'Put that thing away before you hurt somebody, Benji!' Coach Russell yelled, as Benji Cox, center and captain of the basketball team that just won the county championship, ran naked up and down the locker room holding up the winners' trophy.

'Sorry Coach,' Benji said, putting the trophy down and going back to his locker.

'I think he meant put 'that' away before you hurt somebody,' Benji's best friend, Evan Tucker snickered, pointing at Benji's huge eight-inch dick.

'This?' Benji asked, grabbing his big dick and giving it a couple of quick jerks. 'You guys are just jealous. You only wish you had a cock like this. Shit, most of you pussies don't even have pubes yet.' Benji was especially proud of his pubic hair. He had hit puberty before he was in his teens and sported a thick bush

Benji Cox had it all. He was the star basketball player in a sports-crazed small town and was like a god to the townsfolk. The girls and women swooned over him and the guys idolized him. He was good looking, too, and knew it. He had exotic, almost Latino features. Dark, almost black, hair, and brown smoldering eyes that seemed to beckon women to him. He was 6'4, and was 220 pounds of pure lean beef. He knew he was hot and never let anybody forget it. Worst of all, he was rich. Filthy rich. Well, at least his family was. Benji Cox was a trust fund baby, born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Everybody worshipped the ground he walked on. Everybody, that is, except those who really knew what a prick he was. Benji Cox talked a good talk, but when you got right down to it, he was a bastard, a real prick, and proud of it.

Coach Russell poked his head out of his office. 'Watch the language, Benji!' he roared, trying to suppress a smile.

'Sorry!' Benji called back. Then he turned back to his teammates, grabbing his crotch again. 'Come on guys, you know y'all wish you had one like mine. Look over at Jerry there,' he said, pointing at Jerry Edwards who was quietly buttoning his shirt. 'I bet Jerry would like some of this.' He sauntered over to where Jerry was sitting and stood right in front of the boy, his cock right in front of Jerry's face. He undulated his hips and thrust them back and forth. 'Come and get it, faggot.'

Jerry Edwards stood up and pushed Benji back. 'Fuck off, you asshole,' he said.

Jerry Edwards was gay, and outside of only a small group of friends no one knew. But Benji Cox suspected. At a party several months earlier Benji had gotten drunk and passed out. He was kind of in and out of it, but was almost positive that Jerry was feeling him up. When he pushed Jerry's hands away, Jerry tried to pass off the incident as though he was drunk also. But Benji didn't buy it. He blabbed to anyone who would listen that Jerry Edwards had hit on him.

Nobody believed Benji though because he had a habit of stretching the truth, and when he started claiming that Jerry had come on to him people just rolled their eyes. But that didn't stop Benji. Since that day he'd had it out for Jerry, calling him faggot and teasing him whenever the opportunity presented itself. But verbal jabbing was as far as he took it because no matter how tough Benji Cox was, Jerry Edwards was just as tough, having been on the wrestling team every year and always working out in the gym after school. Not only that, but when it came right down to it, Jerry Edwards was more popular than Benji Cox. He was a nice guy who treated everybody equally. As a result, he had a lot of friends.

As Jerry walked away Benji made another smart-ass comment. 'Cock-sucker.' Then he reached into his locker and grabbed his clothes to get dressed.

He had just pulled on his briefs when another one of his teammates remarked, 'You know, Benji, only little boys wear tightie whities anymore. Why don't you get with the program and wear boxers like everybody else?'

Benji ignored the quiet rolls of laughter from his teammates and reached into his white, full-cut briefs to adjust his dick and balls. 'Fuck off you losers. I need something industrial strength to keep this monster and these boys in line. Plus, first time I throw a bone or something, I'd rip those pansy-assed boxers to shreds.' He cupped and massaged his considerable bulge and smiled his charming smile. Mmmm... that feels good, he thought, but I'd better stop before I throw a bone.

Benji Cox was always throwing a bone. He just had to hear the word 'girl' and he got a hard on. The first thing he did every morning before he got out of bed was jack off and the last thing he did before he went to bed was jack off. During lunch he usually found a quiet place where he could pound his pud. He was eighteen years old, always horny, and full of cum. No matter how many chicks he banged, he could always squeeze out another load of boy juice.

Benji finished dressing and, along with his teammates, went back to the gym to meet with the fans and the local press who had showed up to cover the game. Benji had scored 27 points, along with the game-winning basket, a Hail Mary from almost half-court, and was named MVP. Most of the reporters wanted a sound-bite and Benji was more than happy to oblige. Of course, he neglected to give credit to his teammates, let alone his coach, but that was Benji Cox.

After the media blitz the guys went back to the locker room to gather up their gym bags and head out. It was only Thursday and they all had school the next day. After the Coach left, Evan Tucker stopped everybody.

'Guys,' he said. 'My parents are going to Vegas tomorrow for the weekend so... party at my place. I got all the booze we'll need. Everybody's invited, too, so make sure you spread the word at school tomorrow.'

Benji looked over at Jerry and loudly asked, 'Are cock-suckers coming, too?' Jerry ignored the comment.

'Give it a rest, Benji,' Phil Potter said, shaking his head. 'Do you always have to be such an asshole?'

'Ah, you just want me, too,' Benji said.

Later that night Jerry was in a back booth at Denny's with three of his friends, Tom, Glen and Brad. The four of them had been friends since childhood. Once they got into high school though, Jerry had outstripped them in looks, athleticism, and popularity. Tom, Glen, and Brad were more into science and computers and were considered geeks by some, but Jerry was still best friends with them no matter what. They knew he was gay and didn't care. At one point or another through the years they had messed around a bit with each other. Jerry could be himself around them, trusting them completely, and for that he was eternally grateful. He told them about the party and then mentioned Benji's comments.

'That guy's such a prick,' Tom said. 'I would love to kick his ass.'

'Me too,' Jerry agreed, 'but that's only a temporary fix.'

'Well, you did feel him up,' Glenn said, matter-of-factly.

Jerry nodded his head sadly. 'Yeah, biggest fucking mistake I ever made. But I was hammered and I thought he was out and, well... he does have a hot body... Shit.... I fucked up. I just wish I could get him to keep his mouth shut forever.'

'We could kill him,' Glen said jokingly, and all the guys laughed.

'Oh, not the Golden Boy,' Jerry said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. 'We can't have that.'

'Let's blackmail him,' Brad suggested. The guys looked at him.

'Now that's a great idea,' Jerry said. 'But how do we do it?'

Brad shrugged his shoulders. 'Drug him, take pictures, I don't know. But we can do it. Evan lives two houses down from me. My parents are going with his parents to Vegas so my house'll be empty. If we can get Benji to my place, we can have whole weekend alone with him.'

'Yeah, but Benji isn't exactly your best bud, Brad,' Jerry said. 'I don't think he's gonna leave a huge party where he's probably gonna be king of the hill to go off to your house.'

'You know, guy,' Glen said slowly and deliberately, 'my brother's coming back from State for the weekend and I think he might have something we could use.'

'Really,' Tom asked, 'like what?'

Glen leaned forward in his seat and the other guys followed suit. 'Well,' he started, 'he's always telling me about the girls up there and the frat parties and stuff. He said he and his friends slipped some stuff in their girlfriends' drinks one night and it made them totally horny and slutty. They didn't remember anything about it the next day.'

'Isn't that date rape?' Tom asked.

'It's not rape if she's your girlfriend,' Brad reasoned.

'Do you think your brother will bring any of that stuff with him?' Jerry asked.

'I can ask him,' Glen offered, 'but I bet he will. He said he was coming down with Joe Woods and the two of them were going pussy hunting this weekend. I'm sure if I ask he'll hook me up.'

Jerry was rubbing his hands together. 'I'll get Benji away from everybody... outside... tell him I wanna talk to him or something... You guys be waiting nearby. I'll slip it into his beer and then, when he starts going out, I'll leave. When he's out, we'll grab him and bring him over here to Glen's place. How long does that stuff take to work?'

'A few minutes I think,' Glen said.

'Perfect,' Jerry said, smiling.

Between classes on Friday, Jerry, Glen, Tom and Brad all met in the quad to go over their plan for that night. Glen, Tom and Brad were going to hang out at Brad's house until 11:30 pm. At that time Jerry was planning on pulling Benji aside on the pretext of talking to him. By that time Benji would be pretty wasted. Jerry planned to take it easy. He would limit his alcohol and just act like he was drunk. After all, he didn't want to be too out of it for Benji's big scene! Glen told his brother that he and his friends were going to the party and asked if they could get a little 'something' to make it easier to get girls. His brother was only too happy to oblige and hooked him up with some roofies and ecstasy, telling him how the right combination would make a girl put out like a slut and not remember a thing in the morning. Tom's dad used Viagra and he snitched one. If the roofies and ecstasy couldn't keep Benji hard, the Viagra would do the trick. Plus, they wanted Benji as hard as possible for as long as possible.

That night the cars were lined up and down the street outside Evan Tucker's house. Evan's uncle was a cop and was on duty that night. He knew what was going on and made sure all the cops steered clear of the area. He was proud of his nephew and his team and felt like they deserved the party. He wasn't about to ruin their big night.

The booze was flowing freely and Phil Potter had brought a ziplock bag pull of pot. A few of the guys, Benji included, were sitting around drinking, playing video games, and taking bong hits. Everybody at the party was hammered. Everybody that is, except Jerry.

At 11:20 pm Jerry, pretending he was drunk, staggered into the game room and flopped down on the couch next to Benji. Evan handed him the bong and he took a hit. One hit wouldn't hurt. He turned to Benji who was obviously feeling no pain at this point.

'Hey, Benj...' Jerry said, deliberately slurring his words, 'can I talk to you, buddy?'

