My name is matt valentine, i'm 16 & i'm a performer. My mom is latino, and my dad is black. I'm six foot four, and I have curly dreads that come down to my shoulders. I have had a ruff life these last couple of years after coming out to my so called best friend.

Dylan and I had been friends since birth literally. My dad is the vice president of his fathers company and our parents became very close. So close that they decided to have there children on the same day. Because of this we grew really close and by the time we entered grade school we where basically brothers, and if you saw one of us you where sure to see the other. By the time we entered middle school we where "runnin thangs" as he like to put it. We were very popular and very wealthy, and people wanted to be around us. This continued through our freshman, and half of our sophmore year. On new years day (our birthday) I told him I was bisexual, and to make a long story short he flipped right the fuck out. He cursed me out and caught me right across the face sending me to the ground in tears before he stormed off. The next months of my sophmore year were horrible, everyone hated me at school, my parents kicked me out, and I just felt like no one had my back. I was at rock bottom when I realized I needed to turn my life around. I started by blackmailing my parents into putting five thousand dollars a month, to support. I stayed friends with only one person who was always there for me. I also started getting in shape with dancing, running, and swimming. For the first time this year i've become happy.

I stand in my bathroom naked, and examine myself. I have dark caramel skin, I have hazel eyes, more than full lips, I have a small space in my teeth. I look at my body and smile, I actually look good. I have only slight muscle, and to be honest my body is quite feminine. My legs are toned, and my back has an involuntary arch which makes my butt look really big. After admiring myself for awhile I get dressed, and walked into my kitchen. I took the time to admire my apartment it's a two bedroom, and its designed nicely, and its in a desirable part of town. I grab some orange juice and go into my room to get my earring, and necklace. I dress sort of like skater boy meets rich kid, and I love looking flashy. My favorite item is my necklace that's in the shape of a cresent moon. It is made of silver and has about a hundred little diamonds in it that shine bright in the sun. I finish my juice, and head out to the first day of my junior year. As I walk towards the school I pass some woods with a small trail leading deep in there, I follow the trail and end up at a river it is surrounded by green grass. I smile and grab my necklace thinking about all of the good memories, and I was awoken by my phone ringing. Since I only have one friend I knew who it was.

'Hey Christy'

'Hey love, where are you?' Since last year I always made it a habit to pick her up at her house, and we'd walk to school together.

'I'm almost there, I just made a quick detour.'

'Ok see you soon, love ya!' And with that she hung up.

I left my spot, a made,my way to her house. I knocked once before it opened, and my jaw hit the floor.

'Cc.....christy!' I stammered. She had always been attractive, but damn she looked like a playboy bunny. She had long strawberry blonde hair, piercing green eyes, her freckles were gone, and her body was perfectly shaped. When I took my eyes off of her newly developed breasts I saw she was stunned. I had forgotten I too made a transformation over the summer, and I lost about sixty pounds, and like I said before I was attractive.

'Damn matt I thought you looked good before, but now you're hot! She said. After the shock of our transformations we headed off to school. The whole walk we talked about how are summers were until we came across the words riverview high school.

'You scared.' She asked.


'didn't think so.' Then we continued threw the double doors. We continued talking as we sat at our normal table, and stopped when we noticed everyone staring. This was not unusual as i was reffered to as the school fag, and christy as fag friendly, but this look was different. They looked shocked, and some were oogling. This was the first time I wasn't the chunky boy with a bad attitude, and she wasn't the lonely geeky girl.

'seems like we have fans' she joked.

'wanna give them a show?' I asked as we started a very hot makeout session. This was not rare to us as we often hooked up, but this one was turned up a notch for show. After we released all eyes where on us and we laughed.

'Wow the fag, and the cunt makin out, now i've seen it all.' Devlin said. He's the school asshole if you couldn't figure that. He's been giving me shit since midde school, and it got worse last year when he found out I was by or 'half fag' as he called it. He always came to me when he a good argument,

because he knew I had a sharp tongue, and I wouldn't take shit from anyone. Whenever I crossed a line he would throw his weight around, even in my chunky days he had about a hundred pounds on me.(God knows how much now). He is like six foot seven, about three hundred and fifty pounds of pure fat, while pale skin, and a shaven head.

'you know devlin just looking at you makes me wanna throw up' I spat.

' you see that nasty attitude of yours is the main reason you have a problem conmecting with people.'

'hmm I connected well enough with your mother to fuck her.' This set him off as he chatged me, but was withheld by his friends as I sat there with a blank expression. I knew that he could destroy, because I am not a fighter. I can't even imagine myself attempting to throw a

punch. As they calmed him down I realized that christy had jumped in front of me. She always had my back, and for that I loved her. After things had calmed down she sat down beside.

'wow I see you still have a smart ass mouth.'


' why did you just sit there.'

'because i'm not a fighter, and do I look like I wanna get my face fucked up? Noooooooooo! I said very theatrically making her laugh. After we stopped laughing she looked behind me glaring at someone. I turned around, and I stared into piercing gray eyes. when you look closely they have a pink glow to them. He had bright blonde hair, and full lips. He was

very muscular.( as a boxer should be.) He stared at me with a look I couldn't comprehend, and

honestly I didn't want to because I was staring into they eyes of the person who single handedly ruined my life. I was staring into the eyes dylan sky.(fml).




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