I knock on the door of my best friends house it's school holidays and there's little to do so Shayne's is a good place to hang.

Ella, the dog barks at the door, jumping against it trying to see whom it is. I give another knock. "Hello anyone home"

"Just to seconds, be right there" someone shouts from the other end of the house.

A minute later Brandon, Shayne's dad answers the door.

Brandon and my dad had been friends for years playing on the same rugby team, and hanging out together since high school.

I have known Brandon for most my life that pretty much why I was best mates with Shayne.

To say I had a crush on Brandon was a little under stated.

He was 6ft4 with large upper body strong muscular back and legs. At forty-five he had a better body than most twenty year olds all thanks to fifteen years of army life. He had some tattoos and scars to prove it.

He wasn't the most comely guy, but he had a strong jaw a good nose which had had been broken once of twice and he had hard black eyes but they always smiled, he kept his hair the same style as in the force, in a short crew cut but he had grown out his bread to just a little over stubble. He almost looked like a lumberjack from an old movie, if said lumberjack was ex army.

Myself I'm 5ft11 skinny as a twig, with blond hair blue eyes and light skin. I was what I later find out people would call a twink or a nymph looking boy.

"Hey jason how's it going, come in. You looking for Shayne, he's just gone up the road with his mum but he'll be back in a minute so. What's your old man up to?

"Ah not much, just working today".

He led me to the kitchen, i couldn't help but watch his ass flex with each step barely fitting into the tight material of the trackies . "You want anything to drink I've got water orange juice, tea.

"Some water would be nice thanks."

As he poured me a glass he ask. "So been up to much with your school holidays hope you haven't been sitting around watching TV all week" he scowled at me with a sexy grin, making my cock stir and my belly week.

It was had to say focused when I was alone with Brandon it didn't happen often but when it did I blushed a giggle like a little schoolgirl.

"No sir I haven't, I've been going to the beach most day that why I'm here to see if Shayne wanted to come"

He smiled making my butterflies flutter harder.

"That's good to hear" He leans back against the kitchen counter stretching, it makes his shirt ride up a little, allowing me to see a an inch or two of his hard stomach and the outline of his manhood pressed against his track pants, I tried to look away as fast as I see it, i can feel the rush of blood to my face .

I've seen Brandon naked once but didn't get to see every thing. It was when I went to the rugby changing rooms with my dad; no one there knows I'm gay and even if they did no ones made a comment about it to my face. While I don't have a healthy need to play sport I do enjoy watching them. If not only to perv on the guys who play.

I had been waiting outside the door for door when Brandon had walked out of there room with a towel warp around his waist, as he past he said hey scuffed up my hair and walked towards the showers at the door of the changing room block he dropped his towel before he went in showing me a full view of his muscular bum. I'd wanked over the image many times

" So how have you been" I ask trying to take my mind of the thought "you don't have work today"?

He flashes a smile " Na this is usually the day me a Kate... hang out. But after her and Shayne finish up she's going up north to see here rents"

I watch as he smiles and give himself a tug, he sees me watching

He chuckles " you ever going to ask to have a turn Jason" rubbing his hands up and down his chest to reveal even more of his body

He's looking me square in the eyes, it a cold look I've never seen on his face before. My cock goes hard instantly.

"Umm wh.what do, what are you talking about?"

He smiles at me but it's a cold smile on a face of ice like he not really looking at me and takes a step forward.

Roof roof roof... roof .

Hello, Hun you there, where home can u give me a hand with the shopping?

He turns and walks out of the kitchen as Shayne walks in with some shopping from the supermarket.

He was defiantly his fathers son tall, athletic and a looker but he still had a couple years before he would grow into his body.

"Oh hey man what's up" it takes me a moment to remember why I'm here

"Hello earth to Jason, you ok man".

"Oh yea just having a slow moment, ummm" Shayne laughs

"I think its still happening you loss the blood to your head or something"

"Ha Ha so funny, no I was actually waiting for you to see if you wanted to come down to the beach for a bit go for a swim or something".

"Oh shit man sorry I'm going up north with my mum we where talking about it in the car sorry".

Well thee go that idea " no biggie ill just find something else to come" or maybe watch TV

"Well ok then I might head off, when you getting back" I say as we walk to the door

" Friday I think but other wise Sunday before school starts"

Oh well then other friend is needed for the week then "all good then have a good trip"

As I walk out the front door Kate shouts her good byes. I see Brandon's garbing the mail for the letterbox. He turns as I walk toward the path home.

