Have you ever seen kill bill? Of course you have, you know the part when she remembers an enemy and everything goes red, and the music gets intense? Yeah that's where I'm at right now as i look at my parents. I look over at dylan, and he is angrier than i am. Before anyone could say a word dylans mom spoke.

'We were headed out to dinner when i told them you weren't feeling well, and they wanted to see you.' (Bitch can't you take a hint!)

'Mom they....' dylan started, but i pulled him upstairs.

'Dylan you can't say a word'


'Dylan if you get them fired i lose my apartment!'

'You could live here'

'I know, but i like having my own place. Besides you could move in at eighteen'


'Dylan promise me'

'Ok ok i promise, but i don't like this'. We headed downstairs where my parents asked to speak with me. We stepped onto the front porch, and i had to sit down. My head still hurt really bad, and i could barely see straight. The stared at me for a moment not really recognising me. The last time they saw me i was sixty pounds fatter with much shorter dreads. They looked exactly the same. All they wanted was to justify there reasons for kicking me out, and make sure i wasn't going to get them fired.

'Okay okay enough, honestly spare me on the details your jobs are safe. Now can i go because the two of you are getting on my last nerve.' If you thought i was mean to dylan, you haven't seen anything yet. They looked at me like i was a new person, which i kind of was.

'Thats not all matt, we want you to come home'

'Of course you do' they looked at me puzzled so i kept talking.

'You guys kicked me out thinking i was gonna crumble. You expected that when i called you the next day i would beg to come back, and be the same fat spineless boy you raised. So it was a suprise when i got on the phone the next and finally said what i should have a long time ago. And now you see me for the first time since january, and I'm happy, independent, and looling damn good so you want me back. My number hasn't changed, nor has my address so you to can save this fake ass apology for another sucker because I'm over the both of you.' With that i walked in the house and sat down by dylan. My parents talked to dylans parents for a little while before leaving. I tried to go up the stairs, but i could barely see. Dylan scooped me up and carried me to his room. He sat down on the bed still holding me and for the first time this year i felt safe. I hesitantly placed my head on his chest. He gave me a reassuring squeeze as i just layed in his arms.

'Dylan..... I'm really hurt' i said. Id never been hit like that before. Even when dylan hit me it was before he was a boxer. Devlin was gonna pay for that sucker punch.

'I know matt i wish i could help'

'You are right now' he really was helping i just needed someone to hold me. I slowly started to fall asleep.

I awoke in dylans arms. This had become a ritual since christmas break started as I awoke to his smiling face.

'Hey sleepy head'

'Good morning' he started to get up, but i pulled him back down.

'Can we lay here like this a little longer?' I know i sounded like a baby, but i hadn't been held in like a year. He smiled and wrapped his arms back around me.

'As long as you need me.' After another ten minutes i reluctantly got up.

'You sure you wanna get up?' He asked.

'No but if we stay like this I'm never getting up'

'Thats fine with me, I'm comfortable'

'No besides we have to get ready for our birthday party in a couple of days.' I called christy and told her to get dressed so the three of us could go get stuff for the party. I heard my phone ring, and it was jacob. Jacob and i have been dating since september so its been around three months. The first two months were amazing, and then he wanted to have sex. I told him i wasn't ready, and he accepted that for a little while. Now since the last two weeks we fight everytime we talk. He keeps accusing me of cheating on him with dylan. (Crazy right). Dylans not even my type, but jacob just won't listen. We had a nasty argument last week, and haven't talked since. I reluctantly answered the phone.


'Hey matt I'm so sorry about what i said'

'Its ok'

'Where are you?'

'Dylans house'


'Jacob i have to get ready for my party'

'Whatever' he said and hung up. Dylan looked at me and shook his head.

'You could do so much better'

'Yeah let me just go down my list of eligible candidates' i said laughing.