Benji, who by now was feeling no pain, smiled. 'Shoooor, Jerrr... whaddaya wanna talk about?'

'Well, it's kinda private,' Jerry said, putting his arm around Benji's shoulders and steering the drunk teen, ever so slightly, toward the back door. 'I wanted to talk to you about all the shit you've been giving me.'

'Oh, that...' Benji said, swaying. It was a good thing Jerry's arm was around him or else he might've fallen on his fine, firm ass. 'Well...'

'Oh, shit,' Jerry slurred, interrupting. He wasn't interested in some lame lie, anyway. 'My beer's all gone. I gotta get me another. You want one?'

Benji drained his bottle and threw it onto the lawn. 'Fuck yeah, buddy.'

'Okay,' Jerry nodded. 'I'll be right there. Don't go anywhere.' He went back into the house and grabbed two beers from the cooler. He popped the tops and, making sure no one was watching, dropped the ecstasy and roofie into Benji's drink. Then he joined his unwitting victim outside. 'Here you go, pal,' he said, handing the swaying stud his beer.

'Thanks, man,' Benji said drunkenly, taking a drink. 'You're not so bad after all.' He took another drink. 'What did you wanna talk about?'

'Well,' Jerry said, exaggerating his gestures like a drunk person, 'it bugs me when you call me cock-sucker and shit like that.'

Benji took another drink and looked at Jerry. 'All I remember is that you were touching my dick and stuff when I woke up.'

Jerry shook his head. 'Buddy, that night you were so fucked up you didn't even know your own name! Shit... we were all drunk. And if I did touch you, it was by accident. I mean, I'm not gay, man. Think about it for a sec. If I was gay why would I make a pass at the biggest stud in town?' Geez! He couldn't believe the shit he was saying just to keep Benji occupied until the drugs kicked in.

As it turned out, he didn't have to wait long. Benji's eyes were glazed over and Jerry doubted he even heard a word he had said.

'I'm gonna get me another beer,' Jerry said. 'You coming?' He turned to look at Benji. The drunken, drugged teen could barely stand up straight and was leaning against a tree for support.

'Ahhlll be there in a minute,' Benji said, his voice slow and thick. He was having a hard time articulating what he was trying to say. The drugs Jerry had slipped in his beer were obviously taking effect.

'See you inside, bud,' Jerry said. And with that, he left Benji outside by himself and walked back into the house. Once inside he ducked into the breezeway and peered out the window. Benji was still outside leaning against the tree. He was totally fucked up. This was going to be so much fun!

Benji had just finished his beer and was about to go back into the house when he heard a noise in the bushes. He turned. 'Who's there?' he asked loudly. No response. He heard another rustle and moved closer. By now he was feeling really buzzed and tired. He needed to sit down... fast... before he fell down. There was a bench near one of the bushes and he tried to make his way over to it. After what felt like forever, he finally got to the bench and flopped down. Then everything began to go black. He didn't see the four shapes approach him, nor did he feel his body being lifted from the bench and carried backward through the bushes.

Jerry, Glen, Tom and Brad had each grabbed hold of one of Benji's limbs and carried the near-comatose stud through the bushes and down the dark alley to Brad's house.

'What the fuck is goin' on...' Benji mumbled as he felt himself being half-carried, half-dragged down the alleyway. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion, now that the drugs had taken effect. He looked up at his captors but there were all wearing dark sweat suits and masks. Not getting an answer, he began to yell.

'Hey! Someone! Guys... mmppphhh!!!!!' The jockstrap shoved in his mouth muffled his cries. Of course, he didn't know it was his sweaty, soiled jockstrap that Glen had lifted from his gym bag after class. A blindfold was tied over his eyes.

They reached Brad's house and carried Benji down the stairs to the basement. They had earlier transformed the rec room in into something resembling a primitive torture chamber. There was a makeshift apparatus that had been fashioned from sawhorses and ropes and a long coffee table with its legs sawed short on one side of the room and two video cameras on tripods on the other. The pool table and all the walls had been covered with plain white sheets to make the place indistinguishable. Since Benji had been to Brad's house many times before, they didn't want to take the chance that he might recognize his surroundings.

They set him down, hard, on the pool table and tied his arms to the corners. He struggled feebly, feeling the effects of the drugs. He was very lightheaded and, for some reason, a little horny. The jockstrap was pulled from his mouth and two fingers took its place, sliding in and out in a slow, steady rhythm.

'Wht thu fck ar yu doin?' Benji tried to ask as Tom's fingers sawed back and forth, back and forth. Without even realizing it he wrapped his lips around them and began to suck.

'What a good boy,' a voice said. It was the first voice Benji had heard since his capture. It was a girl's voice, that much he knew, and it sounded somewhat familiar, but he couldn't quite place it.

The voice belonged to Brad's sister, Regina. Regina was a year younger than guys, and for the longest time Benji had tried to get into her pants without success. A few months earlier, while his parents were out for the night, he had invited Regina over to his house for a 'date.' He had turned on all the Benji charm that night -- soft music, candles, wine - but it still didn't work. Not that Regina wasn't attracted to him; she just knew what he was really after. When Benji tried the old 'stretch out and slip the arm around the shoulders' routine, Regina pushed him away. When he persisted, she threw an elbow in his gut and punched his bulging crotch. As he was doubled over in pain she had stood up and said, 'you might've gotten a piece of ass from Jill Brooks, but you ain't getting' a piece of ass from me!' And with that she stormed out. Brad had confided the guys' plan to her the other night and she begged to a part of it.

'Whoze there?' Benji asked, the fingers still sliding in and out of his mouth. 'Who are you?'

The blindfold was removed and Benji looked around him, but his drug-bleary eyes couldn't make out much. The room looked all white. Since the voice he heard was female, he assumed that all the people in the room were women. He counted five figures. At least he thought it was five. Everything seemed out of focus and for some reason he couldn't think very clearly. Were they wearing masks? What the fuck was going on?

'I've just some friends with me, that's all,' Regina answered, her voice disguised. As she spoke Jerry began to rub his hand over Benji's cock. He could feel it stiffen.

'Unnhh... yeah baby, that's it... mmmm... yeah... ' Benji moaned.

Tom removed his fingers from Benji's mouth and lifted his head off the table. He slipped the blue Viagra pill into Benji's mouth and put a beer to the boy's lips.

'What the fuck is this?' Benji asked, spitting out the pill. 'Drugs?'

Tom picked up the Viagra from the floor as Regina spoke. 'It's just a little something to keep you hard, big boy. I plan on riding that big dick of yours all night.'

Jerry could feel Benji's cock throb as Regina spoke. Benji opened his mouth, intrigued at the prospect of some cunt impaled on his cock all night, and willingly took the pill. He washed it down with a long drink of beer. 'Oh yeah, baby,' he said, trying to sound suave, 'but you didn't need no pill. I can stay hard forever.'

Regina and the guys just looked at each other, rolling their eyes. Did these lines actually work on girls? What an ass! Tom stuck his fingers back into Benji's mouth and let the horny teen suck on them more.

'Mmmm... oh yeah...' Benji cooed, thinking it some babe. 'Oh, you know just what I need!'

They had to stifle their laughter. Benji was completely out of it and just rambling.

'Mind if my friends join in?' Regina asked, as Glen snaked his hand up under Benji's shirt and pinched his nipple.

'Oooohh... fuck... ohhhh... Yeah... pinch my titties, baby. Unnnhhh... oh yeah... that's it...'

Glen pulled Benji's shirt up to his neck and began to suck and lick his nipples and chest. Benji continued to moan and arched his chest upward to meet Glen's probing tongue. 'Mmmm... fuck...'

While Regina continued to whisper sweet nothings, the guys continued to work on Benji. The clueless stud thought he had hit the jackpot and was getting worked over by a bunch of chicks. Brad had both video cameras rolling and was snapping picture after picture with his new digital camera.

Jerry scrabbled his fingers down Benji's chest, traced his treasure trail, and pulled at the waistband of his jeans. 'Mmmm... how about we see what's down here?' Regina asked, leaning in to Benji's ear. Regina was strictly the narrator. The guys were doing all the touching and probing. As she bent in, Tom blew softly and flicked his tongue over Benji's earlobe. The dizzy teen shivered and groaned with pleasure.

'Oh yeah...' Benji whispered. 'Do it... Big Benji wants to come out and play!'

They all looked at each other again, silently roaring with laughter. Big Benji? Who the hell was this idiot?

Jerry unbuttoned Benji's jeans and very slowly lowered the zipper. It was obvious that Benji wanted this, because he was squirming and lifting his ass off the pool table, trying to hasten along the process. Jerry lowered the jeans as Brad continued to make a photographic record of the events. Benji's white briefs stood out in a nice, stark contrast to his olive skin. And they were bulging with an erection. His cock was like a pole, tenting the full-cut briefs, and his balls were about the size of jumbo eggs.

Despite here feelings of contempt for Benji, Regina gasped in spite of herself. But she quickly recovered her composure. 'Mmmm... my, my, my... someone's horny tonight.'

Benji groaned as Jerry cupped his balls with one hand and muzzled his cock with lips, kissing up and down the length of it. He needed to get off in the worst way. 'Oh baby, come on... mmmm... yeah... you know what I need.' Even if they hadn't given Benji a Viagra, his cock still would've been hard.

As Jerry continued to rub his face all over Benji's crotch, Regina removed Benji's shoes and tugged his pants off. She pulled his socks off, too. Glen let Tom take over blowing in Benji's ears and licking his face, continuing to finger fuck his face, and moved down to the other side of the pool table. He lightly tickled Benji's big size 12 feet.

'Heee... heee...' Benji laughed. 'Stop that, baby. It tickles.' He tried to pull his feet away, but was too weak from the booze and roofies to put up much of a struggle.

