True Story First time gay sex with good mate - now best mate and lover.

I've always enjoyed reading other peoples true stories and I still like a guy in a chat to tell me some true tales and especially his first time. I thought it was time for me to post my true story on how my mate 'Chuck' and I 'discovered' each other.

I knew since the last years at school that I liked guys, but old fashioned values and a strict upbringing taugh me to hide it to be normal - how wrong that was. With Chuck it wasn't exactly my first time. When I was about 20 I hooked up with a guy where we just wanked each other until we cum, boy did he cum, I couldn't believe how hard he cum, it really was like a constant squirt (yes, it was cum), still the biggest and most powerful cum I've ever seen. I'm a bit of a nudist, I like being naked in the sun and the other 2 times I experimented with guys was at a free beach (nudist beach), one time I was just got talking to this guy and as I was new to the area he wanted to show me these caves around the corner of the beach, once we were in the caves he grabbed my cock and started massaging it. He was a much older guy and was a bit rough, I did not object and liked it. I think he was more into seeing and touching young guys that being touched himself - he ended up sucking me until I cum and he kept spitting out the taste from his mouth, that sort of put a damper on the event. I returned the favour, my first ever blowjob, give or receive, but he didn't cum and said he was happy to just give me one. The other time was on another free beach and it was the end of the day, I'd enjoyed 'hanging' out for a while and saw this one guy still, naked, on the beach as the sun went down. I sat up the beach behind him, to perve, and he turned around and said for me to join him. We talked, watched the sun go down and then he took me behind some rocks where we just wanked each other until we cum.

OK, they were real experiences with guys, but just playing around - the sort you get with school boys experimenting with each other. Not the 'real' thing ... They say that every male has a curiousity as to what it would be like to be with another guy, and those who reject that theory have accute phobias about homosexuality. There's some statistic like 65 percent of males between 18 and 40 have had a same sex experience and half of them would like to do it again - and that's just the honest ones ....

I kept my urges very secretive, told no one, I mean anyone who knew me, did not know I was interested in guys and I was busting to let out the hound.

Chuck had been a friend of mine for some time. We used to be normal blokes,usual chest beating and out-doing each other, until one event that change me and him for ever.

I lived out of town, about a 40minute drive to work, and my car broke down. So I didn't have to take my wife's car (yes, the force of assimilation lead me to get married, and I do love her) and have her car away from her all day and every day, we settled with Chuck that I stay at his place with his wife while my car was getting fixed. The engine had seized in the car and so an exchange engine was ordered and would take about a week.

My time at Chucks was good for a lot of reasons. He and I were able to spend a lot more time together, which I think drove his wife nuts as she often left the room so we could Alpha-male each other. And, with my love of good looking guys, I had a great time of perving. Chuck is a good looking guy. Tall, bit defined, solid (I don't like 'em weedy) and always wore light material shorts which showed a lot of what was underneath and he usually went without any underwear - freeballed, so there was a lot of movement and definate slug outlines. I had a good perve. We got to talking about these sorts of things - the first time we'd gone anywhere near DnM (deep and meaningful) issues before. We found out that neither of us liked wearing underwear and that we experimented with sexual things (with our wives) - he even revealled his wife used a vibrator on him (later I found out it was anally, mmmmm).

My time there was good, we were getting closer to each other ever day and talked more and more open about things. He, naturally, was very liberal with modesty around the house, often dashing to the shower with nothing on and coming out with just a towel around him. If I heard he was going to the shower, I would try and position myself so I could catch him or bump into him on the way. Chuck and I had never seen each other naked before and this time I got a fantastic surprise - man my mate was hung. I had an idea, with his slug wriggling around under those sweat shorts and his wife going on about 8 inches is enough for her, but to see the proof, I think there was more than 8 there.

As it turned out, Chuck was one of these super lucky guys who look as big while they are soft as they do hard: ie he didn't get much longer as he got hard as he was soft, and so he hung, a lot. (I found out later, LOL). If you took how big he was soft and enlarged that proportionately as most guys grow when they get hard, you'd think he be 12' hard and looked very impressive soft and nude. And, he had a great set of really low hanging balls. Is it starting to sound like I'm really enjoying this guy!

I think with all our more personal talking and me staying there that he was feeling comfortable with me and he did nothing to hurry or hide his nudity and I think he had a pretty good idea I was looking as he let me (I like to think, LOL).

I remember 'the moment' well. It was a Thursday night. Dinner was done, cleaned up, and it was mans time. Chuck had just come back from the shower and was sitting on the lounge with just his towel around him (nothing on show, bugger). We'd had a few drinks and he suggested we put on a porn movie (VHS video), his wife said, Ok, I'm going to bed (and I thought good, just Chuckie and me). I said, Put on the video and I'll have a quick shower - I was hoping to come out and be the same as Chuck, with just a towel on. I knew I'd get hard, I do at the slightest thing, and it'll give me access to play and maybe encourage Chuck to 'release the hound' - along with the few drinks, I was hoping inhibitions might be getting down.

