“Fuck…” exhaled Benjamin.

Benjamin walks towards his sink, holding his hands together as if he is receiving a piece of bread from the church he attends only at Christmas. He was making his morning tea when he left the bottle of milk slip a little, covering his right hand in the cloudy liquid. Benjamin turns on the sink and lets the water flush through his interwoven hands. He’s a beautiful boy. Only 20, but looks like a man. Benjamin’s chiseled body was exploding through his shirt, his ass round in a pair of running shorts. His eyes were deep blue, his hair sandy blonde. He was innocent though, not someone who has had much sex. He looked like he had never been touched by someone else. A look that is too polite, like he would never make a move on someone else. He put the energy most people put in to finding someone to fuck into running – his favorite pastime.

Over the sink in his rustic style-kitchen was a window that overlooked into the backyard. It was Autumn. Benjamin couldn’t feel the air, but he can tell it is brisk outside. When he looks up, he spots his neighbor… Keith. Keith was a married man with four kids. 3 daughters that Benjamin graduated high school with and an older son that is off in College. Keith had to be 50, logically, but did not look like he was. He was wearing washed out jeans that were cuffed at the ankles with boots. He had a long-sleeved sweater on that was also sported with a vest. He had a jawline that could cut glass and his dark brown hair has started to finally get some salt and pepper.

Benjamin watched Keith. He had never seen him this clear before. He watched him forcefully rake leaves into piles, wiping sweat off his forehead after almost every swing. He was a man, a true manly-man. Benjamin could feel something happening below his waistline. Benjamin wasn’t an overly sexual person. He would masturbate every now and then but he always felt like he could never find the porn that would fully stimulate him the way his friends would talk about it. He was fine with it. Content. He figured he was just someone who had more to worry in life.  This time though, things were very different. Benjamin didn’t know he had a rock hard boner until it was fully sprouted. Benjamin was uncut and was approaching 8 inches in length. Without him even aware, Benjamin was slowly but surely dry-humping the kitchen counter. His dick was pushing through his silk, tighter than should be, running shorts. He was watching Keith – bend over, pick up the rake, wipe the sweat. Benjamin couldn’t get enough. His foreskin was moving up and down, and it was picking up speed.

“Benjamin?” shouted a female voice.

            The front door was opening; Benjamin could hear it. He was close though. He was breathing heavy and hadn’t cummed in weeks. He wanted this release.

            “Benjamin? Come help me with the groceries!”

            Benjamin knew he didn’t have much time before his Mother would make her way through the porch into the kitchen and see her son pleasuring himself. He looked at the doorway, then at Keith. Keith looks up and locks eyes with Benjamin. Benjamin moans. That’s what he needed. He needed to look in the hazel eyes of Keith in order to cum. He exploded in his pants. It was like a volcano. Hot, flowing cum began to come out through his shorts. It had been building up. It was running down his leg, almost at his knee. Benjamin springs for a roll of paper-towel while his Mother, Anne, walks into the kitchen. He begins to wipe his leg and thigh clean.

            “Did you not hear me?” scoffed Anne.

Benjamin, still turned around, is, for all extensive purposes, cleaned up. Anne has made her way to him. He still holds the cum soaked paper towel in his hands.

            “What did you spill?” asked Anne.

            “What do you mean?” questioned Benjamin.

            “The paper towel?” said Anne.

Benjamin’s face dropped. Was he caught? How would he explain this? Is he forever going to be known as the son that orgasmed in the kitchen? He looked around and saw the milk carton still on the counter.

            “Just the Milk.” Quickly blurted Benjamin.

Anne nods, then smiles that her son is such a klutz. She begins to place the bags of groceries down on the kitchen counter. Benjamin is in a case of shock. He turns back to the window, quickly snapping out of it however.  Keith is gone. The rake is gone. The leaves are clean. Benjamin sighs. He stares at the emptiness of Keith’s backyard for a while before turning and helping with the groceries.


A couple of nights later, Benjamin could not sleep. He had been tossing and turning for hours but just could not drift away. He thought about Keith. He thought about Keith on top of him, kissing him, but only for a moment. He would close his eyes as if he was trying to squeeze out the idea. He realized, for the first time he really thinks ever, that he is horny. Benjamin didn’t want to fantasize about men.  In his mind, he would convince himself that it was only Keith. He opened his computer and began to browse a porn site. He looked at categories like “Big Tits”, “BBW”, “Cream Pie” – but none of this interested him. He looked out his window which overlooked Keith’s house. He thought of Keith in bed… but quickly closed his eyes again. He didn’t want to think about Keith. He wanted to fuck Keith.

Months had passed and Benjamin had not made a sighting of Keith for about three weeks. Every day, for the past two months, Benjamin has run past his house. Benjamin would sometimes see him walking to his car, or out in the front lawn but they have still not made any communication. Despite this immediate frustration of no time with Keith, Benjamin had not been able to cum since the day he saw Keith raking his leaves. His sexual frustration was almost becoming too much to bear. He needed to make some kind of move.