Tom had hold of both of Benji's legs and while tickling one foot, began sucking on the toes of his other foot. Benji's back arched and he howled with laughter.

'Stop... stop... stop... please!' he begged.

The guys stopped. Everything. No cock rubbing, no toe sucking, no ear blowing, no fingers in the mouth. They left Benji prone on the pool table. The confused teen lifted his head. 'Where'd ya go, baby?' he slurred, the words becoming harder and harder to form.

'I thought you wanted me to stop,' Regina cooed sweetly, her voice sounding as innocent as a newborn.

'No, no,' Benji said, shaking his head violently. 'Just the tickling. Can't stand it. Oh... fuck... the other shit was awesome...'

'Well it's all or nothing, Benjamin,' Regina chastised, using Benji's full name. 'What's it gonna be?'

'Uhhnnn...' Benji groaned, throwing his chest out and thrusting his hips, trying to find the delicious fingers that were working their magic just moments earlier. Nothing. His horniness got the better of him and he relented. 'Okay... okay... but easy... easy... please...' His voice had taken on a whining tone.

The guys began again. Tom slipped his fingers back into Benji's waiting mouth and lightly flickered his tongue in and out of his ears. Glen started sucking on toes again while lightly tickling Benji's feet, and Jerry continued his cock and ball massage, stroking the shaft, jiggling the big balls, and reaching up with his other hand to flick at Benji's hard, rubbery tits.

Benji was going crazy now. The roofies and ecstasy had taken control and he was on autopilot. His hips were thrusting like pistons and he was moaning and groaning like a virgin on prom night. He was even sucking and slurping on Tom's fingers. And all the while Regina cooed and hummed in the background while Brad took picture after picture after picture. Every time the disk got full he quickly uploaded the pictures onto the computer and started again. By now there were dozens of pictures, but the only face recognizable in any of them was Benji's. And although there were two video cameras catching all the action, the tapes would be carefully edited and pieced together to hide the identity of everybody in the room except Benji.

'Oh fuck... oh fuck... shit... fuck... unnnhhh... mmmm... yeaahhhh...' Benji moaned, his body completely surrendering to the hands playing with it. 'Mmmm... unnnhhh...'

Jerry lifted Benji's legs and placed them on his shoulders. He pulled the hot stud's body until his briefs-covered ass hanging just over the edge of the pool table. He reached between Benji's legs and lightly ran his finger over Benji's ass crack.

'Aaahhhh!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!' Benji screamed, his ass pucker spasming at the touch. No one had ever touched him there before. Fuck! It felt so good! He twisted his head and Tom let his fingers slip out of his mouth. 'Mmmm... yeah... oh baby... ohhhh... you're the best...'

Yup. Benji was ready.

Regina put a folded up towel under Benji's ass so he wouldn't be too uncomfortable at the edge of the pool table. The stupid stud was putting up no resistance at all because he was convinced that he was being worked over by a bunch of girls.

Regina opened another beer and Glen reached into his pocket to pull out the pills. He dropped them into the beer and waited for them to dissolve. Regina put the beer to Benji's lips and urged him to drink. 'Here hon, you thirsty?' she asked sweetly. Benji grunted and drank the whole beer in two big gulps. He had no idea it was drugged, but this was the drink that would put him over the edge. Loosen him up enough to do just about anything. And the best part would be that he'd have no memory of it. The guys could totally mess with him and do whatever they wanted, and Benji Cox would be clueless.

Regina part was done and she left the guys alone. She knew what they were going to do but didn't want any of them to feel uncomfortable because she was there. She went upstairs, called a friend, and went out to a movie, leaving her brother, Jerry, Tom and Brad to humiliate Benji.

In his already drugged up condition, the new round of booze and drugs hit Benji almost immediately. The guys took off their masks because they knew Benji was so out of it he didn't even know his own fuckin' name at this point.

Jerry ran his finger over Benji's ass crack again. He could feel the drunken teen's virgin pucker spasming at his touch. He poked a little firmer.

'Uhhnn... yeah...' Benji moaned.

Jerry reached up and lowered Benji's briefs. His cock, rock hard from both his natural horniness and the viagra he had ingested earlier, popped straight up. Fully erect, it was almost nine inches and it had a nice, plum sized head. It actually almost looked like a baby's arm holding an apple. It was surrounded by a forest of dark, curly pubic hair. It was funny, because the rest of Benji's body wasn't overly hairy. Just his pubes. It was some kind of source of pride for him, too. He always teased other guys in the locker room about their smaller dicks and less hairy pubic regions. But everybody just told him to go to hell.

There was pre-cum dripping from the piss slit and down the cock stalk, lubing it. Jerry wrapped his fist around the shaft and slid it up and down a few times. Benji just moaned and groaned and thrust his hips. Then Jerry let the palm of his hand, roughened and calloused from years of working with his hands on his parents' farm, pass over Benji's over-sensitized cock tip.

'Ieeeiiiaaa!!!!!' Benji screamed, both in pain and pleasure. 'Ooooo...'

The guys smirked as Jerry did it again. Benji writhed and twisted, but was so weak from the drugs that he couldn't do much to resist. They Jerry stopped and concentrated on Benji's nether region. He tickled the pink pucker and watched as it practically winked at him. He licked his pinkie finger and slowly worked it inside the tight hole.

'Ohh... shit...!' Benji moaned. 'Fuck... mmmm...'

Oh yeah, the guy was out of it. Jerry took a thin wand-like dildo, greased it with some KY, and slid it into Benji's asshole.

'Aiiieee... yiieeee...' the dazed stud moaned.

Jerry flipped a switch and the wand began to vibrate. Benji almost lost it. 'Ahhhhh... noooo... yesssss... ooooohhh...' His drug-addled mind was a mix of emotions and feelings. Never before had anyone, even himself, touched his asshole and he couldn't believe the sensations coursing through his body. The vibrating dildo was raking over his sensitive prostate and the guys watched as his big cock burped a steady stream of pre-cum.

With the dildo still lodged in Benji's ass and still vibrating, the guys pulled Benji to his feet. He was so drugged up he couldn't stand without their help. The eased him down to his hands and knees.

The whole time Tom had been sliding his fingers in and out of Benji's mouth. Now Jerry kicked off his shoes, unzipped his jeans, and shucked them off. His boxer briefs were tented with his massive erection and the front of his underwear was wet with his pre-cum. He nodded to Tom and his friend slid his fingers out of Benji's mouth. Jerry slid his hard cock in and began to thrust his hips back and forth.

'Here you go, Benji,' he said, knowing that never in a million years would Benji ever figure out what was going on or who was doing these things to him. 'How about something a little better to suck on.'

The drugged-out, fucked up teen just sucked away, not knowing what the hell he was doing. All he knew was that his body had never felt like this before.

While Jerry fucked Benji's face, Tom made sure the dildo stayed lodged up his ass. He reached around and grasped Benji's cock, giving it a slow and steady pumping. He used his other hand to jiggle and poke at Benji's big balls.

'Uhnnnn...' Benji moaned. He was unable to form any kind of intelligible word because one, he was too drugged up, and two, his mouth was full of Jerry's cock.

Brad had moved the video cameras to catch all the action and was still snapping and uploading digital pictures.

Jerry was so turned on by what he was doing that it wasn't long before he felt his balls constrict. He knew he had to cum badly, but he was torn. Was he going to make that son-of-a-bitch Benji swallow his juice or was he going to shoot it all over his face? Jerry thought about it for a second. There were plenty of cocks in the room for Benji to suck and they had hours to kill. He decided he could do both.

Just as he felt the cum coursing up his rigid cock, Jerry pulled his dick out of Benji's mouth and grabbed it. He aimed it right at his enemy's face and let volley after volley of his hot teenage jizz slosh all over Benji's face. He made sure to spray it everywhere: up his nose, in his eyes, in his hair, and, of course, in his mouth. During this whole time Brad was taking close up pictures and had caught the whole embarrassing scene. When Jerry was done he nodded to Tom to switch places.

Tom undid his pants and shoved his dick into Benji's mouth. 'Come on, cocksucker,' he urged, grabbing Benji by both ears and forcing the arrogant teen to eat his dick. 'That's it. Boy, for someone who's straight, you sure suck a mean cock!' The guys all laughed. Poor Benji didn't know what the hell was happening.

Glen reached into Jerry's bag of tricks. He pulled out a small brown bottle of poppers.

'Put 'em under his nose and make him sniff,' Jerry coached. 'He'll be higher than a kite in no time.'

'Got it,' Glen said as he moved next to Tom. He opened the bottle and put it under Benji's right nostril. 'Hey, cocksucker, take a nice big whiff of this.'

Not knowing what he was doing, Benji took a breath. Glen moved the bottle to his other nostril and instructed him to do it again.

'Ohhhh... mmmmmm...' Benji moaned. The aroma had made him lightheaded and giddy. He tried to laugh, but the cock in his mouth muffled it.

Glen looked at Benji and then at the bottle in his hands. He decided to take a sniff himself. Closing off one nostril, he took a long snort. Almost immediately the guys could see a change in his demeanor. His body became all relaxed and he weaved back and forth as if drunk and he had the goofiest smile on his face. 'Whoah...' he said, as his mind settled back to earth. 'This shit is awesome!' He took another whiff.

'Easy you slut,' Tom laughed. 'Save some for Benji and the rest of us!'

'Actually, what we need to do is make sure we get lots of up close pictures of Benji ole boy sucking our cocks,' Jerry said, twirling the dildo around and around in Benji's ass, pleasuring the drugged up jock's prostate. 'We'll give him a hit of poppers right before we take the picture. This way he'll look all happy and smiley, like he's doing it all willingly. Just like the cocksucker he is!'

Glen grinned. 'Oh man, this'll be hot!'