When I come out he was there with the video playing and I topped up our drinks. We'd had a few drinks, quite a few, and we were more bagging the actors on the video than getting horny from it, but you could feel the sexual tension, I was horny, I was hard, been playing with myself under the towel, and I got some good glimpses of Chuck up his towel and I think all the spread legs and moving around might have been more for him to put a show on for me, as I got to see some.

Out the corner of my eye I saw him looking at me as I was lightly rubbing myself under the towel and I thought as long as he wants to look, let him, and kept rubbing moving my cock around.

We were bagging out the guys on the video (about our 3rd show for the night) and then got onto cock sizes. You know, 'look, he can hardly get it up' and 'I've seen bigger cocks on my neighbours dog' and then I said it - 'easy for you to say, you're pretty lucky with that' indicating his cock. Chuck then asked 'how big are you?' and I said 'I don't know, about average, I really don't know' and he said 'haven't you measured yourself?' and I said 'No'. Which was true, I never had.

Chuck then jumped up and said 'Lets find out then' and he went hunting around the lounge room. I asked what was he doing and he said he was looking for a ruler. I don't remember being worried at all, I thought he'd just hand me the ruler and I'd go off and measure myself. When he got back to where I was now standing, he didn't hand me the ruler, and instead said 'get it out' - I liked this idea, like I said, I like being a nudist and I like the idea of him 'wanting' to see my cock and along with the effects of the alcohol, I just obliged.

I poked my cock out through the split in the towel and he grabbed my cock and held it out and measured it: 14cm. OK, well, just ok, but I wasn't hard and he picked that too and he said 'but you're not fully hard'. I thought, I soon will be with you hanging onto my cock.

Let's set the scene: Here I was, a normal 'appearing' bloke that kept his bisexuality a deep secret and a guy I figured was totally straight who I had the hots for, holding my cock, as it grew harder. My fantasy moment. And, yes, a fully accurate true story.

So, my cock in his hands, he measures again and 17cm - ok, that's better, and he said 'it's still growing'. I thought as long as you're holding it we better move outside and give it room to grow (LOL). The feeling of him holding my cock and holding the ruler over it was wonderfull. Then, 18cm, OK, looks like that's it. I was comfortable with that.

I tried to turn the tables and said 'OK, now ur turn' and I went to get the ruler of him but he did his own. Remember I said he didn't grow much from soft to hard - this is were I first found that out. It was amazing how fast he did get hard, it was only seconds, I mean 5-10seconds. I couldn't take it any more and he was 'handling' his own so I just reached over and flicked the towel off him so I could get a better view, citing some excuse like it's getting in the way. He was ok with that, mmmmm, so was I. The view was wonderful, such a 'lucky guy'. I can't really remember what his measurement come in at but I know he beat me and I'm guessing 20-21cm, as I always refer to him as 8inches.

I thought where do we go from here, he's touched my dick, I've exposed his and what now. Well, the measuring was done and it seems that was the only goal and so it ended there. He put the ruler down and instead of sitting on the lounge, he sat naked on a bean bag next to mine without worrying about putting his towel on. I still had the towel on and sat down too. I was happy that he was comfortable with my cock and he's now not only seen it but touched it, hard, and so I openly played with it as we bagged out more porn stars. I was hard, and had to get up to go have a piss. I got up and was about to walk past him, between the TV and his bean bag and he just leant out, grabbed my cock and put it in his mouth - I stopped dead in my tracks.

'NOW we're talkin'' - it was a bit of a shock but I wanted it and didn't want it to stop. Also, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to try things on him - like I said, I thought he was straight, and it was just the alcohol, so strike now. I reached down and grabbed his cock, man it felt good. It was hard and fat and smooth, just how a cock should be.

I suggested a 69 and he moved on top of me. He's cock was so hard, I could feel the blood pumping through it and it felt like a grinding sensation as he's beast couldn't take any more blood and it must have been getting forced around it and back out. I thought he was about to cum and it was the cum coming up the spout - still to this day I can feel his cock 'grind' with the blood pumping into it when I suck him.

We both went at it for ages, I was all over him, I wanted to try everything, I deep throated, I sucked his balls, I copied what ever he did to me too, as I figured that's the way he likes it. He was rubbing my cock all over his mouth and face and going super fast then slow and sucky and I had to pull him up a few times as I was close to cumming and really didn't want to.

He must have been close to cumming because out of the blue he said 'lets have a break' and we stopped and I sat back and watched this God stand up, and he was 'standing' up and for the first time I could see him in all his glory, fully naked, toned, and hard with those balls hanging - to this day I love just looking at him naked and he knows it. When we meet now a days he gets around with nothing on so I can openly perve on him.

I got up too and joined him as he went out for a smoke - then it hit me, first I worried about the neighbours seeing two naked guys all-but hard on the back verandah, then, Shit - HIS MRS. 'Your wife, what about her??????'. Don't worry, it's OK, he said, she'd be asleep and wont come out.

For ages I was scared, I even put a shirt on for a quick cover up. I was nervous. But still, I didn't want to let this opportunity get away.