It was the week of Christmas. Every year, since Benjamin can remember, his mother throws a large party for the neighborhood. Anne was a doctor and was scheduled to be on call this faithful Tuesday night. She was stressed out. Dressed in scrubs, she was frosting a cake for the big party.  She had to leave for her shift soon but needed to desperately hand out the invitations for the party… considering it was this week. Benjamin sat in the living room adjacent to the kitchen, watching Netflix.

            “Benjamin?” asked Anne.

            “Yes?” shouted Benjamin.

Anne didn’t respond so Benjamin got up and headed for the kitchen.

            “Please do this for me” whispered Anne.

            “Do what?”

She signaled at the pile of decorations sitting on the counter.


            “Benjamin, please. I really need you to do this for me. It’s just the neighbors…” pleaded Anne.

            “…The neighbors?”

Benjamin picks up the pile of invitations and begins to scan through them: Ms. Jackson, Rita at the bottom of the hill, Chris who lives in the yellow house and KEITH.

            “Sure. Yep” quickly said Benjamin.

            “Oh… why the change? You seemed pretty annoyed like four seconds ago” questioned Anne.

            “Do you want me to go or not?”

Anne backed off. She didn’t need to know why, as long as the job is done.

Benjamin stood at the end of Keith’s driveway for a while. Even though it was blistering cold, Benjamin didn’t feel it. He could feel his dick growing in his pants. He took a deep breath and went for the door. He knocked, but there was no answer. Benjamin thought this was weird as he surveyed the house. The lights were on – he could see through a small window in the door. He knocked again and rang the doorbell. He could hear some moving going on. He could see a silhouette moving through the window of the door.  

The door creeped open…. Keith was there, in a robe and pajamas

“Hello?” asked Keith.

“Hi. I’m Benjamin… Benjamin… Howland?”

“Oh my god! Ben Howland!? You have grown so much! What are you doing here so late? Come in” shouted Keith.

Keith’s voice was deep and sexy. He opened the door all the way, and Benjamin walked in. He couldn’t believe it. For months he had wanted Keith’s attention and affection, and now suddenly, he is in his house. Keith escorted Benjamin into the living room and gestured for him to sit down.

            “Sorry to wake you” said Benjamin.

            “No, that’s okay. I wasn’t really sleeping anyways. But I have been trying to sleep more. To help with everything…” said Keith.

            “Everything?” asked Benjamin.

            “Well my wife and the kids are gone to Bermuda for Christmas. We’re trying a separation.” Keith said very seldom.

            “I’m really sorry to hear that, Keith.”

            “Thanks. It’s okay. I want things to stay together, but I don’t think she wants it to be that way. I’m… just… nervous.” Keith whispered. He had become comfortable. He was looking around.

            “Why nervous? If you don’t mind me asking.”

            “Oh god Benjamin. We don’t need to talk about this.  I don’t want to worry you about adult issues. You’re so young. What did you stop by for?

            “Oh… okay. Well, I just wanted to drop off an invitation…” said a disappointed Benjamin.

            “Oh, well thank you” said Keith as he reached over the table and grabbed the invitation from Benjamin’s hand.

            Benjamin noticed that Keith was still wearing his wedding ring, which made his already hard cock even harder. Keith had stood up by this point and was reading the invitation. Benjamin could sense he was uneasy – maybe nervous at the thought of having to go to this party alone.

            “Are you warm?” said Keith.

            “Comfortable” said Benjamin.

            “Well I am very, very warm” exhaled Keith.

Keith reached around himself and removed his robe. While he still remained in his pajamas, Benjamin couldn’t help but swoon over his tan, muscular arms. They were chiseled and hairy, but not too hairy.  Benjamin felt that he was overstaying his welcome. He began to leave, and Keith followed. As they walked down the same hallway in which they came from where they passed a study off the main porch. The door was creaked open a tad, just enough for Benjamin, who was still being escorted by Keith, to see an open computer. Benjamin glimpsed at the computer – it was a vivid image of a muscular, bear type of a man fucking a twink from behind. Benjamin stopped dead in his tracks, Keith did too. Benjamin tried to hide his reaction but couldn’t very well. Keith looked at him, eyes wide.

            “Benjamin…. I…. just…. My wife…”

Benjamin reached over and put his hand on Keith’s crotch. He didn’t reach down, but just placed his hands there. It was quiet. Serene. Keith leaned in, close to Benjamin’s lips. He held them there, for a while. Benjamin could taste the mint from Keith’s toothpaste. Benjamin leaned in closer and made hard contact with Keith’s mouth. They began to passionately kiss. Their tongues were shooting back and forth. Benjamin would reach his tongue out, hold it there, in which Keith would wrap his around it. Benjamin could feel Keith growing in his pants, Benjamin already felt like he was going to explode. Benjamin removed his mouth from the tight lock Keith had him.