Tom was getting close to shooting his wad and waved Tom over. 'I'm about to cum, man! Give him the stuff!'

Glen put the poppers under Benji's nose and the boy to a hit. His eyes took on a vacant glaze and a smile played across his lips just as Tom shot off his load. Benji's mouth filled with the sticky cum as Glen urged him to swallow. Benji did as he was told, but some cum dribbled out his mouth and down his chin. Once again Brad had caught the whole thing in living color.

Tom pulled his cock out and they left Benji alone for a second. The drunk, drugged teen stayed on his hands and knees not moving. His tongue flicked out and cleaned up the cum on his lips. The guys laughed. Benji looked confused. Jerry pushed the dildo in further and watched in glee as Benji's body convulsed and shook. Tom began to flick Benji's nipples and slap at his big balls while Jerry reached around and jerked his hard, bobbing cock. It was all too much for the boy and within seconds he was shooting his load into Jerry's hand. He shot about seven streams and Jerry needed both hands to catch it all. Then he moved up to Benji's face and rubbed the juicy boy cum all over Benji's face and mouth.

'Come on, Benji,' he said, feeding the dazed teen his own cum. 'Lick it up. Come on... oh yeah... it's so good!'

In a roofie/ecstasy high, Benji lapped up the cum that Jerry was busy smearing on his face.

They continued for the next couple of hours, each guy getting his chance to turn the arrogant young Benji into a cum dump. All of it, of course, was caught on video and digital camera. The whole while the dildo in is ass was both loosening up his sphincter muscles and driving him wild.

It was getting late and was almost time to get Benji back. The drugs would be wearing off in a little while. They decided to give it to him in both ends. Jerry would fuck his ass while Glen fucked his face.

Tom gave Benji a huge dose of the poppers and twisted his big nipples and jerked his cock. As Benji moaned and groaned, Glen and Jerry stepped in and plugged him in both ends. They rocked back in forth in unison while Brad moved in for close ups. Tom continued to dose Benji with the poppers to keep the big stud off-kilter and giddy.

Soon Glen and Jerry had settled into a rhythm. Benji's body rocked back and forth as the two teens thrust their hard cocks in and out of him. Finally, after almost ten minutes of constant fucking, the three guys, Jerry, Glen AND Benji shot their loads... all at the same time.

'Oh fuck,' Jerry said, pulling his cock out of Benji's raped ass. 'That was awesome.'

'Tell me about it,' Glen said.

Even Benji was still moaning in pleasure. The drugged out teen had collapsed onto his side, but there was a smile on his face and his tongue was flicking out over his lips. And of course, Brad was there to take pictures of all of it.

'I think this'll do for tonight,' Jerry said, cleaning himself up and pulling on his clothes. 'Let's clean Benji up, give him a couple of shots and then I'll get him back to Evan's place.'

Brad nodded in agreement. 'I'm dead tired guys. I say we meet back here tomorrow afternoon and formulate some kind of blackmail scheme.'

'Sounds good to me,' Jerry said, using a damp cloth to wipe down Benji's sweaty, cum-soaked body. He pulled the young man to his feet and helped him dress. When they were ready Brad took a bottle of whisky from his dad's liquor cabinet and poured a tumbler full. He put it to Benji's lips. 'Here you big stud,' he said. 'It's not cum, but I think it'll do.' Benji drank it down in one gulp. Within minutes he was completely drunk again.

'Okay guys,' Jerry said, putting his arm around Benji's shoulders and maneuvering the drunk teen to the stairs. 'We'll head back to Evan's and then we'll meet back here around 6:00 pm, okay? That'll give us enough time to rest and shit.'

The guys all agreed.

Benji Cox woke up the next morning on the floor in Evan Tucker's garage. There were empty beer cans all over the place. How the fuck did he get there? He climbed to his feet. Ow... his ass and dick hurt... that groin pull he got in practice the other day must be worse than he thought... He looked around. He must've wandered off during the party or something and then passed out. He went through the breezeway into Evan's house. There were bowls of chips and pretzels and bottles of beer everywhere. The place was trashed. He saw Phil Potter passed out on the kitchen floor, a puddle of vomit nearby. 'Wuss,' Benji said, stepping over him. He walked into the living room. More guys and girls were crashed out in chairs, on the couch and on the floor. Evan threw one hell of a party, Benji thought to himself, although he himself didn't remember too much. He heard a noise on the steps and saw Evan coming down, wearing nothing but Joe Boxers. His hair was all disheveled and he was rubbing his eyes.

'Oh, fuck,' Evan said. 'My head is killing me!'

'Mine, too,' Benji said.

'Where did you end up?' Evan asked, pouring himself a glass of water and chugging it down with a handful of aspirin. He kicked Phil to wake him up.

'I woke up in the garage,' Benji said, trying to sound all nonchalant and cool. 'Now I'm all stiff and shit.'

'Yeah, well it serves you right, asshole,' Evan said, pouring another glass of water. 'You shoulda come inside and grabbed a bed or something.'

There was another noise and they both turned to watch Jerry walk into the kitchen. He looked as bad as Evan. 'Got an aspirin man?' he asked. 'By the way, thanks for letting me crash in your sister's room last night.'

'Hell, you're welcome,' Evan said, handing him the bottle of aspirin. 'But to be honest, I was so fucked up last night I have no idea who stayed and who didn't.'

'I gotta get home,' Jerry said, putting down his half-empty glass. 'My parent's will kill me if they knew I was out drinking.'

'Shit... mine, too!' Benji said. 'But I came with Phil and he's still all passed out. Can I catch a ride with you, Benji?' he asked.

'Yeah, no problem,' Jerry said. 'Let's go.'

The guys left and got into Jerry's car. Benji didn't say too much all the way home, except to complain about his hangover. He said good-bye casually as he stepped out of Jerry's car and walked up the sidewalk to his house.

Jerry looked at his watch. It was about 9:30 am and the guys had all agreed to meet again at 6:00 pm that evening. He needed some serious sleep. He turned the corner and drove the few miles to his house, yawning all the way. When he got home, he parked his car and went into the house. He'd already told his parents he would be spending the night at Brad's house so it wasn't a problem. After doing a few chores around the house and in the yard, Jerry went up to his room, stripped out of his clothes, and crawled into bed. It was just before noon.

As he drifted off to a blissful, peaceful sleep, Jerry's mind was filled with images of Benji and all the things they'd done to him. His cock was as hard a rock in his briefs and he stripped them off to be more comfortable. His dreams were full of ways to get back at Benji and when he woke up a few hours later, he quickly scribbled them all down in a notebook so he wouldn't forget them. He'd talk them over with the guys. Hopefully they'd all agree that the best way to get Benji back was by humiliating the arrogant teen. Jerry re-read what he wrote and smiled at the sheer brilliance of it all.

He looked at the clock. It was 5:30 and he had to hurry if he wanted to take a shower before he met the guys over at Brad's house. While in the shower, as the hot water ran over his tight, muscular body, Jerry couldn't help but think of the way Benji had sucked his cock and how he had fucked Benji's tight ass. Before he knew it, his fist was flying up and down his own eight-incher and he was moaning and groaning. Stream after stream of teen fuck juice spurted from his hard prick tip as he climaxed. His knees buckled and he almost fell. He grabbed the safety bar for support and let the water wash all the cum away. He re-soaped his body before rinsing.

He jumped out of the shower and began toweling off. Fuck, but his dick was still hard! He couldn't believe how horny he was feeling over what had happened. He smiled as he pulled his briefs and jeans on. He hoped the guys would think his suggestions for Benji were as hot as he did. He couldn't wait to get there.

Jerry wolfed down dinner in less than five minutes and kissed his mom good-bye on the cheek, yelling over his shoulder that he'd be back early. He jumped into his car and had to control himself so he wouldn't speed over to Brad's house.

When he got to Brad's house, the other guys were waiting. A couple of pizzas had just been delivered and Brad had managed to finagle a 12-pack from a rookie 7-11 cashier.

Brad handed out a stack of pictures he had printed that day. They were from his digital camera and he'd printed them onto regular paper to give the guys an idea of what they looked like. The pictures caught Benji in every imaginable situation: sucking cock, licking dick, kissing guys, having a dildo sticking out of his ass, getting fucked... everything. The best picture was one of the last pictures taken. Benji was on the floor, naked, on his back, all smiley and giddy from the roofies, ecstasy and a big, big dose of poppers. One hand was on his cock, the other hand was on the dildo up his ass.

'This is the picture,' Jerry said, tapping the photo. 'This is the picture we'll use to blackmail that mother fucker.

Tom looked over at Jerry, arching his eyebrows. 'Blackmail? I thought that was just a pipe dream, something we were toying with.'

Jerry shook his head. 'With these pictures? And the videos we took? Shit... we can make Benji do just about anything we want!'

Tom smiled now. 'That's cool.' The other guys agreed.

'I even got some ideas,' Jerry said proudly, pulling out his notebook. 'I wrote them down.'

The guys gathered around Jerry and read what he had written. They laughed, snickered and guffawed at some of the things Jerry had read. Finally they narrowed the list down to five. Five to start with, that is.

They agreed to go to school on Monday and act as if nothing strange had happened at all. They'd just go about their business, but they'd watch Benji closely for a couple of days to get his routine down so they'd know where he'd be at all times during the school day. Then on Thursday, they'd put their plan into action.

Monday came at last and seemed to drag by. Tuesday was worse and by Wednesday, the guys were ready to yank their hair out. Then Thursday came. At lunch that day, Jerry, Brad, Glen and Tom at their lunch together at a table way in the back of the cafeteria, whispering so as not to be overheard.

'Okay,' Brad said. 'Benji always goes to his locker between sixth and seventh period to put his books away. Jerry and I have the same class with him, English, and I figure that one of us can slip this envelope into his locker sometime during fifth period.

