I have always had a desire to 'get together' with another guy. I knew that I was gay from the time I was ten. While the other boys were beginning to become interested in girls, I gravitated to boys. As I grew up an entered my teens, my body was filling out nice. My cock grew in proportion and pubes just plain fascinated me. I remember seeing the first hair around my cock. Every day checked and counted hairs until they got to numerous. I like the feel and look of them. Their dark color accented the paleness of my cock. I was curious as to how the bodies of other guys were developing so I took every chance that came along to see naked boys whenever I could. In the locker room after gym when we showered and were changing back into our clothes, I saw the vast array that cocks came in. I saw large ones, small ones, light ones, dark ones, cut ones and ones that still had their foreskins. Of course they were all soft at they time.

I would throw a boner all the time. My best friend Ronnie was a year older than I. Whenever he got a hardon he would show me. We would compare our dicks by standing face to face and laying one the other. We would handle each other's cocks but not for long. We had jack of contests and circle jerks with the other boys in the neighborhood. We all jerked our own cocks and measured how far our cum shot out. I was hooked on beating off and did it several times a day in any place that I happened to be in at the time. My dog Spot would be with me a lot. He looked at me with concern as I jerked, moaned and screamed as I came. I guess he thought I was being hurt. I was kneeling on the floor one time when he came close and licked up my cum from the floor and then came over and licked the cum that was still on my cock. It felt good and he must have liked the taste.

I did not do anything more daring with another guy in my neighborhood. Some guys were cool with messing around with each other and some were not. I didn't want to get a reputation of being queer and having rumors spread at home. I was going away to college and would be an hour away from home, I would be sharing a room with two other freshman, Greg and Anthony. So maybe something might happen and my desires would come true.

When I walked into my dorm room for the first time, I heard 'Are you Anthony?' coming from someone with his back toward me storing things in the closet. 'Close, I'm Bob.' He dropped the box on the floor and walked over to me and introduced himself as Greg. 'Fifty-fifty chance, figured I'd take a shot. It's nice to meet you.'

'I wonder when Anthony's supposed to get here?' I wondered aloud. 'I'd like to know too. We're from the same home town and went to high school together. He never said anything to me about it, I only got one really short e-mail from him all summer.'

Just then another guy came walking through the door. 'Waz up roommies?' said the guy who had to be Anthony. 'What's going on?' 'Unpacking our shit. What do you think we're doing?' said Greg.

We finished putting our personals away and then head to the dinning room for super. We would figure out the sleeping situation later; there were a single bed and a bunk bed. It was decided that Anthony would sleep in the single and Greg and I in the bunk bed with me on the bottom and Greg on top. We were tired and decided to hit the sack early so stripped down to our underwear and got into bed.

I barely paid attention to the other guys stripping to their underwear although I thought I caught a glimpse of Greg looking over at Anthony. As Greg climbed up into his bunk I thought I saw a little movement in the bulge in his jockeys but that wasn't very likely

Over the next month, we got used to one another's schedules. I resumed mt jackoff schedule, too, after the first few nights. Anthony was pretty quick to fall asleep, plus he snored, and I discovered that as long as I was quiet and discreet, I could smuggle a tissue under the covers and sneak a hand down into my boxer briefs for a nice slow stroke. It wasn't as pleasant as using lube, but it was better than nothing. Greg was quiet too but I could see his springs move as he was pleasuring himself. I would jerk off when he did so as not to be obvious.

Anthony moved out of our room to share one with a buddy. It was mid semester so we did not get a new roommate. So Greg moved from the top bunk to Anthony's old bed. Although I would miss seeing the bulge in his underwear from his morning hardon as he faced me as he got out of bed. But now I would be able to see him sleep across the room. I was very becoming attracted to him and was hoping that somehow he and I might get together in that special way that I dreamed off.

One night as I glanced across the room in the dark, I saw movement regular rubbing movements under his sheet. My eyes adjusted to the gloom, as his fist continued its slow but steady exploration of his dick. I could easily make out Greg's shape under the sheet and the shape of his dick on his fist's down stroke. He moaned as he shifted flat on his back. As I watched my roommate my hand slipped beneath my sheet and grabbed my own throbbing cock.

Suddenly Greg stopped and I didn't know if he knew that I was watching him. So I, too, stopped jerking and lay still. Then Greg pulled the covers back and swung his legs out onto the floor, pulled up his briefs, walked to his dresser and then over to my bed.

'Hey man,' whispered Greg. 'Looks like we're up to the same thing and, uh...I thought maybe you could use some of this' as he offered me his bottle of lube.

