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Matts Pov

I awoke to total darkness, but I could hear the sound of someone crying. A feeling of sorrow overcame me as i followed the sound. As I got closer I recognized that it was Devlin. He was trying his best not to cry. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

'Matt I'm so sorry for all of the hell I put you through. I didn't mean it you've done so much for me, and I can never repay you for that. You're my angel.'

'Devlin you can't change the past, and I've already forgiven you. You need to forgive yourself.' I gave him a hug, and he started to fade away.

As Devlin faded jacob appeared. The feeling of sorrow got much worse. He was staring directly at me with tears running down his face. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him. He started to sob on my shoulder as i just held him. No words were spoken for about thirty minutes as I just held him. As he stopped crying I lifted his head so are eyes met.

'I forgive you.' With this comment jacob faded away, but Tommy appeared. The feeling got so bad that I started to trembling. I called his name, but he wouldn't look at me. He just stood there, with his head facing the floor crying. I took a step towards him, but he stepped back.

'Stay away, I've hurt you enough.'

'Tommy you haven't hurt me, but you will if you don't let me hold you.'

'Matt how can you still care about me. All you did was take me in and now look at you. You could've died because of me......I should just kill myself.' I quickly grabbed him, and brought him into a hug.

'Tommy this wasn't your fault, and if I don't make it I want you to live for me. You have so much potential, and I need to know that you'll make this most out of your life.' He didn't speak, but he nodded. I grabbed his face, and lifted it towards his. I gently pressed my lips against his, and he wrapped his arms around my neck.

'I love you tommy' I said as he faded away, and christy appeared. The feeling changed from sad to angry as she slapped me.

'Matt you better not fucking leave me here! How dare you do this to me!' she said attempting to slap me again, but i grabbed her arm and pulled her into a hug. The feeling went back to sad as she started crying.

'Christy no matter what happens I'll always be with you.' I held her tight as she faded away. All of a sudden everything got eerie. The feeling got so overwhelming I fell to the ground shaking. I turned over to see Dylan sitting beside me. His knees were at his chest, and his head in his lap. I slowly started to gain control over my body, and I reached over and touched him. He looked up and started crying.

'M....matt what am I supposed to do?'

'Dylan whether I'm okay or not you have to keep living.'

' am I supposed to breath if you're not here with me.' I pressed my lips against his, and blew air in his mouth.

'The same way you did when your with me.' We started kissing passionately until he faded away.

I found myself at a graveyard surrounded by tombstones. I walked up to one that had my name on it. As I studied it my grandparents approached me. They passed away a few years ago a few months from each other, and I've missed them so much.

'Nana, papaya!' I said giving them a hug.

'Matt we are so proud of you, you've grown to be an amazing young man.' My papaya said

'Thank you so much, I've really missed you two.'

'Yes, but it's not your time yet you have so much more in store for you.' My nana said giving me a kiss on the forehead.

'You live to be 95!' my papaya said excited, but got smacked by my nana.

'You weren't supposed to tell him that!' She said as i laughed.

'Well sweetheart it's time for you to go, give that Dylan boy a kiss for me!'

'Okay I love you guys!' with that they faded away and my eyes opened.

I opened my eyes, to see Dylans gorgeous face.

'Matt....oh thank god!' Dylan said hugging me close.

'Good to see you two dylan!' I said hugging him back.

'Matt you've been out for a week, and I've been thinking life is to short to let it pass us by.' With that he got down on one knee.

'Matt you are the love of my life, I want to spend every waking moment with you, and I want to be there for you whenever you need me. You are my heart, and I cannot go another day without showing you how much you mean to me. Matt Valentine will you marry me?'



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