Tom offered to do it. He had a computers class and it was near Benji's locker. He'd get a hall pass to use the bathroom and slip the note into Benji's locker on his way back.

'Perfect,' Glen said.

'Brad and I will be able to see the look on Benji's face all during last period,' Jerry said. This is gonna be great!'

'Now Glen,' Brad continued, 'during last period you have chemistry. Can you get a hall pass to put this second note into Benji's locker?'

Glen nodded. 'No problem.'

Jerry rubbed his hands together in glee. 'Okay, guys,' he said, 'part two of our big plan is in action.' The guys laughed and high-fived each other.

Just before last period Benji stopped by his locker to get his book. When he opened his locker, an envelope fell out. He opened it and his jaw nearly dropped at what he saw. Inside were three pictures of him... naked. In the first picture he was smiling while jerking off. The second was a close up of his smiling face with someone's dick in his ear. The third picture showed him sucking on a cock! And his underwear was on his head! There was a type-written note with the pictures. With shaking hands he unfolded it and read it.

'Dear Benji,

You are one awesome dick-licker. Man... get a couple drinks in you and you turn into a total cock-slut! Wait'll you see the video! Now be a good dick-licker and go to English class, but come back here after school for more instructions.'

Benji's face was ashen when he staggered into English class. Ms. Adams, the teacher, asked him if he was okay and he mumbled a quiet yes. He sat down and tried to concentrate on the lesson. He didn't see Jerry and Brad smiling in the seats behind them.

Class seemed to go on forever, but the last bell finally rang and everybody jumped from their seats. Everyone, that is, except Benji. For some reason he didn't look too anxious about leaving. Finally he got up to leave.

Since all the seniors had their lockers in the same wing of the school, Jerry, Glen, Tom and Brad could all see what was going on at Benji's locker. They saw him slowly and nervously open his locker. The second note fluttered to the ground and Benji almost lunged for it. He slowly opened it and read it.

'Dear Benji,

Good boy. That was smart of you to come back to your locker, because if you didn't, this picture would've been in everybody's locker tomorrow morning.'

Benji looked at the picture in question with horror. It was the picture of him lying on the floor, smiling, jerking his cock and shoving a dildo up his ass. He crumpled the picture and shoved it into his pocket. He didn't notice Jerry and the guys a few feet away desperately trying to suppress their smiles. The note continued:

'I want you to trim your pubic hair tonight. Short. VERY short. Then you're gonna shave it into a nice little triangle. If your pubes aren't trimmed tomorrow, and I have gym class with you, one of these pictures will be in every locker in school by the time school is out tomorrow. Just so you don't think I'm kidding, when you get home today log onto www.benjicox.com and enter in 'cocksucker' as the password.'

Benji literally ran out of the school to his car. As soon as he got home he ran to his bedroom, locked his door, and turned on his computer. He logged onto the given website and typed in the password. A video clip began playing. Some guy was on his hands and knees giving another guy a blow job. There was something that looked like a dildo sticking out of the guy's ass. The camera zoomed in for a close up and Benji was shocked to see that that the guy was himself, busily slurping away on some guy's dick. He shut his computer off.

'Shit!' he yelled, slamming his fist against his desk. What the fuck happened? Why was he sucking some guy's cock? Why was there a dildo up his ass? Then he remembered the note and the instructions.

He went into his parents' bathroom and found his dad's beard and mustache grooming kit. He went back to his own bathroom and, with tears in his eyes, stripped. He took a small pair of scissors from the kit and sat on the rim of his bathtub. He started to snip away at his prick bush. He couldn't believe it. He had always been so proud of his pubic hair. He'd sprouted dick hair way before any of his friends and his bush was thick and wiry. He kept cutting. When it was less than half an inch long he took his dad's beard trimmer, plugged it in, and evened up his cut job. Then he stood, lathered up his crotch with shaving cream and picked up his razor. He began to slowly fashioned his prick hair into a triangle.

When he was finished he set the razor and grooming kit on the toilet seat and turned on the shower. He stayed under the hot water for almost twenty minutes. The water washed away the shaved hair, the cream, and his tears.

Benji stepped out of the shower and dried himself off. He looked into the full-length mirror, wiping away the fog that had accumulated from the heat of the water. His once-full prick bush was now trimmed to a mere quarter inch and shaped into a triangle. He looked like a total fag. What would everybody think of him? He finished drying off and went back to his room. He threw on a pair of briefs and some sweats and flopped down on his bed.

He thought about skipping school tomorrow, but he a four exams and he couldn't afford to get behind. As it was, he was already being looked at by several different colleges and universities. Any dip in his grades now could jeopardize that. He decided to suck it up and just go. He'd tell coach that he wasn't feeling well so he wouldn't have to dress out for gym and could avoid any embarrassment. But the note said... 'Fuck the note!' Benji yelled out loud.

'I'm sorry dear, did you say something?' he heard his mom call out.

'Umm...' he stammered. 'No... I'm just trying to finish this darn math homework,' he lied.

'Well, dinner's in half an hour. Your father will be home soon.'

'Thanks mom.'

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully and Benji forgot all about what had happened until he was getting ready for bed. He looked at himself in the mirror again. Shit... he looked like some fuckin' porno star. He shook his head and switched off the lights. He tossed and turned for quite a while before finally falling to sleep.

The next day at school Benji was grabbing his books from his locker when a note fell to the ground. His heart sank as he picked it up and tore it open. Inside was another picture of him in a lewd position. He crumpled it up and crammed it in his pocket. He unfolded the note.

'Dear Benji,

I can hardly wait. Gym class is second period. I hope you shaved like I told you to. If not, expect everybody in school to get a picture similar to the one in this envelope. It's just amazing what digital cameras and home computers can do.

Oh, I almost forgot. See the blue pill in the envelope? It's Viagra. I want you to take it right before gym class. I'll be watching you and I'll know if you didn't do as I said.'

Benji's shoulders slumped. He stuck the note into his back pocket but not before putting the Viagra into the front pocket of his jeans. Well, at least he'd be wearing his jockstrap so that would keep anything in check.

Benji made it through first period somehow... he was almost in a daydream. Mrs. Peterson repeatedly had to snap her fingers in front of the dazed teen, finally telling him to either wake up or it was off to the principal's office. The bell finally rang. The bell of doom. Gym Class.

Benji dropped off his books in his locker and grabbed his gym bag. He double-check to make sure his jockstrap was there. It'd be just like that mother fucker to lift his jock so he'd have to wear briefs or freeball it in class. Nope... it was there. He breathed a small sigh of relief. He went to the drinking fountain, dug in his pocket for the Viagra and popped it in his mouth. He washed it down quickly. He wasn't sure how long it would take to go into effect so he dashed into the locker room.

With his back to everybody Benji quickly changed into his jock and shorts. Nobody noticed his shaved pubes and the pill hadn't kicked in. Benji smiled a few hellos to his friends and then went into the gym.

Jerry, Tom, Glen and Brad all had gym second period with Benji and all were anxiously waiting.

'Do you think he did it?' Glen asked.

'I think he did,' Tom replied. 'He was pretty quick about changing. Usually he struts around the locker room like a rooster, letting his fat cock swing around.' The rest of the guys laughed.

'Yeah, and I saw him put something in his mouth at the drinking fountain,' Brad said. 'If it was the Viagra we'll know in a few minutes!'

Jerry just sat back and smiled.

As class went on the guys discreetly kept an eye on Benji's crotch. As expected, the Viagra soon kicked in and the teen's already massive dick became erect, pushing out his jock and tenting his shorts. He was wearing a longer t-shirt, which covered some, but not all of the bulge, and his only saving grace was that the class was outside playing soccer because it was such a nice day and nobody seemed to notice.

Coach blew his whistle and indicated shower time. Now was the moment Jerry and his friends had been waiting for and the time Benji dreaded most. The guys congregated back into the locker room and stripped down for their showers. Everybody, that is, except Benji.

'Get in the shower, Cox,' Coach exclaimed. 'You're sweatin' like a pig.'

Most of the guys were already in the showers when Benji walked in. His eight-inch dick was sticking straight out, courtesy of the Viagra, and his pubic hair was all shaved and trimmed. He heard a few snickers and he blushed, trying to ignore them.

'You, Benj... what's up with the boner,' Phil Potter asked, laughing out loud.

'Ha, ha, asshole,' Benji countered lamely. 'I just haven't gotten laid in about five minutes or so if it's any of your business.

'You look like a fag,' another boy, Brian Scruggs said. 'You dick hair is all shaved. What are you? A homo?'

Benji turned beat red. 'I uh... uhh... fell asleep with gum and it uh... I had to shave it...' he was clearly embarrassed, fumbling badly for his words.

'Whatever,' Brian said, shaking his head. 'You fell asleep with gum in your mouth and it made its way down to your dick. Right.' Brian's friends all laughed at Benji, as did the rest of the guys in the class.

'Fuck off, losers,' Benji said, rinsing off quickly and hurrying out of the showers to dress.

Brian Scruggs left the showers and went to his locker. He had a chip on his shoulder and he was the kind of guy who held a grudge. He was everything Benji Cox was not. Oh, he was handsome, that's for sure. He was about 6'2', two inches shorted than Benji, 190 lbs, brown hair and eyes, and built. But he wasn't rich like Benji, well-dressed, or cultured. He came from the 'wrong side of town'. While Benji could afford expensive tutors, Brian had to study his ass off. While Benji drove around in his own BMW, Brian was driving an old beat up Ford F150. Benji wore Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger clothes, always the latest style, while Brian, always nicely dressed, was relegated to Levis and plain polos or oxfords. Shit, even Benji's underwear was some fancy brand name, while Brian got his briefs off the shelf at Walmart. Mostly Hanes or Fruit of the Looms. He couldn't really afford anything else. Besides, underwear was underwear.