'I could definitely use some,' I grinned.

'What are friends for, huh?' I grabbed it and said thanks. Pulled up my briefs and sat on my bed.

'You know,' he said, 'as long as we both need to do this...' as he sat down at the far edge of my bed.

'You're looking pretty hard there, pal.'

'I am now.'

'Scoot over here, I can't see you too well where you are.'

I moved closer to him and then laid a hand on Greg's thigh, glancing into my roommate's face for confirmation. 'Do you mind?'

'No, man. Go ahead.'

My hand began to move. Up and off Greg's thigh... across to his crotch... and then back down. I bit my lip as i felt Greg's cotton-covered dick throb at my touch. I could clearly feel the ridge of

Greg's dick head under my fingers, and the heel of my hand was pushing down against Greg's balls. I wrapped his hand around the throbbing pole and gave it a squeeze through the cotton.

'Oh wow, Bob, yeah...' Greg had succumbed to the feeling, his head lolling back and his mouth open. I grinned and started to rub my thumb back and forth under Greg's dick head.

Greg's head snapped forward; I glanced up from my prize to see a hungry, determined look on my roommate's face. Before I could react, Greg was reaching forward to plant his hand firmly on my crotch.

I was in ecstasy and a very loud moan escaped my mouth. Greg chuckled. 'Not so loud Bob, we don't want the whole dorm knowing that we're getting to be very good friends.'

'Very very good friends,' I gasped while giving Greg's hard-on another squeeze. For the next couple of minutes, we sat together on my bed, enjoying the feeling of massaging another guy's penis while having our own massaged in turn. Then I sat up further and used my other hand

to lightly tickle Greg's balls through his briefs.

'Mmm, I like that, Bob,' encouraged Greg, grinding his pouch against the palm of my hand.

'Me too,' I breathed. 'It feels...really really good.'

'Yeah.' Greg was busy rubbing his thumb up and down my trapped shaft and watching a wet spot form toward the waistband.

'Good thing Anthony's not here right now. He might be freaking out.'

'I dunno, maybe he'd have joined us!' Greg laughed.

'Well, I've been wanting to do this with you ever since the first day,' confided Greg.

'So have I.' I agreed. 'But I was trying not to think about it 'cause I didn't think you'd be interested since you have a girlfriend.'

'She was great, but... well, we broke up last week Besides we never did anything like this. I love jerking off and always wanted to do it with another guy, but never found a guy who would jerk off with me.'

'I never have either. 'I also always wanted to.'

'Hey, why'd you stop?' winked Greg as his fingers brushed against my bare balls.

'Sorry, just thinking.' I reached back over and started to jack Greg off through his boxerbriefs... rubbing the palm of my hand up and down my roommate's bulge. Then my fingers moved up higher, to the waistband of Greg's underwear. I hooked my thumbs under it and tugged. Greg got

the hint, pulled his hand out of my boxerbriefs, and lifted himself off the bed enough that I could lift the front of his underwear away from his crotch and slide them off. Greg's boner slowly emerged, standing slightly away from his body and bobbing in the open air along with the rhythm of his heartbeat. Slowly, Greg pulled his underwear down and off my body as well.

We were now both naked with our cocks bobbing in each other's hands. Then Greg told me to lay back on the bed while he crouched over me. He leaned his face down to mine and we kissed deeply. An awesome feeling passed between us as Greg's dick head gently touched mine. Both of us moaned softly as I arched my back causing my entire shaft to press against Greg's lubed one. I could feel his balls rubbing against mine. His precum was dripping on my dick. I wrapped my arms around him and drew him down onto my stomach and chest. God his body felt so good against mine. Our dicks were now wet with precum and lube and rubbing against each other's. I grabbed both of his butt cheeks and drew him closer.

Greg was starting to breathe hard. 'I don't think I can last a whole lot longer, man.'

'Don't try,' I told him. 'I can't wait to feel you cum all over me.'

'You got it, pal. Careful though, I'm liable to soak you.'

'I don't mind you soaking me if you don't mind me soaking you.'

I clutched at Greg's back for stability as I pumped my hard-on against Greg's.

'I think I'm almost there too...'

I was moving my hips fast and hard, as I felt Greg lose control. My roommate's body was jerking in my arms as Greg blew his load, hot cum gushing all over both our crotches.

'I'm gonna blow too, man!' I screamed as I pressed my lips against Greg's and shot the biggest load ever.

We were exhausted and took a quick shower together and then crawled into the same bed together. We kissed and knew that we had each found a soul mate who we would be sharing many more experiences with in the future.



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