knew I was more than capable of putting on a better performance, but my mind was elsewhere. After I finished I knew my performance was the best, because I excelled in all three divisions. My mom was a dancer, and she taught me so much growing up. Ms.pennyworth put the grades, and winners on a clipboard. Even if you got the higher score didn't mean you beat your rival. Before jacob, and I could see who won she called us on stage.

'you two had the best performances today so i'll tell you yiur scores in person' she always did this for the best performers, and i've been called up everytime.

'jacob you got an overall score of ninety two'

'matt you got an overall score of one hundred'

'the winner of the peformance is............jacob' she said. Everyone except me looked at her like she was stupid including jacob. She turned to me and said.

'matt you got a perfect score based on all of the guidelines you had to follow, but you gave no emotion. Jacob your performance was week, but you gave it your all'

Honestly I didn't care as long as I got my A. Jacob and I decided to stay after class to help each other out. I turned on some music, and told him to dance. He looked like a fish out of water basically. This months them was lust. Which was another thing I liked about this class it didn't focus on one dance style, or music genre we covered

a different one every month. With my nee found confidence I really liked the whole r&b, ballet mashup. Jacob couldn't seem to relax, and after an hour I started to get pissed.

'lets just forget it I can't dance' I told in a deep breath. (ok matt get your shit together and think.)

'i got an idea, dance with me'


'just come here!' I said as I started the song over again.(ironically it was,rihanna birthday cake). As I was dancing on him I felt him loosen up, and put his hands on my waist. I told him to close his eyes as we continued to grind on each other, after a while I moved away and told him to keep dancing. Jacob actually got the hang of it as he continued his movements with his eyes closed. After another hour or so he was able to dance pretty decent.

'ok schools out dismissed'

'ok thanks alot for your help, and I can't wait until our next session where I get to help you'

'help me with wha...' Before I could finish his lips where on mine, and just as soon as they arrived, they were gone and he whispered 'passion' before leaving me breathless. The walk home was amazing as I held my lips and smiled. I stepped into my apartment, and slid down my door in a fit of laughter. Maybe this year is looking up for me.

I got dressed for school the next day with a new personality. I was buzzing around my house singing whatever came in my head. As I was walking to school with christy she noticed my bubbly demeanor, and responded like only she would.

'what, or who has gottin into you?'

'nothing' I said trying to conceal my excitement. As we walked to our locker my excitement quickly turned into rage. On my locker they had sprayed the words 'half fag', but on christys locker were the words 'fugly cunt' and I drooped everything as christy and I headed full speed at devlin and his girlfriend. Christy talked the girl, and I caught devlin in the eye. He stumbled back, but lost his footing and I tackled him to the floor. Administrators started pulling us apart, but I wasn't done as I continued to assault him. All of a sudden I felt to hands grab me and throw me over his shoulders while I was kicking and screaming. I knew exactly who it was as I kept trying to break free.

'put me down dylan, i'm not a kid put me down!' I whined. He didn't say anything, and it was pissing me off how easily he,was able to man handle me. He sat me down in the nurses office while I continued screaming at him. He looked at me with this death stare that automatically brought me to a hush.

'now i'll be right back, don't move a fuckin muscle' scared to say anything I just nodded. He came back a minute later with an ice pack in one hand, and christy kicking and screaming in the other. He sat her down beside me and put the ice pack on my bruised cheek.

' I can do that myself!' I said grabbing the ice pack.

'didn't I tell you not to fuckin move!' I quickly withdrew my hand.

'seriously what the hell were you two thinking, especially you matt he is like two hundred pounds bigger,than you. You could have seriously got hurt' he said kneeling in front of me looking me dead in the eyes. I looked at christy who returned my gaze, and we bursted into laughter. Dylan loiked at us as if we had three heads.

'what is so funny?!' He asked obviously still pissed at us.

'we won' I said as we started laughing again. I don't know what was so funny, but we couldn't help but laugh. Dylan scowled at first, but started laughing with us. Soon all three of us were on the floor in a fit of laughter wiping or tears. Once we finally started catching our breath I gave dylan a hug.

'friends?' He asked.

'no brothers' I responded. He picked me up and swung me around until I felt my stomach in my throat.

'oh......d...dy....uh....dylan...you're killing me...uh'

'oh sorry bro' he said putting me down. Finally dylan and I were together again.





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