Brian's family had never been successful, either, and that was something else he held against Benji. The Cox family was well-to-do and owned a lot of the local industry in the area. But the Scruggs were honest, hardworking, smart and driven. Brian and known Benji his whole life and they'd taken an instant dislike to each other since the day they had first met in third grade. They'd never had a fist-fight, though. They both respected each other's strength and abilities. But they didn't socialize or hang out. Never did. They even had different friends. They had a few mutual friends, but the tight inner circles were completely different. Jerry didn't really fit into either set, although he got along a lot better with Brian than with Benji. But in all honesty, Brian Scrugges was a redneck, plain and simple. His dad was ignorant and bigoted, and it was a trait that Brian had inherited in spades.

Brian was quarterback of the football team and was being heavily recruited by some pretty big name teams. It galled him that Benji was as equally talented in basketball and would end up getting a good scholarship as well. Of course, once in school, Benji would have it made. All the fraternities would be trying to recruit him and he'd have all of Daddy's money at his disposal. Brian would be lucky to pledge at all. He'd be too busy working to support himself. A scholarship only paid tuition, room, board and books. His parents had already told him he was on his own for anything else because they had four other kids to support. Brian completely understood their predicament and bore no ill will toward them. He saved all his anger for Benji.

But the thing that bugged Brian Scruggs the most was that a lot of people thought he and Benji were related, and that pissed him off to no end. They both had the same coloring and build so people assumed they were either cousins or brothers. Neither teen enjoyed the comparison. They thought they were as different as night from day. Benji was more of a happy-go-lucky/silver spoon in the mouth/trust fund type guy, while Brian was more on the serious side, and you could see it in his face, especially when he played football: all business. But when you could get the guy to smile... hmmm... perfect white teeth and the most beautiful, deep brown bedroom-eyes!

Benji left the locker room immediately after getting dressed, with Brian hissing 'faggot' behind his back.

The rest of the day at school everybody seemed to be talking about what had happened in gym class second period. People looked at Benji funny. Did he really have his dick hair shaved? Girls who hadn't dated Benji salivated over just the thought of that hard piece of meat bobbing up and down. Then, of course, there were the 'fag' and 'queer' rumors floating around. If Benji or his friends heard anything they ignored it.

Benji looked at his watch. Ahhh... ten minutes to go. It was Friday and he didn't have to do anything the whole weekend. Hopefully by the time Monday rolled around this would all be over. Maybe his dick hair would grow some. Maybe people would forget. He planned to simply lay low the entire weekend.

The final bell rang and school was out. Benji breathed a sigh of relief. It was over! He gathered his books and opened his locker. A note slipped to the floor.

All the life seemed to flow out of Benji as he dropped his books. He bent down and picked up the note. Thankfully there wasn't a picture inside. He'd seen enough pictures of himself to last a lifetime. He unfolded the note.

'Dear Benji,

You did very well today. I would've though you'd have gone home blubbering like a baby the way you used to. If you think you're done... think again... dicklicker. Tonight you're going to go to mall, but you're just gonna hang out by yourself. Wear some nice, tight jeans and a dark shirt. But keep it tucked in. Oh, and here's the kicker... KEEP YOUR FLY UNZIPPED. And make sure make sure everybody can see that it's open, too. If anybody tells you that it's open, you can zip it, but as soon as you go in the next store, it better be wide open again. While you're at it... why don't you hit every store in the mall tonight? Go up to each clerk or salesperson. And remember... I'm watching you. I'm I don't have to remind you about the pictures I have of you. It would be a real shame if come Monday morning everybody in school found a picture of you in their locker getting plowed in the ass while sucking some guy's cock, wouldn't it? I knew you'd understand. See ya tonight.'

Benji crumpled up the note and crammed it in his pocket. He slammed his locker and stormed out of the school. He tore out of the parking lot, leaving a trail of skid marks behind him yards long. He drove for a long time before he felt calm. Shit! Someone had him by the dick and was fuckin' with him! He had to find out who and fast! What was next? Today was a nightmare and now he had to go to the fuckin' mall, the only hangout for miles around, on a Friday night and walk around with his fuckin' zipper open like some idiot! His hand slammed the steering wheel, hard.

When he got home he looked at the note, smoothing out the wrinkles. It was on regular white paper, just like the rest of them, typed in some funny looking font. It kinda looked like a ransom note. He'd seen that font on a lot of computers and most people had computers, so any thought of narrowing down any suspects was gone. Shit!

He had thought about going to the police, but then he'd have to show them all the notes and all the pictures showing him doing all that queer shit. They probably wouldn't believe him anyway, because he was smiling in every picture. He racked his brain again, trying to think of something he'd overlooked. The only thing he could think was that maybe something happened at the party at Evan's house last weekend. He was pretty drunk and had passed out... Something must've happened. But what? When he woke up in the morning he was dressed. Plus everybody else had been drunk, so it's not like they could've been in on it.

Then he had a thought... maybe somebody came in later... when everybody was passed out... maybe he wasn't the only one getting these notes... But that didn't make sense either because as far as he could tell, he was the only person doing embarrassing shit. No... it had to be someone he knew. But who?

Before he could do any more thinking he heard his mom calling him for dinner. He looked at his watch and saw that it was already 5:30 pm. Damn! Where had the time gone?

He was quiet during dinner, watching the minutes tick by on the wall clock. His parents noticed. 'Is something wrong, honey?' his mom asked, reaching out and patting him on the shoulder. 'You're awfully quiet tonight. Anything wrong at school?'

'No,' Benji replied. 'It's just been a long week and I'm tired.'

'Don't forget about the Awards Dinner tomorrow,' his dad said, taking a drink of milk.

That put a smile on Benji's face. He was due to receive a couple of awards and he knew there would be people from the news and paper covering it. Maybe he'd get his picture in the paper again. He looked up at the clock again. Shit... it was getting late. 'Hey mom, dad,' he said, 'can I go to the mall for a couple hours tonight?'

'Sure, honey,' his mom replied as she began clearing the table. 'You know you don't need to ask.'

'Just be home by one,' his dad said.

'Oh, I'm sure I'll be home earlier than that,' Benji said sourly, a scowl crossing his face.

At 7:15 pm Benji pulled into the parking lot of the mall. It was packed! He recognized the cars of several people from school. As he got out of his car he unzipped his fly, looking around quickly to make sure no one was looking. He didn't notice the car that had followed him into the lot, parking just a few spaces away. Nor did he see Jerry and his friends videotaping him as he got out of his car and undid his pants. He made sure his fly was spread out enough to show the white of his underwear and then, taking a deep breath, made his way to the front doors. He tried to prepare himself for what was ahead; tried to come up with as many excuses as he could in case someone pointed out his open zipper.

The first store in the mall was a jewelry store. It was empty except for the old lady behind the counter. Benji clenched and unclenched his fists and walked in.

'Can I help you, young man?' the woman asked, looking at him suspiciously from behind the counter.

Benji turned and flashed him his million-dollar smile. 'Aww... I'm just looking, thanks. My mom's birthday is coming up and I was thinking about getting her something.' If the old bag noticed his zipper was wide open she didn't say a thing. Benji figured he'd spent enough time in that store and turned to leave. He ran into Evan and Phil.

'Hey Benj,' Evan said. 'I tried to catch you after school but you jammed outta there fast. Whatcha doin'?'

Benji shrugged his shoulders. 'I gotta grab a few things for my mom and dad,' he lied, hoping like hell they wouldn't notice his predicament.

'Well, we're heading over to the theatre to see what's playing. You wanna come?'

'Nah,' Benji said nervously, running his fingers through his thick dark hair. 'I'm kinda wiped.' He hoped like hell Evan wouldn't see anything. 'I think I'm just gonna find the stuff and go home.'

'Okay,' Evan said, still not noticing Benji's exposure, 'I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow at the dinner.'

'Yeah,' Benji said, 'I'll see you then.'

'Oh, and Phil's having a party out at his camp afterwards. You gotta come.'

'Sounds cool. I could use a good night out.'

'Well, I'll talk to you later then,' Evan said, leaving.

Benji started walking to the next store, relieved no one saw anything. He was about to enter the store when he saw Brian Scruggs and a group of his friends walking toward him. By the looks on their faces he could tell they'd noticed his unzipped pants. Brian pointed straight at him and, laughing, called out loudly, 'hey Cox - zip your fly!'

Benji's face turned bright red and he felt the eyes of everybody around him on him as he fumbled to zip his pants. He could see the raised eyebrows of a few women and the shaking heads of guys. He heard a few snickers. Thank god the store was right there. He ducked in, panting to catch his breath. He looked around and saw there were only a few customers milling about. There was a guy behind the sales counter ringing up a customer. He turned and caught his reflection in the mirror. He gasped. His face had gone from red to ashen. He had to calm down. He glanced about him and, not seeing anybody near him, unzipped his pants again, arranging the open fly to show his underwear. He was about to walk over to the sales desk when he caught site of another clerk just a few feet from him. The clerk had his back half-turned from Benji and was buttoning the shirt on a mannequin. He looked like he was in his mid-40s, overweight, thinning hair.

What Benji didn't know was that not only had the clerk witnessed him unzipping his pants in front of the mirror, but that he also seen the entire episode outside the store and was now curious, and a little more than aroused, as to why this young strapping stud would be acting in such a manner. Could he be gay? Why else would he be walking around with his zipper down? The clerk's dick lurched in his pants as he walked toward Benji.

'Can I help you young man?' he asked, glancing down at Benji's crotch.