'Seriously matt he's a jerk'

'Hes not that bad, besides isn't he your friend'

'Yeah, but that dosent stop him

from being out of line the way he talks to you'

'Thank you for caring, but I'm a big boy i can handle myself.' We met christy at her house, and went to the mall. We needed a lot of supplies since facebook spread this party like a wild fire. Even on christmas people were texting me for details. After we bought everything in the store we went to dylans house to set up. I tried to leave christy alone with dylan as much as possible because she had developed a crush on him. (We've come a long way since her threatening to cut him). Oh and i found out it was pepper spray in her purse, anyway back to the story. Dylan seemed uninterested which was crazy because she was gorgeous. She had all the guys falling to her feet at school, but she couldn't get him. I think it would be a great idea for my two best friends in the whole wide world to date, but he wouldn't budge. We forgot to pick up alcohol so i quickly volunteered to get it. I know i know I'm only sixteen, but its my seventeenth birthday tommorow, and its our first party with no adult supervision. After i flirted with the cashier, and got the alcohol i saw free fortune cookie stand so i walked and grabbed one. I read my fortune that said.

"One good deed can lead to a lifetime of bliss." Hmmmm i want a lifetime of bliss. I looked around for someone to help when i saw devlin picking on this kid who looked really familiar. He was five foot seven with shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. They pushed him on the ground and walked away laughing. (Okay now i can do a good deed). I walked over to him, and helped him up. I looked at his face as he fought back tears. He was cute, and i smile at him. He quickly looked away from me.

'Thank you' he said quite timidly.

'No problem I'm matt valentine by the way'

'I know we have six classes together' he said still not making eye contact. (Six! Damn how could i have not noticed him). Then an idea hit me.

'Hey dylan and i are throwing a party tonight. Wanna come?' He looked pissed.

'Why so you guys can pick on me too?' He said tears rolling down his face.

'No i just wanted you to be my friend' i said shocked at his response. He looked shocked as tears continued to fall from his eyes.

'Ive never had a friend before' he admitted. It took everything i had not to pick him up and take him home with me forever and ever. He was too cute, and at that moment he no longer had a choice, he was going to be my friend. I grabbed his hand and led him back to dylans house. He put up a little fight at first, but he gave up soon enough. The one thing i hate about living alone is that since I'm only sixteen my parents have to sign for me to get a car. We walked through the front door, and i realised his arm.

'Geez all you had to do was ask' he said giggling. Like i said too cute. Hell he might be cuter than me. His face was still a little damp from crying. Dylan and christy walked in and looked at me funny.

'I got the drinks, and made a friend'

'Uh huh what's his name?' Christy asked raising an eyebrow. Shit i forgot to ask.

'....t...tommy' he answered.(Hell even his name was cute). We sat down and talked for a minute, and they fell in love with him as quick as i did.

'Well as long as your with us no one especially devlins gonna hurt you' dylan said. All i could think about was how dylan knocked him out last week.

We finished up our decorations as soon as guests started to arrive. It has been a tradition since birth to have our parties new years eve, and bring in the new years/birthday partying. By ten o clock the party was in full effect. I smiled when i saw christy dancing on dylan. All of a sudden someone slapped my ass way too hard. I turned around pissed until i saw jacob smiling. We danced and everyone was having a great time until jacob got one too many shots in him. He saw me talking to tommy and started an argument. It was my day so i refused to argue with him as i continued to have fun while he stormed away. When it got close to new years i started looking for him. I walked into one of the bedrooms were i heard thumping. I opened the door and saw jacob having sex with someone. I expected to be pissed, hurt, broken hearted, or something. I felt nothing i simply left and headed towards the pool. I stripped and jumped in right as new years came. I left last year in a relationship, and started the new years single. The party ended around three as it was only dylan, tommy, christy, jacob, and i were left. Jacob was trying to be really nice and sweet, but i knew why.

'Hey matt I'm about to go i love you'

'I love me too' i said coldly. This was the first time he'd said that, and he'd expected a different response.