When we went back inside, we sat opposite each other and wanked each other off, taking turns to lean forward for a suck.

This was good, we got up to get drinks, have breaks to make it last longer, and all the time, naked - and hard. I so badly wanted this mate of mine to treat me like a slut, lay on me and kiss me and make love to me, but at the same time, I didn't want to push my luck too far. At one point I tried to kiss him on the lips and he took it but really didn't want to, he just wanted the Man-Tools. Which I really didn't mind - I had a tool I was glad to lend my mate.

During one of our breaks, after many hours and still no cum, he got up and I thought he just went to have a piss (after all our drinking) and he come back with his wife. Here I was laying all-but naked with half a fat on the floor and he's wife comes in, I jumped up and covered up and it must have looked like I was really panicking as he said something like 'it's ok, she's ok,'. I had an instand soft-on and he worked me some to get me up. There she was, sitting on the lounge, watching her husband playing with my cock and sucking off his mate.

I got comfortable with it and then he went to include her. As I lay on the floor, both my mate and his wife gave me a blowjob together, one on my cock and the other on my balls, like a tag team - it was, and still is, the best I'd had. I'm still waiting for my gay three or more some.

Then Chuck got on the lounge and got his wife tostraddle him and he entered her, then asked me to join him. I wasn't at all interested in fucking his wife, I wanted him, but when I entered, and it was tight as hell with both our cocks in there and I could feel him pumping and rubbing up against mine, I couldn't last and had to pull out, I was so close to cumming.

He was good. Chuck had a great cock and fantastic control and to watch him go, pounding her, fast then slow, it was just so much better than any porn - he could easily make money from porn movies.

This night wasn't set up or planned, but apparently Chuck and his wife did talk about me, as I'm staying there, for a 3some to maybe 'happen'. But apparently the gay stuff was a bonus for him and me, as that wasn't planned and we had a good time 'discovering' each others sexuality.

The night went on, the ponos got boring, and as Chuck was on all fours flicking around channels at the TV, I come up from behind, just as a joke, and pushed my cock against his ass. He made some comical 'ohhh' and didn't pull away, so I rubbed my cock up and down his crack and underneath poking his balls. We were oiled up from all the handjobs during the night and I was sliding over him easily. He didn't move and let me play with my cock on his ass. (as I found out later, he gets off on his wife using the vibrator on his ass). I pushed harder and thought, there's a chance I can have my first fuck tonight too - so I gave it a poke, and pop, the head of my cock went inside him - what a milestone in a mans life, I was 'inside' my best mate. I still love the sound of that, to be 'inside' a man - nice.

He called out 'hold it there until I get used to it' and I fully obliged, I was in heaven. He started rocking back and forth on it so I gave it some more and slid it in and out and although I only have the first 2 or so inches in him, that was enough for our first time and then he called out to his wife who was looking for some music to put on - 'hey, hunn, look' and there was her husband getting fucked up the ass by his mate. Then I realised that they had talked about this and they both wanted it to happen if they ever had a threesome.

After a few minutes he'd had enough and I pulled out, gave it a wipe and we sat back opposite each other as we wanked each other off. I remember him going for it on my cock and thinking this is it, and I layed back, exposing my cock to the sky and with his wife sitting there watching I blew a gusher of cum onto my guts, my chest, down his hand and on my balls and he kept going, massaging my cum in to a lather on my softening cock.

Then I did him, he lay back too, and I pumped and pumped and he was soon cumming - like I said, he had some control, and I'm sure, to this day still, that he can cum on demand. It was great for me, I love seeing a guy cum and this, my mate, cuming in my hand - I lifted my hand and tasted his cum, my first taste of another guys cum - and hooked ever since. I like to either see the guy cum or swallow it.

After we'd calmed down from that, hours and hours of keeping each other hard and no cum until a massive spasm at the end, I said to him, I think it's getting light outside, and sure enough, we'd gone all night. I ended up going to work Friday with no sleep.

That was my, our, first full-on gay sex experience and was the best. But now, our tastes and experience has grown and Chuck and I do so much more. We've grown into full gay sex partners. I'm still married and he has a new girlfriend now. When the opportunity comes up I sleep over at his place, with him in his bed (he lives alone) and we go until the early hours of the morning fucking each other, using toys, and really experimenting with anything we can. Once I had to have a piss while we were fucking in the shower and he said 'do it there' and so I pissed inside his guts and filled him up like a urine enema. When he wakes up next to me in the morning he checks if I have a morning hard on and then rolls me over and jumps on it - that's one of my favourite moments. And for the whole weekend that I'm there, neither of us are dressed, just either perving on each other's naked bodys as we're getting coffee or food, or filling up ones orifice with an appendage of the other.

I like this guy. A lot. Would even go to say that I love him. He's still my best mate and we've learnt a lot together. We fuck bare back as we've only done it with each other these last 15 years and when I fuck him, I'm making love to him - when I'm 'inside' my man.

That's the night, one drunken night, that two mates 'discovered' each other.

I guess you could say we're best fucking mates, or is that fucking best mates???? LOL

100 percent true.



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