"Hey Jesse I talk to you latter, ok". He has the same cold face he had on in the kitchen

I was half way home, when my phone buzzed it was from Shayne

He wasn't going up north any more he was checking if I had hit the beach yet

I replied that I was only half way home. Two seconds later he replied

"turn back dad says he will give us a ride"

So turn around I did, as much as Brandon had scared me less than ten minutes ago a lift would be awesome and some one to come to the beach with was even better.

I knock on the door and I heard footsteps making there way toward the door in the blurred glass I could tell it was Brandon by the large physic, my legs felt like jelly.

He greeted me as he opened the door he was wearing no shirt reveling the strong chest with abs as hard as rock scars dotted over them, I felt my cock harden in responses.

"Come in" he waved me in as he closed the door I felt I silence I turn to ask where Shayne was.

He was loaming over me.

" I told you we would be talking later" he chuckled

He garbed me by the arms and pushed me up against the wall he used his body to hold me there letting he arms drop to my hips holding my arms in place.

My cock was rock hard and I was shacking with fear unable to move, all the while he is steering into me, burning me with his eyes. I looked away from them and steer at his beer chest

"So are you going to ask now," he asked grinning but there's no warmth there, as he slipped his thumbs into my pants, leaning a little more into my body pressing me harder against the wall

I can barely speak but I whisper out. " I don't know what you're talking about"

He chuckles I fell it vibrates through his chest.

"Don't lie to me boy, ill ask you one more time" he brings one hand up to my hair grabbing tight pulling it so I can look him in the eyes the other slips into my pant. His hand warps around the base of my cock squeeze it hard, making my balls ache.

"So are you going to ask or am I going to". He lets the last bit trail of

I don't know what" he cuts me off

"Shut up you know exactly what I'm talking about and in that case I guess ill take it then Ah"

He pulls his body of me I swallow the air and try to move away but he still has me by the hair.

He grips it tighter "get down"

My knees buckle it fell like my hair going to come out. I smack into the fount of his pants he holds my face there as he rolls his hips

He sighs as he forces my head back against the wall still holding my hair he pushes his crotch into my face, the warm of his cock threw his pants

" I know this is what you want, I've seen you looking at me. You're not the first to give me that look you know. There used to be a guy like you in my platoon and I like to use him, just like I'm going to like using you. Now pull out my cock and open your month wide"

When I didn't respond he gave a yank on my hair making me whelp

"Do what I say or this will only be more painful and trust me when I say, I like my bitches to scream" spittle comes out as he says this, then as he leans down and whispers in my ear

"And scream you will, I don't get off with out one now pull my cock out and open wide"

This time I did what he said; he pushed he's crotch up into my face crushing my head against the wall. I brought my hands up to the waist of Brandon's pants pulled them down and retrieved his member, I couldn't get my hand around it and it wasn't even hard.

I pulled it out it was purple with thick veins that pulse under my hands. I opened my mouth and let the head rest on my tongue it tasted salty and was warm.

He slipped the head into my mouth it hurt my jaw to open it so wide

" now watch the teeth or then could get nasty"

He let go of my hair and brought both his hands to the back of my head I felt his fingers lace together with some of my hair between them.

I couldn't move my head any more than I could move my body he had me pined with his knees, slowly he pushed his flaccid cock down my throat.

I felt my gag reflex kick in but that didn't stop him. It only made chuckle.

" Gaging are we, is that all you got boy you still got three more inches as it not even ready for the main event" using his hands he sharply shoved the rest down my throat.

" Ahhh that's better" he sighed as my nose was crushed in a forest of cores black hair; it had a strong smell of sweet and sex. It made my cock pulse harder, making it hurt as it strained against my pants.

I began to feel his cock hardening slowly in me cutting of my air; I started to feel light headed.

"So how you feel down there with my cock all the way down in you, coz it feels good to me, having a new cock sucker for my uses again its been to long".

Then as fast as he had shoved those last few inches in he pulled all of them out. Leaving a new taste in my month, It had grow longer while it was in there at least by an inch but what was really scary was how think it was getting. " And it only get bigger"

He had a scary look in his eyes a mad look a look of pleasure.

With that I garb my hair from top and shoved it straight back down my throat I gagged but he held it there

" That's right gag on my cock, I love the sound " he holds it for a second before pulling out only enough for a little air in then slams it back down my thoat, my head hit the wall hard soften only by his hand. I feel dizzy and sore.

I gag on his cock and he sighs with pleasure, I feel my body shake and then I feel wetness in my pants. Have I cum'd already? .

Saliva is running down my chain now mixing with what I can only guess is pre cum

Brandon starts laughing making me choke more " Your going I wish you hadn't cum yet I've only just started and remember I haven't had that scream yet.

To be continued




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