Sorry this is my first story and bad at spelling .

Liek a lot of gay men girls love u and straight men dont like to gt close as u might want to be. Me love straight men.

My best friend is straight as a nail. Well i thought he was completly straight. This happed around my 3oth birthday at his sisters house.

My best friends name is danny and he might not have a athletic body or even skinny but like my type usualy is but then again im far from being either ..

Today is my birthday and i have to work i hat it with a passion and want to do something instead of going home.

Danny calls me and ask when i get out and if i could get some beer because his sister that he lives with is not coming home becaus she going out. I said sure i get out at 11 and its my birthday and want to drink to can i come over he said shit i forgot it was im so sorry.

Now i knew for some reason i wanted him. I just could figure out why.

Well i do now. Hes caring, funny, can sing, and has a danm good package... Well the best is to come.

He said he didnt get me anything. I told him its okay i really didnt watn anything from a store but if he wanted to give me something let me give him a massage. I knew he had a girlfriend and is loyal to her.

I know what ur thinking its my birthday it should be the other way around but come on guy how many times do you get to run ur hands all over a straight guys body with out getting hit.

Well he we are on his b ed and i start on his neck and go down rubing and rubbing and get to his ass danm it nich perfect size hand full not more than that. And then to his legs i tell him to turn over and he said he wasnt sure because hes hard. I said well i dont care hell u can fell so am i. Well he turns over and therer is a 7 inch and thick. My mouth dry as hell was intching to have it. Sorry guys no sex in this. Well i finish the massage and he said maybe well do this again.

Two weeks go by and he calls and ask can he have another massage hes at his sisters house agian spending the night shes out again.

Hell why not i dont have anything planed.

Well it started the same going down the back to his ass and then he turns over and said can is start on the front his front thighs are bothering him. I said sure i dont mind hell there close to the package i got to look at last time. I get the tention out of his thighes and started to rub up his leges and chest. I notice that hes hard again and this time i took the chance and ask can i suck it. He said fine just hurry i dont want my sister to come home she gives me hell if i have a friend over or my girlfriend and im not really sure we should. But i dont know. Hell i just went for it and i take all seven inches and go to town im injoying my self switching from sucking and jerking him off and i have been at this for about 20 minutes and he says he needs to cum but he doesnt. I asked whats wrong he said nothing its just he cant always come that way. Hell i dont like the feeling of being stoped and aske do u want to try to fuck me.

He said im not sure but if we are going to we better hurry the bars will be closing and who knows what time shell be home. Now its been a long time for me so im tight and its hurting and i mean its hurting because he has never had sex in the ass even with a girl so he just tries to drive it home with out stretching me . Rember he big and thick and we give up with out him cumming.

I said sorry and he said dont worry about it well talk tomorrow.

Tomorrow get here and he says he want me to leave him a lone for a while last night messed with his mind and he fells guilty.

A week goes by and i finaly get to see him and he makes me promise never bring it up and if i give him a massag never to touch him there again. I promise and tell him next time if there ever is he will bring up the subject notme.

It never does and we are still friends.

I love him with all my heart and our exprience might color my feeling strongly but ill never say that part. Just that i love him as a brother.

But i always hope one day maybe he will let us try again and this time actualy have sex. Who knows.

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