Andre and I finally were out of high school. If any of us was planing to go to college, that's was gonna be until September. Now we had the whole summer ahead to do whatever we wanted.

We were best friends since middle school, and spent a lot time together. That day we were planning how to celebrate we had graduated from high school, so Andre said : ' why we don't buy some booze and get fucked up.' I told him that we could drink in my house 'cause my parents were leaving for my grandmother's and were not coming back until Monday. Andre egreed and off we went to look my cousin, so he could buy the alcohol for us; we were underage to buy liquor. I turned 18 two months before my graduation and Andre was like four or five months older than I.

When we had all we need for our private little party we went to my house. Andre was familiar with the house and everything in it, so he helped himself with some glasses and ice and served the drinks. We weren't used to drink a lot and the liquor started to work in our heads.

It was a hot day and Andre took his shirt off. I couldn't help but to stare at his muscular torso. We both were in the football team and for that worked out everyday. We've seen each other in the showers all the time, but this time he looked a lot hotter; that had to be the booze.He stared to throw chips on me, and soon we had a chip war going on. He told me, 'don't be a pussy take off your shirt too.' I did as I was told and took off my shirt. He said 'damn your are growing boy.' I said 'thanks, but what that means.' He told me, 'I bet your dick is growing just the same as mine' I couldn't believe my ears, but I managed to say, 'why we don't take a look and see whose dick is bigger.' He said it was cool, but the loser was gonna give a blow job to the winner.

I could not say no to the offer. I've always dreamt of sucking Andre's dick. Now it was my chance since I knew my dick was a little smaller than his. I ran to the kitchen to get a measure tape and came back to the living room ready for the challenge I was sure I was going to lose. He took his shorts off and asked me to do the same. I was getting hard just to think what was coming. I removed my shorts and my underwear. He notice my bonner right away and said, 'I see your are ready. I might need a hand to get hard, would you give it to me.' ' Sure, ' I said and before I could think about it I was stroking his thick shaft. Shit that felt good. He sat down in the sofa and spreaded his legs. 'Have you ever ate man hole before,' he asked me. 'Not really, but I wouldn't mind to do it now' I said as I was driving his cock to my mouth.

God, that's was delicious. He got hard as a steel pole, and soon his dick was dripping tasty precum.He was moaning with plesure. I deep throated his full nine inches. I felt like if I was choking, but that didn't matter. I was more than happy to be blowing my best friend. Then he lifted my face and kissed me in the mouth, driving his tongue as far deep as it could go. We kissed for a long time strocking our dicks at the same time. I laid down in the rug, and he sat on my face opening his buttcheeks, exposing his hairy hole. I started to lick his hole. Meanwhile he went to work on my trobbing cock. I never imagined my friend was so good to suck dick. I was eating his ass hungrily.

Man! That was so good that I almost came in his mouth, but he had another plan. He said 'get on your knees, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you.' Happy and horny as hell I obeyed. He got on his knees too and started to lick my hungry hole. That was more than I could take. I begged him to drill my ass, but he seem to be very busy working with my hole. He licked my ass long enough to get it wet, then he arched his knees and pointed the big head of his pole right in the entrance of my pinky hole. The pain was only for a moment, then a wave of pleasure overcame my whole body. I've always dreamed of this moment, but never thought it was gonna be so glorious. He rode my ass in that position for several minutes. After that he pulled out of me and sat down in the couch and said, 'now you are gonna ride my cock.' He leaned back and spreaded his legs giving me room to sit on top of him. This time there was no pain only the sweet sensation of being fucked by my cute buddy. He took my dick in his hand and stroked it hard and fast. I was about to explode when he stared to moan like crazy, and I knew he was almost ready to cum, so I was too. He kept playing with my dick as I was sitting up and donw his cock. I couldn't hold it anymore. I shoot my juice on his chest as he was shooting his inside my ass. I felt I was being overflowed in the inside with hot milk. We stayed there a long time. He held me in his strong arms as if I was a baby.

He kiss me one more time and said 'I don't want to be your friend anymore.' I was shocked. For a second I though he was mad at me for being such a queer. I said 'I'm sorry about that I was a little bit drunk. I did't meant to do that, but don't tell me you don't wanna be my friend no more' He started to laugh and said 'I don't want you to be my friend 'cause I want you to be my fuck buddy from now on. Man! That was amazing.' I was relieved to hear that and kiss him again. I said 'Of course I want to fuck you as many times as you want.'

We spent the whole weekend in my house fucking and fucking and fucking.


Alex Ramirez

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