Benji saw him looking and fumbled with his words as he tried to reply. 'Uh... ummm...' He grabbed a suit from the rack nearest him and held it up. 'I was looking for a new suit.'

The clerk eyed him skeptically. 'Are you sure that's all you were looking for?' he asked, his eyes still on Benji's crotch.

Benji felt his face flush crimson. What did that mean? His mind was a whirl and he couldn't think straight. Did the sales clerk know something? Was HE sending the notes? Benji was so confused he didn't know what to say. He gulped. Twice.

The clerk took that as an opening and decided to go for it. Taking Benji by the arm, he led him to a dressing room. 'Well then,' he said, closing and locking the door behind him, 'why don't we get to it then?'

Benji gulped again. 'Get to what?' he asked, his voice cracking.

The clerk took the suit from Benji and hung it up on a hook. 'Get to what you came in here for.' He took a step toward Benji.

Benji took a step backward, found only the wall. His mind was racing, jumbled. He was breathing quickly.

'There's nothing to be nervous about,' the clerk said softly. 'I know everything. It's okay.'

'Ummm... it's just...' Benji was at a loss. 'You know...?'

'It's okay,' the clerk repeated. 'I was confused when I was your age, too.' He put his hand on Benji's waist and undid his belt.

'What are you doing?' Benji croaked, frozen.

'Helping you try on your suit.' He unbuttoned Benji's jeans and lowered them to the floor. Benji was shaking like a frightened child. The clerk slipped Benji's shoes off and slid his pants over his size 12 feet. Then he removed Benji's shirt. Benji was left standing in nothing but his white socks and white briefs.

As he shivered, the clerk pulled a measuring tape from his pocket and got down on his knees.

'What's that?' Benji stammered, feeling the clerk's hand run up his leg toward his crotch.

'I'm measuring your inseam,' the clerk replied. His hand reached up and grazed Benji's bulge. He dropped the tape and cupped it, gently rolling the big balls in his hand.

'Uhnn...' Benji moaned, surprised at the sensation. He felt his dick getting hard and moved his hand to cover it, but the clerk held it back. 'Nooo...' he whimpered.

'Shhh... it's alright,' the clerk whispered reassuringly. 'You know this is what you came for.'

Benji couldn't move. He stared straight ahead, like a deer into oncoming headlights. What was happening to him? He felt the clerk release his hand, yet he made no move to cover himself. Then he felt the clerk's fingers on the waistband of his briefs and felt his underwear being lowered. He whimpered again, louder this time.

'Shhh...' the clerk whispered again as he tugged Benji's briefs down. Benji's naked cock flopped out. It was erect and the tip glistened with pre-cum. The clerk's mouth engulfed the engorged cock and Benji almost lost it.

'Fuck... fuck...' the big stud moaned, throwing his head back. He'd never had a blow job like this... never this good... and it was from a guy! What the hell!!!

Benji's cock made a popping sound as the clerk released it from his hoover-like mouth. 'I'd be quiet if I were you, kid,' he said. 'You don't want the whole store hearing you getting made like some cheap whore now, do you?' He wound his lips around Benji's turgid cock and continued slurping.

Benji felt his knees weakening and his balls roiling. He was gonna fuckin' cum! Some fag was gonna make him cum and he was letting him. He felt something at his ass hole and realized it was the faggot clerk's finger worming its way in. His eyes bugged out and he tried to suppress his shocked groans. He was getting finger-fucked! Shit! Shit! Shit! What was going on? His body was clamped up against the wall but he felt his hips thrusting and, before he knew it, his big cum-laden balls were churning out a huge load of cum. He blasted shot after shot down the clerk's throat.

When his orgasm subsided Benji slid down the wall. His body was glowing with sweat.

'Was it everything you wanted, kid?' the clerk asked, licking his lips.

Benji opened his mouth but no words came out. He was in shock. He'd just let some faggot suck him off. He had let some guy take his clothes off and suck his dick. What was happening to him? He climbed to his feet, stumbling, and grabbed for his jeans. He pulled them on, not bothering to put on his underwear. He finished dressing quickly and turned to leave.

'Forgetting something, kid?' the clerk asked. Benji looked over his shoulder. The clerk was holding up his underwear, waving it like a flag. Benji grabbed the doorknob and twisted it. The door wouldn't open. He fumbled with the lock, threw the door open, and sprinted from the room.

He didn't stop running until he reached his car. He got inside and locked the door. He let his head slump to the steering wheel. He began to process what had happened... what he'd let happen... He felt sick to his stomach. He threw open the car door, leaned out, and vomited.

He didn't notice Jerry, Brad, Tom and Glen walking to their car. He had no idea they'd been right outside the dressing room at the store, listening to everything that had happened.

It was 10:00 the next morning when Benji finally dragged himself out of bed and went downstairs. His dad had gone to play golf earlier, but his mom was doing some housework.

'You're awfully quiet this morning, dear,' she said as he poured himself a bowl of cereal.

'Just tired,' he said.

'But you didn't get in late,' his mom said. 'Did something happen? Are you okay?'

'I'm fine mom,' Benji said, getting annoyed. 'I just have a headache.'

'Well, I'll get you some aspirin,' she said, heading up the stairs to her bathroom.

Benji was glad she was gone. He was dead tired, having tossed and turned for the better part of the night, thinking about what had happened at the mall. How could he have done what he did? It was so gay! And he just took it like some sissy fag! He didn't hear his mom come back.

'Here you go, honey,' she said, handing him two Tylenol.

'Thanks,' he mumbled, tossing them in his mouth and washing them down with a gulp of orange juice.

'Are you excited about the Awards Dinner tonight?' his mom asked, putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

'Yeah,' Benji replied, grateful for the distraction. 'Coach told me I'm getting a couple of big awards so I'm pretty excited.'

'Oh, that's so wonderful, honey!' his mom exclaimed, kissing the top of his head. 'Your father will be so proud!'

Benji just smiled and finished his breakfast. There was a knock at the front door and his mom went to answer it. It was the mailman. He'd never come to the front door like this before. What was up?

His mom came back with the mail and a plain manila envelope with Benji's name written on it. 'Burt said this was in the mail box,' she said, handing the envelope to Benji.

Benji took the envelope. His heart sunk. Something was up.

'Well,' his mother said, looking at him anxiously. 'Aren't you going to open it?

'I will, mom,' Benji said politely. 'A little later. It's probably just something from Coach about the Awards Dinner tonight. But he knew it was another one of those fuckin' notes.

He wolfed down his cereal and took the envelope to his room. He tore it open and read the note.

'Dear Benji:

Good job at the mall last night. Nice underwear. You're such a fag! I heard that faggot clerk feeling you up... making you moan like the cheap whore you are. I even got it on tape! You moan like a chick.

As you know, tonight is the awards dinner. I hear you're gonna receive the Player of the Year Award and a couple others. Everybody's gonna be there... all the players, the parents, the newspapers and TV. Shit... the whole town'll probably show up to see the big hero get his award.

Well, when your name is called and you go up on stage to get your award, make sure your fly is open again. I'm sure Daddy will make you wear a suit, so keep the jacket unbuttoned. And keep a hand in your pocket when posing for the pictures. Oh, and before they start handing out the awards, swallow this Viagra pill. I want those pants nice and tented for all the pictures.'

Benji spent the rest of the day in a fog. He didn't know what to do. If he didn't do what the note said, there was a good possibility that the video of him could get sent out to a lot of people. On the other hand... if he went on stage with his fly open... it'd be all over the news and in the newspaper. What the fuck was he supposed to do?

Benji came to a bold decision. Fuck the fuckers! He wasn't gonna embarrass himself in front of the whole town, walkin' around with his zipper open like some dumb ass. Fuck 'em. He was still pissed at what he'd let that clerk do to him last night. The guy was just some fag and Benji'd let him practically fuck him! He was NOT going to let anything like that happen again. If that video got out though... If the news played it.... fuck... if the news played it he'd sue their ass! His family had money. He looked down at his clenched fists: his knuckles were white. Fuck 'em!

Benji tore the note into pieces but kept the Viagra. Shit... why let it go to waste? Next time he was banging some cunt he'd use it. Oh yeah. He slipped the pill into the back of his sock drawer. He'd use it within the week.

As Benji got dressed for the dinner that night he looked in the mirror. Damn... but he was handsome! They he got nervous. He was worried about the video getting released. Of what might happen. He was actually shaking! He wished there was some booze in the house, but neither of his parents drank much. Maybe a glass of wine with dinner some times, but Benji had already checked and there was nothing.

Then he remembered his mom's valium. Valium! Perfect! He knew his mom took some because she used to get panic attacks. He listened at the top of the stairs. His parents were both downstairs in the living room. He snuck into his parents' bathroom and rummaged through their medicine cabinet. He found a nearly full bottle. They were 5 mg. He took one. He didn't it to be obvious to people that he was on something, but he knew it was enough to keep him nice and chilled.

Just before they left the house, Benji told his parents about the part at Phil's camp. His parents asked if there was going to be drinking and Benji answered honestly that there probably would be some beer. His parents told him he could go, but he'd have to spend the night. No drinking and driving. Shit! How cool were his parents!?

They took separate cars to the dinner and Benji brought his gym bag containing a change of clothes. The valium was in his shirt pocket and he had a bottle of water with him. As soon as he pulled into the parking lot he popped the pill into his mouth and washed it down with the water. Then he went inside.

By the time the dinner started the valium had kicked in and Benji was feeling a nice light buzz. Not too much, though, but enough to him mellow and not worried about the note he'd received earlier. He chuckled to himself. Fuck 'em!

The dinner was going pretty much as he figured it would. He was the star of the night. He got a total of 4 awards that night and as he sat listening to the praise heaped upon him, he sat back and smiled, taking it all in. If a person's head could actually swell, his head would be the size of a pumpkin!