'Go and tell that bitch you fucked upstairs you love her. She might actually believe you.' I said walking off. He called after me but dylan made him leave. Dylan and christy tried to comfort me, but i told them it was okay. I wasn't hurt because i didn't love him. Dylan drove christy home, while i tried to wake tommy up. He'd passed out about an hour ago. Dylan and i drove him home, and he slurred his thank you and gave me his phone number. I assumed dylan was going to drop me off at my place so i was suprised when we got back to his. He looked at my suprised face and said.

'Last year we didn't see each other at all pretty much, so this year we are going to spend the whole day together.' We got in and went straight to bed.

I was awoken by dylan laying on top of me shaking me.

'Matt my parents are coming home early, we have to get this place clean!' I had a hell of a hangover so his screaming, and shaking was killing me.

'Ok let's get started' he jumped up and snatched me off the bed in one swift movement.

'Thanks bro' he said hugging me and swinging me like rag doll. I couldn't even speak he had a death grip on my waist, and i just slumped back almost lifeless. He let me go and i gasped for air.

'Oh sorry about that' we got the house cleaned, and we left for my house for some clothes. After i got dressed we headed out to lunch. Afterwards we went to our spots in the woods. We played and talked for hours. My phone kept ringing, and it was jacob. I ignored them all, and then i got message of facebook from ashley. I didn't know who it was so i clicked on her profile. It was devlins girlfriend, and she wanted to meet me. I told dylan, and he refused to let me go alone.

'Dylan I'll be right back'

'Matt either we are both going, or neither one.' I was annoyed that he was so stubborn so i made a dash for it. I got about thirty step before i was thrown over his shoulder as he walked us to the mall. He put me down as we got inside, and i spotted ashley. She looked up at me and asked if i could sit down. We talked for a while, and she admitted she wanted to leave devlin. She said she couldn't because she was three months pregnant. She was a year older, and she was scared of what will happen after graduation. We tried to convince her everything was okay, but i wasn't so sure it was. After about an hour christy walked into the mall and spotted us. She gave ashley the cold shoulder until we filled her in. Christy had two little sisters so she knew much more about kids than and i who were only children, we'll kind of. After a while dylan and i left as christy and ashley seemed to form a bond. We walked back to his place, and went to sleep.

School started back much too soon. I reluctantly got back into the swing of things. Christy got really close with ashley so we didn't hang out as much, but dylan and i were as close as ever. Tommy and i grew really close as well, so close that i shared my past with him, and he frequently comes over to study or hang out. One day after hanging out a little longer than normal he freaked out and ran to get his stuff. He tripped and it all fell on the floor. He quickly picked it up and ran towards the elevator. I ran after him, but the door had already closed, and i live on the fifteenth floor. I got back to my room, and saw something black on the floor. I picked it up and realised it was a box cutter. I opened it and saw dried blood stains on the blade. (Oh Hell No!). The next day wa Saturday, and he was supposed to come over and hang out around noon. He came a little early, and was as giggly as ever. Normally i loved seeing him so happy, but when i saw him looking around for something i got pissed again. I returned to the kitchen were i was cutting collard greens.

'Mmm i love collard greens' he said

'Me too, i just need a sharper knife to cut them' i reached in the drawer and pulled out the box cutter. I opened the blade and slammed it into the cutting board.

'Let me see your hands!'

'Matt..please' he said softly.

'Now tommy!' He gave me his hands and i pulled back his sleeves. There were cuts all over his wrists. Since its january, and we live in boston i understood him wearing long sleeve shirts, but i never expected this. He started crying.

'Im so sorry, but i haven't done it since you've been my friend.......please don't hate me.' My anger quickly turned to sorrow.

'Tommy i can never hate you, but why?' Tommy told me that since his father passed his mom has been bringing guys home and they abuse him. After taking this all in i came to a decision. I tilted his head so he was looking directly at me.

'Which room do yo want?'


'Pick a room, because you're moving in.'



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