'M.....matt are you serious'


'Are you sure?'


'But i don't have a job, i can't pay you anything'

'The last time i checked i didn't ask you to' he wiped his tears away.

'Smart ass' he mumbled

'Im sorry what was that?'

'Nothin' he giggled.

'Uh huh come on'

'Where are we going?'

'To get your things' he intially put up some resistance, but i always get my way. Once we arrived at his house he stopped.

'I left my window open, so let's just sneak'

'No we're gonna go through the front door and they aren't going to do shit to either one of us' he grabbed his key and we entered. Some smelly man was passed out on the couch. His mom walked out of the kitchen and glared at us.

'What the hell are you........'

'Shut it bitch!' I yelled walking up the stairs behind tommy. She went completely silent. Tommy grabbed everything he wanted, and i grabbed sword lying on his bed. As we headed down stairs the man had woken up and started charging us. He wasn't that big, but i still cannot fight unless I'm angry so i held the sword up. He stopped quickly and just glared.

'He's leaving with me, and he isn't coming back' his mom started to cry. Tommy just handed her the house key and we left.

Back at my apartment i apologized to tommy about the way i talked to his mother.

'Are you kidding I've wanted to call her that for years' he said smiling. We started getting his room set up when i got a knock on the door.

'Hey matt' dylan said giving me a hug.

'Hey dylan what's up?'

'Nothin much bored, you?'

'I got a new roommate' i said matter of factly. I led him into the room were his shocked expression went to joy as he saw tommy. We filled him in on everything.

'Well i think its great to have two friendd under the same roof' with that he tackled us onto tommys bed. He had one arm on each of us as we struggled to move him. I actually got his arm up pretty high, but i still needed tommys help.

'Tommy you gotta help me' i said struggling.

'I am, he's just to fat!' He whined. Dylan didn't seem to like this comment as he added more weight.

'Take it back!' He said.


'Take it back!!'


'TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!!!'

'NO!!!!!!!!' at this point i was running on fumes.

'Tommy take it back!'

'Fine i take it back' he said barely above a whisper dylan moved, and we gasped for air. We spent the rest of the weekend getting tommy situated.

'Hey i just met you, and this is crazy but here's my number, so call me maybe' i sang jumping on tommys bed. It was valentines day. Tommy had been living here for about a month and things have been perfect. Ive never had a valentine before. Well christy, but just friendly. That never stopped me from having fun, today was Saturday, and we needed to clean up. Tommy mumbled something unitelligable and pulled the covers over his head. I jumped on him and we wrestled to the floor. After a struggle he gave up and started cleaning. I turned the music up louder as we started dancing as we cleaned. I wasn't worried about neighbors, because these apartments were known for there wild parties. As i was cleaning my windows i started dancing even more. I noticed a guy look from the building next to mine. I couldn't tell what he looked like, but i started performing for him.

'What are you doing?' Tommy asked poking my sides. I almost jumped out of my clothes. We just laughed and continued cleaning. Dylan came over about noon all smiles. He told me he had a date. I was too excited for him, and offered to help since he had no game.

'Whats she like'

'Funny, confident, but has a bad temper'(sounds like a bitch.........wait did he just descibe christy). Now I'm really excited. I took him by a flower shop. He was going to pick roses, but christy hated them. (Think matt what is her favorite flower, daises, tulips). My train of thought was cut off when i saw birds if paradise. These are my all time favorite. (Authors note: true statement). We decided to go for lillies, and headed to his house for clothes. After that we headed to my house to talk about his plans.

'Where should we go?'

'Um some place romantic, but not overwhelming. You want to sweep her off her feet, but make sure she's not after your money.' After a while he headed home to get ready. About an hour later i get a knock on the door. Dylan is standing there with birds of paradise in his hands.

'Matt will you be my valentine?' For the first time in my life i was speechless. (Wait did i call myself a bitch earlier?). He smiled and i put the flowers on the table before leaving with him. I had never looked at dylan as someone id like, but tonight felt different. We got in the elevator, and i was still quiet.

'Wow matt this is the first time

I've seen you this quiet.' I looked at him, leaned forward, and gently pressed my lips against his. You know how on cheesy romance movies fireworks go off when the right people kiss? Well this is true because our fireworks were dark blue hearts while hey soul sister played in the background. I removed my lips, and he turmed as red as a tomato. Now it was his turn to be speechless. We arrived at our favorite spot where we had an amazing, and romantic dinner. We layed back, and just looked at the stars. As we were laying there dylan walked into the woods and told me to wait there. He came back with a black book. I opened it, and it contained every picture we had together since birth. It took everything i had not to cry. Dylan grabbed my hands and looked me dead in the eyes.

'Matt words can't even describe how i feel about you. Would you please do me the honors of being my boyfriend. (Hell yeah!!!).

'Id be honored to' i said. We walked back to my house. As soon as i opened the door i saw tommy standing there smiling.

' its about time' was all he said before heading into his room. Dylan, and i went into my room and we kissed and held each other until we fell asleep. Never in a million year would i have expected my best friend to become my boyfriend.

anyway, I'm changing the title to boyfriend and i start from chapter one. Thanks for all of the positive feedback it really gave me confidence to keep going. Hope

you continue to read love always Mack.)



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