“Take me to your bedroom…” whispered Benjamin into Keith’s ear, before giving it a little of a bite.

Benjamin began to walk away but kept his hand on Keith’s crotch for as long as possible. He whisked himself up the stairs, but Keith lingered for a few moments in the porch. Keith could no longer see Benjamin walking up the stairs, took a breath and sprinted up them. Keith walked into his bedroom to find Benjamin standing there – completely naked. Benjamin was a beautiful specimen. He was completely toned everywhere. His abs were made of steel.  Benjamin walked over to the still clothed Keith and began to kiss him again. He lifted up Keith’s shirt and pulled down his pajama pants. Keith was built as well. He was older, but you couldn’t tell. His muscles were amazing. He was slightly tanner than average and his body was lightly covered with a layer of a combination of black and grey hair. They were both moaning in absolute pleasure.

“God, you are so sexy” exhaled Keith in pleasure.

            Keith pushed Benjamin onto his King Size bed and began to lick furiously on Benjamin’s nipples. This was Benjamin’s secret favorite. Benjamin was grabbing the sheets of his bed in his fists and moaning. He loved it. Keith would spend almost ten whole minutes on one nipple and then would switch to the other. It felt like Keith was doing this to Benjamin for hours, which Benjamin loved. Benjamin pushed Keith up after he couldn’t take the pleasure anymore and started to kiss Keith all over. Benjamin would lick Keith’s ears, nipples, chest, stomach, inner thigh – all which Keith loved. Keith was rock-hard. Benjamin could almost feel the heat coming from his dick. Keith was 9 inches and cut. His dick was darker than normal, which Benjamin loved. Benjamin put his wet, needing mouth all over Keith’s dick. He was sucking up and down, going from slow to fast. Keith was grabbing Benjamin’s hair in pleasure with his right hand, while his left hand was hitting the headboard of the bed.

            “I’m close, too close!” screamed Keith as he ripped Benjamin’s mouth from his cock. He grabbed the side of Benjamin’s head and brought it up to him where they began to kiss again. Keith could taste his own salty pre-cum, which he loved. He pulled Benjamin up off his mouth, bringing his whole body and ass up to Keith’s mouth. Keith started to rim Benjamin’s ass like it was his last meal. With Keith’s two hands, he gripped both of Benjamin’s ass cheeks while he jammed his tongue into Ben’s tight hole. Benjamin bobbed up and down on Keith’s tongue. Keith’s tongue was huge. It felt like a dick in his hand. It was rubbing up and down his prostate, Benjamin was squirming in pleasure.

            Keith pulled Benjamin down on his back again and got on top of him. They began to kiss again. Keith was giving Benjamin a hickey. They were both moaning so loud that at one point they legitimately had to shush each other as to not wake up the whole neighborhood, or Keith’s family in Bermuda. Keith’s bell-head was on the edge of Benjamin’s asshole. He was rotating his hips in small circle motions.

            “I don’t have a condom” said Keith, he was disappointed. “We don’t use them anymore”

            “Fuck me now” whispered Benjamin into Keith’s ear, very slowly.

Benjamin had never sex with a man before so Keith went slowly. Keith put his head into Benjamin’s hole. It was incredibly painful to Benjamin, but it was so much more pleasurable. There was some resistance, so Keith pumped a bottle of moisturizer that sat on his dresser onto his cock. This helped a lot. They began to have passionate sex. Keith pumped Benjamin like there was no tomorrow. His balls were slapping against Benjamin. Keith would lean down and shove his tongue into Benjamin’s mouth, or kiss his neck.

They had sex for hours, and tried every position. Benjamin loved riding Keith and leaning down to kiss him. It was a perfect fit. They would both moan so loud. It was pure electricity and excitement. It felt right. Keith pumped Benjamin so hard so that it felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest.

“I am going to cum!!!” shouted Keith as he hit the wall with his fist as he was fucking Benjamin once again on top.

Keith pulled his unwrapped cock out of Benjamin’s tight asshole and brought it up to Benjamin’s mouth. Benjamin opened wide, and Keith exploded his warm cum into Benjamin’s mouth. Benjamin’s mouth was busting full, a huge load. Keith fell to Benjamin’s side. Both were smiling so big it was hurting their mouths. The only light flooding into the room was moonlight. Benjamin snuggled into Keith’s shoulders and closed his eyes.

“Wait… you didn’t finish yet…” said Keith.

Benjamin and Keith looked at each other and smiled. Keith kissed his cheek and began to suck Benjamin’s uncut, throbbing cock. Benjamin began to breathe heavy as he stared at the full moon… 




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