The bell rang, and we dylan walked christy and i to first. As christy walked in the classroom, and dylan grabbed my arm. I turned around, and he was smiling.


'Im just really glad we are friends again'

'Me too'

'Im so excited for lunch, where you get to meet my friends'. All i could picture was christy, and i in an all out brawl with the football players.

'I....uh you sure we aren't gonna clash'. He didn't respond he just gave me another bear hug before walking into his class. Lunch came faster than i would've liked, plus christy left early for a doctors appointment. Another image flashed in my head. The football players trying to attack me while dylan held me back as i screamed in spanish. I decided to do the mature thing, and get my food and skip out of the cafeteria, but dylan spotted me. He waved me over, and i reluctantly sat down. Suprisingly, he only sat with six people. Since he was a boxer i assumed he'd sit with the football players, and other jocks. He introduced me to everyone starting with this peppy girl with bleach blonde hair name becky. Then there were triplets two guys, and a girl. They all had jett black hair, and emerald eyes. There names are jamie, johnny, and joey. Then there was this kid with brown, and brown eyes. He had his hair gelled back, and for some reason he glared at me. His name

was dante. The last person was jacob. I smiled at him, and intoduced myself to everyone.After breaking the ice with everyone dante turned to me and asked.

'Werent you that kid who threw that milkshake on dylan?'

'It was a smoothie, and yes' he gave me another, and turned to dylan. Dylan looked annoyed, and embarrased. Joey explained the whole story, or at least what he knew. Dante who's a newer student seemed to soften up to me. After that conversation i excused myself to the bathroom with no intentions of coming back. As i got up dylan gave me a hug, which was like the fifth one today. I walked to my locker, and realised i wasn't wearing my necklace. I ran back into the cafeteria, and saw dylan smiling at me while holding my necklace. He must have taken it when he gave me that last hug. I returned to the table, and shot him a look as he gave me a knowing smile.

After school dylan and i walked into the little path in the forest, and came to the plush field of green grass, and beautiful river. We sat down, and talked as if nothing had ever changed. After a while i noticed dylan had something shining on his shirt. I reached over, and grabbed it. It was a necklace of a sun with rays. It had a silver base, with little diamonds in it which were shining in the sun.

'You kept it' i said smiling.

'Of course i didn' best friend gave it to me.' He started to lean up but i tackled him, and gave him a big hug. On our last birthday when we exchanged gifts we got each other these necklaces. Dylan got the sun because he was always the outgoing, happy, playful one. I got the moon because i was the mysterious, reserved, and quiet one. After that huge fight a few minutes later i was sure he had broken it, but apparently he cares just as much as i do. After a couple of hours of talking, and horse playing dylan put on a serious expression.

'Matt about the day i hit you, i didn't hit you because you're gay. I hit you because......'

'But you didn't have to cut me up, make out like it never happened, and that we were nothing' i looked down at my phone to see jacob had text me. Dylan let me read it, and it said.

'Sorry i didn't talk much at lunch, but can you meet me at red lobster in an hour.' I smiled, and turned to dylan.

'Would you be okay with us dating?'

'Uh...sure' i asked him to finish saying what he had started, but he said it wasn't important. He walked to red lobster, and he gave me another hug before leaving. I walked in, and saw jacob nervously looking out the window. I sat down beside, and he turned around, smiled, and kissed. I was a little shocked that he did it in public, but that didn't stop me from kissing him back. We had a wonderful time, and he offered to walk me home, but i declined. I felt that the story about my parents would ruin the evening, and make my boyfriend upset. Yes he asked me to go steady, well he didn't say it like that but anyways i damn near floated home.

The next two months went by fairly quickly, and before i knew it i was on the last day of school before christmas break. Once the last bell rang i was stopped by ms.pennyworth to congardulate me on my passion improvement. I still wasn't giving my all, but it was enough to keep her happy. After depositing my books in my locker i heard arguing. Being the nosey person that i am i went to check it out. I turned and saw devlin and his girlfriend who's name i don't remember arguing. I started to walk away, but i saw her slap him. He drew back, and punched her in the face. He started assaulting her, and i pulled him off of her. He started attacking me, and we once again wrestled to the floor. He must not be a good fighter, because he was on the receiving end of another beat down. Dylan ran in and seperated us. I started checking on the girl when devlin rammed me into a locker from behind. My vision got blurry, but i saw dylan put devlin to sleep before picking me up. I was fading in and out of conciousness, and i noticed the streets we were passing. He pulled up in front of my parents house. He started to carry me up when i spoke.

'This isn't my house' i said in a very weak voice.

'Yes it is don't worry, you just hit your head'

'No they kicked me out' i whispered slowly fading again. I remember giving him my address before going to sleep again. I woke up in someone elses house, but i could barely move so i stayed in the bed. About a minute later dylan came in crying. He looked worse for wear, and he sat on the bed.

'How are you doing?' He asked.

'Im......really dizzy, and sore'

'Matt I'm so sorry'

'For what?'

'Youre parents' was all head said before crying over. I know it was killing him since he outed me to them, and i tried my best to comfort him. We were both exhausted, and well fell asleep together. I awoke in his arms, and i slowly got up to check the time. It was eight in the evening. I was about to head out when dylan awoke. He tried to convice me to stay, but i told him i was ok. Once i almost fell down the stairs he demanded that i stay over so he could take care of me. As we were headed upstairs his parents donna and lawrence came home. She gave me a big hug before turning to dylan.

'You see i told you if you stop crying, and talk to him he would forgive you'. Id never seen dylan go so red so fast. In the midst of conversating donna had an idea.

'This calls for a celebration, matt we already had plans with your parents so why don't you join us?'

'He can't mom he got hurt today, and he hasn't been feeling well' i was glad dylan stepped in. I was still groggy, and i was sort of out of it. Donna reluctantly complied, but i knew she wasn't done.

Dylan and i started watching t.v., and he must have noticed i was still pretty dazed. He pulled me over into his lap, and i curled up, and layed my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me muttering something about devlin. We must have dozed off, because we jumped at the sound of the door opening. Dylans parents walked in as dylan and i headed for bed, but what i saw next stopped me dead in my tracks.

'Mom, Dad!?!'



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