Brad and his dad moved into the vacant house next to us when Brad was thirteen. His mother had been killed when theives broke into their home in San Francisco and attacked her. His dad thought it would be best for both of them to start fresh in a new location.

I am Mark Adams and I was almost fourteen. Brad and I became close friends almost immediately. We were in the same grade at school and had a lot of classes together.

My mom and dad became friends with Greg, Brad's father, and frequently had them over for dinner. after dinner, Brad and I would go to my room, while dad and Greg went to dads workshop to smoke and have a beer.

Soon, Brad and I were inseperable. When you saw one of us, the other was always close at hand. After a while the same became true with Dad and Greg.

Mom began 'going out with her friends' frequently and after several months anounced to dad that she wanted a divorce. It seemed that when she went out, she was meeting a male co-worker at a local motel.

I hated her for it and during the divorce I stated that I wanted to live with dad. I came straight out in court and told her that I never wanted to see her again. It totally shocked the judge.

After the divorce, Dad and Greg began taking Brad and I camping, to ball games, and our local high school football games. The four of us did a lot together.

Shortly after the divorce, Greg came over one Saturday night for a sleep over. Greg had invited dad to join him at his gym then dinner and a few drinks and dad accepted.

After they left, we began playing video games and talking. A while later we stopped and went to the kitchen for a soda, As we opened the cans, Brad said, 'You won't believe what I saw last night.'

'What happened?'

'Just before midnight I got up to go to the bathroom. As I passed dad's room I heard some moaning. I peeked in and he was watching something on TV and jerking off. I couldn't believe that he still did that.'

'Damn! Dis you watch him?'

'Yea. He shot out onto his stomach.'

'What did you do?'

'I went back to my room real quick. I do it a lot but I never dreamed dad did it.'

'Hell, I guess he gets horny, too. I do it but to think my dad does it is weird.'

We went back to my room and after a couple minutes, Greg asked, 'How often you beat off?'

'Damn, almost daily. I like it.'

'I like it too,' he said. 'Hey, you want to do it together now?'

'Oh, I don't know.'

'Come on man. Let's see who can get off first.'

I agreed and soon we were both naked stroking our cocks. We got off a mear second apart, firing our loads out onto our stomachs.

We jerked off together two more times that night, the last time jerking each other. It became a regular thing for us.

Then, about two months later, things went further. We began sucking each other and cummong in each others mouth. It was a couple of weeks later before we began swallowing.

From then on, we would suck each other several times a day since it was summer break. After school started up again, we's suck each other a couple of times a day after school.

We were almost fifteen then and both enjoyed sucking each others cocks. Then, we decided to try fucking each other. Soon, we were both enjoying that also. We also started tongue kissing each other as we fucked.

Brad and I were spending every second together, usually having sex. Then one day, Brad and I were to meet after school at his place. He had said tha he had something to do after school and for me to come over about three-thirty.

We never knocked when we visited each other so when it was time I simply walked in and went to Brad's room.

I froze when I saw him in bed totally naked with Tony, one of our classmates.

'Hey, man, it's cool. Tony is into it also.'

'You sure?'

Looking at me, Tony said, 'Undress and I'll prove it.'

I did and Tony quickly began sucking my cock as Brad and I began kissing. Tony brought me to a climax and swallowed then began sucking Brad as I sucked him.

Before the afternoon ended, Brad ad I had both fucked Tony's ass, filling him with our cum. Tony soon began joining us on a regular basis.

Brad and I continued to have sex daily. We dated to hide our sexual preference for guys, and when we could we'd go to the park or truck stop to find guys to suck or fuck us.

Once, at the truck stop, we found a driver team and went to there sleeper where Brad and I lay together and the to truckers fucked our asses at the same time.

Dad and Greg also began spending more time together as time passed. They frequently went out together on weekend nights.

Then, the summer we turned eighteen and had graduated from high school, we were invited to a party at Tony's house. His parents were out of town and he was having a couple other gay friends over for an orgy.

We told our dads that we were going to spend the night and would be home the next day about noon.

Well, needless to say, the party got kind of loud and the cops were called. We had all had sex with each other in one form or another when one of the guys looked out just as the poice pulled up. We all quickly dressed before Tony answered the door.

Needless to say the party was ended and Brad and I headed home.

We parked on the street and went to the door of my house. It was unlocked and as we went in, we heard Dad and Greg in the back den, moaning.

We looked at each other and eased back to the den. There on the floor were our dads, both naked and in a sixty-nine.

We watched as they brought each other to a climax and swallowed. As they sat up, Greg spotted us and said, 'Oh, shit, Jim. We've been caught.'

Dad turned to look toward the door and when he saw us he turned as pale as Greg was.

'We didn't think you were going to be home,' dad finally managed to say.

'Obviously,' I replied. 'How long has this been going on?'

'Come on in boys. We all need to have a talk,' Greg said, as they both slipped on their pants.

We went in and they began telling us their story. It seems that after Greg and Brad moved in, something 'clicked' between them and it just happened. they both admitted to being curious and it seemed natural. They admitted having sex at a motel every night that they had been out over the last few years.

'Boys, we hope you can accept us the way we are and won't hate us. We've fallen in love and we're both very happy with our lives. Since you both know now that we are gay, we hope we can be open with our relationship with both of you.'

I took the lead and said, 'Dad, if you both are happy with your lives and with each other, we're happy for you. You two can feel free to be yourselves in front of us if we can do the same in front of you.'

'What?' they said in unison.

I turned to Brad and we quickly engaged in a hot passionate tongue kiss as we gropped each others cocks. As we kissed we opened each others pants and let them drop to the floor and removed our shirts.

'Let's do it.' I whispered into Brad's ear.

We quickly dropped to the floor and began a sixty-nine, not stopping until we had brought each other to a climax and swallowed.

Both our dads sat speechless as we performed for them. When it was over, Greg asked, 'How long?'

'Since about fourteen,' Brad said, then added, 'and what I find actually funny is that while we were hiding our sexual preference from you two, you were hiding yours from us.'

That night, Brad and I had the pleasure of having sex with our own dads and with each others dad, both orally and anally.

After that night, dad and I as well as Brad and his dad began living nude with each other at home and when we visited each other. Frequently, when the fourof us were together, we'd have sex, usually dad and Greg together and Brad and I together, but all in the same room watching each other. Brad and I both thought it was hot to watch our dads fuck each other.

Dad and Greg became lovers as did Greg and I. During college, we lived together off campus.

The two couples are still together and happier than ever.


NOTE: the above story is based on what happened to one of my best friends, however instead of the two boys being best friends, they were in real life his on two sons who were seventeen and eighteen when they walked in on him with his best friend. His sons had been having sex together for four years and became lovers when they went to college. The friend he was having sex with became his lover and yes they all had sex the night the boys caught him and whenever they came home from college to visit. Both couples are still together and live about a haf mile apart but visit frequently for dinner and of course sex. I hope you enjoyed the story. It's taken me six months to convince him to let me write it.



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