For as long as I could remember I had always had a secret crush on my best friend. His name was Shawn. For as long as I could remember we did everything together and still do everything together. Shawn and I have been best friends since kindergarten.

Shawn was now 19 and I was now 18. We both graduated from high school and were getting ready to go to college. The sad thing was, while I was attending college in my hometown, Shawn was leaving for the big city.

Now before I tell you the story of my time with Shawn, let me tell you a bit about the each of us. Neither of us are very muscular or fit, in all truth we are skinny as could be. Though Shawn is on the taller side, and I am on the shorter side. Shawn has always been the center of attention with his good looks. He has a carmel toned tanned skin with a long slender body, with gorgeous green eyes and short, but messy black hair and two dimples on each side of his cheeks that can make your heart melt. Where as I am on the more pale side, with a slender body, longish brown hair, some deeply dark brown eyes, and two piercings on my lower lip. Now back to the story.

We decided before he left we were going to go out with one last bang and party the entire last week before college started. Each day we planned to do something new and different. The entire week went by in a blur. It wasn't until the last day before he left things got really interesting.

It was Saturday evening, and Shawn and I were at his house while he got ready so we could go toy some rager a few blocks away from his house. I could hear the shower going from Shawn's bedroom, I was lying on the bed while he showered. I looked over and saw a magazine on his nightstand, I grabbed it and flipped through it. While I was doing this, Shawn must have turned to shower off and gotten out without me hearing.

"Would you mind getting off my shirt your lying on it and getting it all wrinkled, I'm gonna need it if I'm gonna take a lady home tonight." Startled by his sudden entry into the room, I looked up from the magazine to find a naked Shawn standing in front of me. I couldn't help, but stare for a moment, his body was perfect, slim and smooth all over. I let my eyes drift over his body for second more and found my eyes coming to rest on the most beautifully long cut cock. It was tanned like the rest of his body, with a nice big head at the end of the shaft and a nice long vein to run down the middle of it as well. I would say just soft he is a good 5 inches already.

Now mind you I had seen Shawn naked plenty of times before, but that was when we were younger. As we go older Shawn became more private about nudity. I was still in shock from him being naked in front of me with that beautiful body of his, I didn't hear him asking me to move again.

"Hey dude are you planning on getting up or am I going to have to move you myself?" Shawn asks for the third time.

"Oh yeah, um sorry about that was just a little surprised to see you naked, your normally so private about it." I was more than a little surprised, I was finding myself excited, even my friend below was starting to respond to Shawn's nudity. I quickly got up so Shawn could grab his shirt, and as he put it on I checked to see if it was noticeable that I was a tad bit excited. Because I love to wear super skinny jeans of course it was. Shawn walked to his underwear drawer and grabbed pair and turned to talk to me. He quickly took notice of the thing that was still growing in pants.

He laughed hard and then said " hardons they can happen at the worst of times. Our bodies sure like to embarrass us."

I sighed in relief that he didn't put two and two together that he was the cause of mine. And with that Shawn quickly finished getting ready and we were on our way to the party.

I had a few drinks here and there but I was too busy being embarrassed about what happened at Shawn's to get drunk. Unlike me Shawn got blasted and needed me for some support. After a few more hours I decided Shawn had a enough to drink and it was time to go. I guided him while he used me for support the entire walk back home.

Shawn talked the entire way about how excited he was to start college and all the ladies he was going to meet. I tuned out.most of it and thought about how.much I was actually going to miss Shawn. It was then when Shawn interrupted me with his drunken mumbo jumbo with a comment "I fucking like you man, like seriously I like you, I always have and I always will."

"Shawn you are drunk and you don't know what your saying" I replied with a saddened heart.

"I am pretty sure I know what I am saying even if I am drunk, I have always had a thing for you man even though I like girls"

I have always dreamt he would say something like this, but I knew it was him just saying things because he was drunk. But I found myself suddenly turned in his direction and he grabbed me from behind my neck and gave me a sloppy and drunken kiss. My body instantly reacted and I found my friend down below once again rising to the occasion. Our tongues found eachother and we mouth, that's when Shawn said the most soberly thing possible " I have thought about doing this for a long time."

It was then I felt Shawn's other hand grab my crotch and slowly begin to rub my apparent hard on through my jeans. It felt like heaven to me I had always dreamt of Shawn touching me like this. I looked around, we were still out in the open just a few doors down from his house, but he was intent on feeling me up in the open. Shawn found the button to my jeans and popped them open, he then gave the zipper a quick tug and my boxer briefs were exposed to the world.

Shawn looked down and smiled, he could see the outline of my cock, it wasn't massive or overly large but it was on the average side.

"How big is your little friend there?" He asked

"Just slightly under six inches and uncut." I replied with a blush of my cheeks.

He then began to give my jeans a tug and I let them fall to the middle of the side walk, not caring if anyone saw. He then yanked my underwear down, and my cock bobbed out full hard and completely turned on. I was shaven and smooth down below just like Shawn.

He smiled and grabbed my Ass with one hand while the other slowly stroked my uncut meat.

"You like that don't you?"

I replied with a slow nod and a bite of my lip.

"You want more to happen don't you? He asked

And once again I nodded my head in reply

I felt his hand spread my right cheek and then one of his finger begin to probe around my hole. He moaned in pleasure at the smoothness of it. His other hand began to undo the button and zipper of his jeans. And before I knee it his pants and underwear were around his ankles like mine. I stared once again at the beautiful cut meat, it was even better fully hard.

He smile and then said " nine inches." I just nodded and smiled back. Shawn began to back me up into the car that was parked right behind up. He turned me around and told me to place my hands on the hood of the car. I eagerly did I as I was told. It was then Shawn dropped to his knees grabbed each of my Ass cheeks and spread them. As he did this he tongue began to tease my hole and it felt wonderful. As he caressed it he then began to push on my hole with his tongue, and I felt myself open up for his tongue. He continued this for a good five minutes, before he positioned himself behind me.

"You want it don't you?"

I eagerly nodded my head yes.

I felt the him place the head of his cock on my hole and begin to push. My hole slowly opened for him allowing Shawn access to thing I have always wanted him to do. He took it slow at first, making sure I felt every inch of his slide inside of me. With each inch it felt like ecstasy, something I had never experienced and I.wanted more. He took his time going in, but once be was in it was game on. Shawn grabbed me by my hips and begin to thrust. I rolled my eyes back in pleasure, it was a sensation I had never experienced. With each thrust he began to pummel me harder and harder.

I couldn't help, but let out moans of pleasure, I sure hope heard me though. I took one of my hands of the hood and began to reach for my cock, but Shawn told me to leave my hand where they were. His speed and power just continuously built up and it still felt like nothing I had experienced.

It felt like I was going to fun, my balls were so tight against my body, but I couldn't. I could tell that Shawn was getting close, he was picking up even more speed. With each thrust I moaned in ecstasy. It was then I felt the hot spurts of fun covering my insides. This caused me to shoot my load with a loud shout of pleasure all over the cars front rim.

I felt Shawn slowly pull out from me and with it came several drips of his cum. He reached down and pulled his underwear and pants up and then helped me put mine back. He gave me one last kiss and we continued our way back to his house.

I smiled and thought to myself, does this mean this is the start of something new?



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