The dinner ended around 9:30 pm and, as he suspected, he was besieged by all kinds of people from the media. There were even a few kids who asked for his autograph. He ate it all up.

After he finally finished giving interviews to the papers and TV crews he ducked into the locker room and changed into a pair of jeans and t-shirt. He put his suit into his garment bag and then left through the back door to the parking lot.

When he pulled up to Phil's camp he saw only a few cars there. Hmmm.... he thought. That was weird. He would've expected everybody to be there by now. He scanned the cars and noticed that they all belonged to guys from the team. At least it was just the cool people who were there. Well, mostly just cool people. He recognized Jerry's car and Bryan Scruggs' truck. He rolled his eyes. Oh well, he could put up with that schmuck Scruggs one more night. After tonight he'd never have to see him again. He'd heard they'd gotten into different colleges. Both big name schools, but in different conferences. With any luck they'd never run into each other even during college.

He got out of his car and went inside.

'Hey!' Evan called out. 'Benji's here! Let's start the party!!!'

'About time, Cox!' Phil exclaimed, patting Benji's back. Benji was eating up all the attention.

After a few beers, he'd lost count of how many, and a few games of ping pong and foos ball Benji sat down on the couch. He watched while Phil and Evan set up a movie screen.

'What's that for?' he asked.

'Oh, Coach is coming with a highlight reel of the season,' Phil explained, looking at his watch. 'He should be here right about now.'

A few moments later the door opened and Coach entered caring a video cassette. 'Hey guys!' he called out. 'Anybody runnin' low on brewskies?' Following him into the cabin were the assistant coach and the team trainer each, carrying a case of beer and bottles of hard alcohol.

'Fuckin' A, Coach!' Benji said, walking over to Coach. 'This is great!'

Coach was putting the beer into a big tub of ice and turned around. 'Well, my star player deserves nothing but the best,' he said. He handed Benji an opened beer. 'Drink up, boy,' he said.

'Geez... thanks,' Benji replied, taking the beer. 'I didn't think you were allowed to let us drink if you knew about it.'

'Fuck the rules,' Coach said, with a twinkle in his eye. He popped a beer and clinked it with Benji's. 'Now drink up, Cox!'

Benji finished his beer. Before he had a chance to put it down, the assistant coach handed him another. He just shrugged his shoulders, smiled, and accepted the beer.

After a few minute his head began to reeling. Geez... how many beers did he have? He couldn't even remember. He stumbled back over to the couch and flopped down. It looked like they were ready to start the highlight show. Someone dimmed the lights.

'Before I start,' Coach said, 'I just wanna say this was the best damn season ever. And this highlight reel is something a little extra special. It's kinda a reward to all of us for the hard work we put in.'

He pressed the play button. Much to Benji's surprise, instead of the usual sports clips, he saw video clips of him self getting fucked in the face and the ass.

'Whutt the fuckkk...' he slurred loudly. He tried to stand up, but fell back down.

'I hear you like to suck cock, Cox,' Coach said, sitting down next to Benji and running his hand up his leg.

'Fuck off...' Benji said, pushing Coach's hand away. 'That's a fuckin' lie!'

But Coach was insistent. He hit the pause button. The image frozen on the screen was a close up of Benji with a smile on his face and a cock buried deep in his mouth. Coach pulled a sheet of paper from his back pocket and unfolded it. 'Well, this letter here seems to contradict what you're saying, Cox.' He read the letter aloud: 'Dear Coach, and all the guys on the team: Thanks for making this the best season of my life. I love you all like brothers and really wanna make this last night the best you ever had. If you have any doubt about it, take a look at the video.'

Benji looked back up as the video resumed playing. He averted his eyes and tried to stand up but found he was too buzzed. He also felt hands on him. They pulled him up off the couch and down to his knees.

'What're you doin'?' he asked, his voice a slur.

'Line up boys!' Coach bellowed. 'Benji's read to suck some cocks. Drop 'em and get into formation.

Benji looked around him and saw his teammates, all twenty or so, get into line. They undid their pants and shoved them down to their knees. Everywhere Benji looked all he saw was boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs of different colors.

He tried to stand up but Coach put his hand on his shoulder and pushed him back down. 'Stay where you are Cox,' he commanded, as he lowered his sweat pants and boxers. His rigid cock popped out, slapping Benji across the cheek and leaving a gob of cum on the side of his nose. Benji started to wipe it away but the assistant coach held his arms behind his back,

'Hey,' Benji said, 'what are you... mmmppp!' He couldn't finish because Coach had shoved his fat dick into his mouth.

'Suck it Cox,' Coach said, thrusting his hips. 'Come on, just like in your video. Oh yeah!' Coach moaned as he humped Benji's handsome face, his hands on the back of Benji's head, keeping it in place as he fucked the poor boy's face. Benji could feel Coach's big balls slapping against his chin.

After a few minutes Coach began to moan louder. 'Oh yeah... oh yeah... unnnggghhhh.... I'm gonna cum! Oh yeah, Cox! Suck it, boy, suck it!'

Benji gagged as Coach shot his load into his mouth. Some of the hot man juice trickled out of the corners of his mouth, but most of it went right down his throat.

When Coach's orgasm subsided, he slipped his limp dick out of Benji's mouth and patted him on the top of his head like a dog. 'Good boy. You're a great cock-sucker, boy.'

Coach stepped aside and Benji was shocked to see Evan Tucker, his best friend, next in line. Evan was wearing Joe Boxers, the kind with the big smiley face on them. His dick was poking through the slit. He wasted no time in sliding them down and shoving his dick into Benji's mouth. 'If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I'd never believed it, man!' he said. 'I didn't know you were some faggot.'

Benji tried to reply but all that came out were muffled mumbles.

Evan continued. 'I shoulda known better when you were always calling Jerry a fag. And all along it was you. I see you take it up the ass, too, but I'm no fag, man. I just like a good blow job every now and then and from what I've seen, you're the best.'

If Benji could've cried, he would've, but he was too preoccupied with the dick banging at the back of his throat. He could still taste Coach's salty load in his throat. He couldn't even gag because Evan's cock was plugging his throat. Before he knew it, Evan was shooting a load down his throat, too!

'Oh fuck yeah!' Evan cried out, his back arching. 'Oh fuckin' shit, man! Oh!!!'

As soon as Evan pulled out, Phil took his place and continued right where Evan had left off. Meanwhile, Coach had opened a small bottle of poppers and walked up to Benji. 'Hey,' he said, 'I got these at the adult book store downtown. They're supposed to really get you off.' He took a sniff and pulled back at the reaction. 'Whew!' he said. He put them under one of Benji's nostrils and clamped his free nostril shut with his other hand.

With his mouth full and one nostril plugged up, Benji only had one remaining airway free. With no choice, he took a breath. The aroma of the poppers immediately went to his head.

'Unnngghhh..... mmmmm....' escaped his mouth.

'Shit,' Coach said. 'Fag Boy Cox likes it!' He put the poppers to Benji's other nostril and the drugged up boy took another breath.

Benji was so high now that he didn't know what the hell he was doing. He had no idea how many dicks he'd sucked and how many loads of cum and been shot down his throat. All he knew was that he was helpless, held down by firm hands.

His head began to clear and he realized that his nose and mouth were free. He took several deep breaths of air. He opened his eyes. Standing right in front of him was Bryan Scruggs, jeans at his knees, and white briefs bulging. There was a wicked smile on his face. 'I guess it's my turn, asshole,' he snickered, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and yanking them down. His dick curved up like a banana and was glistening with pre-cum.

'Oh, fuck no,' Benji slurred, shaking his head.

'What? Ain't my cock good enough for you Benji?' Bryan asked, hitting Benji across the face with the back of his hand. 'You sucked off the whole fuckin' place, and now you hesitate when it comes to me?'

Benji's face was red from where Bryan had hit him. He grimaced and clamped his mouth shut. He was still under the influence of the drugs Coach had slipped in his beer, but he was beginning to become more coherent, and the thought of Bryan Scruggs' dick in his mouth was just too much.

Bryan stood where he was, slowly stroking his dick to keep it hard. With his other hand he reached out and pried Benji's mouth open. Benji fought as best as he could, but the hands holding him down yanked at his hair. Coach gave him another dose of the poppers and he was off to la la land again. Bryan shoved his cock in and began to rock his hips back and forth, vigorously fucking Benji's face.

As Benji came down from his poppers high, he realized what was happening. He couldn't even turn his head though, because Bryan had him by the ears and was using them like handles.

It seemed like Bryan had been fucking his face forever. His jaw was sore and his face tickled from the pubic hair brushing against it. Suddenly Bryan began to moan louder and to shudder. Oh shit, Benji thought, fuckin' Scruggs was about to fuckin' cum!

But instead of cumming in Benji's mouth like everybody else, Bryan pulled out at the last second, grabbed his dick and aimed it square at Benji's face. He gave it a couple of quick jerks and shot load after load of hot, sticky cream all over Benji's surprised face. There was cum up his nose, in his eyes, in his hair... everywhere. And it was dripping down his face. Benji unconsciously flicked his tongue out to lick it off his lips, not even realizing he'd done so.

'Look!' Bryan said, pointing at Benji! 'Cox just licked my cum off his lips! He really IS a cock sucker! He really DOES like it!'

All the guys in the room laughed. There were tears in Benji's eyes but he didn't want the guys to see him cry. But he was surprised when he saw them all get into line again for seconds. Oh shit!

For the rest of the summer, Benji Cox became the teams' cum dump. Whenever anybody got horny and need some release, they just dropped over Benji's house for a blow job. It got to the point where Benji didn't even resist any more. What was the point? If he so much as stepped out of line, the video of him getting sucked and fucked would be made public and he'd lose his scholarship.?



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